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  1. Agreed! He's the only one who had the confidence to perform an original at the finale (which he also wrote!) This is another one of my favorites among his originals.
  2. I became a fan of Jonny because of his audition. I think he came in 3rd or 4th. Had California voted properly I think the result might be slightly different. Western voters got screwed over by this format.
  3. Jonny Dillon Sam Francisco Arthur
  4. Its not ideal format, but they got through it. And that's probably why they want to continue. If they're gonna end it, they want to get back on the original format end it that way. Because this isn't a good way to end it. People are forgetting the unique and difficult situation they're in this season. They could have easily dropped the ball and called it quits two months ago, when some people were even suggesting to just cancel the season and the show. But they didn't, and even gave the contestants extra screentime. Classy move if you ask me.
  5. "I love that [ sic ] growl!"
  6. Longer version of the song. I agree with Katy, he sounds pro, the way he phrase the lyrics awesome.
  7. So happy he performed his original today! That was the song that hooked me up on him from the start. His originals are all awesome. He really lit up tonight, he seem excited, cause he finally get to sing his real style and show his art. Overall, I'm happy with the results. He did well throughout the season!
  8. Well at least they managed to get through the season. Props to Idol for pulling it.
  9. This is lowkey emotional. These empty spaces.
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