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  1. I read one of her books years ago. I think she's more entertaining as a speaker/interviewee. I haven't seen her show with Martin Scorsese but it's on my list. I've just seen a promo interview... she also said being the mayor of South Bend, Indiana isn't a qualification for president because there's more people in her building.
  2. The Canucks started 2-4 and all of their losses have been pretty ugly. Quinn Hughes doesn't look great and Elias Pettersson hasn't scored yet. He didn't go more than three games without scoring last year. The sky is falling. I didn't see much of the Calgary games, but I know Markstrom predictably shut them down though. I haven't watched a lot though. Just a few periods here and there. The teams all look rusty, and the hockey isn't that good. The remote regional broadcasts are quite poor. I really miss fans in the arena and find the fake crowd noise really irritating. The other thi
  3. Season 3 is probably the best one after season 2. That's when the show was at its peak. Season 3 also has one of the funniest episodes in the series, "Pine Barrens." "Long Term Parking" hits so heavy when the viewer realizes why the episode is called that. It is sort of a relief when it finally happens, because you know Adrianna's only possible outcomes are to die or go to prison from the moment she is comprosmised, late in season 3 I believe. The scene with Sil when she meets her end is one of the most memorable for me. I did find the dumbness of the FBI in that episode frustrati
  4. Well thank you. I did a pandemic rewatch too. It had been so many years since my first watch, but I agree it is in the conversation for greatest tv show ever. What season are you guys on though? There isn't really a bad one, but I can kind of get someone watching in for the first time in 2020 playing solitaire during season 1, because it's not necessarily plot-driven. Or maybe season 5. That Andrew Cuomo published a "how I conquered the pandemic" book at the mouth of the second wave is very hilarious, that is assuming that even you accept he did a good job with the first one.
  5. Trump could have wiped out everything else about his term and waltzed to re-election if only he'd handled, or rather, used the pandemic differently. He didn't need to manage it well to capitalize. He didn't even need to care. All he had to do was pretend to care, and to create the simple equations of Trump = good, Covid = bad in people's minds. Look at what has happened to most the approval ratings of most governors and world leaders. Everyone went up because it's not that hard to portray yourself as in the weeds with this issue. For example, Andrew Cuomo has done an objectively horrible job m
  6. I'm no expert, but my initial thought is that a curfew would have a lot of unintended consequences. The smaller window to do essential errands is going to cause crowding. Most people doing their office jobs from home will all have to rush out to the grocery in the 5pm-8pm window. And then there's policing. If the government where I lived wanted to do a curfew, I'd want to see a lot of evidence that it will significantly improve the situation.
  7. The new stay-at-home order in Ontario says stay at home except for essentials, which is what people should have already been doing. They aren't closing sites most responsible for the spread of reported cases. For example, "non-essential" construction sites must close. Here is the list of essential ones. It's pretty much every type of construction site. Religious ceremonies and small outdoor gatherings are still allowed. It just doesn't feel like anything new. Their employers have to fill out a form for them to have with them when they're out. Curfew in Quebec
  8. ^ You want to see something more sustained, but Ontario's 7-day average has at least decreased four days in a row. It doesn't feel like the new "lockdown" parametres will change much themselves, but the fanfare around them might make people a bit more cautious I guess. Quebec has an 8pm - 5am lockdown with $1,000 to $6,000 fines now. That is a big ask.
  9. Voters seem to just be handing out majorities during the pandemic, but if the virus is the only criterion, the governments in east coast provinces are the only ones that have at least done, like, a B-ish level job with it. I don't know very much about Atlantic Canada politics, other than that there is supposedly less daylight between the parties than elsewhere (eg., the conservative party is barely conservative?). - I don't understand why the general reaction to this poll is dismayal. Is it that hard to believe that maybe Singh has been an effective critic o
  10. Personally, I welcome conservatives if they want to join us in the view that these social media platforms have become all-powerful monopolies that exercise way too much power, to the point where they effectively become public goods in their utility. I do kind of question the sincerity and timing... it's also way too late in the game to game to change the course of these platforms and the influence they're going to have over all of us. With regards to the call to arms stuff, the Republican party, NRA, and right-wing grift complex had been riling up these people long before Trump
  11. RWG

    NFL Thread

    Happy for the Bills. Was pretty nervous on the last drive though. Same thing basically every year since 2013 from the Seahawks, just trash in the playoffs. The media that covers the Seahawks is so subservient, none of them will ever question Pete Carroll or his staff.
  12. Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction Wilco - A Ghost Is Born Wilco - Being There Lucinda Williams - Lucinda Williams Gram Parsons - GP Portishead - Dummy My Morning Jacket - Z Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street Nas - Illmatic Grateful Dead - American Beauty HM: Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas T. Rex - Electric Warrior Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day Uncle Tupelo - No Depression Tame Impala - Lonerism Kendrick Lamar - DAMN
  13. The USA beat Canada 2-1 in the world junior final. I didn't really follow it at all this year, but experts say it was a shocking upset. I trust them that the Canadian team was deeper this year, but it's not exactly shocking when it's the US winning their fourth gold in the last 10 years, to Canda's three. I did watch some of the gold medal game. I sincerely like Trevor Zegras's cockiness. The Canucks' first-ever helmet sponsor is... Rogers! The same people who broadcast the games and that the building is named after. The Oilers are also using Rogers. Calgary and Toronto both got Sc
  14. It's interesting how 12 hours and a mere number of pages ago, the people who stormed the Capitol were within their rights to be in the peoples' house, they had every reason to be protesting a stolen election, and besides they weren't even breaking anything. Now? Antifa. All fake.
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