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  1. I didn't watch tonight (will catch the performances on youtube), but I'm surprised people are still shocked that finales are usually a trainwreck, lowkey why I don't even bother with them. I can't think of the last time where a finale was all around great. The closest thing to was maybe season 7? with Matt, Chris, Craig, and Damien. Finales are usually when contestants turn in their worst performances because they have been working for weeks and their voices are tired. Song choices are usually terrible. Originals, which you can't get into or excited for cause you have never heard them, are bad
  2. Seems to be theme of new accounts lol. Get on their high horse and scold everyone and then do the exact same think they criticize others of doing. It's the hypocrisy for me
  3. You said "common criticism." It really is not but we can agree to disagree. I can come on here and claim something is a "common criticism" without backing it up. Anyways, I agree, this will be her first time singing an emotional ballad so it will show a different side to the other emotions she has shown in her up-tempo performances.
  4. That's not a common criticism...anywhere lol. That's the first time I've seen that even mentioned lol but if you say so. I would understand if you are saying none of her song choices are emotional ballads, but to say she doesn't convey much emotion...a reach.
  5. I have never heard that in my life. You just made that up huh
  6. The Climb doesn't require force or power It's a very straight forward song. It's not a power ballad.
  7. She can easily close with Landslide. I don't see the problem. They aren't going to let one person close two weeks in a row.
  8. Landslide is cute, but it doesn't have the big moments. She really has to capture the emotion of the song to really connect with people. I could see it falling flat, but Carter was winning anyway. Unpopular opinion, but I don't really like Landslide. The Climb is a very corny song, but once again, it's a song that will work for Carter due to his age. It would be a bus for anyone else. Team minivan will eat the lyrics up.
  9. I wanna say they recorded it during top 20 week, so pre-recorded. There was talk about a group performance during the playoffs. Did we ever see it?
  10. Exactly. Tamara, Cami, Ben all had to saved every step of the way. I would not have minded if that happened to Julia. Julia is way more interesting than the entire top 8 (and maybe even the entire top 17). I rarely make strong statements like this. She has the stage presence, the look, she's fresh, she's current. But yeah, contestants like her are not meant for this show.
  11. 1. Desz 2. Carter -big gap- 3. John -another big gap- 4. Jim 5. Ian
  12. Julia has the best audition this season. I think the amount of times i've watched it is in the triple digits. I even listen to her KO performance way more than other performances this season. Not to be that person, but I would've taken her over Cami. She had a lot of potential. One of the coaches could've dragged her to at least the blood bath.
  13. Honestly it was getting depressing watching Gwen come back season after season and barely get contestants into the finale. Hopefully now people won't be allergic to picking her in the blinds. We have seen what happens when you pick John lmao
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