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  1. And Dallas is in trouble. I wasn't even paying attention after they were up 3 games to 1, then they lost game 5, then they lost game 6, and now Colorado is back in it. The weird moment when one of your arch enemies starts knocking off your other one (Calgary lost last yr in the playoffs to Colorado/this yr to Dallas).
  2. It isn't going the right way. I could say that about lots of these matchups. Maybe if I cheer for the other side, they will lose hideously in the 3rd period of the last game.
  3. Hmm. I'm supposed to cheer for Vancouver now. I don't know about that. It's nice to see someone stick around in the playoffs....(sigh) There are a lot of weirdly high scores in these playoffs. Don't ask me how I know. That is a good point. Ha! No win for me. Bieksa. I remember now why people hated him. I still love this video. Someone in the comments claims they got Fiddler to 'do the face' in warmups when he was playing for the Predators and he did. LOL, watching games and drinking. It sounds like you can play hockey and you can watch hockey, and that is it. Part of me wonders if the Flames subconsciously wanted out. Was it a plot? The horror. The next day our play by play commentator said he couldn't sleep all night thinking about it. He was traumatized. In fact, days after the game felt almost worse than the actual game. Yeah, they keep saying that the playoffs are hard, as if we should think collapsing like that is normal. Gaudreau thought they were playing well, and Tkachuk tried to blame himself. They all get along really well, but it isn't translating into good hockey. I don't think the team should fold if Tkachuk is not available. Talbot couldn't be put right back on the ice because he took his bad mood into the dressing room. If anything that loss was worse than last year! Same old excuses. Dallas is better than I expected it to be, but I think we ramped up their confidence. When I finally saw the photo, I was like wow. How can an agent do that? On the other hand, I was impressed with the level of detail. The coach's name on the blade! The blood on the front! I really like Fleury. Maybe Seattle will snap him up and then they will win. NHL decided to postpone games. I know it is the politically correct thing to do, but really, at this point where it is nearly September, I think the Stanley Cup momentum is fading quickly. It does make up for the hideous schedule that puts games at all sorts of weird times and makes teams play too many back to back. I'm like, hockey is on strike in August. OK then. As someone who doesn't like basketball, it could actually go on permanent vacation and I wouldn't actually notice. As I suspected, Friedmann's beard was used to benefit charity. Hardly recognize him now, all bare.
  4. Flames lost 2-1 to Dallas on Tuesday. The game was at 3.30 pm. I don't think the weird schedule is helping. So now they have to win tonight or they are out. Thursday update, game 6 which is on for some reason at 8:30 pm. Spoilers. Also, not for the faint of heart: Just when you thought it was safe to watch hockey. Flames have a great first period and are up 3-0. Looks like a different team. Lucic takes a penalty for shoving someone. Dallas scores 1 goal. Second period: Part way through the chaos we pull Talbot who is not having a great night and put in poor Rittich, who hasn't played much. He saves the first couple and then falls apart. Lucic takes another penalty (puck over glass) and Dallas scores again. 5 unanswered goals by Dallas. Intermission: Bieksa points out our defensive lapses, like allowing Dallas to stand unchallenged in our crease, and points out we put Rittich in "who hasn't played since Y2K" but Flames didn't play tighter in front of him. He laughs, then tries to save it by saying that Flames fans can still have some hope, pauses, and then points out he isn't a Flames fan. I think he is secretly enjoying what is a horrific blowout. Tkachuk meanwhile is agonizing in the press box. 3rd period: Talbot is back in goal. Flames lose flamboyantly 7-3. I see people blaming the goaltending, but I really think Calgary's defence is awful, and the team is still inconsistent. Sometimes I think it is because there is no clear leadership. I felt bad that they threw Rittich out there cold. I wouldn't mind if the team just sucked, but it shows a bit of real promise and then throws it away. I think there will have to be some major changes. Why do I let them drive me crazy? Why? What an incredible trainwreck. *still reading the brackets wrong. Sigh. Dallas plays Colorado next. I'm pretty sure Colorado can take them.
  5. Flames lost game #2, by 5-4. Tkachuk was speared in the groin, and then later was squished between two players, and is still out. Probably concussion, I think. Game 3 was the very next night, and Flames won 2-0. Brodie has a really hard shot. One of the Dallas players deliberately broke a pane of glass, hitting it with his stick because he was frustrated, and it had to be replaced. Today was game 4 at noon Calgary time, and they lost in OT 5-4. That was so annoying. Dallas tied it with seconds to go. The Flames went back to getting lots of penalties. Won a goalie interference challenge, but lost the one about Dallas being off side. Giordano is playing really badly. I am concerned that no one can clear a puck without passing it to Dallas. I like the way Tobias Rieder keeps getting short handed goals. All the players we got from Edmonton are doing well. Talbot is being a really good goalie, so I can't blame him. Meanwhile watched the last period of Vegas vs Chicago in NBC. Their game seemed to have a lot less hitting, and Vegas is very much in control. Meanwhile NBC commentators said Vancouver has talented young guys that will be its core for years to come. Rask left the Bruins to go back to his family. It didn't seem like Boston fans took that well.
  6. I saw the end. That's crazy long! I hadn't realized though that because they have only their 2 sheets of bubble ice, that any games scheduled for after a game will get bumped once there is too much overtime. This could get tricky. Congrats on Lafreniere. What's it like to win the draft lottery?
  7. Oooh. Canucks are still in. It's on. Hit him in the head. That's dedication. Flames won their first game vs Dallas 3-2. Not bad. He went from "oh noes I didn't get the team I wanted" to "this is my team and I'm sure I can make it work out" to his present Corner of Despair. Ha! What a salmon. So that's where the Royals came from. I think someone on this board may have won the lottery... Friedman: The Castaway Years. I saw Bieksa. I'm like, whoah, that's him. Finally someone who won't diss Vancouver. How did that happen? Well it's about time someone on this board won it. And it's not Edmonton! Hurrah! It's hard to be mad about the Rangers getting him because it's not even in the West. And it's not Edmonton!
  8. It makes me sad, but maybe he should have retired already. I thought for sure the Flames would be flat. Last year only the goalie and maybe one player showed up against Colorado, and all the stars did nothing at all. All the players are working really hard. Also, Winnipeg has terrible luck with injuries. This time Flames lost game 2 by 3-2 but it was close. But they took lots of penalties. They won game 3 by 6-2, still lots of penalties. And they clinched it Thursday night 4-0, while mostly avoiding penalties. I'm excited, and doubly so because the Oilers are out. Oddly enough, we're using their old goalie, Talbot, who became quite solid. I'll root against the Islanders. I can be swayed. I hate to say it, but still enjoying it when I see Petterson playing. He's got skills. Hmm. Salmon Kings. I guess if you have the right logo, it could have worked. Apparently Seattle tested Salmon Pink as a jersey colour. I'm like, how is Arizona winning? Is that a thing? Chicago beat Edmonton. Poor old McDavid. And I'm like, so much for that rivalry. Meanwhile their massive 50/50 draw was so big it crashed the system and people got overcharged. Penguins are out too. NHL probably not happy about that. Maybe Penguins will do well in the draft lottery. Heard Leaf comeback on the radio. Their announcer was astonished. (went from down 3-0 to 3-3 in the last 4 minutes). They even won in OT. Can't quite imagine what Tortorella said after Columbus blew that. Ironically, I thought that was one of Tkachuk's more legal hits. No one said anything about Giordano getting rid of Laine by whacking him with his stick on the forearm. And sometimes he 'accidentally' takes out people because he leaves it late to catch up to them, and then does something hasty that wipes them out. And then he apologizes. Well Lucic got his goal back in that game, so no problems there. Game 4 started with Lucic fighting someone at puck drop. I was impressed there was any intensity given the fact there is no one there except for a bunch of pretend fan noises. Boo. Winnipeg's digital banners were nicer than ours. Wow. Elliotte Friedman has this big beard now, I thought that it was some guy from the backwoods for a moment. Or an ancient mariner, the next mascot for the Islanders.
  9. Well, boo. I think they were stuck. Sharks are cool but taken. Orcas ditto. How is being a salmon cool? Best known for being served with a slice of lemon. Boston has bears. Octopus wouldn't be a bad idea, which is sort of what they went for. Otters might have been OK. They had reportedly trademarked lots of names including Cougars, Eagles, Emeralds, Evergreens, Firebirds, Kraken, Rainiers, Renegades, Sea Lions, Seals, Sockeyes, Totems and Whales. Sporting News - Guessing the five NHL Seattle team name finalists (evergreens? Really?) This might be a good time to point out that the Flames were never named for Calgary, but for when Atlanta was burned in the American Civil War, because they used to be the Atlanta Flames. (still hilarious: the AHL mascot for the Adirondack Flames, the Flames' farm team, was called Scorch after a fire in Glen Falls, and had a disastrous introduction that made him infamous and almost immediately nixed in 2014. There's video if you have a free moment to marvel at the spectacle, involving a firefighter and some unfortunate dancing. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/killer-ahl-mascot-goes-down-in-flames#:~:text=Scorch%2C the mascot for the,banished before his career began. ) OMG the Flames won 4-1 against Winnipeg. I watched it. Gaudreau scored which is new. Tkachuk took out Mark Scheifele in a hit along the boards and their coach called it filthy and disgusting. I actually thought it wasn't on purpose, unlike when Giordano whacked Laine on the arm with his stick in retaliation for a hit. LOL at Edmonton losing and they pulled Smith. Double LOL at the Leafs losing, after they were named on the National news as representing hockey being back while they ignored everyone else. How the heck did Arizona beat the Predators? Sometimes. There's a channel where they run it back to back. It flooded 2 wks ago because there was a big storm with lots of rain and hail. There's been some of those in Calgary. One night where I live you could see your breath and there were heaps of hail that didn't melt right away. There were also a few tornadoes spotted. So then Edmonton went round pretending it wasn't that bad but someone had video. Awkward... YAY! I think it's a pretty open competition. Weird format, lots of rust, anything can happen.
  10. This WE scandal seems to not be going away any time soon. It's fascinating. I don't think I ever realized the kind of money the Kielburgers have. I'm always seeing their column in the newspaper about how we should all do more. I've never really liked them. I am not comfortable with people who want to be seen doing charitable things and getting praise for it. It's beginning to look a lot like they got rich off it too. My favourite scandal was when Morneau forgot he had a villa. They really don't live like normal people.
  11. How soon the Flames slide back to square one...finally have a game, against the Oilers, and they score on us after a bit more than a minute, and then again. Have to admit, I gave up and watched CSI instead. Final score 4-1. Only Calgary goal was Lindholm. Described as an even game. Calgary had a bad first period. To me, it seemed like the normal Flames habit of showing up late in games. The only good thing about the quarantine is that it sorted out any possible labour dispute. Reminds me, there was a big storm the other week and Rogers Place was flooded. Calgary was much amused.
  12. Hockey is coming back! Anybody? Yay, Seattle went with Kraken. I knew it. Once they mentioned that name who could pick anything else? The question is, will people want to watch hockey in the summer? Some Calgarians in the newspaper pointed out that summer here is short so they can't waste golf time watching the NHL, LOL. Some Flames players chose not to be part of the bubble. Hamonic is one of them. Fun fact: Craig Conroy was being a referee for the practice games. (once a player, now in management) They couldn't add a referee to their already full quota of people.
  13. It's raining here. "Not the Real Stanley Cup" should be on all the t-shirts... You mean after spending the season biting and clawing your way to getting points, they just think it is ok to scrap all that, and start over...Admittedly they left out some of the worst of the worst teams, but it will not have the same quality as it would have before shutdown, and I think the athletes will be super rusty. I'd have to get back into the hockey habit again. But this would be a weird fantasy version. I hate going out in the second round. Flames have done that a lot over the years, usually Duck related, I think. I'd take 3rd. That's pretty good. Some Flames teams have had real talent on them, and if you could put them all on one team, it would look awesome. Well, mostly it is only a problem if you are a bee, because they eat bees. A small number of people are allergic to their stings. But it might look great on a hockey jersey! I am leaning toward Seattle being Kraken, just because unleash the Kraken would be too much fun to play with as an announcer.
  14. Congrats to N. Angel, but I would have preferred a Turtle win. I thought his voice was more consistent, and I really hated her Alannah Myles cover.
  15. The Fox knows all! It was nice to see him back. I liked the Rhino's back story, but I didn't like the tone of his voice a lot. JAGGGGG! Too funny. Wow, the audience doesn't get to see the reveal? That would drive me crazy. Hmm, Night Angel is actually behind Frog in that poll. A little bit surprised by that.
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