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  1. Which is why I'm confused. All he said was "cemented in history" and people are spiraling? Talking about "I certainly didn't remember it," "I forgot it immediately," "there were better battles that night" like their opinion is supposed to be the bar or measuring stick. Kind of ironic to make comments like that while criticizing him for his comment. He didn't say it was the best battle ever lol. There have been some questionable choices by poster's on here on the best battles or performances in The Voice history lmao, but it's subjective and everyone is entitled to their opinions. He also didn'
  2. Definitely an overaction lmao. I read the post here, and then read his actual comment and it was very tame compared to what I was expecting. Maybe slightly extra and full of himself, but to make the jump and claim he was disrespecting John's judgement is kind of a stretch. Then, to go the extra mile and claim he is disrespecting Carolina, who he didn't mention by name and I'm sure he wasn't even thinking about, is an even bigger stretch. I don't think he was directly insulting anyone and he gave Victor his props so I have a "meh" reaction to his post. However, I tend to extend a lot of contest
  3. I mean his audition didn't scream frontrunner either so did anything really change tbh lol. It was good but not groundbreaking. Victor is fine. I'm not sure what "powerful" means or what more is expected of him. His voice is predictable and I don't mean that in a negative way. He hasn't hit a bad note yet, but I wouldn't expect him to be wailing out high notes or anything. He knows his limit and range and sings within it. The problem is that he is simply too generic to make any sort of meaningful impact. He is literally a carbon-copy of John Legend from the voice, to his look, to
  4. Haley (one of the best performances on the show) but it wasn't a voting round for Casey so the stakes weren't as high for her. It was a victory performance after making it into the top 12 so it doesn't make sense to compare it to Haley performing it in a high-stakes top 5 round for votes. My point really applies to all the contestants. I never really judge "victory performances" tbh cause the adrenaline is high, contestants are excited, and the performance doesn't count for much so they probably aren't trying as hard to be perfect. They are just trying to get through the performance.
  5. Lmao quoted the wrong one. The first one would have been more appropriate, but I was replying to both tbh.
  6. Yeah I don't really understand your point tbh. I mean you can say she's not your cup of tea or you don't like her singing rock music, but to claim she doesn't know who she is as an artist and has no musical identity, when she has a clear point of view and lane imo, just because you don't think she's a rock singer and you think she's more suited for jazz is kind of a reach. Yeah, you might personally think she is more suited for jazz, but that doesn't mean that is or has to be her musical identity lol. If anything, the fact that she has stuck with rock the entire competition and has not strayed
  7. I thought Deion was supposed to flop on the battles. Lowkey would have chosen him over Victor. He has a way more interesting voice than Victor. I also thought the battle was one of the best this season tbh.
  8. Predictable night imo other than the obvious. I had it down to the WC saves once Wyatt was accounted for. Two bombs in a row for Alanis so it was the right outcome imo. I thought she had the best show stopper performance out of the top 40 but for the last two weeks she has picked songs to big for her voice. Plus i knew at some point it would come down to her vs Casey and both the producers and the audience chose the latter. For what it's worth, I think Madison and Beane are DOA next week so it didn't really matter who got saved imo.
  9. Nobody is touching her. She's singing circles around the competition (at 15) and this is not an exaggeration. I really hope she continues to improve and hone in her vocal and performance skills.
  10. UO: It's the same thing with Grace. She starts and then half way through she adds some weirdly placed, often sharp, runs. Still one of my favorites but hopes she gets it together soon tbh.
  11. Is Alanis rock? Genuine question. I don't get rock from her. I got more pop. I feel like trying to be rock was her downfall tbh.
  12. Yeah I think Beane and Madison are getting the save.
  13. 2 more so Hunter and Grace. The reveal order was really weird. They kind of made it obvious.
  14. Casey Bishop still the best tonight and she went first...YUP YUP
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