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  2. 1. Kyland 2. Derek X 3. Hannah 4. Xavier 5. Claire 6. Azah 7. Tiffany 8. Sarah Beth 9. Derek F 10. Alyssa 11. Christian 12. Britini
  3. 1. Derek X 2. Kyland 3. Tiffany 4. Hannah 5. Xavier 6. Sarah 7. Azah 8. Derek F 9. Claire 10. Alyssa 11. Whitney 12. Brent 13. Christian 14. Britini 15. Frenchie
  4. Rinne hung up the skates today. Sad to see him go as he is my favorite player of all time, but happy for him to get to spend more time with his family. Hopefully he still has a part in the front office side for the Preds going forward.
  5. Preds are absolutely pathetic this year. Have absolutely zero penalty kill, their power play is garbage, and defense as a whole as been nearly non-existent. I know Hynes isn't the only issue, but he sure as shit seems to not be helping anything. Only positive I've seen is that Forsberg is still a top notch winger and we actually have a couple of guys who can drop the gloves if needed (Borocop and Olivier) because we've been pushed around a ton ever since McLeod left (I liked Austin Watson, but he was an absolutely awful fighter). Hopefully they can get it together, but it's not looking to well through these first batch of games. Season is still young though, so I'm hopeful.
  6. He missed a golden opportunity to call it "My Hogg"
  7. Crowd side was never a good indicator, in my opinion. Bernie had massive turnout at his rallies, but got steamrolled in pretty much all the primaries after Nevada. I do think crowd size is accurate for gauging enthusiasm. Clearly Trump's base absolutely loves him, so him drawing massive crowds is to be expected. However, I'd say a vast majority of voters have zero interest in attending rallies and probably aren't that involved in politics outside of what they see on the evening news. While I doubt there were very many enthusiastic Biden voters, people were enthusiastic about voting Trump out. I know that is basically what happened with my wife and I.
  8. Just wait, there are going to be links posted in this thread at some point to some grainy, MS paint filled Youtube video where some dude who sounds like he's off his meds, will go into detail about how this was a deep state doctored video or that Trump was speaking in code about how he will retain the presidency and Biden, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, and any other politician who dares question him will all end up in jail. At this point, freak em. He can take his concession and shove it. A normal person would've conceded second their opponent gets above the 270 threshold. Or, at the very least, he should've conceded after all but 1 of his ridiculous lawsuits by his crackpot law team got laughed out of every possible courtroom.
  9. Nothing wrong at all with civil debate. I draw the line at ludicrous conspiracy theories and alternate realities that do nothing but attempt to undermine our system of government.
  10. He'll just spout his bullshit on Parler to all of the other degenerates who have been kicked off of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc... I would hope the lunatic is being watched and investigated by the FBI and the Secret Service, but he's a wealthy white guy, so probably not.
  11. New Articles of Impeachment officially drawn up against Trump https://www.rawstory.com/trump-impeachment-2649781455/
  12. Totally levelheaded attorney. Definitely not suffering from some serious mental issues...
  13. According to the nutjobs Sydney Powell and Lin Wood it's coming, you just wait. I know you've been waiting for 3 months, but you just have to keep waiting.
  14. At least 1 IED found on Capitol grounds The party of "law and order" am I right?
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