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  1. Include (But Not Limited To): Abi Rose Stein Amelia Joyce Andrew Zendejas Blake Ellege Courtney Timmons DeWayne Crocker, Jr. Dillon James Galanski Erin Kirby Geena Fontanella Genavieve Linkowski [AI16 Hollywood Week] Jared Lettow Jordan Jones Kimmy Gabriela Lauren Mascitti Lauren Spencer-Smith Ryan Harmon Shannon Gibbons
  2. http://www.theidolpad.com/p/american-idol-season-18-schedule.html
  3. https://www.instagram.com/franciscomartinmusic/ Age As Of Premiere 19 Birthday January 10th, 2001 Audition Location Sunriver, Oregon Performance Details Celebrity Auditions: Maggie Rogers - "Alaska" [With Guitar] Showcase Round (Top 40): Kings Of Leon - "Sex On Fire" (highlight above to read spoilers) Fan Listing 01. Idol Maniac 02. Carrie_On 03. jamescasaki 04. -
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