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Who is the best four chair turn on Team Gwen

Team Gwen  

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  1. 1. Team Gwen

    • Anita Antoinette
    • Lyndsey Elm
    • JChosen
    • Troy Ramey

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Back to when I was naive and didn`t know how the show worked, I thought JChosen was a shoo-in for the finale, especially by picking Gwen. Loved his audition.


Loved the other 3 too. Another great group. I wonder how S17 and S19 Gwen would have handled them.

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My reggae queen, Anita


I really miss someone like her on the show (that's why I'm really glad Pia went back to her reggae side during the semis), she's so entertaining to watch ❤️

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  1. Anita
  2. JChosen
  3. Lyndsey
  4. Troy

I actually liked all four of their auditions, but Anita wins this for not only lasting the longest on Team Gwen but also surviving the WTF choice of "All About That Bass" in the playoffs.

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Posted (edited)

Its funny how they weren't even her frontrunners.

Gwen always had the underdogs come in front on her team: TJW, Jeffery Austin, Hunter/Brennley, Rose Short, Carter.(Although for recent S17 and S19, she didn't even get 4-chairs but still)

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