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  1. I am too...and watching MNF and Voice simultaneously. 2 nice red wine bottles so far...Phebus Mendoza Reserva Malbec
  2. Don't know about the CS but I still like her. It's just that when TPTB screwed Kelsie big time, how much credance can one put on Madeline's win?
  3. This. Kelsie was totally bussed and we're surprised she could not deliver???
  4. building per Websters I think. and YES most probably just a fool
  5. and that will be nice if anything is worth discussing. lol
  6. and so now we play the sex card on IDF? "If Marisa was [sic] a guy..." is imo actually quite confrontational. And anyway in our day and time, how do we know she is not. No further comment...
  7. Did not take long to learn how to fit in with so many others on here...too bad I guess. LOL
  8. Should at least be entertaining today and some favorites will no doubt emerge (maybe even with consensus on here) but it's not over until it's over...tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for the additional edit. Not confrontational at all. I was afraid that I was becoming so
  10. My point, by including ryan g, is that technically he was eliminated when Kelly chose Marisa. Watch the battle again and how he reacted to his elimination. As to your other points re: Marisa's purported reaction, I basically concur.
  11. I was going to open that pandora but thought better of getting hated for causing more controversy here. But to your point, whether TPTB show that or not, compare that picture in your minds with the way most others, including Ryan, have handled eliminations. Whatever...
  12. Sorry, I forget they can edit anything they want so TPTB obviously left it in on purpose or it was the crappy editing job suggested. Did not mean to raise any controversy, but I immediately noticed the "moment" when it occurred. So, TBH, my observation now is NOT something I'm coming up with to justify some bias
  13. Exactly...but perhaps "interruption" was the wrong word to use. Indeed the coaches had not even started, Ryan and she had just finished their battle and she immediately (which IMO was intentional) directed the focus to herself albeit via her dog. IMO that was rude...and selfish.
  14. Whether minivan likes Marissa or not isn't the issue. At best, she is simply controversial, and interrupting the post-battle discussion to point out her doggie in the virtual audience was quite rude, imo.
  15. IMO that would be the consummate, humble Ryan response.
  16. So if this is in some way fashioned to reduce the competition on Team Kelly for DeSz, I hope that Ryan will not be invited on that bus.
  17. Just a casual fan of The Voice but have enjoyed for awhile. Never got into any of the intrigue or spoiler stuff before the past week. But I do recall some of my favorites...Maelyn Jarmon, Katie Kadan, Jordan Smith, Thunderstorm, Ricky Duran, We McDonald. If I understand correctly what a "snowflake" is, then my first ever was definitely Maelyn Jarmon. I totally followed her and was completely captivated by her "Hallelujah" descending the stairs Still regularly watch it!
  18. lol so much chitchatting has gone on and we didn't even have the other side of the world with us
  19. I don't get it either. It was NOT mine! Didn't it start with you or was it @Angelbright ?
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