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Biggest disappointment: Season 22-24

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Kim Cruse not making the finale after "Summertime"
    • Parijita's song choices during the live shows
    • Devix getting eliminated early on
    • Bryce winning season 22
    • Chance eliminating Kala Banham
    • No***s making it to the finale
    • Chechi's underwhelming run, after giving one of the best blind auditions of all time
    • Alexa Widish not getting picked in the POs
    • Noah Spencer getting eliminated in the POs
    • Kaylee Shimizu not making it to the Lives
    • Nini Iris getting eliminated before the finale

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I loved Summertime, but I liked other contestants as well. She would have been a deserving finalist though.


Never cared for Parijita.


Liked one ortwo performances from Devix, but was never a fan.


Bryce wasn't my snowflake, but I still liked him. 


I would have also chosen Sorelle and Ray. Kala's tone wasn't for me.


Right now, I wish that man had gotten eliminated even before the playoffs. But I used to be a dumbass back then because I loved him.


I never really expected much from Chechi. I knew it from the get go that she has great whistles, but isn't great with other registers of her voice.


I loved Alexa's Frist 3 performances. But I didn't like her PO performance, and I thought Mara deserved it based off of that particular night. And in the long term, I've become a fan of Mara, and it's been proven that Niall made the right call.


Only liked first 2 Kaylee performances.


Sad about Nini. She deserved the finale, but I think the other 5 are good as well.


Noah was the biggest disappointment for me. 4 incredible performances back to back, still got eliminated. Would have loved to see him in the lives. He would have surely been in the finale.



So, Noah is my pick. Nini is a close second.

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Neil Salsich getting shafted by Kelly 🥲


TBH, other than S23 I've been having a good run with snowflakes since S17. Sid eliminated in S19 POs and Will, Joshua and Corey not making it to their respective Finales were sad, but they're not as painful as Neil's loss. 

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My biggest disappointment is Grace West narrowly losing s23, primarily due to tactics of TPTB. But I voted for the fifth place finisher making the finale, because it was a major factor in that outcome. Even disregarding all the other issues about that contestant, his performances should've kept him from becoming a finalist.

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This was really hard but I voted Nini because I felt the most upset about her going home before the finale. She was my number 1 favorite out of everyone throughout. That girl never disappoints. I also loved Kala and she deserved to go through. Same with Kim, Kaylee not making the top 12 as she would have made top 3 in the finale, Noah being eliminated before the lives, and I was disappointed with Bryce winning. Alexa was fantastic in the playoffs but so was Nini, Huntley, and Mara so in terms of voting wise Niall chose strategically. 

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I'm pretty relaxed, but I wish Taylor made it to lives. Think she would have lasted longer on show then AZAN, she was good too, just a preference thing 


Out of list, Nini...

She was a favorite which I think will remove viewers.

Can't lay down on these contestants, they work hard. If you start to prefer another that's one thing, but if you watched, vote! 

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