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  1. 01. Derek X 02. Xavier 03. Kyland 04. Hannah 05. Claire 06. Tiffany 07. Azah 08. Alyssa 09. Sarah Beth 10. Derek F 11. Britni
  2. Congratulations Symone for winning! I was a little shocked by Mik not placing in the top two, however I’m okay with it! Overall: 1. Gottmik 2. Symone 3. Tamisha Iman 4. Denali Fox 5. Lala Ri 6. Olivia Lux 7. Rosé 8. Elliott with Two 2s 9. Kahmora Hall 10. Kandy Muse 11. Utica Queen 12. Tina Burner 13. Joey Jay
  3. Yes! And how Kam keeps reminding us how diverse this final is!!!!!
  4. I love Nany so much but isn’t she a smoker? I think I’ve seen her smoking on the show? No hate on that, I just think that if she were to give up smoking and maybe tone her muscles in the gym a bit, she could really make a big name for herself. Kinda like Cara Maria but rootable, obviously. We all love Nany. Also, Kam has grown on me this season! Still pulling for a CT/Amber or Leroy/Nany win though.
  5. Gigi, Symone and Brooklyn Hytes for all stars please!
  6. yeah, I’ll be fine with anyone winning but Fessy.
  7. Accidentally double lost sorry!
  8. This is a off topic, but I just want to say how much I appreciate you guys and our internet friendships. Even though I’ve been absolutely terrible at communication, and will go years without any action, I still lurk. The past decade, I’ve been heavy on family and my health (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical.) I lost my mom in September of 2018. It’s been a lot of learning and growing since as she did everything for me. In the Hawaiian culture, your ohana is the most important thing. You guys are my web ohana. Wally (the most likeable guy. So genuine and sweet. He never has anything bad to say about anyone ever and his posts have a complete and clear beginning, middle and end with so much expression, thought and information.) Victoria (I’m sorry for not DMing you sooner. You’re such a beautiful soul. Whoever you end up with, if you choose to, will be so so lucky. Your love is full and so special.) I appreciate you guys so much! Thank you all for the awesome memories I will forever and ever cherish.
  9. What a crazy episode! 01. Darrell - One of my favorite guys of all time within the series. He seems like a high quality guy, family driven and truly one of my favorites to watch in challenges. 02. Nam - Please come back, Nam! Thank you for representing the Asian community on American television with such grace and honor! Hope for the quickest healing on his back! 03. Devin - Alongside Darrell and CT, Devin delivers in the confessionals. Especially the moment when he owned up to his overall poor performance this season. Lol. 04. CT - You know what you did wrong. 05. Leroy - I want to see Leroy, Kam and Nany win at least once before they decide to retire. I’ve enjoyed their tremendous growth throughout the years. They really deserve a win. 06. Fessy - Fessy and Nany would be a nice duo. 07. Cory - Meh. 08. Josh - I love the relationship he shares with Nany and how overprotective he can be with her and Kaycee. 09. Kyle - You know what? You’re funny sometimes. 01. Big T - You’re a star. Thank you. “Don’t give me some coach carter ass speech!” 02. Nany - You’re a queen. Thank you. 03. Kaycee - You’re a beast. Thank you. 04. Amber B - Darrell and Amber B has been my favorite duo since day one, alongside Lolo and Nam, even though they were a mess. Haha. 05. Aneesa - I’d love to see Aneesa win one as well! I’ve loved her since Battle of the Sexes. 06. Kam - “and I don’t want to be partners with someone that’s not humble.” Say it, Queen! 07. Gabby - I think her whole beef with Amber B. was silly, but I still like her a lot. 01. Darrell 02. Big T 03. Nam 04. Nany 05. Devin 06. CT 07. Kaycee 08. Amber B 09. Aneesa 10. Leroy 11. Kam 12. Gabby 13. Fessy 14. Corey 15. Josh 16. Kyle
  10. 01. Gottmik 02. Symone 03. Denali Fox 04. Olivia Lux 05. Elliott with Two Ts 06. Rosé 07. Kandy Muse 08. Utica Queen 09. Tina Burner
  11. 01. Symone 02. Gottmik 03. Denali Fox 04. Olivia Lux 05. Elliott with Two Ts 06. Lala Rei 07. Utica Queen 08. Rosé 09. Tina Burner 10. Kandy Muse
  12. has anyone seen this? i know we have some OG Britney fans up in here.
  13. 01. Darrell - this man is so fine 02. Nam - this man is so fine 03. CT 04. Devin 05. Leroy 06. Fessy 07. Cory 08. Josh 09. Kyle 01. Theresa - what a great villain/queen 02. Nany 03. Lolo 04. Kaycee 05. Big T 06. Amber B - went from favorite girl to middle of the pack in one episode 07. Aneesa 08. Gabby 09. Kam 10. Amber M 01. Darrell 02. Nam 03. Theresa 04. Nany 05. CT 06. Lolo 07. Kaycee 08. Devin 09. Big T 10. Amber B 11. Aneesa 12. Leroy 13. Gabby 14. Kam 15. Amber M 16. Fessy 17. Corey 18. Josh 19. Kyle
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