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  1. Looking forward to more Arthur Gunn =D He's going to keep making epic music.
  2. So happy Just Sam won. She deserves it, and she's ready to make records =D
  3. He is ready to make records =D
  4. He's underrated, and on social media, there aren't too many fanpages made for him while some get ten fanpages. Hope he can continue on the show
  5. I hope she advances. Wonderful performance.
  6. He is very sincere. Hope he advances.
  7. Oh wow from Top 10 to Top 5. I was a bit behind on the news due to final projects for the semester.
  8. Agree with this. At the moment, I'm not living in the States, and people here know Alejandro aka Scarypoolparty. He's very big over here.
  9. Please add me too Definitely loving her.
  10. Divine song. Also, an online Postmodern Jukebox show is coming up on StageIt, and I saw Haley will also perform.
  11. Excited, yes. He sounds very genuine in his performances. I also enjoyed his EP.
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