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  1. dont forget there is EOE
  2. was gonna say the same thing who doesnt stan Parv.
  3. wow anyone think Rob and Amber would actually still be married. good for them.
  4. haent seen this yet, but I see a bright future for Florence. Loved her in that wreslting movie where she plays Paige, I also liked that tv mini series where she was a spy little drummer girl. Midsommer though that movie was just very distrubing. Love Florence but no on that one. Also love Emma and Saorise
  5. good glad they are getting rid of Eoe for awhile. was dumb
  6. Tree is an aweosme publisist
  7. just hope it lives up to the hype and we get a good winner too.
  8. Am I being too loudin my own house that i bought with my own money from the songsI wrote about my life. Go Taylor
  9. Am I being too loud in my house that I bought with my own money that I got from writing songs about my life. Go Taylor one of the best part of the Doc She is so right about the double standards. when are Male singers/celebs called too loud or questiobed if they deserve the money they make. Glad the doc is getting good reviews.
  10. Biden would have a better chance. Sanders may be to far left for the midwest
  11. loved it. Yay Abigail so awesome they are still able to remain friends after all these years and are still able to get together
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