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  1. Formed my opinion from news articles, interviews and own observations. I recall that he was raised in MI, went to catholic school until about 5 I think, then worked in his father's construction all through high school. Spent time in Nashville and now LA. Close ties to his family which seems rare these days. Benefit concerts, has appeared humble to the core (even when he first lost) and IMO just demonstrates values which stand for our country. However, enjoy the numerous articles and videos yourself if you wish further unbiased input. Off to Macy's parade and football. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. So I found it. The moderator had just posted: Some posts have been moved to General Discussion thread if you want to discuss what has already shown on the voice, general comments, or past stuff please use that thread Some of my posts had just been moved (I recall). So my question really was directed at the moderators. Yes, the post in question were guesses/opinions which I suppose should have been on General Discussion and not spoilers. THAT was my point. FYI, they did not move that post or reply to mine to clarify. It's just a crap shoot on here to decide where to post what... most confusing. Hope this helps.
  3. Always a chance But actually it looks pretty good for Ryan right now. Votes are in so we'll find out Mon!
  4. Definitely not country per se. IMO he really needs to set himself apart from the masses and stick with genres he's most comfortable with. He should get Minivan's support and the casual support just by being himself, performing well. He easily represents middle America, its values, work ethic and the positive message he seems to exude is what IMO we need these days! I just listened to both Rhapsody and Harrison's Broken Vow (which I play regularly because it is inspiring performance) and agree that either of those could fit Ryan well and be a win. Something like Because We Believe or to a lesser extent Nessun Dorma from his homepage might also work. Would something like You'll Never Walk Alone work for The Voice audience? Just want him to find songs which showcase his incredible sound, pitch, etc. He could kill everyone IMO.
  5. 22 hours ago is a lifetime on IDF I'll try to go back and find the thread to see what it was about. I just recall being very confused myself about what and what is not spoiler. I was even corrected by several on here about it. I'll get back to you.
  6. FYI...just noticed that Team Kelly: Predicitons is misspelled. lol
  7. country opera where in the world did you hear that? not from me I hope.
  8. @Misirloujust suggested "You Raise Me Up" on another thread
  9. Wow! Excellent suggestion. Showcases all his strengths, hits the gut and familiar. Can we put suggestion on some SM where he'd see it?
  10. IMO TPTB will not sit still for an all-male finale...regardless of which ones. There should definitely be a female.
  11. Is it ever the case where a contestant can say no to something obviously wacky and do something else? I still believe he should stay true to himself and not let them push him outside reality.
  12. TBH I actually expected Taryn to be very competitive in the KO. @Bk1234's optimism was taking its toll LOL. Sorry she did not perform to expectations but do wish her the best.
  13. Forcing all 4 of them to probably have to stick around over Thanksgiving is harsh. If each has indeed already recorded their PO songs, then why would it not be fair to all of them to at least air partial clips or montage from all?
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