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  1. but really there is no way to keep all 5 rounds of the 10,000. cause both were good singers so even if she keeps rock climber she would have lost the 10,000 eliminating stylist. same with if she keeps golfer to the end and he was f3 with rock climber and stylist. so wouldnt she have ended up with 30,000 either way?
  2. she should have listnred every panlist said she was good. and the last round was obious. why make up wicked
  3. hope congress blocks the nomination so the voters can decide you know like Mitch said.
  4. the press should ask him the last time this happened didnt you say let the voters decide. also people should protest with signs that say let the voters decide, then maybe he wont get the votes
  5. ^ yes, but now we see if mcconnell is a hypocrite if he fast tracks a nomination.
  6. Betty Live is gonna be amazing
  7. he may or may not have said it but we all know what he said about Mcain
  8. GO Queen Taylor now she adds best director to her list of many accomplaihments
  9. hope she does, but it doesnt look like shes going, and if what I read is true, only winners attened, so if someone isnt there they arent winning, then again with many staying home she could win, but i wonder if she would accept from home
  10. true, but still no reason to put his knee on him for that long, no way they should be aquiited. the violence does need to stop though, even victims familes always call for peace and peaceful protests.
  11. Cruel summer I think would have been a single if it werent for covid, I think it would have come out at start of Loverfest
  12. also once she re-records then Scott will lose even more on the deal lol.
  13. lol dominationg as usual. doing this well on the new label. proof she is where she is today cause of her and not Scott. its her writitng and her connection with the fans. Scooter should def just sell her stuff back to her
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