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  1. She's great doesn't need to win to prove it. She will be just fine with a voice like that. Plus its not like the winner is that much better off anyway. Maddie was my fave and idol pretty much forgot about her. Now Grace is free to choose what she wants to do
  2. she will be fine in 2nd. shes got a great voice
  3. wow shes so good. shes gonna make it big
  4. really hope she does. shes great
  5. really wasnt expecting robopine thought it would be yeti or chameleon. I had robopine in finale
  6. I really dont watch anymore but just read about the twiat. how is it fair to the ones this season that a runner up got to come back. if they are doing a comeback twist make it like ones that didnt make the live show.
  7. So cool. I read some figrued out 8/13 as a clue. maybe aug 13th is the next one
  8. hope you feel better soon and Rhea is so adorable.
  9. the lyric videos are great too. new home videos for best day
  10. hope the surprise is a video of making of re-recordings.talk about songs from the vault etc.
  11. even songs that didnt make the album are so good
  12. did someone drop out cause piglet saiid he only had 4 days to prepare. or is that part of a clue?
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