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  1. Sorry not been in this thread in a second and cannot go back and read it all but what we predicting for pairings lol
  2. @sydneysam making us a picture imma use but as soon as they do that I will update OP
  3. Kaitlyn is a CUTIE. And we love her for the simple things
  4. SO HAPPY she got confirmed was waiting for her tbh. She is gorgeous and amazing at singing
  5. Carolina Alonso STUNNING QUEEN Hi all this is where we will talk about Carolina and yea Youtube: 1. @Bk1234 2. @Angeles 3. @jamescasaki 4. @sydneysam
  6. YEA OMG I DYING. They both seem so sweet and cool (*Kaitlyn is tbh)
  7. I am excited tbh. I love Samuel tone and look and if he on TeamAriana tbh Ariana shaping up to have some unique guys on her team
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