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  1. Carolina and Rio are lucky they both weren't sent home. It was like every vocalist's bad habits stuffed into one performance. And then the judges are like, that was awesome.
  2. If I was a player, that is what would bother me most. Scheduling is not the NHL's speciality. So Flames actually won a game against the Oilers, an unlikely 5-0. I thought it was because the Oilers were tired, because the NHL just randomly added a game into what was for the Flames about a week long gap. But turns out they also had a memorial on game day for Colby Cave, a player that died last year. McDavid was not happy. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/connor-mc-david-blasts-nh-ls-decision-to-schedule-oilers-game-after-colby-cave-memorial-184950119.htm
  3. That's ridiculous. Why wouldn't the rest of the team be quarantined and then tested, once they knew they had one case, instead of waiting for days? They very nearly played a game with the Flames as well. It's pretty substandard. It is very worrying. The Calgary Flames continue to dig their way into the basement. I had stuff to do so forgot they were playing on Sunday night, then checked the score and Leafs won 4-2. Tonight the Oilers vs Montreal went to OT before the Flames started, so I got to see Byron. I watched some of tonight's g
  4. Identity crisis is a good description. Latest theories include Monahan being injured, since he's had lots of wrist surgeries in the past. Sometimes I think we got rid of all the players who did the small useful stuff, and they were never replaced by anybody. Also people who brought the fun, like Hamilton. Maybe more of them need to go to museums, LOL. It suddenly hit me the other day that if Treliving goes we might switch coaches again, which is part of our problem. I think Gaudreau could probably use a fresh start. I didn't think it would end up that way. None of the cor
  5. I think the costumes are more elaborate this time round. Maybe the budget got upgraded? I don't know what was more disturbing about the Raccoon, his singing voice, his threatened stripping, or the fact that TWICE people on the Masked Singer called him a rodent. A rodent? Raccoons are not rodents. They are in the order Carnivora. Personally I hate youtubers being featured. They're not very obvious. I liked the way it messed up Jenny's system though. She always tries to pigeonhole people by how old they look.
  6. Pretty neat. The Flames keep losing. Well we can't fire the coach, we just signed him... Though maybe if our GM gets fired, our coach could change again? Heck. Glug, glug, glug. Flames lost to Winnipeg 3-2, won over them 4-2, and then lost again yesterday. I actually forgot the Flames were playing on Monday. It totally slipped my mind. Maybe my subconscious was trying to save me from myself, LOL, because they lost to Winnipeg 5-1 and I didn't realize they played until it was Tuesday. Is there lots of space in the loser's corner? I may h
  7. The press conference Sutter gave when he started was creepy, because he was so happy he actually smiled. Yes, Calgary beat Montreal twice, and Edmonton once. Then they lost to Edmonton 7-3. Roadtrip: Somehow they won over Toronto 4-3, but then lost to Toronto 2-0. Then lost to Ottawa 2-1 while Ottawa was using their 4th string goalie who was playing his first game! (amused to see today's newspaper where a sportswriter described in detail what a 4th goalie is). After the game Andersson messed round with the puck that Ottawa was trying to get for their g
  8. LOL at interesting. I notice online a lot of Flames fans think we're going to win the Cup now. I was surprised Montreal ditched their coach. Flames lost against the Oilers 3-2. Then they lost in the shootout against Ottawa 4-3, after trailing for most of the game. At least they got a point. It is interesting seeing the players trying really hard now that they know Sutter is coming. I'm sure the previous coach finds that really annoying. There have been times when I thought Vancouver was turning a corner, and then it wasn't. Ownership must really like no
  9. What fresh hell is this? You are quite right when you say none of our coach hires have been very good. So what do we do? We go back in time. Because that always works out. DARRYL SUTTER??? Calgary beat the Leafs 3-0, which seemed unlikely. Then we lost 2-1 to them in OT. Then Ottawa beat us 6-1, we won over them 6-3, we lost to them 5-1, then beat them 7-3. The play by play announcer calls the Flames Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and said we need to stick with Jekyll. Some days the Flames look totally disinterested in hockey.
  10. Help, help the sky is falling... LOL. This is one bad roller coaster. Flames lose to Vancouver 3-1. They all vow to be better next time. Flames win over Vancouver 4-3. Yay it's fixed! Scary moment when Valimaki dives over the boards with his skate blades in the air to avoid too many men penalty. https://redditvids.com/v/lkv6pj Flames lose 5-1 to Vancouver. Not fixed. Plus sometimes the Flames look disinterested and Markstrom is trying to do way too much. Some people thought it was the Flames worst game so far (but just wait a
  11. Well that's OK then! Seems like Bennett might be sticking around after all. He wanted a trade and now he's playing with Gaudreau and Monahan. Mass confusion. Yesterday I watched the Flames win over Winnipeg and that's the first time they looked like they had it together. They lost twice to Winnipeg while looking really awful, then they won over Edmonton by some kind of miracle despite taking lots of penalties, and now they look like they are playing real hockey. I never realized Holstrom is really good at playing the puck. I think there's lot
  12. Speaking of hockey that isn't good, the Flames are playing Edmonton and taking too many penalties... This week on sports radio they discussed the way the Flames have been inconsistent for basically years, and decided they are in fact, mediocre. And it may be the core's fault. Fake crowd noises are so stupid. Flames had several days off and now all their games are crammed together. Winnipeg fans seemed irate that Laine got traded. Meanwhile oops, Bennett's agent told everyone (Friedman!) he wants to be traded, then the Flames sat him out, then they are no
  13. Washington might be interesting this year. I never thought Chara would leave that organization. I guess you never know what is going on behind the scenes. So far the hockey has been kind of hum-ho, even though the Flames beat the Canucks, twice. The first game I missed because I was watching a movie...and the second one I listened to and I think I fell asleep for some of the middle bit. I tried watching it later, and Flames were lucky to win that one really as the first period was dismal. Both goalies were making uncharacteristic mistakes. Markstrom has nice form. We're goi
  14. I've got deep snow. At least they've plowed some of it on my street now so the middle of the street is passable (but not the edges). Victoria is so mild. Rain every day is not thrilling though. Merry Christmas! There must be the calm anthem singing Donnelly, and the wild off the chain off the rink Donnelly. Woo! Yes. And surprisingly open to fights on the ice, despite being mainly a scoring guy. I don't think it is a demeaning logo. I've always liked it. I think letting someone Indigenous redesign a version would be cool.
  15. I was surprised by John. I thought he was kind of rushing his songs or something, because the phrasing seemed off. He has an amazing range and he kind of wasted it. I thought Carter's last song was a bit of a struggle. Someone I watch it with wondered if it was a little bit low for him at the beginning.
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