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  1. Ooooo I liked this, I’ll do my favorites Cam: Knockout > blind > battle Anna Grace: Blind > knockout > battle Dana: Knockout > battle > blind Ryleigh: knockout > battle> blind Gihanna: battle > knockout> blind Zae: blind > knockout > battle Savanna: knockout > battle > blind
  2. Also....sue me but Team Legend is the strongest one post KOs??? Like I genuinely can’t see any of them going home after the performances they gave
  3. One of the sources confirmed the producer said lives are planned to start may 3
  4. So there being confirmation for the lives starting May 3rd is kinda confusing... Assuming we have 3 weeks of blinds, 3 weeks of battles (Monday’s only) and 2 weeks of knockouts (Monday’s only)....that leaves on extra week....which probably means there’ll be a best of the blinds/battles/knockouts....ew
  5. The steals were EPIC yall. 2/4 at least were insane. The other 2 were great to a lesser extent (for me)
  6. I was gonna say def not 5 lol IMO the winner is between 4 and 7
  7. Me at one particular elimination (pretty deserved tho)
  8. Don’t underestimate her. From what I saw, she was closer to get a 4 chair turn than Victor, not only because of Victor’s coming wayyy before and Kelly being picky, but because by the time Denisha auditioned Nick had very few spots left (that was his main excuse for not turning). She is my favorite from the ones I saw from Team Legend. Fyi, from what I saw if we had gotten ANY other 4 chair turns, those would’ve probably been Raine and Denisha, considering what the coach that didn’t turn said (Blake for Raine and Nick for Denisha). Plus they were both very late in the tapings
  9. don’t drag me lol but before the cross battles I really wanted a Maelyn/Celia top 2. I actually really loved Celia in all her performances except the obvious flops of her Cross Battle and Top 12 performance. That said, Maelyn and Rod were my top 2 in the semi finals.
  10. Yes, but there’s also the possibility that it was shortened somewhere in the middle (like Kelsie’s knockout for reference) that said, if Larriah (who was slightly shortened) had a longer audition than Skylar, then Skylar was definitely shortened (hers lasted about 70 seconds)
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