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  1. Kyndal is one of my favorite contestants of all time but this was her weakest performance no question (even without the voice crack). It’s was fine but nothing special. The only problem at all with Cam and Emma’s performance was Emma’s stage presence IMO. It was done very well.
  2. Ariana on the show is gonna give me Christina vibes (in a good way ofc). This also is prob the closest we’ve come to overthrow Blake’s voting advantage because again, arianators are insane
  3. Based on artistry and potential for improvement: Madison Marigold James Tutson Kaitlyn Myers Almond&Olive Tyler Kohrs Charlotte Boyer Kaitlyn vs Charlotte Madison vs James Almond&Olive vs Tyler Kohrs (could go either way)
  4. I liked that addition in S16 but even in that season they still had 6 from the BA so I figured I’d start there.
  5. I’ll be updating this with each round of the pre-lives (like the S16 format) Which 6 of the 11 no-chair turners would you choose for the comeback stage if it was in season 20? Madison Curbelo - “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Madison Marigold - “If the World Was Ending” Yellsmiles - “Midnight Sky” James Tutson - “Beyond” Jesse Desorcy - “Dust on the Bottle” Kaitlyn Myers - “If You Really Love Me” Almond&Olive - “Wildflowers” Tyler Kohrs - “More Hearts Than Mine” Nadianicole - “I Wanna Be Down” Charlotte Boyer - “Love Is a Losing Game”
  6. Cecily Hennigan (should have won her battle) Kyndal Inskeep (so much more potential than her playoffs performance), and Tayler Green (should have won her knockout).
  7. I'm interpreting this as battle pairings with the artists who would be on my team: My advisor would be Maggie Rogers Anna Grace vs Emma Caroline - "You should be sad" by Halsey (I think this could be done in a way that caters to both the indie pop and country lane). Dana Monique vs Deion Warren - "Preach" by John Legend Cam Anthony vs Ryleigh Modig - "Moonlight" by Ariana Grande Carolina Rial vs Ciana Pelekai - "What Other People Say" by Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer Gihanna Zoe vs Halley Greg - "Love You For a Long Time" by Maggie Rogers (idk I couldn't d
  8. I think this would work best as a battle rather a solo performance because of the overlapping lines in the chorus.
  9. Kelly should just have her whole team on her talk show one by one and sing a duet with a different team member each week. If only
  10. Most of the male country singers (not all though because some of them I just think are genuinely overhyped. But some are good vocalists who are just in a genre I don’t enjoy).
  11. I just meant for the sake of the storyline it would be even cooler if she turned it around mid-lives like that (kinda how Jim Ranger surpassed Ian Flanigan last season).
  12. Rachel is not my favorite contestant this season (or least favorite), but out of everyone she’s the one I want to see win this season. I don’t know how likely that is, but just imagine the story it would be: A one-chair-turner with much room for improvement in the blinds takes Nick’s coaching and makes great strides in the battles and knockouts (defeating a strong contestant in the KO, at that), to eventually be saved by Nick in the playoffs (hopefully). From there, I’d love to see her shine even more, enough to get the PV into the finale and win the show. It would be Nick’
  13. Which round do you enjoy/look forward to the most each season? Discuss?
  14. To his credit, he's very limited in his genre in finding songs that appeal to the masses. Not that that's much of an excuse but I'm sure it is harder to find songs. I'd love to see an opera singer that is given creative songs in that genre and also not turned into a country singer (*cough, cough* Mandi Thomas)
  15. omg thank you I've been confused as to what TPTB and minivan meant but I was too afraid to ask lmaoooooo
  16. For example, Cali Wilson BA: "Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac Top 13 IS: "The Chain" - Fleetwood Mac Ryan Gallagher BA: "The Prayer" - Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli KO: "Time to Say Goodbye" - Andrea Bocelli
  17. I wasn’t in love with Devan Blake Jones’s audition, but it’s by FAR the best performance of that song that I’ve seen on this show (the only others I know of being Tamara v. Olivia and Ruby G’s BA)
  18. Lmao How did I not notice I left that out
  19. (using a format like S15 because I picked 12 instead of 10) Blinds: Kelsie Watts Julia Cooper Allegra Miles Kyndal Inskeep Maelyn Jarmon The Bundys Cecily Hennigan Kennedy Holmes Brynn Cartelli Addison Agen Darby Walker Korin Bukowski Battles: (giving myself two saves instead of steals) Allegra Miles vs Addison Agen: "Love Me Anyway" - P!nk feat. Chris Stapleton Julia Cooper vs Darby Walker: "Pierre" - Ryn Weaver Brynn Cartelli vs Kennedy Holmes: "Walk Away" - Kelly Clarkson Maelyn Jarmon vs
  20. That's fair. The only reason she might pick Cedrice is because she's so unique. Also imo Kelly didn't need two non-country artists to turn into country artists.
  21. What if Seasons 16, 18, & 19 had each coach with 3 artists in the lives? S16 Playoff Results: (really the question we should be asking is if S16 had knockouts but anyway) Team Adam PV: Mari Jones PV: Domenic Haynes? idk CS: idk but prob not Betsy because she was a steal, although she would make for a more diverse team. Team Kelly PV: Rod Stokes PV: Jej Vinson CS: Presley Tennant Team Legend PV: Maelyn Jarmon PV: Shawn Sounds CS: Celia Babini (because of her PO performance, but I would've loved to see Lisa
  22. Celia Babini is CEO of this company. Her blind was amazing. Her battle was good but imo Karly won that and if it wasn't for Celia being a 4CT, I think Adam would have chosen Karly. Crossbattles were a mess and I think we all saw hope with her being on John's team in the playoffs. The Chain was a good performance and the closest she got to the level she was at in her audition but clearly John couldn't save her completely because Shallow was just as bad as A Thousand Years.
  23. Lynnea is proof that S15's comeback stage worked. S16 though is a very different story...
  24. YES Korin Bukowski is probably in my top 3 favorite contestants of all time.
  25. We just need more Taylor. More folklore/evermore, more deeper cuts of her discography, and some new takes on her music (I had this vision of Kelsie Watts doing a rock version of I Knew You Were Trouble instead of You Oughta Know).
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