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AIS20 - Top 24 Part 2 - Favorite Performance


Favorite Performance  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Performance

    • Cadance Baker - Something's Got a Hold On Me by Etta James
    • Sir Blayke - Breakeven by the Script
    • Allegra Miles - Adore You by Harry Styles
    • Kenedi Anderson - Human by Christina Perri - :'(
    • Lady K - Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
    • Ava Maybee - Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Khan
    • Noah Thompson - Blue Side of the Mountain by The SteelDrivers
    • Leah Marlene - Call Me by Blondie
    • Cameron Whitcomb - Bad Moon Rising by CCR
    • Christian Guardino - Leave the Door Open by Silk Sonic
    • Katyrah Love - Blame It on the Boogie by The Jackson 5
    • Fritz Hager - Waves by Dean Lewis

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Cadence Baker

Katyrah Love

Ava Maybee

Fritz Hager

Lady K

Leah Marlene

Christian Guardino

Allegra Miles 

Kenedi Anderson

Noah Thompson

Cameron Whitcomb 

Sir Blayke 

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Good job!
1. Kenedi 

2. Leah

3. Allegra


Mixed feelings

4. Katyrah

5. Fritz 
6. Noah

7. Lady K

8. Cadence

9. Christian

The “stage presence” ruins an otherwise fine performance

10. Cameron


11. Ava

12. Sir Blayke

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1. Leah - I like her, that's a creative arrangement and pull it off quite well.

2. Fritz - I like this boy as well, but his arrangement of the song didn't catch me at parts.

3. Katyrah - She could've chosen a better song to show her wonderful voice.

4.Christian - He definitely got a great voice but wrong song choice and wrong vocal choices at the end.

5. Cameron - wow, he needs tranqulizer. He sang solid anyway.

6. Noah - Oh, country boy, thank u, next. He was decent whatsoever.

7. Allegra - She has a great tone but the whole performance sounded dead flat.

8. Kenedi - I'm glad this overrated girl determined to withdraw by herself. A great decision.

9. Cadence - Nothing memorable.

10. Lady K - This is worse than karaoke standard. 

11. Sir - Pretty bad.

12. Ava - JESUS FKING CHRIST, what happened to this girl srsly. This disastrous rendition was out of tune 99%.

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1 Cadence - just amazing, wow

2 Leah- she is brilliant, such a cool arranger, but voice not as solid gold as Cadence

3 Noah- incredible voice would sound great on Stone Temple Pilots or Pearl Jam but he doesn't even know that I think

4 Lady K- not her best but she is still great

5 Katyrah- wonderful person, good singer, picks her songs so the audience will have fun which may cause her trouble at some point

6  Christian- awesome voice, missing just a bit of Elliott's funk and fun, curious to see where he takes it from here

7 Allegra- very sweet and solid, missing a bit of wow factor though

8 Fritz- so he has talent but his voice is missing something, he needs coaching I think.  The original singer of this song is way too good for Fritz to compare

9 Kenedi - this sounded *so* out of tune and I've watched it twice, make it make sense! Her audition was A+++

10 Cameron- actually a really cool voice, but also often out of breath, because of course.  I feel like in 5 or 10 years he will regret some of these choices...

11 Ava- that froggy first note was not the vibe at all.  Very likeable and fun presence, just doesn't have the voice to be the rocker she wants to be

12 Blayke- everything he does is sweet and samey...  doesn't hit bad notes, but his performances don't blow me away or stick with me.

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(Copy + pasted from the other thread)

1. Leah Marlene - THIS is how a flip is done. Well done. I've been wanting to like her from the beginning but she didn't quite get me until tonight. Hell yeah, I can root for this.

2. Noah Thompson - @ American Idol stop making me like country males stop making me like country males stop making me like country males stop making me like country males

3. Cameron Whitcomb - I finally get it. He's not everyone's cup of tea but I finally get him. The little breakdown in the middle - pure Bradley Nowell vibes. I'm intrigued now. The "He didn't listen to any of my advice" had me CACKLING.

4. Allegra Miles - Oh wow. I didn't care for Allegra on The Voice and obviously she's gotten a terrible edit thus far, but this is definitely the most natural I've felt her. She needs to work on enunciation for sure but a really solid job here.

5. Ava Maybee - I had low expectations going into it but I feel she did surprisingly well! I do think that this was verging on being too big of a choice for her (and she did have some iffy notes in there), but it did feel complete. I'm pleased with it.

6. Cadence Baker - This was the best I've seen from her since her audition for sure. It felt a lot more natural but still somewhat too big for her. Overall she did an adequate job, but I would've preferred this pick go to several other contestants tonight.



7. Katyrah Love - I do like her and don't think this was bad, but it could've been so much more.

8. Sir Blayke - A pretty standard vocal but sadly unexciting.



9. Lady K - The vocal itself wasn't terrible, but why? Besides just the song choice, her rendition sucked out all the energy of the song. I was waiting for it to be over. Didn't expect it to go down like this...

10. Fritz Hager - I simply didn't feel it. I found the vocals to be questionable and the song wasn't that good either.

11. Christian Guardino - Everything he does sounds so forced and I genuinely can't enjoy him when he sings. I'm sure he's a nice guy but I just don't like his voice.


12. Kenedi Anderson Trying and saving and trying to save." - Scandal Gif-Cap - Tick Tock - Head  Over Feels

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Here are my rankings, grouped together according to the ratings I gave them in the American Idol IDF Ratings thread:


1.  Kenedi -- I still wish she'd stayed.  She could have won!  But at least she went out with a bang.

2.  Katyrah -- my favorite performance from those left in the competition.

3.  Fritz -- best of the white guys with guitars.  But that's not saying much in this crowd.

4.  Allegra -- she needs to enunciate more, but I enjoyed the performance.

5.  Leah -- probably one of the better renditions of "Call Me".

6.  Cadence -- she had the best performance since her audition.

7.  Lady K. -- why, oh why did you ever choose Carrie Underwood?

8.  Noah -- 😴  Still, one of his better vocal performances.

9.  Christian -- unfortunately, he over sang the song.

10.  Ava -- Chaka Khan was too big for her.

11.  Sir Blayke -- the only thing worse than being a train wreck on this show is being boring.  And he was boring.

12.  Cameron -- total train wreck.  At least it was entertaining, as far as train wrecks go.

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