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Team Blake: Favorite Performance


Team Blake: Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman
    • Anna Grace - Let Her Go
    • Pete Mroz - We Belong
    • Cam Anthony - Take Me to Church

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I think all of them diregistering. And all 4 delivered one of the better performances of the night, rarely any shaky, off pitch or weird vocal moments.



1. Anna

Beautiful, not much else to say.


2. Jordan

His best performance yet imo, and also my favorite song choice of the 4.


3. Cam

His weakest performance, yet still one of the better performances of the night.


4. Pete

The song choice is just not my preference. But I really like his voice.


Honestly though the rankings could change anytime. The first time I listened to the performances I had Jordan last and Cam 2nd.

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What an insane night for team Blake, all four delivered good-great performances, though 3 stuck out for sure.


1. Jordan: Crazy improvement from the earlier rounds coupled with a really great performance makes him my #1.

2. Anna Grace: That tone is amazing, my favorite song choice of the night tbh.  She popped off

3. Cam: Another solid performance from Cam, had some shaky moments but that falsetto was awesome.  I like this song choice a lot for him as well

4. Pete: Wasn't his best but still a good vocal, though it's not enough to get him into the top 3.  I'm sad about this one as he's been a consistent favorite of mine since the blinds.

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