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  1. I've tried embedding a video with the embed code and nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong? (desktop)
  2. This is so sad. So many things cancelled. All those songs are not eligible next year! Wow.
  3. It seems like the more the judges know someone, the less likely they are to guess it is them! You are very good with the clues. They seem to be getting trickier.
  4. That's sad. What's it like at The Garden? I imagine the Flames would have tried to win in the 3rd period. I miss them driving me crazy. I think it will be difficult to squeeze in a normal playoff run. The problem like you said is the conditioning. There was an article about it, where a trainer said it is difficult for players to stay fit without training properly, and they would get injured if they had to just start playing with no lead up time. He also said after four days they were going crazy with sitting round. A local mall had a worker diagnosed, but fortunately I haven't been to that mall in a while. Many of the stores are closed. It is odd how you don't really feel you need to go somewhere that badly, until you can't, and then you really, really wish you could go. There's no hockey and it's too quiet. I was looking for a new job. I should have known, once they close hockey everything must go. Wishing you the best. We might all take you up on your offer. I'm already so bored. There's no cheapskate like a rich cheapskate. How is it Boston is shame-proof? Calgary's go fund me raised $81 000. They are going to see if they can divide it up amongst the employees anyway, even though the Flames gave in.
  5. I think it might be over for the year. That was sudden. I don't see them awarding a cup to anybody, since now it looks like all the distancing measures will continue over the summer. It's weird to lose all sports at once. The local sports radio station resorted to interviewing a doctor. You're right though, they'll have to train for next season, distantly. Would the next season even get pushed back? What about the expansion draft? Meanwhile there was Twitter outrage because the Flames were not going to pay Saddledome hourly workers compensation, but now they are. Meanwhile a Go Fund Me for it had donations from a lot of Flames players who are a decent lot. In Calgary they closed all City facilities, like libraries and pools. Maybe if everything goes ok I can spend summer lying on the lawn... That's the only thing left.
  6. That was epic. I don't know who was more shocked about the Bear, Nick Cannon or me! It was fun to see the look on his face. That was the weirdest thing ever. This is a much tougher group than last week singing wise.
  7. When I saw the news I realized I watched that season. One of my favs was the contemporary "Are You the One?" where Danny and Neil Haskell were dressed like princes.
  8. That was good. Then we lost to Vegas 5-3 after coming back from 3-0. From what I've heard, the owner of the Panthers is having trouble and there was a rumour of a payroll cut next season. Yes, Pacific Division's numbers are so much lower. OH NO. The NHL has paused the hockey season. I guess there wasn't much other choice when you think about the teams travelling around from city to city, possibly spreading germs. https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/nhl-pauses-2019-20-season/c-316156840 Well that's new. Maybe there won't be any playoffs. Just how long is a pause? Sometimes I cough because of my asthma. I'm going to get shunned. Meanwhile the weekend is going to have Arctic air and the temp is going to be -19 Celsius with snow on Saturday.
  9. That is a really long time!
  10. Yay! And wow, doesn't anyone attend Panthers games? Lots of empty seats. Though when I saw the sunny Florida afternoon, I felt jealous. This one surprised me. For two whole periods they were losing! I was worried. Go Flames Go! SCARF TRICK! I like this idea. It's weird and unusual. It looked like Vancouver had it together until Markstrom got hurt. The standings are so close that there isn't a lot of room for error. In the West four teams have 74 points and one has 75. How is Vegas number one, anyway? Boston has 98 points, which is kind of amazing. On Twitter the other day Edmonton fans were apologizing for hating the Smith goalie trade. When Smith is good he is very very good.
  11. Those are good choices. I loved the Cornell one a lot. I adore Goldeneye, it's so raw. The whole Goldeneye soundtrack is unusual because it's by Eric Cerra. I like KD Lang's Surrender on the end credits of Tomorrow Never Dies.
  12. This seems true. I guessed the mouse would go home. Her costume was so pretty. I hadn't thought of Bergeron, but it would fit. I forgot about CSI Cyber even though I watched it. I wonder how the groups were sorted. Are they saving some of the best stuff for last, or is random. I liked Ken's "the legend budget has been spent" comment.
  13. This thread needs more quality content like this... HA. I heard about it on the radio, and then the game was repeated on tv late at night, so I watched it for the hilarity. Awesome for Ayres. Carolina looked like heroes. Leafs were terrible. In fact he is a practice goalie for the Leafs, so it's not like he was as random as it looked. I've never been sure why teams don't just use an AHL guy, but it must be to do with all the call up regulations. I can see why that would make him popular. Besides, he seems to have kept a certain amount of distance between himself and everyday stuff. Didn't he just used to skip practices? It's nerve wracking. Flames beat Detroit 4-2, as we should. Beat Boston 5-2, more like it. Next up Nashville. Gaudreau has been scoring lately. Maybe we're turning around. Vegas got goalie Lehner in a trade. No! Flames got 2 defence men, not flashy. We hardly ever do exciting trades. Interesting. Don't think they'll stick with interim guy Ward, but at this point anything could happen. I thought that symbol was a whale? Kraken would just be fun. Seattle Otters or something, wouldn't have the same buzz. It's hard to come up with something no one has yet, but is slightly exciting while looking good on a shirt! Yay! Remember when this thread was all Penguin fans? I honestly can't tell what is legal anymore.
  14. I couldn't multi quote at all but I think I just figured out how you did it. This board is really tricky now. I spent ages the other day trying to delete a quote. I think everyone liked the Sedins. LOL at the crowd laughing at Tortorella. He is unique. I think the Sedins are pretty unique too. Playing against them must have been hell. You'd always be keeping an eye on one of them, and then bang, the other one has the puck in your net. Ha. I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT. So proud. You are a trail blazer. So Flames beat Anaheim Ducks in Anaheim 6-0. That was bizarre and weird and no one quite believed it. The radio announcer suggested someone who does voodoo had run out of pins, LOL, because their tendency to lose in Anaheim is legendary. But then the Flames came home. They lost for the 5th time in their own building. They lost to the Blackhawks 8-4. The sound you hear is the Flames coach sobbing in the parking lot. The Flames could totally miss. That would not be good. At least they've managed to find a fix for it. It is especially odd because he is one of those players that never takes a game off for injuries. Hopefully he can still play. Seattle already has a website, even though their team doesn't have a name yet! Or a logo. https://www.nhl.com/seattle Next up for the Flames, an afternoon game against the Ducks.
  15. I did not know there was a UK version! I kind of feel like the Tiger has outworn his welcome, since he can not sing! I preferred it when you got different characters every week, because I am impatient, LOL.
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