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  1. Starting to think the Liberals might not want to use their handling of the pandemic as their basis for re-election.
  2. The Canucks continue to produce positive tests. Virtanen yesterday and Schmidt today, bringing the total to 21 players, 3 coaches, and a support staff member. They haven't had a day where they haven't produced positive tests since Monday, March 29. That the tests are so spread out makes me think more than one exposure event made it through the NHL's ironclad health and safety protocols. An odd thing is that Virtanen wasn't at the rink on the Tuesday when Gaudette's positive test was identified, and Gaudette obviously wasn't there on Wednesday, when Virtanen returned. There are rep
  3. In hindsight, it's insane that they identified one positive test on Monday and removed him after he'd been around the rest of the team all day, then had the rest of the team continue normal group activities until Wednesday night. If that's following the NHL's protocols, it's no shocker they've had so many outbreaks. It's up to 16 players now, 3 coaches and one player on the taxi squad. They are testing positive for the Brazilian variant, which is exploding in the Vancouver area right now and is sending young, healthy people to the hospital. According to Pierre LeBrun, it's assumed
  4. It's quite shocking what's happened in Calgary. I think I predicted them to finish 2nd in the conference. Even when it looked like they might be sliding into mediocrity, I didn't think they'd be this bad. They're now in a dead heat with Vancouver for 5th which is frankly a sort of an embarrassing place to be. Tim Micallef described them as a team going through an organization identity crisis. It doesn't seem to me like adding Darryl Sutter to this situation has helped. In the video I saw of him saying that about Gaudreau, there's was an awkward 5-6 seconds of silence after he says
  5. Moneypuck had Calgary's chances of making the playoffs at about 22% before tonight's play. I'm guessing the loss to Winnipeg drops them below 20. Come sit with us in the loser's corner. They told us these divisional races would be super exciting, but most of the playoff spots look wrapped up with still a month to go. The four spots are pretty much clinched in the MassMutual East and Scotia North. There is a two-way race between Arizona and St. Louis in the Honda West, and Columbus could catch Chicago in the Discover Central. Otherwise, there's not a lot of playoff races to watch.
  6. Wait a second... Party leaders not winning their ridings is extremely funny. It happened to Christy Clark in 2013, on the night she was theoretically re-elected premier.
  7. Frank Vincent is a legend though. Phil was one of the most evil people on the show and imo its best villain. He maybe wasn't as pathological as Richie Aprile or Ralph, but funnier and more unpredictable. If you weren't aware, he did 20 years in the can.
  8. People of many stripes now amplify their politics to hysterical extents. I can think of several people in my own orbit who are suddenly all politics all the time, and they weren't like this five years ago. It's not a sign of a healthy society, imo. Mind you, even non-crazy lawn signs and bumper stickers are a bit much for me. I don't get why you'd voluntarily put up an ad for any politician on your personal property.
  9. Let's check in on how Erin O'Toole's pivot to the centre is going.
  10. My age group is supposed to receive a first shot in June now. With the exception of Northern Territories, only healthcare workers, people over 80s, and Indigenous people slightly younger have been vaccinated in Canada. Where we stand with this virus right now feels murky, even among experts. We have vaccines, but we also have variants. I have the sense we probably won't stuff this thing out for decades, if ever, but it also seems plausible that it won't ever be as disruptive as it was in 2020.
  11. Flames won their first three with Sutter, but are losing 7-1 to Edmonton right now. I guess that's sort of a mixed bag. It's still an uphill climb for them based on the numbers. The Canucks won 6/7 but are playing poorly. Shows you how dumb this sport is. Demko has basically just replaced Markstrom as the MVP. They really can't afford to lose Ian Clark as goalie coach. Technically, they're going to finish tonight a point ahead of Calgary and just two back of Montreal. But Calgary has three games in hand on them and Montreal has four, so it's mostly a mirage. We'll know
  12. I did not think any coaches would be whacked mid-season this season because of the financial constraints. That's Canada I guess. I suppose Montreal and Calgary both felt changing coaches was their only chance of righting the ship, with how hard it is to make trades, especially with players moving north of the border. Vancouver chose to ride out a calamitous stretch early in the season without making changes, and they're firmly out of the race now, so I doubt there'll be changes there or with the other four Canadian teams whose fates seem close to sealed. I thought Travis Green woul
  13. I don't know if anyone read/skimmed/heard about investigative piece on the Arizona Coyotes and their owner Alex Meruelo last week, but it is quite ruthless. https://theathletic.com/2390146/2021/02/16/arizona-coyotes-investigation-toxic/ tl;dr (or you don't have a subscription) - The Coyotes haggle every last line item on their expense sheets, fight vendors for every last cent, and use excuses like "who approved that? oh that's a former employee" as a way of annoying vendors out of the full amounts they are owed. - There's stuff about the labour law viol
  14. Markstrom looks really overworked. Was it really necessary to start him all four games against Vancouver? He doesn't play well when he's tired (look at the 5-1 game), and now he's injured. I think it would sometimes get old being on Tkachuk's team, always having to defend things he does. But when you tell him that he's just going to think you don't want it as bad as he does. It's sort of amazing how Muzzin just flipping the puck at him as completely derailed the Flames' season. A thing I find weird about the years the Flames have had Gaudreau and Monahan in their primes
  15. The Blue Jackets trading away a player who didn't get along with John Tortorella for another player who obviously was not going to get along with John Tortorella is just *chef's kiss*. Patrik Laine has already been benched four games in, despite scoring three goals in his first four games with Columbus. Maybe Torts could learn live with some attitude in exchange for goals, but as always, he needs to make everyhing as dramatic and contentious as possible. I agree with Down Goes Brown: the only conclusion left is that this is fun for Torts, getting into feuds with people and getting
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