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  1. hope you feel better soon and Rhea is so adorable.
  2. the lyric videos are great too. new home videos for best day
  3. hope the surprise is a video of making of re-recordings.talk about songs from the vault etc.
  4. even songs that didnt make the album are so good
  5. did someone drop out cause piglet saiid he only had 4 days to prepare. or is that part of a clue?
  6. we could prob get entire albums with all the unreleased songs she has. I mean we are already geting 6 with the first re-record.
  7. Yay Taylor and Maren
  8. yeah. sure masks dont prevent it 100% cause people have tkaing all the percautions and still tested positive, but they do help
  9. well to be fair at the time the virus was new an they didnt know much about it yet. thats why it changed. at the time they really didnt know how it spread.
  10. no of course Trump isnt resonible for that. its virus people will get it. some people wont follow the gudielines no matter how much you tell them
  11. I cant wait till she gets 2 more then she has 13. then in her speech for the 13th one be like whoo hoo my 13th Grammy.
  12. Even if Trump started operation warp speed. it was Biden who was able to make it May 1st for all adults to start getting the vaccine.
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