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  1. I was kind of sad for the Avalanche, even though they went through the Flames that one time like a tin opener, because a lot of the teams sticking around are not super interesting. I did think that would make you happy. The only problem is I hate the Lightning... The playoff score of 8-0 was appalling. I was glad to see the back of Vegas, because I think they have had it pretty easy so far. I was amazed when Montreal finally managed to win the series. But is Montreal screwing this up now? They lost game one. This drought? It's depressing. Though the Flames nearly won it in 04, and Vancouver did too. We tried, darn it. We tried really really hard. And now it is a good year if we can make the playoffs. Meanwhile, I find hockey is colliding with UEFA soccer. I am in soccer mode now. And it is 35 degrees celsius here all week. Incredibly hot. Soccersoccersoccer. Hurry up Stanley, you're taking too long. Did the soccer thread get wiped out? It must have. Boo.
  2. Mine, all mine! Poor old McDavid. All that talent languishing. Edmonton. Hum, ho. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't quite believe they could screw this up again. I'm finding it very difficult to keep straight. Pretty neat. Oh no, the Fishsticks won game 1. All the money they spent, and they didn't make it out of the first round again. And game 7 was at home, with a few fans. You'd think it would be motivation. I heard Toronto described by their radio announcers as "tighter than banjo wire"! They don't handle the pressure well at all. Wow. Avalanche beat Vegas 7-1.
  3. It looks like we're stuck with them for a while. Every unhappy family hockey team is unhappy in its own way...Tolstoy. Give it time. I'm sure we will do something headline worthy in a bit. I'm glad we're not getting Benning. Oh, I forgot to mention that Monahan who played some terrible hockey, had to go for hip surgery (I think they should have just pulled him). Tanev meanwhile was playing with broken ribs and a torn pectoral muscle. Markstrom had briefly had a concussion. We played a meaningless bunch of games and Dube got a concussion so couldn't play for Canada. Watched the end bit of triple OT where Edmonton lost. Smith was battling hard for them. Toronto is doing well, I don't know how I feel about that. Ron Maclean got in trouble. Bonus marks for those who understand any of his obscure jokes. Penguins are out. Minnesota is hanging in against Vegas (Talbot in goal!). Beating the Red Wings in 2004 was the most amazing thing the Flames did, because the Red Wings had ridiculous amounts of talent.
  4. I don't think I liked the way in the finale they tell you where everyone placed, right down to 5th. It's like "hey you didn't win, you came last! Congrats on that..." Unpopular, but I think Cam is technically perfect, but he doesn't have a lot of personality.
  5. The rooster reveal was quite satisfying. Sadness. I liked the Yeti. And it take guts to roller blade in a costume that big on a stage when you can't really see and he still sounded great. Odd. The chameleon almost sounded familiar last night.
  6. Hi! I haven't watched them yet, but was impressed by the scores. They totally schooled the Flames the last time they met in the playoffs. The blinding speed is what I remember the most. (the whistling of the wind as they shot by...LOL) Flames finished the season Wednesday afternoon and managed a win. They lost on Tuesday 4-2, and actually were playing Domingue in goal. Poor guy hasn't played since March 1 2020. He was pretty solid for a guy coated in rust. Word is that Seattle had a scout at Tuesday's game. And today....it's snowing.
  7. I have finally achieved hot weather, which is about to disappear again. Really? Poor bunny. Well maybe he should have stayed home in a pandemic, or something. Did I just read Dostoyevsky and Eric Francis in the same sentence? Must we have all your leftovers, LOL? Ooo, interesting. I think Russia is a bit scary! But also eccentric. Hartley obviously has a knack for winning. I am beginning to think we might cycle through all our old coaches. We've got Sutter back, at least until our new GM gets rid. I've forgotten what real hockey is like... Hmmmm. So I forgot the Flames were playing and then they were playing late so I still listened to periods 2 and 3. At first they were beating Vancouver 5-1, and the commentators had just finished saying that Vancouver had nothing left, when V. started to score. And score, and score. I'm like, is Calgary actually going to lose this game now? And then they won in OT. Fun=our colour commentator describing how awful our defensive coverage is, while not wanting to name the people responsible. I almost wish they could just kind of call the last games a tie and cancel, because they are overrunning the actual US side of the playoffs and they don't mean anything. Sutter in an interview being grilled about saying the Flames were a bottom of the pile team, and then saying well they aren't a top team. Ow. He's like a de-motivational speaker, the guy you get to make you feel worse.
  8. Flames officially out of the playoffs as Montreal wins over Edmonton in OT. Cue the meaningless games against Vancouver!
  9. It's been rain/snowing all day and it's freezing. It rained yesterday too. But it was incredibly dry, so we need the moisture. But I'm fed up of hot/cold/hot/cold. It would feel weird to look up and see there is an aerial hashtag recommending I be fired. Like, wow. Maybe I'd have to take a photo. I mean that might be my moment of fame right there. A billboard would be better though. Easier to pose in front of... Oh... I was probably thinking of Derek Wills, Flames announcer who keeps being optimistic that they can still make the playoffs in a sickening kind of way. I would hope there is only one Eric and he doesn't have a twin brother. What a thought. Like a horror movie. Every time people say Treliving did a great job I think of all the buy outs for players who sucked. If I were the one paying, I wouldn't be super happy. Flames just won over Ottawa 6-1. At this point when they win I actually feel annoyed. There were so many bad games this season, and now they decide they'll put the effort in. There's a teeny tiny chance now, something like 0.4%. Meanwhile...Avangard Omsk won the Gagarin Cup in the KHL, with Hartley as coach. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/southern-alberta-player-helps-win-the-kontinental-hockey-league-s-gagarin-cup-1.5417385 Like, it's almost like he knows how to, like, coach, like, you know? (I kind of miss his colorful quotes in the news. I heard someone trying to interview Sutter after a loss and it involved a long incredibly awkward silence while the reporter kept saying his question over and over until he had to give up) Hmm. I do not understand why Wilson with his record can't get suspended. What Wilson did was basically ambush someone who wasn't in any position to fight anybody. Then officials act all upset at the team comment about him not being suspended, and upset about fighting afterwards. Anyone could do a better job of policing the NHL. Pick a random person off the street. Pick a player from the AHL. Someone from a book club. Anybody! It's sad. I didn't get to see the Rangers game, but the clips were interesting. The media tried to suggest that fighting does not make a game memorable, but the Flames/Canuck line brawl that involved coaches in the hallway is still a high point of weird hockey magic for me.
  10. I guessed that maybe Crab and Chameleon would leave. Surprised it was the Seashell instead. Wow, the Yeti is brave to be on skates when it is so hard to see in those costumes. I was impressed! And he was pretty good with the singing as well. I did wonder if the doughnuts were not O's but rings, like Olympic rings. I think I know who the Rooster is, though that doesn't help anything. The Mask is cheesy which is why people like it. Wow, the ratings are quite strong. I tried Nancy Drew when it first started and felt disappointed with how they messed with her character.
  11. All the game schedules have been shuffled again and it gets longer and longer! Who wants to watch those? Assuming it eventually warms up (Calgary keeps warming up and then getting snow). Ha ha ha! Impressive how fast they got the money. Odd that the article brings up soccer fans doing the same, but hockey fans prefer billboards to planes. Like when they did it against the team owner in Ottawa, and the billboard by Flames fans involving Tkachuk, back when he actually played decent hockey. If he gets injured we're toast. Zagidulin last played in February and Domingue hasn't played at all (?). I seem to remember them claiming they weren't going to play Markstrom a ton like in the old days, and then did it anyway. So Flames decided to try something refreshing and new, called winning. Unfortunately they always try this when they are just about eliminated. Flames won vs Leafs 3-2, and Rittich was in goal for the Leafs. Flames radio announcer Derek Wills gloated over Rittich when we won in a way that made us seem incredibly petty. Perhaps this is the new Flames identity? What was up with that? Won over Montreal 4-1. This is when you suspect we could have been winning earlier if we had been interested. The win actually makes me annoyed, LOL. Then they were tied in the next game against Montreal and they lost 2-1. Normality reasserts itself. Montreal Byron making himself a pest. I miss Mighty Mouse. Flames got weekend off and play Ottawa next. I think he is trying to motivate them? But sometimes I think that he has realized how bad they really are and is taking revenge. Some of the stuff he says about them is hilariously true. Latest impending scandal is that the new Arena is on hold because the Flames had a list of new demands including $70 million dollars. Derek Francis said this is part of the usual negotiations, but if the Flames think they can get more from the current tax base they are wrong and can go to Houston and no one will mind. Wow. When even the guy who kisses up doesn't like it, you know you've gone too far. That Holtby save made me incredibly happy. It's beautiful. It's Kipper-esque.
  12. Carolina and Rio are lucky they both weren't sent home. It was like every vocalist's bad habits stuffed into one performance. And then the judges are like, that was awesome.
  13. If I was a player, that is what would bother me most. Scheduling is not the NHL's speciality. So Flames actually won a game against the Oilers, an unlikely 5-0. I thought it was because the Oilers were tired, because the NHL just randomly added a game into what was for the Flames about a week long gap. But turns out they also had a memorial on game day for Colby Cave, a player that died last year. McDavid was not happy. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/connor-mc-david-blasts-nh-ls-decision-to-schedule-oilers-game-after-colby-cave-memorial-184950119.html The owner's restaurant? Ow. We broke him. I sometimes suspect that he might have a little bit of an injury from that time he tried to tackle a Canuck player. Meanwhile two trades yesterday/today, Flames goalie Rittich to the Leafs for a 3rd pick, and Bennett to Florida in return for a 2nd pick and a prospect. They were both about to be free agents. Rittich's agent said that he wanted a fresh start when the GM asked if he would re-sign here. Flames have to pay half his salary. I'll miss Big Save Dave. I hope he gets a chance to play more. Flames play the Leafs tomorrow. Treliving said it isn't like the Flames are just giving up. There are some rampant optimists who think that because there are lots of games with Montreal coming up, that Flames could crawl back into contention. The odds of making the playoffs are something like 4%.
  14. That's ridiculous. Why wouldn't the rest of the team be quarantined and then tested, once they knew they had one case, instead of waiting for days? They very nearly played a game with the Flames as well. It's pretty substandard. It is very worrying. The Calgary Flames continue to dig their way into the basement. I had stuff to do so forgot they were playing on Sunday night, then checked the score and Leafs won 4-2. Tonight the Oilers vs Montreal went to OT before the Flames started, so I got to see Byron. I watched some of tonight's game, and Flames briefly tied it and then lost 5-3 to the Leafs again (and TJ Brodie plays for them now, which is kind of annoying). Spent tons of time in our own zone. Flames played a different goalie each time as well. Now part of me wishes we'd just skipped this season, since the team has pretty much disintegrated. A reporter asked goalie Rittich if he was thinking on Sunday as he played, that it might be his last as a Flame! Rittich said "stop trying to make up a story". Ow.
  15. Identity crisis is a good description. Latest theories include Monahan being injured, since he's had lots of wrist surgeries in the past. Sometimes I think we got rid of all the players who did the small useful stuff, and they were never replaced by anybody. Also people who brought the fun, like Hamilton. Maybe more of them need to go to museums, LOL. It suddenly hit me the other day that if Treliving goes we might switch coaches again, which is part of our problem. I think Gaudreau could probably use a fresh start. I didn't think it would end up that way. None of the core players seem to be very engaged, for whatever reason, and I think that spreads to the other players. The only veteran player who seems to be interested is Lucic! I was a bit surprised they waited until almost the last minute. I don't understand why Vancouver still went ahead and practiced. The play by play radio commentator has to drive into Calgary, and he was just about to, when it was cancelled. Rick Ball who does the tv version said he got the news, got into his dressing gown and had a glass of wine. I told someone, imagine bad hockey, a break, more bad hockey, another break and then losing. There. Saved so much time. I think the Flames have broken Markstrom. I'm amazed at some of the fans who turned on him in a second. Like he's going to just drag us to the playoffs single handedly. And then what? It's not like he can score for you too. The radio Sportsnet guys were like, hey it's a rebuild, we should get rid of Tanev. Then Lou, the colour commentator for the Flames pointed out that he is one of the only good players left. Um...can't we keep the nice ones? It's like everyone has forgotten how to construct a decent team. They just want to buy it straight out of the box, instant results. If I had to trade people Tanev would be last on the list. Trade Bennett, he wants to get out of here. I'd trade Gaudreau because it isn't working out and he's worth something. He shouldn't just have to dwindle away.
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