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  1. Washington might be interesting this year. I never thought Chara would leave that organization. I guess you never know what is going on behind the scenes. So far the hockey has been kind of hum-ho, even though the Flames beat the Canucks, twice. The first game I missed because I was watching a movie...and the second one I listened to and I think I fell asleep for some of the middle bit. I tried watching it later, and Flames were lucky to win that one really as the first period was dismal. Both goalies were making uncharacteristic mistakes. Markstrom has nice form. We're goi
  2. I've got deep snow. At least they've plowed some of it on my street now so the middle of the street is passable (but not the edges). Victoria is so mild. Rain every day is not thrilling though. Merry Christmas! There must be the calm anthem singing Donnelly, and the wild off the chain off the rink Donnelly. Woo! Yes. And surprisingly open to fights on the ice, despite being mainly a scoring guy. I don't think it is a demeaning logo. I've always liked it. I think letting someone Indigenous redesign a version would be cool.
  3. I was surprised by John. I thought he was kind of rushing his songs or something, because the phrasing seemed off. He has an amazing range and he kind of wasted it. I thought Carter's last song was a bit of a struggle. Someone I watch it with wondered if it was a little bit low for him at the beginning.
  4. Thanks! And yes it really does. It seems like junior players testing positive is already happening. I really think if they had closed things down a month ago, Christmas would have straightened out. Since there was a gap between the announcement and the deadline, everyone ran to the mall to finish their shopping! Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Sunday it was -14 Celsius in the day in Calgary, and -17 at night with -25 wind chill. The very next day it was 1 degree Celsius and -8 at night. At least the temperature is going back up, but I never get used to
  5. I'm back. Someone in my family had to go to hospital and have surgery, they're out now and ok, but 2020 is officially awful as if it wasn't already. Meanwhile hockey. There isn't any. Except Juniors, and now Alberta seems headed for lockdown I'm not sure if that is still a go? And why couldn't they have made people behave themselves weeks ago so things weren't locked down for Christmas? Oh Alberta...*sighs* I forgot Markstrom is here now. One day he might actually play, too... Calgary Hitmen had a drive through Teddy Bear Lane instead of their Teddy Bea
  6. Actor Ben Cross, probably best known for the movie Chariots of Fire. He was also in the tv remake of Dark Shadows, First Knight, and was Spock's father in the new movies. He completely nails it as Sarek. He finished his last movie 10 days before he died. Also Diana Rigg. She was Emma Peel in the original Avengers, was in James Bond (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), hosted Mystery on PBS, was on Game of Thrones as Olenna Tyrell and tons of other stuff. She was so smart and funny and ferocious. I liked them both very much. Geoffrey Palmer died th
  7. STEAL THEM, STEAL THEM ALL!!! No, I do not want Jim Benning. For ages people thought that maybe all these smaller deals were going to be part of a future larger deal to get something the Flames really want. Hmm. Maybe not. I'm thinking if that was the plan, it has fallen through. It's nice to have Markstrom, but I'm hoping we're not planning to lean on our goalie till he squeaks instead of playing defence. Fun listening to an interview with Talbot who signed with Minnesota and said he was looking forward to a structured team that plays tight defence. He'
  8. I hate Dallas AND the Lightning, so I wasn't thrilled by the games. I don't think games should have been jammed together like they were, having them every day. Dallas doing so well made the Flames look good, but really I don't know how Dallas managed to squeak through. It was almost out a few times. January seems likely, but I think it will be hard. Sweet. Congrats! The news today is so weird. First Flames let Quine and Rieder go to Edmonton and to Buffalo. I liked both of them. Rieder was particularly good in the playoffs. (and both were not expensiv
  9. And Dallas is in trouble. I wasn't even paying attention after they were up 3 games to 1, then they lost game 5, then they lost game 6, and now Colorado is back in it. The weird moment when one of your arch enemies starts knocking off your other one (Calgary lost last yr in the playoffs to Colorado/this yr to Dallas).
  10. It isn't going the right way. I could say that about lots of these matchups. Maybe if I cheer for the other side, they will lose hideously in the 3rd period of the last game.
  11. Hmm. I'm supposed to cheer for Vancouver now. I don't know about that. It's nice to see someone stick around in the playoffs....(sigh) There are a lot of weirdly high scores in these playoffs. Don't ask me how I know. That is a good point. Ha! No win for me. Bieksa. I remember now why people hated him. I still love this video. Someone in the comments claims they got Fiddler to 'do the face' in warmups when he was playing for the Predators and he did. LOL, watching games and drinking. It sounds like you can play hockey and you c
  12. Flames lost 2-1 to Dallas on Tuesday. The game was at 3.30 pm. I don't think the weird schedule is helping. So now they have to win tonight or they are out. Thursday update, game 6 which is on for some reason at 8:30 pm. Spoilers. Also, not for the faint of heart: Just when you thought it was safe to watch hockey. Flames have a great first period and are up 3-0. Looks like a different team. Lucic takes a penalty for shoving someone. Dallas scores 1 goal. Second period: Part way through the chaos we pull Talbot who is not having a great night and
  13. Flames lost game #2, by 5-4. Tkachuk was speared in the groin, and then later was squished between two players, and is still out. Probably concussion, I think. Game 3 was the very next night, and Flames won 2-0. Brodie has a really hard shot. One of the Dallas players deliberately broke a pane of glass, hitting it with his stick because he was frustrated, and it had to be replaced. Today was game 4 at noon Calgary time, and they lost in OT 5-4. That was so annoying. Dallas tied it with seconds to go. The Flames went back to getting lots of penalties. Won a go
  14. I saw the end. That's crazy long! I hadn't realized though that because they have only their 2 sheets of bubble ice, that any games scheduled for after a game will get bumped once there is too much overtime. This could get tricky. Congrats on Lafreniere. What's it like to win the draft lottery?
  15. Oooh. Canucks are still in. It's on. Hit him in the head. That's dedication. Flames won their first game vs Dallas 3-2. Not bad. He went from "oh noes I didn't get the team I wanted" to "this is my team and I'm sure I can make it work out" to his present Corner of Despair. Ha! What a salmon. So that's where the Royals came from. I think someone on this board may have won the lottery... Friedman: The Castaway Years. I saw Bieksa. I'm like, whoah, that's him. Finally someone who won't diss Vancouver. How did t
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