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  1. agree with a term i heard called invisble obvious. unarmed peaceful people in Layfayette sqaure were attacked and moved out in minutes so Trump could get a photo op, yet armed people were able to get into the Capitol a place that should be highly secre at all times.
  2. lol really just like the Trump one since hes leaving office anyway this is a waste of time too with dems in full control of both chambers it wont go anywhere.
  3. i dont think they will convict either, but after the events of last week would they nominate him if he ran again
  4. yeah censorship is wrong wheather you like Trump or not. if you supprot this would you also support these same comapnies taking down a app that caters to the other side.
  5. First I voted Biden I dont feel like many others Trump is fit to be in office. , and I do think Trump and all those involved should be accountable. but when you start shutting down servers and banning people for life where does it end. look even Merkel who also hates Trump is saying its going to far. even the aclu is saying its wrong.
  6. heres a thought you dont like someones posts or tweets. dont read them thats what i do. they are going to far now.. I mean if the alcu is getting involved.
  7. ^ yeah I mean if somoen that doesnt even like trump like Merkel is saying this you know they have gone to far.
  8. yeah I mean they cant legally do this. there still is freedom of speech even if you dont agree with what they say on the site.
  9. yeah its kinda a waste of time for impeachment now. inauguratiion is only over a week away. I guess its just a symbolic thing.
  10. yeah I mean if you dont agree with the siite or app or whatever it is just dont go there. ignore it. if I dont like something i just dont read it. a suspension would have been plenty but by remving apps they are actually making things worse.
  11. as long as they are not posting threats people should be able to post what they want we still have freedom of speech. to remove the app all together is wrong. also it wont solve anything, someone will just make another app or website anyway.
  12. oh I dont know much about it either I thought it was like a Qanon/far right conspiracy site or something.like that
  13. I would never go there but dont think its right to remove parler. as long as memebers of the app aew follwing the rules of the app they should be allwoed to have it.
  14. yes if they banned Trump they need to ban all the others that post the same things. taking one away and not others isnt right either
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