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  1. Kevin’s strategy and the veto situation is pairing me off
  2. 1. Ren- Her attitude and portfolio suck but this shot is so unbelievably gorgeous. 2. Simone- She longs so elongated and I love it. And that jacket looks amazing! 3. Tatianna- The hair and the position of the scarf and legs are marvelous! 4. Brenda- This is drop dead gorgeous. Only reason why it’s four is because I couldn’t figure out the order for top four so I went with this being the lowest because I hate Brenda. 5. Raina- She looks so regal in the photo 6. Jessica- I love the shot but not fully selling the shorts. 7. Angelea- Slightly awkward and ostrich-ish but it’s decent. 8. Alexandra- As a big Alex stan I like this photo but her hand does look slightly uncomfortable 9. Alasia- I like this shot but I like others more 10. Anslee- I like it but it looks too much like a Chihuahua 11. Gabrielle- I love Gabby and I wish they didn’t sabotage her by picking a bad photo, like how they constantly did that with Kelle 12. Naduah- I hate how her mouth looks in this photo 13. Krista- By far, this is the worst photo
  3. I think Brittany should’ve won but I’m not mad at Kahlen winning, she did a good job too.
  4. I can count it if you need but I don’t see a problem in keeping it open either
  5. I’m gonna be depressed for the rest of the week, thanks Cody and Grodner Also, Memphis mentioned they used the wheel so maybe there’s some positive. The old schoolers know how to use the wheel, the newbies don’t.
  6. Week 1: Kahlen Week 2: Brittany (both suck) Week 3: Brittany (both are stunning) Week 4: Brittany Week 5: Brittany Week 6: Brittany Week 7: Kahlen Week 8: Kahlen Week 9: Brittany (best picture of the whole damn cycle) Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Brittany Week 11.2: Brittany Final Runway: Kahlen Winner Pick: Brittany
  7. Keesha explained the iconic fight on her (and mine) birthday before and it was so iconic. Also Enzo praises Evel Dick to Dani and her wtf face was hilarious.
  8. Nope. I hate this if they are getting rid of Keesha.
  10. Hopefully bc Memphis wants to protect Kevin and Keesha
  11. Enzo is amazing, stop antagonizing him!!
  12. I saw that Ian might be the one going up and getting evicted. That’s gonna make me sad but Keesha going home will make me depressed.
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