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  1. iTunes kinda made the whole thing anti-climatic
  2. He's doing really well on iTunes. He's not my style, but if I can sign him I would too.
  3. That group hug. I thought they were gonna do something like that, I notice Ryan kinda pushing their distance closer and closer the past few weeks.
  4. Casey is so out of place on this. Her style would fit a bit more with the guitar guys like Chayce or Hunter.
  5. Another song that they need to retire on Idol
  6. Or she went home BECAUSE of it. She did incredible, but its not Idol viewer's jam. Maybe she should have done Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  7. Its anyone's game actually. It is a pretty solid top 4. One of the best in a long time.
  8. I know we've heard Diamonds before but he should have sang that instead. I don't know this song.
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