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Rank Team Kelly Post Battles (S23)


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Since it says post battles, I’m going to consider both of the performances we’ve seen from each of them


God tier
1. Cait

2. Holly


3. Kala


Not convinced

4. ALI

5. D Smooth

6. Rachel



Marcos (didn’t really think it was fair to rate him with just the montage)

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Holly and Cait are my top. Cait had one of the best auditions of the season, and I really liked Holly's as well. Their battles were great as

well. Cait is a phenomenal vocalist. Holly is too, and she's a very versatile vocalist.


1. Holly

2. Cait



I loved D. Smooth as well. He improved a lot. He's probably next in line. 


Then comes Kala and Rachel.


ALI and Marcos are ok.

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Taking into consideration both performances.


1. Cait 

2. Kala

3. Holly

4. Rachel

5. D. Smooth

6. Ali

7. Marcos 


Ali and Smooth are low but honestly their battle is on the level of Holly, Kala and Cait's performances. Their blinds bring them down though.

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1. Cait (She has so much potential, I want to hear her on a more upbeat song)

2. Holly (Didn't like her battle, but her audition was great)

3. Kala

4. D Smooth

5. Rachel (Great battle, meh audition)

6. Marcos (Can't really judge him)

7. ALI

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