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  1. Glad to see that Beane is not at the bottom of the list here.
  2. Yeah we saw it with Ada, Michelle, Dennis and Jurnee and also Uche, Dimitrius, Alyssa and Makayla. Beane kept on saying in his instagram lives that he expected to go home every time (even during Top 24) though he was beyond grateful to be on the show. Still going to vote for him and hope for a miracle. He just needs to be fourth from the bottom, since three will go.
  3. I hope so. The wildcards were the first to leave on Idol ABC, but I've been wondering if both can break that curse. I think their only chance is when a few of the original Top 10 underperform. Then again, there are casual viewers who don't tune in to the show until Top 12 week (like some of my friends) so if they give really great performances, maybe they'll be able to pick up votes from those casual voters.
  4. Casey Beane Hunter Cassandra Ava Willie Grace Alyssa Chayce Deshawn Madison Caleb
  5. Could be mental health issues too, since he and his sister suffer from it. A couple contestants said they know why in their insta lives tonight but will let Wyatt himself address it. Wishing him good health. I'm with you that Beane and Madison were the right wildcard choices.
  6. Hello. So we all know now that Wyatt dropped out of the competition. I run one of his fanpages on instagram, and like many fans, we have been wondering why, though there are reports that he got disqualified for leaving the set and going back to Utah for a visit last week. Another one could be due to family related situations. Either way, hope he stays well, and the support still stands for him and his music. Up until last Tuesday, he was still talking to us and liking our posts so it must've been very sudden. Beane answered fans in his insta live tonight that Wyatt will be missed and that it's
  7. I think no matter how his performance goes, America would have to give him a chance, and the judges really need to hype him up even more since the production team seems to really favor him, which I'm grateful for, because he deserves everything. The wildcards on Idol ABC were the ones to leave first (happened in all three seasons). Hopefully Beane could stay for two more weeks at least (even better if he could be the first ABC wildcard to go farther but that would require producers to alter the results and keep him no matter what). So excited for his Oscar song pick.
  8. Wonderful LOL Glad he got the save. He absolutely deserves it.
  9. Just heard Wyatt got disqualified because he went back home to Utah last week and it's against the rules. He will update when he's ready. Will still continue to support him.
  10. Stunning!!!! Let's hope he gets to be one of the wildcards. My support will continue still, but he deserves to stay if only for one or two more weeks
  11. I know, they just have to wildcard him but I'm hoping he still takes the 9th or 10th spot. Let's pray for him to make it.
  12. 1. Which 10 singers will be voted by America to Top 12? (100 points) - Willie Spence - Grace Kinstler - Chayce Beckham - Casey Bishop - Wyatt Pike - Caleb Kennedy - Alanis Sophia - Hunter Metts - Beane - Cassandra Coleman 2. Which 2 singers will be chosen by the judges as wildcards? (40 points) - DeShawn Goncalves
  13. Do you think Beane will make it? He has to. The public seems to love him on social media so I just hope he gets enough votes. If he doesn't I can see him getting wildcarded but it depends on who are in the bottom with him. But he so deserves to advance.
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