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S21 Playoffs: Favorite Team Kelly Performance


S21 Playoffs: Favorite Team Kelly Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • GNT- Creep
    • Katie Rae - Stormy Weather
    • Gymani - Say Something
    • Jeremy Rosado - When I Was Your Man
    • Hailey Mia - Traitor

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1. Gymani
2. Jeremy Rosado
3. Hailey Mia
4. GNT
5. Katie Rae
I actually think they all sound good. Gymani successfully made the song her own imo, that was a great version of the song.
Jeremy and Hailey both sang really well, but both didn't wow me like Gymani did tonight.
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1. Hailey - This sounded like it was from the autotune rounds.

2. GNT - Overdone song choice, but they made it sound so fresh. Not as on point as usual but thats to be expected for the lives.

3. Katie - My favorite Katie performance. She has a great voice for jazz standards.

4. Jeremy - Vocals weren't perfect, but I found the emotion compelling.

5. Gymani - This honestly wasn't as good after a rewatch but she still did good.


No one on this team flopped/was given a bad song choice.

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1. Hailey- She was the shock of the night. She didn't seem nervous at all and was one of the best imo


2. GNT- This wasn't my favorite performance of their but it was solid work and what they did with the song was pretty captivating 


3. Jeremy- Love the emotions. Some parts were a bit off but he did great. Hoping to see him to move on


4. Katie- I liked what she did with the song, I think it showed off her tone well


5. Gymani- Not a big fan of her voice on this song but it was nice to see her tap into her emotion and build. Solid work


I actually thought everyone on this team did solid and would hate to see any of them go

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Watching the show right now.


Team Kelly
1. Gymani - Say Something
2. Hailey Mia - Traitor
3. Jeremy Rosado - When I Was Your Man
4. Girl Named Tom - Creep
5. Katie Rae - Stormy Weather


Thought this was a pretty strong group. I enjoyed all of them, but specifically my Top 4.

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