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  1. It's raining here. "Not the Real Stanley Cup" should be on all the t-shirts... You mean after spending the season biting and clawing your way to getting points, they just think it is ok to scrap all that, and start over...Admittedly they left out some of the worst of the worst teams, but it will not have the same quality as it would have before shutdown, and I think the athletes will be super rusty. I'd have to get back into the hockey habit again. But this would be a weird fantasy version. I hate going out in the second round. Flames have done that a lot over the years, usually Duck related, I think. I'd take 3rd. That's pretty good. Some Flames teams have had real talent on them, and if you could put them all on one team, it would look awesome. Well, mostly it is only a problem if you are a bee, because they eat bees. A small number of people are allergic to their stings. But it might look great on a hockey jersey! I am leaning toward Seattle being Kraken, just because unleash the Kraken would be too much fun to play with as an announcer.
  2. Congrats to N. Angel, but I would have preferred a Turtle win. I thought his voice was more consistent, and I really hated her Alannah Myles cover.
  3. The Fox knows all! It was nice to see him back. I liked the Rhino's back story, but I didn't like the tone of his voice a lot. JAGGGGG! Too funny. Wow, the audience doesn't get to see the reveal? That would drive me crazy. Hmm, Night Angel is actually behind Frog in that poll. A little bit surprised by that.
  4. *feels smug because I don't have snow...crosses fingers* Where I live people sneak round walking their dog and stuff after dark, because it is nice and peaceful. All it would take is for one single person to have it to cause chaos. Bettman and the rest of them don't want to let it go. I don't think at this point it would really count as a cup won the right way. Might as well draw straws. Aw. For me the best series that we won was against Detroit because they were a beast, and we were totally outmatched, at least on paper. I remember everyone had pictures in their windows, or even painted on, and the whole city was nuts. When we won a game, you could hear the cheering outside. Interesting. Ooo, I remember liking the weird Thrasher jerseys. LOL, on the radio they joked that soon Seattle would announce that their new team's name would be the Murder Hornets.
  5. That was a cute moment and the virtual audience got very excited when the answer was yes. I have to admit although the Astronaut was not my favourite, I thought he was more interesting than Rhino, so I was surprised he left first. Don't know about the results tonight. I was surprised. Also, I really like the details on the Turtle costume, like the amazing boots and the spikes on the sleeves. It is done in a very realistic way like the Turtle went out and bought it himself, LOL. The Palin reveal still amazes me and now I get to imagine her in her younger days rapping on buses, apparently...
  6. Thank you! I think I was doing it wrong.
  7. I'm back. It was really nice weather so I sat outside a lot...distantly. LOL at Tiger King. I see Nicholas Cage may be playing him in a series, which would be a show by itself. Little bit startled to find Bettman seriously determined to bring back hockey no matter what the form. Won't this season always have an asterisk besides it, even if they finished it? And most of the players have become semi-couch potatoes by now. But they are all, which city should we choose, and the Flames management are totally on board. How can this fit between this season and next, unless they make the next one start later. Not to mention many of the Flames are in the USA right now, so you'd have to find a way to import them and test them all. Oh snap! I saw most of game 7, Flames vs Canucks from 2004. Aw. I loved the Flames players back then. I had so many that I liked. This game everyone looked tired. So many near misses for Vancouver, and weird stuff happening. Flames won by a whisker. Kind of cool that some of them from back then are now employed by the Flames. Oh, Montador. That was sad to see him. And nearly forgot about Yelle, who did all the gritty stuff. And back then Iginla was a force. And look, Sedins! Of course, at the time it was so close it was agonizing to watch, but now it is just a curiosity. Imagine running a sports network when all the sports get cancelled. There is so much strange content. One channel was running old Olympics footage.
  8. I'm back. Oh, that's evil. All those poor players being like, all I have been doing is bench pressing my dog...how do I cope without a warmup? I don't see how the weird playoff stuff could work. No time! Bruins be cheap, LOL. I was already spending too much time at home. Now, watching too much tv, check. Reading, check. Haven't figured out the exercise part, but have the snacking part down. The weather is colder than usual, except for one day (today). I need supplies but I don't want to go and get them. Random things during the shut down: A video game company was running simulations of hockey games that were supposed to happen. Flames lost 6-4 to the Devils and Corey Schneider saved something like 98 out of 102 shots. I'm like, no way did the Flames shoot that much. Flames players have gone home for the most part, I think. Tkachuk is in St. Louis with his brother (and parents) playing pickleball. He's in a new pizza commercial. Gaudreau is in New Jersey, also with his family. It would be strange to go from playing non stop hockey to nothing. Jagr was trending on twitter the other day, because of a fantasy hockey contest. Out of a handful of players to choose from, everyone wanted Jagr on their team. Aw. Of all the old NHL games suggested that the sports networks could run, I think the line brawl Canucks/Flames would be the most fun.
  9. I've tried embedding a video with the embed code and nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong? (desktop)
  10. This is so sad. So many things cancelled. All those songs are not eligible next year! Wow.
  11. It seems like the more the judges know someone, the less likely they are to guess it is them! You are very good with the clues. They seem to be getting trickier.
  12. That's sad. What's it like at The Garden? I imagine the Flames would have tried to win in the 3rd period. I miss them driving me crazy. I think it will be difficult to squeeze in a normal playoff run. The problem like you said is the conditioning. There was an article about it, where a trainer said it is difficult for players to stay fit without training properly, and they would get injured if they had to just start playing with no lead up time. He also said after four days they were going crazy with sitting round. A local mall had a worker diagnosed, but fortunately I haven't been to that mall in a while. Many of the stores are closed. It is odd how you don't really feel you need to go somewhere that badly, until you can't, and then you really, really wish you could go. There's no hockey and it's too quiet. I was looking for a new job. I should have known, once they close hockey everything must go. Wishing you the best. We might all take you up on your offer. I'm already so bored. There's no cheapskate like a rich cheapskate. How is it Boston is shame-proof? Calgary's go fund me raised $81 000. They are going to see if they can divide it up amongst the employees anyway, even though the Flames gave in.
  13. I think it might be over for the year. That was sudden. I don't see them awarding a cup to anybody, since now it looks like all the distancing measures will continue over the summer. It's weird to lose all sports at once. The local sports radio station resorted to interviewing a doctor. You're right though, they'll have to train for next season, distantly. Would the next season even get pushed back? What about the expansion draft? Meanwhile there was Twitter outrage because the Flames were not going to pay Saddledome hourly workers compensation, but now they are. Meanwhile a Go Fund Me for it had donations from a lot of Flames players who are a decent lot. In Calgary they closed all City facilities, like libraries and pools. Maybe if everything goes ok I can spend summer lying on the lawn... That's the only thing left.
  14. That was epic. I don't know who was more shocked about the Bear, Nick Cannon or me! It was fun to see the look on his face. That was the weirdest thing ever. This is a much tougher group than last week singing wise.
  15. When I saw the news I realized I watched that season. One of my favs was the contemporary "Are You the One?" where Danny and Neil Haskell were dressed like princes.
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