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Hey! I wanted to start a What If thread (let me know if there is one I’m pretty new here lol) so anything from:


- What if x season had this format? (What do you think would’ve happened instead?)

- What if x coach chose x contestant instead of their battle/knockout partner?

- What if x contestant didn’t quit/get DQd?


and so on...feel free to post anything like this! I’d love to hear it🤗

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Anyways I’ll start. I think if S19 had the rumored S20 format...Julia, Larriah, Ryan and James would’ve left without a steal in the battles.


Joseph and Sid would’ve been stolen by Gwen and Kelly either way since those were the first two battles. Now, even though John didn’t steal Taryn, I believe the only reason he didn’t do so was because of Blake having his save. That being said, if there were no saves, I can see John stealing Taryn because she was exceptionally great, leading to only Blake having a steal by the fourth battle, which was Lauren vs Paige, and Blake tried to steal Lauren, which would’ve meant they were the last steal. This would’ve left Julia, Larriah, Ryan and James without a steal, meaning they would’ve been robbed lol, which is what I fear if this really is the Season 20 format....


Now Taryn would’ve been paired with Bailey and Lauren would’ve been probably paired with WTW (leaving a Ben vs Ian knockout). John would’ve definitely picked Bailey (whether she would’ve been better or not) and Blake would’ve picked WTW. Lauren would’ve been stolen by Gwen had she been in the same knockout position Gwen was, leaving the results pretty much the same except Lauren instead of Ben in the playoffs, which would’ve been 100000 times better IMO LMAOOO wdyt?

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