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  1. This is so intriguing to me.
  2. She did really great this week and she's getting better and better. But I'm not sure if I want her to win. Idol botched the careers of every winner for nearly a decade. She is super talented, and very likeable and down to earth. I can see her as a power vocal rocker version of Billie Eilish.
  3. True. I'm just guessing its something more sensitive than him withdrawing or else they would say so, or at least let the media know.
  4. Someone posted on Insta that Wyatt broke covid rules. Then you got Luke having covid. I'm just connecting the dots here, I have no idea.
  5. Welp they're giving Graham standing O, will probably save him too
  6. I like Hunter's voice but he doesn't seem confident on stage. If he improve his stage presence he could surprise.
  7. Casey Let me re-watch the rest It seems that I have a different favorite every week
  8. So its gonna be top 5 boys. RIP girls indeed. I just need Casey to be in it, even though I know she won't win.
  9. Does this mean Chayce got the most votes? I mean he's got a good voice, but I like him better last week, this is a bit underwhelming.
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