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  1. Canucks did rebound a bit by getting Nate Schmidt for a 3rd-round pick in 2020 from Vegas. Vegas was in cap hell because of the Pietrangelo signing, so they had to give up a lower-end top-pairing dman for basically nothing, to a divisional opponent. That's obviously a win for the Canucks, but they've still had a bad offseason on aggregate. The Pietrangelo signing by Vegas was a little surprising to me. I respect that they want to make a huge splash every offseason and be in on every #1 free-agent, but when they were eliminated, nobody thought "Vegas needs a #1 dman." It was, "Vegas
  2. RWG

    Baseball Thread

    The Astros were supposed to be booed and bean-balled all summer. As a Blue Jays fan, I hate the Rays. I'll hate them even more if they lose this series.
  3. I'm not sure they would. They're the Democrats... In a vacuum, I think whoever is the president should be able to fill vacancies regardless of how close it is to the election. It's obviously ridiculous for Republicans doing this after the rationale they used for not confirming Garland, but again they don't care about being hypocrites and that's why they have power. Getting rid of the lifetime appointments would do a lot to make these supreme court vacancies less insane. No other country does lifetime appointments, because it's stupid.
  4. I've heard about doctors saying this for a while now: masks are more effective at stopping the spread of the coronavirus than would be a vaccine, which might require a year for a sufficient portion of the population to get, and which might only make 50% of the people who get it immune.
  5. RWG

    NFL Thread

    The two teams I cheer for (Bills and Seahawks) are now a combined 9-0. With that said, this Seahawks team is the flukiest and most undeserving 5-0 team I've ever seen. I don't know how much longer Russell Wilson will be able to force these one-score games into wins. They should probably be able to steer this start into a playoff appearance, but the defense is just atrocious.
  6. ^ Climate change = solved
  7. I never thought Markstrom would end up signing somewhere else, up until maybe the last hour before free agency. I thought he'd be open enough for a discount. But Calgary blew his socks off with 6 years/$6 million per, and there's nothing we can do about that. I would be livid if Benning had given him that. I'm glad he got his payday though. Guy is a fierce competitor. Tanev is hard to lose. He has been my favourite Canuck, after the Sedins, for the last 10 years. I have all the time in the world for him as a player and a person. But $4.5 million over FOUR YEARS is a horrible signin
  8. RWG

    NFL Thread

    I can't find it, but there is a video of a Jets owner or chairperson or something introducing Gase at a press conference and saying something along the lines of "he is where coaching is going," and it is so outrageously funny in hindsight.
  9. RWG

    NFL Thread

    I did not envision Adam Gase outlasting Bill O'Brien AND Dan Quinn this season...
  10. A number of polls have since come out showing the BC NDP in clear majority territory. The number required for a majority is 44. Here's the seat breakdown I'll guess: NDP - 48 Liberals - 38 Green - 1 This supposes that the NDP flips two of the Green seats in the Victoria area, four Liberal seats in metro Vancouver, and two Liberal seats in the interior. This will be Andrew Wilkinson's only election as BC Liberal leader. The new Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau will be the lone Green MLA survivor, though I know the NDP have targeted that riding and could take
  11. ^ A week ago, the worst prognostications had us at +1,000 halfway through October. Testing has ticked up too, such that it looks like maybe the curve is flattening a bit. But with the new testing criteria and how deep the backlog is, who knows. The number of new cases a day feels almost arbitrary.
  12. The video of him gasping is hard to watch. He looks scared.
  13. I do not think it's possible for either side to win and have the other side accept the result as legitimate. It's not going to be pretty. If the mail-in ballots result in a jump-ball situation like the one in 2000, I'd assume the supreme court would just tip it to Trump. I don't think this is likely, but it's possible.
  14. I'm glad the Lightning won the cup because it's good for the league if, every once in a while, the best team in the league actually won the cup. The discourse would be horrible if Dallas had won. Everyone would be talking about how choking defensive systems and boring hockey are how you win the cup, and all the contending teams would try to emulate that. I am sad for Rick Bowness though. Who even knows when we see hockey again? The league says December or January, but I think it will be weird and complicated and challenging.
  15. ^ That would be good as it might encourage his supporters to take it more seriously. Claiming his body vanquished the virus easily and the hospitalization and treatments were all precautionary because he's the president seems more in keeping with his SOP.
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