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  1. Okay here my opinion: Joshua: he gonna have his MOMENT in KOs and I feel like the song is really suited for him to do his own thing on!!! Holly: I wish she was doing a Brandi Carlile song and I wish she did get that kind of song I do like the choice she has though Hailey Mia: I am very intrigued even though we already knew her song choice!!! I am excited to see if she SLAYS or not. She gonna have her moment here! This and her Blind will be her strongest per lives Raquel and Katie: both great song choices and Ik Raq wins but I have high hopes for Katie after her Battle performance and same for Raq so we will see GNT: they always have my heart No matter what happens but they up against Holly even though they win so I excited to see what gave them their edge except the family harmonies Cunningham Sisters: I don’t like the song choice but I not gonna be picky let’s see what happens with their sound on this song. Wendy and Jonathan: my lord Wendy picked a strong iconic song and I am excited to see her slay that. Jonathan I feel bad for honestly Brittany and Samuel: I love both songs here and I so happy the songs are what they are! Brittany getting a song like that is cool and groovy and Samuel getting more ballad things with his gravely voice is cool! I could say more but this is a lot to type already✌! But yea I excited for KOs to begin
  2. It gonna be super tough to see the battles and KOs play out and see everything cool
  3. Bella deserved 4 chairs after her performance but yea Blake making me mad with this not turning
  4. Ariana could take 2 maybe we never know but Blake could have 2 in Finals too
  5. Wdym?!?! That was my opinion it not about runs and stuff all the time
  6. . Hmmmmmmm interesting take is it right to think no but you have ur own opinion sometimes performances aren’t about runs and big notes sometime it about the simplicity and artistry and that’s what Kaitlyn displayed
  7. Damaged is a hard ass song to cover and make memorable but Bella nailed it!!!! Loved her tone and loved the notes she hit and the risk she took with the song! Her audition was and has been one of the best this season so far! We got one more week so we will see but Bella was a Star
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