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Spring seasons vs Fall seasons


Spring seasons vs Fall seasons  

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  1. 1. Which group of seasons was better?

    • Spring seasons(S2,S4,S6,S8,S10,S12,S14,S16,S18,S20)
    • Fall seasons(S3,S5,S7,S9,S11,S13,S15,S17,S19)

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Fall seasons are more often one of my favorites, as S5 and S13, two of the best seasons, fell during this time slot. Spring seasons are often more moderately good. I also feel that they usually have a deeper cast, as there are usually more memorable contestants eliminated in the battles. The fall seasons also generally have better and longer formats.
They also feel like a better timing for this show. There is more time to anticipate them, and the spoiler thread is more interesting for this seasons. They also come right after summer and end close to Christmas, which fits better than February to May. The summer is a great time for tapings, and I like the holiday performances on results shows.

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S5/S9/S13/S15/S17 had some great contestants, while some had questionable finales, overall it was amazing talent to hear/watch.


However S8/S10/S12/S18/S20 also had great casting, but perhaps the level compared to the iconic S5 and S13. isn't enough to overcome my liking.


Maybe a bit of both, but Fall takes it for me.

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S4 S8 S12 S14 S16 S18 S20


S3 S13 S15 S17 S19


My #1 favorite The Voice winner and most of the finalists/contestants I still support post-show are from the spring seasons.

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