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  1. yeah people are going to get sick with or without the mandates. no one should lose their job, but even if they get rid of all mandates, there will still be worker shortages everywhere, cases are going up so bad teachers are getting sick and parents are having to come in and teach in some areas same with nurses and doctors. no mandate will stop this though, its something we just have to deal with, hopefully in a month the new variant will start going down.
  2. yeah the madates didnt help at this point if someone doesnt want the vax they wont get it, but there is still gonna be shortages in schhols and work, cause many peoeple are still getting it, like i heard some schools had so many sick they are having a hard time finding people to fill in.
  3. ^ yes I agree too if the other treatments work use them to, anything that helps. i dont know why they dont push those more it would actually make them look better if they push both vaccines and the antibodies and stuff like that all i meant its better to have some treatment like vax or antibodies than nothing at all.
  4. yes you can still get it fully vaxrd but in not all fof course but most cases like with the new variant so far most recover quicker and have less serious symptoms. most people are still living vs dying like the radio host who was unvaxed that just died weeks ago if he was vaxed he would most lieky be alive today. no one should lose their job if they dont want it, but if the vax makes you recover faster and live ill take it vs being dead.
  5. ^ well an annual shot for covid would just be like the annual flu shot, but they shoyld also treat it as the flu sho being someones induviudal choice, no mandates.
  6. yes haooy bday Queen Taylor.
  7. so apprently everyone is a close personal friend to Ken lol. I dont know who Bull is but I think Nicole is right about Queen of Hearts and it could be Jewel based on clues. I think Bull wins and its like Season 1 and no one gets it right.
  8. 2nd on Idol 3rd on masked singer. what does Kat have to do to win a singing show
  9. but to be fair covid makes other underlying condtions worse, if it werent for covid maybe some that died from underlying conditions may have lived. thats why they probalby count it as a covid death.
  10. atw 10 min version could def win. not sure if they would give aoty to a re-record though.
  11. after 40 seasons lol people still leave with idols in their pockets.
  12. i bet you think about me video is so funny. so great
  13. people losing their jobs over the vaccine only makes things worse. we need nurses and maybe yes being in that environment it would be better if they were vaxed but firing nurses when at a time they are most needed is not good.
  14. lol at the i bet you think about me video. shes so funny.
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