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  1. Eli Young set to play Rangers Field Texas in June...CONCERT IN YOUR CAR https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/live/9376067/concert-in-your-car-series-rangers-globe-life-field-eli-young-whiskey-myers?fbclid=IwAR1LEhjOr-P-JE2NCTYeAjNT8FiDXJYFFfCg1TXaB4pHHRDNpeSp_ZRpJ3Y Featuring Triple 8 Management George Couri Interesting details how its achieved
  2. Scotty and In Between #12 on 12 Pack Countdown 5/22 ..............#17 on Hot 20 Countdown.
  3. Apparently thats what it is Carol....and its very limited ! Not sure that its visisble other than winning either! You just have to comment on their FB page and you are selected from that. I just hope some that have entered realise they have to have ZOOM to participate.
  4. From Scottys FB page .....posted today. Scotty McCreery Hey y'all - we are hearing several reports of Scotty imposters on Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, and more who are reaching out individually to fans asking for personal information, asking for money, asking for phone numbers, asking for photos, and more. These are all fakes!! Scotty NEVER reaches out individually to anyone via social media, texts, e-mails, phone calls, etc... He would NEVER ask anyone for money or personal information. Scotty only posts publicly on his social media where all can see. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be Scotty, please do not communicate back with them and please do not give out any personal or financial information to them. Report them to the proper social media and then block them. Please be careful. We care about all of you. -- Team McCreery
  5. New Country 98.1 @NewCountry981 · Just announced...our next #LiveLivingRoomLounge with @CaseyClarke is with @ScottyMcCreery (Thu May 28 5pm) Enter to win a spot on this very intimate zoom interview & performance on our Facebook page. Only a few spots available to be won https://facebook.com/NewCountry981/
  6. Scotty McCreery Shares Quarantine Plans for Anniversary With Wife Gabi POPCULTURE Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, celebrate their second wedding anniversary on June 16, though their celebration will look a bit different this year. "We’ll have a little quarantine-aversary," McCreery told KMLE. "I’ll probably get the grill out, grill us up some nice steak, and we’ll have a good at-home dinner." The American Idol winner is one of hundreds of musicians off the road due to the coronavirus pandemic, and he joked that Gabi never expected him to be home this much. "When we first started dating, she was all like, 'I’m glad you’re on the road because I’d get sick of you if you were here every day,' and here we are." McCreery was scheduled to be on the road with Chris Young on Young's This Town Ain't Big Enough Tour, which was to start at the end of May. Young recently canceled tour dates through August, though it's increasingly possible that he will have to scrap the whole run due to the pandemic. "It's all love," McCreery told KMLE. "I think that's the main thing to take away from all this craziness. Spread love. That's what folks need and we need more of it out there nowadays. Be good, be kind, be nice and hopefully we'll get out of this mess sooner rather than later, because I need to play shows, I'm craving it." Along with Gabi, McCreery has plenty of time to spend with the couple's dog, Moose, who they brought home in early 2019. "We definitely want a family down the road, and Moose has definitely given us a lot to work with," he said. "He’s a handful to say the least." McCreery and Gabi married in June 2018 and McCreery shared their wedding day in "This Is It," the music video celebrating their relationship. "The first look was a big one for me. I wasn’t sure I was going to tear up until then, and then it all kind of all hit me," McCreery told The Knot. "Seeing her walk down the aisle was another." The video features footage of the couple's separate preparations for their big day, their first look, the ceremony and reception. "They did a great job with capturing all the emotion," the 26-year-old said. "I hope fans see how fun of a wedding it was. The music video is very documentary-style… There are moments when you see me all emotional, and Gabi smiling and showing all 32 of her teeth."
  7. After a stormy Thursday ..sun is shining at Top Sail..
  8. https://941thewolf.radio.com/articles/radiocom/watch-scotty-mccreery-answer-exclusive-fan-questions Part of the convo yesterday Scotty and Katie Neal FANDEMIC: Scotty McCreery Working on New Music, and His Wife's 'Honey-Do' List During Quarantine 'I might just leak one here and there while I'm bored' MAY 21, 2020 JOE CINGRANA 2011 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery joined RADIO.COM's Katie Neal for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering fan questions from around the world and letting us all in on his time while social distancing, and what he's got cooking as far as future music. "We're good," Scotty says of his friends and family while sipping on a Red Bull and hoping that his mom doesn't call in during the interview (We ALL forget to turn on 'Do Not Disturb' mode, even Scotty). "We're just tackling projects. We did a little road trip from Carolina to Nashville last week, and I did some recording... still kind of making some headway on the music so it's been alright for sure." Not all projects for Scotty are musical these days. He's been whittling away steadily at his wife Gabi's "Honey-Do" list, but says he can always find something he missed. "As soon as you think you're done, you're like 'oh wait a second. I still got this to do, or that.'" After answering questions from fans about family road-tripping, his dog Moose, and more, he explained the new album project is still unnamed as he waits to see the entire story being told - and there's still no official release date. "I'm old school," he says. "I'm still the full album guy. Some folks are very single-minded now but I just love the full story of an album. So with that, we'll probably drop a few tunes before the whole thing comes out. You kind of want to put out the lead single and let it rise and hopefully, lord willing, get up close to the top and then you release it. "So, it'll be a little while before the full thing is out... and I might just leak one here and there while I'm bored during quarantine." While you're still feelin' the McCreery vibe,, here's Scotty talking about some of his most memorable career moments, what fictional character he relates to most, and -- since it's almost Memorial Day -- here's Scotty and more with some patriotic messages to take with you into the long weekend. You can check out the full FANDEMIC Instagram Live with Scotty McCreery above.
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