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Who’s your favorite from team John

Sachin Jain

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Some gaps here for sure. They all have potential, but Victor's the only one that truly wowed me. I've got a good feeling that John's about to get some fantastic contestants to wrap up the team, but we'll see next week.


Victor Solomon


Durell Anthony


Deion Warren

Pia Renee


Carolina Rial

Christine Cain

Ciana Pelekai


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Ok, unlike Team Blake, this is a hard one 


1. Victor 

2. Pia 

3. Durrell 

4. Ciana 

5. Deion 

6. Carolina 

7. Christine 


There are no "gaps" between them, i have everyone more or least at the same level; in other words, i liked all of them to some degree, but none of them actually "impressed" me or shocked me.






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