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  1. iHeartCountry @iHeartCountry · Have you ever seen a dog smile THIS big?? Moose and @ScottyMcCreery have my WHOLE heart
  2. You can check here Sherry ..they range from $700 to over 11k.............. https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/64788/auctions/92131?r=1&t=all
  3. Scotty and Gabis cooler SOLD for $1,925.00....
  4. i agree Carol,they need to know that we are listening..I have had the program on whilst painting,cleaning,chores etc . I noticed yesterday quite a few on twitter were listening in also which was good to see. I was hoping as a host they would give some perks ..but seems not to be the case, which is why I also check the playlist.
  5. You Time was played in the 9am hour this morning ..so no plays during the Scotty Show..altho In Between was played. today during the show.
  6. March 27th show has been rescheduled to October now.....was posted on twitter .
  7. Go Country has added the speaking parts ONLY as a podcast.. Scotty recorded for the daily shows ..individual days shown here .... https://www.gocountry105.com/programming/podcasts/artist/?id=26&fbclid=IwAR3BtuWCTlWV7d9NK3eEWdMObhcsWeAIUDDls7CIzz8pUQ_KythykBDZ82I
  8. Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery · 6m Me and Moose are ready to dig in this season! #GoCanes #DigIn #ReverseRetro
  9. You Time was on Go Country playlist very early this morning ..and just played again on The Scotty McCreery Show ...by the artist himself!!
  10. This Is It was played on the Scotty Show today ...NO You Time ..which hasnot been played on Go Country since 1/11. 34 artists were played throughout the show...12 of which had multiple songs played of their current song,older song or a collab with another artist. Remainder had 1 song each .
  11. Zero plays of any Scotty songs on The Scotty McCreery Show. 1/12 Checked their playlist and they played YT at 5.34AM ...looks like once a day is the scheduled play. Altho he did talk about a funny story involving Brett Young when they played golf at Pinehurst ..somehow he got lost driving a golf cart and ended up on a highway .
  12. No Scotty song or You Time was played during the course of the Go Country 105 ..Scotty McCreery Show. today Pretty much same songs from last week with few others thrown in like Jake Owen, KB/LA... that werent played last week .
  13. Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery @Yoo_GabaGaba and I are proud to support @StJude and all their amazing work and research. Families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food. You can get this cool t-shirt if you make a monthly donation. For more information, visit https://bit.ly/35lnZSE
  14. YOU TIME played on The Scotty McCreery Show on Go Country 105 .............
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