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Which Save of Kelly’s Was Most Deserving?


Which Battle Save Of Kelly’s Heading Into 4 Way KO Was The Best!  

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  1. 1. Which Battle Save Of Kelly’s Was The Most Deserving!

    • Samantha Howell (Season 18)
    • Ryan Gallagher (Season 19)
    • Savanna Woods (Season 20)

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all were VERY deserving. She’s had my favorite going into the 4 way knockout two seasons (18 and 20), and considering the rest of her team (at least from what we’ve seen) they do seem to be the ones who lost the battle who most deserved to move on.Savanna is the one I feel did the best in her battle, or at least was closest to her opponent. I loved Samantha’s song and many parts of her voice in the battle. Ryan was overshadowed but he was a very strong singer whatsoever.

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Voted for Ryan because I love him the most among the three contestants listed (despite all the drama and such last season lol)


but all were very deserving of the save!!


imo it'll be


1 - Ryan Gallagher

2 - Savanna Woods

3 - Samantha Howell

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I loved Ryan last season (despite all the drama), his voice was something I enjoyed listening to, but I´m going with Savanna on this one mainly because of the difference in their battles. (Ryan indeed got overshadowed whereas Savanna was toe to toe with Corey).

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Kelly's had deadly Saves tbh(besides Ryan lmao, flop him)

But Savanna and Samantha are worthy of it, however I loved Savanna's performance a bit more compared to Sam's. Overall work as well, goes to Savanna because her blind was INCREDIBLE. 

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Savanna > Ryan > Samantha for me. 


Savanna killed it both times she's been on the show so far, while Ryan was a little more laidback in his battle even if he was technically stronger than Savanna. Samantha I wasn't crazy about, but I wasn't mad she got saved either.

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All of them were fantastic and deserving.

Savanna's my pick because she's the one that I felt most rivaled her competitor. Corey and Savanna were damn near perfect for me.

Ryan was great but got slaughtered by Marisa so it's hard to overlook that. Samantha did very well against Megan but neither of them were absolutely perfect.

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1. Savanna

2. Samantha

3. Ryan


S18 No one else really deserved it other than Samantha, maybe Gigi ?

S19 : He's a one trick poney and was overshadowed on a song perfectly suited for him. I would've saved EmmaLee


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