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S19 KOs: Best steal of the season


Best steal of S19  

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  1. 1. ¿Who was the best KO steal of the season?

    • Ben Allen
    • Sid Kingsley
    • Chloé Hagan
    • Cami Clune

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In terms of my type:


Cami > Sid > Chloé > Ben


In terms of strategizing:


Ben > Sid > Cami > Chloé



I think minivan will favor Ben so I think it was smart for Gwen to steal him just to make sure (regardless, for sure Carter will be the PV)


As much as I hate to say it, Cami entered a very dangerous/strong team lowering her chances, I think she was just another achievement for Kelly or something (I still WANT and PRAY for her to be in Kelly's PV, CS, or Wildcard though)


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Honestly, all of these steals were good.


Personal opinion: Cami > Sid > Chloé > Ben. Every single one of them gave a great KO performance, but even though Ben was really good, but I didn't enjoy his KO as much as his blind. I thought Chloé was wonderful, but I also think she's extremely underrated and ignored. Sid and Cami are just phenomenal, and I almost don't even have a preference between them.


Strategic opinion: Ben > Sid > Cami > Chloé. Ben could seriously win the show, and I wouldn't be shocked if he did. He's country AND he's actually really good, and being on Team Gwen, he has a sort of 'story' for viewers to follow. Sid is amazing, too, and I think he could be a dark horse. Cami is in a weird position because she's entering a stacked team that also (undoubtedly) holds the 4-way KO winner, Ryan; in my opinion, on any other team, Cami would stand a chance, but she went to literally her worst option. Chloé is, again, a total goner.

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