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Your Top 5 Of Season 23 Ranked


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Dang, hardly any D. Smooth love here 😢

  1. D. Smooth
  2. Kala Banham
  3. Gina Miles
  4. Ryley Tate Wilson
  5. Honestly don't know, probably Grace West? I didn't feel super attached to a lot of singers this season; I just really enjoyed a very small selection.
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1. Kala

She's the only one where I loved every performance of theirs. She was in my top 3 every round except the KOs, where I'd rank her 4th lol.


2. Grace

Considering the length of her run, I'd say she was the most consistent from start to finish and had one of my favourite tones of the season.


3. D. Smooth

Same with Grace in regards to just never giving a bad performance and rarely having any issues vocally (esp live). I just didn't enjoy his performances to the same degree.


4. Holly


Great performances except her last. One of the best vocalists of the season 


5. Cait

Same with Holly, but her run was shorter and she ended on a worse note.



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