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Who sang "I Won’t Give Up" better ?


Who sang "I Won’t Give Up" better ?  

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  1. 1. Who sang "I Won’t Give Up" better ?

    • Christina Grimmie (S6)
    • Whitney & Shannon (S11)
    • Will Breman (S17)
    • Andrew Marshall (S20)

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Christina. Her version was playing in my head while Andrew was singing - I could remember all the cool things she did, and although Andrew did great, I couldn't help but compare the two in my head during one line in which Christina did these super cool runs, while Andrew just belted. No shade to Andrew or the others though, they did great, too.

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You all know that I have so much love for Andrew 👻


.. but Queen Christina just did the best and iconic version of this song. Both the emotions and the vocal difficulty were there


Andrew also did a vocally and emotionally good performance though (that's why I keep on watching his KO performance 🤪)


I also loved Will's performance. I haven't watched W&S's


1. Christina hell-of-a-vocalist Grimmie

2. Andrew Marshmallow 👻

3. Will the-blue-haired Breman 

4. Whitney & Shannon

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