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  1. Just popped back in. Lol. Hooray!!! I love that she follows her Haliens.
  2. Checking on new updates. I guess we're still in the dark. You're right that a list would normally be out by now. Hopefully we'll hear something in a week or two.
  3. Wow yes I remember collecting some fan magazines and official books about each season Those were the days. I think if they put up more merch from the tours they can try to make more money. A lot from the tours really look great. Lol.
  4. Brooke White. Timeless music. Had the pleasure of hanging out with her at her Bootleg Theater show (Jack + White concert). Love her new "Calico" record.
  5. Pure magic =D An out of this world experience.
  6. Saw that. I still keep up with him on social media. Glad he is balancing both
  7. Just listened to his EP "Oh" once again. Always love Jonny's artistry.
  8. Love that video. I remember seeing it, and it gave us more insights on her. Always happy to hear new music from her. On instagram she just posted that she might do a new cover from Taylor Swift's folklore album.
  9. Looking forward to more Arthur Gunn =D He's going to keep making epic music.
  10. So happy Just Sam won. She deserves it, and she's ready to make records =D
  11. He's underrated, and on social media, there aren't too many fanpages made for him while some get ten fanpages. Hope he can continue on the show
  12. I hope she advances. Wonderful performance.
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