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  1. I am crying rn! But Jeremy and Holly this is the beginning of their journeys herr and they will just go up
  2. Well I am! He did a great job and proved many of you wrong. Numbers on Fb and YouTube don't matter because you guys were saying he had a low amount last week and he still got through so yea
  3. No Holly deserves the Finale just as much all of the Top10 are there for a reason!
  4. I am not here for this rn. If you wanna be rude be rude but this is stupid and I am not gonna let it affect me
  5. first i did not throw no freaking tantrum....... thats so rude to say but you got it all wrong and for you to throw shade at me for no reason is stupid
  6. I told you guys so!!!!! Lol he did so good on stage I think he came into his own and the way he was playing with the crowd was amazing! He is not gonna be in the bottom I don't think
  7. Blue Bayou was her worst. But she did totally redeem herself with freeway of love and Wendy is on a comeback since her fall
  8. Last week??? Yea I was honest I did not get the Wendy moten experience and it was her worst performance but she redeemed herself last week
  9. Okay I am not sitting here arguing today you guys know some of you been rude and I am just saying he gonna prove all of you guys wrong and yea
  10. @Misirlou I am not talking about you..... I have seen ur positive stuff. But you guys are wrong about Jeremy not bein at his best lately Jeremy has always worn his heart on his sleeve and shown his emotion in every performance and emotion is something that cannot be taught. And some people here are so rude.
  11. Sorry if this starts stuff but I am being honest and sharing my feelings here
  12. You guys have commented negative things about everything with this performance of his. I have seen it all and I would not say anything if you guys didnt say anything not trying to start something but it seems so rude tbh
  13. Girl Named Tom has always been a frontrunner in every performance
  14. And you all saying stuff about him and this song being a "bussed" thing it so rude. I think he will do his best tonight and you guys will be proved wrong! You all didn't like him last week and he still got in!
  15. OK you say that but you do not know what Jeremy is gonna do live on the stage! U guys all bringing Jeremy down is so rude. Just because you guys think this wasn't good in the studio it doesn't mean it isn't gonna be good live. Give the man a chance for gods sake
  16. This song is just fine one of the most popular country songs rn. Jeremy is gonna prove you all wrong!!!! Bc he is amazing
  17. I have not liked a single live performance from her except Freeway Of Love I have not gotten any emotion or the Wendy Moten stuff we got from her pre lives she is holding back in a way
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