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    • Week 4 Scores    Brian & Laura - Charleston: 6/6/6 = 18 Glenda & Robert - Contemporary Ballroom: 6/6/6 = 18 Gráinne & Kai - Salsa: 7/7/7 = 21 Michael & Karen - Paso Doble: 4/5/5 = 14 Sinéad & Ryan - Quickstep: 8/8/8 = 24 Lottie & Pasquale - Salsa: 9/9/10 = 28 Mary & John - American Smooth: 5/7/7 = 19 Aidan & Emily - Tango: 8/9/9 = 26 Fr Ray & Kylee - Paso Doble: 2/3/4 = 9 Ryan & Giulia - Jive: 9/9/10 = 28   Some notes I read mixed with my speculating thoughts: - Hearing Brian’s Charleston was a bit of a letdown. Peole (myself included) were expecting it to be is dance ut seems like it wasn’t. - Glenda’s was well received and word out there saying she was underscored/better than Brian, and deserved some 7s. - Grainne’s Salsa was also well received. Kai has an injury (didn’t catch what it was) but choreo had to be rearranged.  - Michael attempted the steps and boxing theme suited him but lacked shaping and it’s what you would expect from him. - Sinead’s QS was really well received - and comments say she danced and performed it well. - omggg Lottie’s Salsa getting a 10 already. Comments saying the Salsa was really fast - and so fast that it needed a moment to breathe. Bu I am sure it was impressive. - Aidan’s Tango also very well received and his improvement has been noted. - Well at least Fr Ray has his best scores. #lowstandards Even though yikes he hasn’t reached double dgitis yet. Comments are saying he was terrible of course, but it was his ~best dance~ even though still worse than everyone else. - Whoa Ryan also getting a 28 and a 10 in there. Sounds like his Jive was amazing though.   Results should be up in the next 15 minutes or so. 😮 Hopefully Fr. Ray or Michael goes, but outside of that, I’m worried for Glenda and Grainne. Fingers crossed for a good result.
    • https://www.amazon.com/2020-GRAMMY-Nominees-GRAMMY®/dp/B07ZWBD396  
    • - Yes, it is from Klaus! Thanks for the recommendation. I didn't get to watch it yet, and feel weird watching Christmas movies now, so not sure if I will soon or next season.  But I do want to see it. I'm glad you like the song as well!   - Yeah, they are doing pretty well for themselves. Love that you hear the Ed influence too and that you like this more than expected! - It's been so long since Julianne released music, so it's understandable. I thought you would have heard this though since I thought you watched AGT. Agree on that lyric and the rest of your comments! - I understand. This song at least has some build-up in it that makes it stand out to me more. Glad you still like some things about it. - Yeah, I only know about this since I listened to the album. I wish it got more notice. lol I'm sensing a theme with songs being better than you expect.  Glad you think so! And - lol the pun.  Oh, you're the first person I've seen to prefer this to Sucker. 😮 That's "cool"  Yeah, the GoT reference always stood out to me. Agree on your other comments!  - Aww, too bad this doesn't appeal to you more, but glad you at least like the chorus and lyrics. ❤️ - Yes! I know you're a OneRepublic fan as well. I agree!    Thanks so much for catching up on some. I know there's a lot, so whatever pace is fine. I appreciate your comments.  
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