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  1. This are the one that cover John Legend in seasons that he was coach India Carney from S8 did Glory at Top6
  2. Even S18 when Covid starts we had the duets studios Why this time we still didnt had?
  3. Still nothing about the duets? I was hoping to have a studio version of Kelly with GNT and Hailey the whole season Now I'm sad
  4. Also from Season 7 we had Jean Kelley that rise so much in the competition but was sabotage by the songchoice that Pharrell gave to her in the Playoffs Her version of Chandelier is one the best performances of this song that I see on tv shows
  5. When I remember some pop teens that was on the show, I always remember Bryana Salaz from S7 and the way that Gwen did a mistake of let her go instead of Ryan Sill on the Playoffs She done very current pop songs in her time on the show Problem by Ariana Grande Boom Clap by Charli XCX (that was sadly montaged) Heart Attack by Demi Lovato Amnesia by 5SOS
  6. Loved the beautiful voice of Ddendyl from Season 6 too Doing Stand by Me in her Blind Unfortunately she was montaged in her first Battle with Lindsey Pagano, but her studio version of I Feel the Earth Move is such good And in her Battle Round 2 she was against Deja Hall doing Say Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  7. Emily B from Season 6 was one of my favorites that season Her Blind of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak was such a beautiful performance And I love her Battle with Ciera Mickens of Brave by Sara Bareilles Wish we could saw her Battle Round 2 with Kristen Merlin
  8. I saw that Braiden Sunshine prepare New York State of Mind (Billy Joel) from Instant Save at Top9
  9. As far I remember Tess Boyer from S8 said that if she would make Top8 she would do Crazy by Patsy Cline and she does a cover later of this
  10. Corey posted a story that Iris will be release in Dec 18th
  11. I'm curious to know the song that Gymani would do if she makes for Top10 The same with Jeremy e Holly for the Semifinals I just love this thread, but make me want to heard/see that performances
  12. India Carney from S8 release Holiday EP with 3 covers
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