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  1. I couldn't multi quote at all but I think I just figured out how you did it. This board is really tricky now. I spent ages the other day trying to delete a quote. I think everyone liked the Sedins. LOL at the crowd laughing at Tortorella. He is unique. I think the Sedins are pretty unique too. Playing against them must have been hell. You'd always be keeping an eye on one of them, and then bang, the other one has the puck in your net. Ha. I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT. So proud. You are a trail blazer. So Flames beat Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim 6-0. That was bizarre and weird and no one quite believed it. The radio announcer suggested someone who does voodoo had run out of pins, LOL, because their tendency to lose in Anaheim is legendary. But then the Flames came home. They lost for the 5th time in their own building. They lost to the Blackhawks 8-4. The sound you hear is the Flames coach sobbing in the parking lot. The Flames could totally miss. That would not be good. At least they've managed to find a fix for it. It is especially odd because he is one of those players that never takes a game off for injuries. Hopefully he can still play. Seattle already has a website, even though their team doesn't have a name yet! Or a logo. https://www.nhl.com/seattle Next up for the Flames, an afternoon game against the Ducks.
  2. I did not know there was a UK version! I kind of feel like the Tiger has outworn his welcome, since he can not sing! I preferred it when you got different characters every week, because I am impatient, LOL.
  3. Calgary lost to Nashville 3-2. Then the coach told the team they were rubbish by telling the media they were rubbish, so Flames won over Vancouver 6-2, and then the Sharks 6-2. Though the Sharks are missing some key players. It seems very familiar, the Mid Season Flames Coach Begging Scene. "Why won't you play real hockey?" Flames captain Giordano is out with a hamstring injury, and Hamonic with a lower body injury or something. As I suspected, coach lectures only get you so far! So the Flames lost to the Kings 5-3, while looking kind of limp. After the second last goal, our goalie smashed his stick. The GM was there at the away game, and looked fed up with a long range glassy stare. The new LA goalie Peterson looked pretty good. Saw the end of the Vancouver game, they looked much more engaged. I see Jeremy Roenick got himself fired from NBC. It's like a hockey tradition. Bouwmeester collapsed! Seems OK though. (former Flame) I watched Washington completely suck vs the Islanders the other day, hoping for the monumental 700th Ovechkin goal, but was denied.
  4. That's kind of surprising. Flames play the Preds next, and you're right behind us in points. If the Flames don't stick in the playoffs this year, the management will have a hairy fit. I think the best Flames players are inconsistent. When the younger ones shine, you really notice that the ones being paid the most are not doing all the scoring. Sometimes I think they've figured it out, then they go right back to sucking. Once the Flames get their new arena, no one will be able to afford to go!
  5. Well it was fun until we lost 8-3. Though the brawl was excellent, and look, two goalies fighting... The former Oiler goalie Talbot that is now a Flame fighting the former Flame goalie Smith who is now an Oiler. You can't make that up. I have never seen the 2nd period completed at the beginning of the 3rd (24 glorious seconds) and then they switched ends and started the 3rd? That is just weird. And Rittich got pulled, but then after Talbot fought, Rittich went back in because both of the fighting goalies were tossed. And we still lost. But it wasn't boring. I tried cutting and pasting as quotes, though it doesn't have the info attached. But I'm lazy and gave up! It was a bit warm, then it rained (which doesn't happen here much), then it froze, then it snowed. Then I discovered all the ice is now hiding under the snow. Awesome. I had to creep along like a snail. I am sorry to hear you slipped. One time I was carrying an enormous textbook and made the mistake of walking over a frosty wooden boardwalk at university, slipped and fell flat on my back right in front of someone, and they leaned over and said you OK? And I'm like, um...ow. (pretends is fine, crawls away, lol) Calgary just played the Sharks and lost 3-1. Oh... It's all over... Lucic fought someone, which is apparently our new go to move when we can't score. Vancouver has done really well this year. Weird fact. I was watching an old episode of CSI and a guy in Las Vegas was trying to build a forum for his hockey team, the Silver Strikes.
  6. Calgary Flames won over the Oilers 4-3 in a shootout on Wednesday. Monahan fought Nugent-Hopkins! Monahan never fights people. Then Tkachuk fought Kassian. It was a very satisfying game. Next Battle of Alberta tonight in Calgary!
  7. Saw the first episode of Star Trek: Picard this week and it is very good.
  8. I'm watching it. I feel like I haven't seen any design that made me really sit up and take notice though. Kind of enjoying Delvin throwing shade at Sergio, whose fashion sense isn't really as good as he thinks it is.
  9. I used the smile with the teeth a lot, and the new one just looks creepy. Shiver is also one of my favs, as was sorcerer and the ironic eating of the ice cream. Still there is a space for them, so maybe it could be adjusted?
  10. Whoah. New technology. Shiny. The All Star game is something I always avoid so really both me and the Flames took time off. Meanwhile the weather warmed up a lot, so that's great. God bless you, Chinook winds. Hmm. I miss the old emojis, but now I've got penguins, so there's that. Oh wait. They are still here. Well most of them. You have to scroll to the bottom of the emojis. Sweet. So Giordano, Rittich and Tkachuk went to the All Star Game. The Flames spent a week promising they wouldn't screw up after the break. Then they played St. Louis Tuesday and lost in a shootout. They did hang in there for most of the game though, and to be honest, St. Louis is better than we are. Talbot was playing in goal. No. Quoting is going to take me more work, LOL. Maybe cutting and pasting it is easier. And now, a badger. Seriously, what is that for? I have found fire, , which is like a Flames related thing. And then St. Louis did this:
  11. One Christmas I had the flu and it felt like I'd been poisoned! Bleh. I think my cold is trying to make a comeback. And it is SO COLD OUTSIDE. That's the sort of game it pays to miss. Flames played a terrible game vs Montreal, who had that slacker Carey Price in net. We were doomed. Lost 2-1. He's public enemy no. 1 now in Edmonton. Some Calgary fans wanted to buy a billboard in Edmonton with a picture of Tkachuk and possibly the words "Friendship Tour". I listened to that game, so I had to wait to see the video. Kassian punched him pretty good. Kassian was suspended 2 games. There was an interview clip from James Neal today who said Tkachuk's hit(s) was not acceptable in today's NHL. He lined up Kassian after he came back from the 10 min misconduct too. Tkachuk looked very quiet when the press asked him about why he didn't fight. He looked really uncomfortable! Hmm. (Sidenote, Eric Francis the other week claimed Neal was a limited talent who was no good with teammates in the dressing room. That must be why he scores all the time now we traded him. He also tried to claim that fans would boo Neal at the game and a 'real' fan would boo Adam Fox when he came by, because Fox didn't want to come here. I am like, are you serious now? No one cares. Fox was aeons ago and fans wanted to get rid of Neal, until it turned out he still knew how to make goals.) For ages both teams lost so much it couldn't be called a battle. It's nice to see some scandal. Flames play the Leafs Thursday. I heard Tortorella had done something. It seems like he ranted at officials, and now has to pay $20 000. Ow.
  12. I had a wicked cold after Christmas. I didn't do much of anything, except feeling dizzy. Flames beat the Oilers yesterday, again, 4-3. :flowers: They had a Fathers trip where the players take a family member with them, and won all the games. Perhaps the fathers should just go everywhere with them. For Jan, they beat the Rangers, Minnesota, Chicago, Minnesota again, and Edmonton. Sadness. Frolik wanted a fresh start and was traded to the Sabres. Sniff. I liked him. Did I see the Canucks lost to Tampa 9-2? What? This week the weather is going down to -28 C and -33 at night. :shiver:
  13. Merry Christmas! He's a hardworking caveman... And then they lost a bunch of games. :ph34r: Lost to Pittsburgh 4-1, and the Sun the next day had the headline "Sunk by the Burgh". And that was without Crosby, and Malkin had the flu. Lost to Montreal 3-1 in OT. Beat Dallas 5-1. Lost to Minnesota 3-0. Minnesota often has our number. Calgary won over Toronto 4-2, and there were lots of Leafs in the Saddledome, and apparently a fight broke out because the commentators could see it from their box, and said that security was going to have to break it up. LOL. Wow. That's terrible. I had no idea it was that bad. Hmm. Watched World Juniors and didn't expect good things after watching Canada play the first period. Kind of surprised. :flowers:
  14. I hope the new version isn't like a Lithium board, because I post on one elsewhere and the functionality is awesomely terrible. Would there still be emoticons? I wish they could have saved the old info. Every day I remember something else that is missing. I also think that because stuff isn't divided into sections as much, some people assumed it wasn't here anymore and stopped posting. On this board I made some friends, discovered new music, and learnt a surprising amount of computer stuff about pictures, and video, and files. Whatever happens I am glad I started posting and not just lurking.
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