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  1. Forget all the garbage in Bloomberg's closet. Trump would turn it into a single-issue election on Big Gulps and win handsomely based on that. Seriously.
  2. Trump's list of presidential pardons/commutations is so outrageously funny: Rod Blagojevich, Edward DeBartolo Jr., Joe Arpaio, Dinesh D'Souza, Scooter Libby, Conrad Black.
  3. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    ^ lol. The Astros have gotten off scot free. Why not the 81-game suspension and no playoff eligibility for all the players involved (wherever they're playing now), like players caught for PEDs get?
  4. I'm not an app truther--I think it's more just Democrats being incompetent and terrible at optics--but I certainly understand why some are for the reasons above. I'm kind of sad Andrew Yang dropped out. Imo he'd make a good mayor of like a B- or C-tier city.
  5. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    This Astros thing feels like it has the potential to get really out of control this season. They are going to get beamed all season. It didn't occur this many players in the league, outside the Dodgers, would be this irate at them. I wouldn't vacate their title, because it seems likely that other teams have done this or something comparable, but with the domestic abuser defending, executives screaming at female reporters, the cheating... what an absolutely toxic organization.
  6. The Sedin retirement ceremony was so amazing. As Friedman pointed out, it speaks volumes to the Sedins' character that so many Canucks alumni, mainly the four GMs they played under, were willing to be there for them and sit next to each other. (Burke/Nonis, Gillis, Linden, and Benning all have some kind of beef, with the one exception of Burke and Benning being friends.) Everyone that was mentioned or that the Sedins thanked got cheered, with the exception of Tortorella (the crowd laughed) and Willie Desjardins (crickets). Even Kesler finally got cheered by Canucks fans. It felt like a huge family reunion for a dysfunctional family. Canucks beat the Blackhawks 3-0, despite the Blackhawks outplaying them badly and Markstrom standing on their head. Most sites have their playoff probability at around ~90%. Don't want to get ahead of myself, but they'd have to choke massively in the last seven weeks to miss the playoffs. I was sort of surprised by that. Not to defend Roenick in general, but he basically made a joke about a threesome with a woman he works with who is friends with his wife, called Patrick Sharp hot (even most straight men admit he is good looking), and called Anson Carter ugly. I doubt there would have been much outrage if NBC had brought him back after the suspension. That was scary. I'm glad Bouwmeester is doing ok for now, and I hope he can resume playing. Apparently he is one of the kindest players in the league. I figured out how to multi-reply! Mwuahaha.
  7. There are all kinds of things to complain about the DNC over, but this is silly. Every client who hires a company to build them an app is intimately involved with its development. That has nothing to do with the app having bugs.
  8. He thinks this is a coronation.
  9. Sanders wins New Hampshire. Buttigieg 2nd, Klobuchar 3rd. Biden is floundering, but he at least could still win some upcoming states. Warren looks done.
  10. Canucks had a bad weak with regulation losses in Boston and Minnesota, then a home loss to Calgary, which cut into the lead they'd built atop the Pacific. They did rebound with a 6-2 win over Nashville, thanks to great goaltending from Markstrom and the power play finally returning to form. I've always thought Nashville would be the Central team to surge up the standings and grab a wild-card in the second half, but starting to think it's not possible with goaltending that bad. Also, John Hynes, who generally just rolls four lines, was a weird choice for a team that needs to get hot fast.
  11. Bloomberg is now in third nationally... https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=3655 As a political science experiment, Bloomberg is sort of an interesting case study: how far can money alone carry a candidate who has absolutely no charisma, gets in at the last minute, and has no argument to be president other than that he's rich? I think he got in to increase his name recognition so that, in the event of a Sanders or Warren nomination, he could run a third-party campaign to split the vote in favour of Trump. That's just a guess though.
  12. I thought this was from The Onion at first, then that it was an exaggeration of something he said taken out of context. But Pete really seems to think there should be compulsory military service for all high school graduates?
  13. The Preds have underperformed their underlying numbers a lot, I think because the goaltending has been bad. Similar to the Sharks, only you expected it more with SJ. At some point goalies of Rinne's age just fall off. Canucks lost their last three and finished their road trip 2-2-1. Luckily, the other Pacific teams stopped winning at the same time, and the Canucks still have a 3-point lead atop this really bad division. And we start a 6-game homestand now. Pettersson got injured on an illegal hit by a Bruins player that went unpenalized, but it's the Bruins so I'm not surprised. Really hope he's good to play against Calgary tomorrow, cause we're screwed without him as long as Boeser is injured. I have seen that weird thing where they play the end of the period at the beginning of the next period then blow the horn and switch ends before! It's a thing to behold. I feel like the average Canadian flatbacks onto the ice at least once a year. Yeah, I don't think you quote segments of a post in this build. Oh well.
  14. If he appears to be on a trajectory to be the nominee, they will throw the kitchen sink at him, if they're not already. It's my hope that anyone supporting any Dem candidate will vote for the eventual nominee, but it will be hard to blame Sanders's supporters for staying home if they screw him with super delegates at the convention. Any firm, pro sports team, military division, organization in general, makes personnel and culture changes at the top after a prolonged period of embarrassing failures. Just not the Democrats. Has to be the same people and priorities, forever. And yeah, it feels like Trump's re-election prospects are strong at the moment. I do think Bernie could eat his lunch with some midwestern voters. I don't think it matters that he's a socialist because Republicans have wasted that label on centrist Dems way too often in the past. I can't see any of the other candidates winning the general. Bernie could cost the Dems congress seats and end up with no legislative power as president, but I can at least imagine him winning the electoral college.
  15. Sure, just release a random segment of the results, so you can have a preferred heralded winner for now, and release the rest of them when it no longer matters who actually won. Everything seems on the level. In fairness though, despite all the shadiness, the anti-democratic slant of the caucus seems kind of baked in to the system.
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