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  1. A lot of other possibilities could have happened. It is not as simple as Toneisha just winning. That's like saying Micah would have won if Todd, Toneisha, Thunderstorm, and CamWess weren't in the competition.
  2. What kind of faulty logic is this? If Todd wasn't on this season, I'm sure the audience would have found someone else to give the title to. In fact, the whole course of the season probably would have been different.
  3. People in this thread know that...I suspect they are being purposely obtuse for whatever reason
  4. Meh...I would argue Arthur and Francisco (probably the most pimped imo and he didn't even place in the top two) were more pimped than Sam and even if they weren't they were pimped at the same level so I don't think you can really say she was pimped disproportionately to other contestants in the competition. I am still very surprised she won honestly. I do think her story made it easier to root for her while Francisco story was that...he overcame his nerves. Hardly compelling. The Voice really doesn't go into detail about the contestant's backgrounds and if they do, it is very minimally.
  5. I'm not even discussing racism (that might part of the OPs argument though)...I am discussing a lack of a clearly black female winner. Not black male winners, not black females making the finale via instant saves and still losing because neither still addresses the fact that there really have been no black female winners. I personally don't care. I've accepted that it probably will not happen on this show but let's call a spade a spade. I mean I have seen more passionate discussions about guys outlasting girls even though we had four white female winners in a row before Jake's win last season.
  6. I have a hard time believing the audience unanimously thought Tessanne was a black women when they first say her, but you seem strong in your opinion so agree to disagree I guess. Yeah not you in particular but this thread is always made. The topic does not seem like an issue that bothers IDF all that much so no need in continuous discussing it. We would rather cry about four guys being in the finale instead lol.
  7. Lol IDF probably sides with your line of thinking since Tessanne, who not a single person would look at and think "that is a black woman," is always used as the answer to the "why can't an AA woman win the Voice" so trust me, you are in good company. The denial here is truly something. Anyway, this discussion is quite annoying at this point. It is what it is...no reason to continuous bring it up season after season, especially around here.
  8. Uhm...she is very clearly black. Not sure how you can look at her and come up with something different.
  9. Wasn't Scotty like REALLY dominating. I feel like Scotty and Lauren were consistently the first and second in voting respectively (except for top 5 week for Lauren. I think Haley was second there). However, I feel like Scotty probably led every week. I mean I don't think anyone thought Jessica was dominating. She was eliminated once and had to be saved. This is the weeks I suspect the others topped the votes: Top 11- Joshua Top 10- Colton Top 9- Elise Top 8- Skylar Not sure how Casey fared well when he was eliminated two times I'm glad you provided sources!
  10. She wasn't though. You are acting like she stomped out the competition when Brooke and Chloe were just as strong. Addison is probably my favorite out of the three too.
  11. I mean they are performing at home so I mean there isn't much they can do. That is probably half the reason you find her boring. She also comes off a little older and old fashioned. Her stylistic choices and just the overall way she carries herself denotes someone who has been performing for years. However, not all black women are divas lol. I would not classify India, Amanda, Kimberly or Vanessa as divas. Even Keisha is pushing it since she mainly did country on the show. Someone above also said it. She is vocally more subdued than a lot of those woman. I personally feel she has m
  12. We heard you the first 500 times. They are an immigrant family. I doubt they know the intricacies of the record label. They clearly wanted him to win. Why would he be on this show if he didn't want to. Additionally, why would there be that much celebration over him losing. Does that make sense to you? I feel like all of your post repeat the same things: the winners flop and contestants are better off not winning, even though the non-winners aren't exactly killing it either. Nothing suggest Arthur will be a breakout star.
  13. I wouldn't say everyone. I was like the only one who had that theory...and I was wrong lmao. In retrospect, I kind of don't know why they settled on a top 5 finale. I will say Francisco was last on google trends so maybe he wasn't doing as well as we all thought.
  14. I mean I personal didn't think anything of it...it was just slightly awkward for them to be celebrating like that when he was announced as one of the top 2 contestants. I remember making the comment that Arthur family should probably wait a bit. Like you haven't won yet. Ryan was like "okay, that's enough now" lmao. Not sure why anyone would feel bad for them though. It wasn't that serious. I think they were happy regardless.
  15. I mean they were celebrating like he won way before that. When Ryan announced he was in the top 2, him and his family acted like he won already lmao. Ryan had to tell him to settle down. I think they were confused.
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