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Which Studio Version You wish could have


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Since Season 15 we only have studio version of the performances in the lives but what versions you wish you could have in studio?

For me I wanted this studios versions:

S14 - Playoffs Round 2

Christiana Danielle - Take Me to Church

Jackie Foster - Alone

S15 - Blinds

RADHA - Mamma Knows Best

Kennedy Holmes - Turning Tables

Sarah Grace - Ball and Chain

Claire DeJean - Hurt Somebody

DeAndre Nico - When I Was Your Man

Chevel Shepherd - If I Die Young

Lynnea Moorer - Location

Kymberli Joye - Run to You

MaKenzie Thomas - Big White Room


Abby Cates - Scars to Your Beautiful

Katrina Cain - Rhiannon

S15 - Battles

Cody Ray Raymond & SandyRedd - Cry to Me

Kymberli Joye & OneUp - Mercy

Abby Cates & Delaney Silvernell - Love Me Like You Do

MaKenzie Thomas & Audri Bartholomew - Always Be My Baby

Sarah Grace & Erika Zade - No Roots

Claire DeJean & Josh Davis - All This Love

Kennedy Holmes & Lela - Battlefield

S15 - Knockouts

Kymberli Joye - The Middle

MaKenzie Thomas - How Deep Is Your Love

SandyRedd - Dangerous Woman

Abby Cates - Because of You

Kameron Marlowe - I Shot the Sheriff

DeAndre Nico - Wanted

Kennedy Holmes - What About Us

S15 - Playoffs

Natasia GreyCloud - God Is a Woman

Abby Cates - Next to Me

Sarah Grace - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

Kymberli Joye - Radioactive

DeAndre Nico - Ordinary People

Reagan Strange - Worth It

RADHA - Dusk Till Dawn

MaKenzie Thomas - I Believe in You and Me

SandyRedd - No More Drama

Kennedy Holmes - Halo

Lynnea Moorer - Boo'd Up

S16 - Blinds

Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold

Rizzi Myers - Breathin' 

LiLi Joy - Cool

Domenic Hayes - River

The Bundys - Closer to Fine

Jej Vinson - Passionfruit (He Release after the show his version)

Betsy Ade - Hunger

Kendra Checketts - Sober

Ciera Dumas - Tell Me You Love Me

Mari - Boo'd Up

Mikaela Astel - Electric Love

Celia Babini - Idontwannebeyouanymore

Cecily Hennigan - Foolish Games

Presley Tennant - Stone Cold

S16 - Battles

Domenic Haynes & Trey Rose - I Need a Dollar

Maelyn Jarmon & Savannah Brister - When We Were Young

Jej Vinson & Beth Griffith-Manley - Jealous

Presley Tennant & Rizzi Myers - Whataya Want from Me

Kim Cherry & Kendra Checketts - Here

Lisa Ramey & Betsy Ade - The Joke

Mari & Anthony Ortiz - I Like Me Better

S16 - Cross Battles

Domenic Haynes - Damn Your Eyes

Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World

Rod Stokes - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

Celia Babini - A Thousand Years

Mari - My My My!

Kendra Checkets - Cold Water

Kalvin Jarvis - New Rules

Abby Kasch - Cupid's Got a Shotgun

S17 - Blinds

Katie Kadan - Baby I Love You

Brennan Lassiter - You Are My Sunshine

Rose Short - Preach

Marina Chello - Walk Me Home

Max Boyle - Wayfaring Stranger

Marybeth Byrd - Angel from Montgomery

Injoy Fountain - 7 Rings

Joana Martinez - Call Out My Name

Ricky Duran - River

Damali - Ocean Eyes

Khalea Lynee - Best Part

Zoe Upkins - Angel of Mine

Gracee Shriver - Rainbow

S17 - Battles

Khalea Lynee & Zoe Upkins - The Boy Is Mine

Max Boyle & Matt New - Let Me Love You

Katie Kadan & Destiny Rayne - Tiny Dancer

Ricky Duran & Marina Chello - Valerie

Gracee Shriver & Brennan Lassiter - Blue Ain't Your Color

Kyndal Inskeep & James Violet - I Could Use a Love Song

Marybeth Byrd & Dane & Stephanie - Burning House

Rose Short & Jessie Lawrence - Can't Feel My Face

Hello Sunday & Lauren Hall - Wrecking Ball

S17 - Knockouts

Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up

Katie Kadan - Piece of My Heart

Max Boyle - When the party's over (Glad that He recored this version)

Kyndal Inskeep - Elastic Heart

Joana Martinez - California Dreamin'

Ricky Duran - She Talks to Angels

Rose Short - Big White Room

Marybeth Byrd - All I Ask

Damali - Sober

Gracee Shriver - Leave the Pieces

S17 - Playoffs

Gracee Shriver - American Honey

Rose Short - What Have You Done for Me Lately

Kyndal Inskeep - 10,000 Hours

Joana Martinez - You Can't Stop the Girl

Damali - You Say

Jake Hoot - You Lie

Max Boyle - Falling Slowly

Marybeth Byrd - Love Me Like You Do

Will Breman - Style

Katie Kadan - Always Remember Us This Way

S18 - Blinds

Megan Danielle - Remedy

Joanna Serenko - All My Loving

Arei Moon - Miss Independent

Toneisha Harris - I Want to Know What Love Is

Allegra Miles - Use Somebody

Joei Fulco - Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird

Anaya Cheyenne - I'll Never Love Again

Mandi Thomas - Time to Say Goodbye

Zan Fiskum - Light On

Micah Iverson - All I Want

Mandi Castillo - Así Fue

Cedrice - Fever

S18 - Battles

Joanna Serenko & Roderick Chambers - When the party's over

Toneisha Harris & Jacob Daniel Murphy - Good as Hell

Megan Danielle & Samantha Howell - Top of the World

Thunderstorm Artis & Cedrice - Stay

S18 - Knockouts

Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved

Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece

Zan Fiskum - The Story

Joanna Serenko - Angel from Montgomery

Thunderstorm Artis - Preach

Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name

Allegra Miles - Chandelier

Mandi Thomas - My Church

Toneisha Harris - Diamonds

Cedrice - Love on the Brain

S18 - Playoffs

Allegra Miles - New York State of Mind

Arei Moon - Finesse

Zan Fiskum - Blowin' in the Wind

Megan Danielle - Anyone

Micah Iverson - Your Song

Cedrice - Everything I Wanted

Toneisha Harris - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

Joei Fulco - Runaway

Joanna Serenko - Rich Girl

S18 - Semifinals

Joanna Serenko - Lean on Me

Megan Danielle - What Hurst the Most

Alegra Milles - Overjoyed

Toneisha Harris - Because You Loved Me

CammWess - Rainbow

S18 - Finals

Micah Iverson - Chasing Cars

Thunderstorm Artis - What a Wonderful World

Toneisha Harris - Faithfully

S19 - Blinds

Tamara Jade - Cuz I Love You

Payge Turner - Call Out My Name

Marisa Corvo - F**kin' Perfect

John Holiday - Misty

Taryn Papa - Anyway

Madeline Consoer - Girl

Cami Clune - Skinny Love (She release after)

Ryan Gallagher - The Prayer

Chloé Hogan - What the World Needs Now is Love

Sid Kingsley - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

Kelsie Watts - I Dare You (She release after)

DeSz - Un-Break My Heart

Julia Cooper - Alaska (She release after)

S19 - Battles

Worth the Wait & Taryn Papa - Little White Church

Tamara Jade & Olivia Reyes - Hard Place

Madeline Consoer & Eli Zamora - Nobody Wants to be Lonely

Payge Turner & Lauren Frihauf - If the World Was Ending

DeSz & Joseph Soul - If You Don't Know Me By Now

Marisa Corvo & Ryan Gallagher - I Surrender

Kelsie Watts & Emmalee - I Love Me

Cami Clume & James Pyle - Wicked Game

S19 - Knockouts

Tamara Jade - Higher Ground

Payge Turner - Creep

DeSz - Can We Talk

Sid Kingsley - Make It Rain

Chloé Hogan - Weak

Bailey Rae - Let Me Down Easy

Madeline Consoer - Die from a Broken Heart

Cami Clune - I Put a Spell on You (She release after)

S20 - Blinds

Dana Monique - Freeway of Love

Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down

Corey Ward - Dancing on My Own

Victor Solomon - Glory

Carolina Rial - Stay With Me

Zae Romeo - Falling

Ryleigh Modig - When the party's over

Pia Renee - Master Blaster (Jammin')

Ciana Pelekai - Dance Monkey

Halley Greg - I'm Like a Bird

Avery Roberson - If You're Reading This

Connor Christian - Bright Lights

Gihanna Zoe - She Used to Be Mine

Savanna Woods - Zombie

Rachel Mac - Let Him Fly

Lindsay Joan - Nightmare

Zania Alaké - Sweet Love

Anna Grace - My Future

S20 - Battles

Ryleigh Modig & Gean Garcia - pov

Cam Anthony & Emma Caroline - 10,000 Hours

Zae Romeo & Lindsay Joan - Rewrite the Stars

Corey Ward & Savanna Woods - Dreams

Anna Grace & Ainae - You Know I'm No Good

Rachel Mac & Bradley Sincalir - Your Song

Carolina Rial & Rio Doyle - Somebody That I Used to Know

S20 - Knockouts

Corey Ward - Already Gone

Ryleigh Modig - Use Somebody

Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now Is Love

Dana Monique - Nutbush City Limits

Rachel Mac - Foolish Games

Zae Romeo - Electric Love

Anna Grace - If I Die Young

Zania Alaké - If I Were Your Woman

Cam Anthony - Feeling Good

Gihanna Zoe - Glittler in the Air

Savanna Woods - Black Hole Sun

Carolina Rial - Anyone


I know it's a HUGE list but we had miss so much good studios versions

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Alone - Jackie Foster

No Roots - Sarah and Erika
The Middle - Kymberli Joye

Because of You - Abby Cates

Travelin’ Soldier - Chevel Shepherd

Closer to Fine - The Bundys

Mad World - Maelyn Jarmon

My My My! - Mari

Any Man of Mine - Rebecca Howell

Everything from Max Boyle (we did luckily get when the party’s over)

Dreams - Cali Wilson

I Could Use A Love Song - Kyndal and James

Kiss Me - Kat Hammock

You Can’t Stop the Girl - Joana Martinez

Forever Young - Kailey Abel

How Will I Know - Allegra and Michael

When Will I Be Loved - Joei Fulco

Blowin’ in the Wind - Zan Fiskum

Your Song and IWFYITD - Micah Iverson

If the World Was Ending - Payge and Lauren

wish you were gay - Julia Cooper

Glory - Victor Solomon

pov - Ryleigh and Gean

Already Gone - Corey Ward

Use Somebody - Ryleigh Modig

Foolish Games - Rachel Mac
If I Die Young - Anna Grace

Neon Moon - Emma Caroline

Black Hole Sun - Savanna Woods

I’d also say Skinny Love (Cami) and Die from a Broken Heart (Madeline) but they both made studios.

I have a lot of them😁

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A few that came to mind:

Ricky Duran - River

Payge Turner and Lauren Frihauf - If The World Was Ending

Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain

John Holiday - Misty

Dexter Roberts - Like A Cowboy

Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold

Todd Tilghman- Glory of Love

Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird

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Alexa - Stop and Stare

Mari - Boo'd Up // My My My! (even though Adam should have picked a better song)

Maelyn - Fields of Gold

Kendra - Sober // Cold Water

Anna Grace - If I Die Young // You Know I'm No Good

Gihanna - She Used To Be Mine // Thinking Out Loud // Glitter in The Air

Ryleigh - pov

Lindsay - Nightmare // Rewrite The Stars

Cam - Lay Me Down // 10000 Hours

Rachel Mac - Foolish Games // Your Song

Zae Romeo - Electric Love // Fallin'


TONS more, but I'm too lazy to look through and find them

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Ones I thought of:

MaKenzie Thomas - How Deep Is Your Love

Zaxai - Cruisin

Michael Lee - Whipping Post

Maelyn Jarmon - Fields of Gold

Domenic Haynes - River

Mikaela Astel - Electric Love

Jej & Beth - Jealous

Kendra & Kim - Here

Will Breman - Say You’ll Be There

Rose Short - Preach

Khalea Lynee - Best Part

James Violet - Sweet Creature

Joana Martinez - Call Out My Name

James & Kyndal - I Could Use a Love Song

Royce & Kiara - Turn Your Lights Down Low

Max Boyle - when the party’s over

Kyndal Inskeep - Elastic Heart

Kat Hammock - Kiss Me

Hello Sunday - Almost Is Never Enough

Todd Michael Hall - Juke Box Hero

Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird

Joei & TMH - The Best

Todd & Jon - Ghost In This House

Zan & Brittany - Closer to Fine

Thunderstorm & Cedrice - Stay

Zan Fiskum - The Story

CammWess - Say Something

Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece

John Holiday - Misty

Liam St. John - Sex and Candy

Payge & Lauren - If The World Was Ending

Carter & Larriah - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Chloé Hogan - Weak

Payge Turner - Creep

Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down

Zae Romeo - Falling

Ryleigh & Gean - pov

Ethan & Avery - Just Got Started Loving You

Cam & Emma - 10,000 Hours

Corey Ward - Already Gone

Pia Renee - What The World Needs Now Is Love

Rachel Mac - Foolish Games

Anna Grace - If I Die Young

Gihanna Zoë - Glitter In The Air

Cam Anthony - Feeling Good

Carolina Rial - Anyone

Savanna Woods - Black Hole Sun


(NOTE: some of these have been recorded by the contestants, but they were either recorded post-show or the audio quality is lacking)

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  • 3 months later...

From this season I wish could have studio versions of:

Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping

Wendy Woten - We Can Work It Out

Lana Scott - Hole in a Bottle

Samuel Harness - Here Without You

Jim & Sasha Allen - Leaving on a Jet Plane

Gymani - Pov

Raquel Trinidad - I Wish

Hailey Mia - You Broke Me First

Samara Brown - Sweet Thing

Holly Forbes - Rocket Man

Bella DeNapoli - Damaged

David Vogel - Breathin'

The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone

Ryleigh Plank - Anyone

Manny Keith - Break My Heart

Sabrina Dias - Garota de Ipanema (Wish had full version of her blind)

Libianca - Good Days


Oh good WHY the have to stop doing studio recordings from early round, so much good versions wasted

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