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Poll: Rank Top 8 Performances

Hamza Tufail

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  1. 1. Favorite Solo Performance

    • Justin Aaron - Stand Up
    • Brayden Lape - In Case You Didn't Know
    • Parijita Bastola - Unstoppable
    • Kim Cruse - Summertime
    • Omar Jose Cardona - My Heart Will Go On
    • Bodie - Without Me
    • Bryce Leatherwood - If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away
    • Morgan Myles - Always Remember Us This Way
  2. 2. Favorite Whitney Duet

    • Morgan & Bryce - Saving All My Love For You
    • Bodie & Brayden - I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    • Omar & Justin - Greatest Love of All
    • Kim & Parijita - I'm Every Woman

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This is the first time I can confidently say Kim had the best of the night.


1. Kim

2. Morgan

3. Bryce

4. Justin

5. Omar

6. Parijita

7. Bodie

8. Brayden






- I think Omar had the most impressive vocal moments of the night. He absolutely slayed the 2nd half of the performance and the final belt felt like it went on forever. Unfortunately, the first half is the pitchiest he's sounded.




- This is arguably the most emotional performance of the season, you really felt it in the chorus and especially the belts. Just for that it's 2nd on my list despite a rough start and a few pitch issues afterwards.




- this is the lowest I've ever had Bodie and it's pretty surprising.. it wasn't terrible but it was arguably the messiest performance of the night. His weakest showing for sure.




- Bryce's best live performance, it's not close. If this was any other week I don't think it would be in my top 3, but this was the weakest round of the lives and he was less pitchy than most of my favourites.




- A bit pitchy, and tbh the high notes sounded strained and unpleasant. But he did a good enough job.




- I think this is her weakest performance yet. A beautiful start, but her belts really lack power. I just don't think it was the right song choice. Elastic heart would have fitted perfectly for her voice.




- as everyone has been saying, cool tone but lacks projection and dynamics. Making the performance monotone. And no, you don't need range to have dynamics, but he just sounds the same throughout most of the song..




- what else is there to say? she's so consistent. Once again a performance you can't really find faults in vocally.



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Top 3 stole the show 
1. Morgan

2. Omar

3. Kim



4. Parijita (not her best but she always sounds amazing imo)



5. Brayden (Unpopular opinion it seems but I thought it was one of his best and I enjoyed it)

6. Justin (obsessed w his voice but I just rly didn’t like the song choice) 

7. Bryce (he did fine but his tone isn’t very unique and I don’t even remember the song) 



8. Bodie (really wasn’t a fan) 

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My personal top two solo performances were Morgan and Omar. Morgan really brought the emotions tonight and I do think that Omar was impressive and gave the most exciting moments despite any issues at the beginning. Also his reception outside IDF has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.

Special mention to Kim for being consistently great!!!


No contest. Justin and Omar had the best duet. Kim and Parijita were fine. 

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1. Kim Cruse (9/10) - Look... if America doesn't get it... at least she undoubtedly did EXACTLY what she had to do on this undeserving show. Hell yeah, Kim.

2. Morgan Myles (9/10) - Yes! This is what I've been wanting from her since early on. She's finally earned a place in the book for me. I wasn't a believer at the beginning of the season but she's proven to be worthy of the finale spot.

3. Omar Cardona (9/10) - THAT NOTE? Whole thing was solid! Could this have secured his place in the finale? Possibly...

4. Bryce Leatherwood (8.5/10) - A good return to the quality of performances we know he's capable of! I know I'm still in the anti-country mafia field, but this guy's good (when he's given a good song).

5. bodie (8/10) - Fine but letdown of the night for me. I expected something more solid and consistent from him but it was a bit all over. So confused!

6. Parijita Bastola (7.5/10) - Better than last week's misstep, but she's been showing her inexperience the past few weeks. I don't think that finale spot is locked like it was before.

7. Justin Aaron (7.5/10) - Unfortunately this did nothing for me. Great moments, especially at the end, but the whole thing just kind of fell flat.

8. Brayden Lape (6/10) - His most consistent vocal to date. 

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Overall an underwhelming Semifinals night especially compared to last season where EVERYONE slayed. Most of the people tonight weren't at their best I feel like except a few...


I thought they were at their best last week, they proved me wrong

1. Kim Cruse

2. Morgan Myles


Good, but I didn't love it

3. Justin Aaron

4. Bryce Leatherwood (shocking)


These were uncharacteristically off

5. Bodie (still kinda enjoyed this though?)

6. Omar Jose Cardona

7. Parijita Bastola


Characteristically Brayden

8. Brayden Lape

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1. Kim Cruse :wub:
2. Morgan Myles :wub:

3. Omar Jose Cardona :wub:
4. Justin Aaron
5. Bryce Leatherwood (country hate aside, I thought he deserved to be in the finale)
6. bodie
7. Parijita Bastola

8. Brayden Lape

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Proving they are the best vocalists in the comp
1a. Morgan

1b. Kim

(big gap)

Kind of a mixed bag

3. Bodie (this has grown on me, didn’t think it was that bad)

4. Parijita (same as bodie)

5. Bryce (I enjoyed it yesterday, not so much now)

6. Omar

7. Justin


8. Brayden

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Top 8 solos:
1. Kim Cruse - Summertime
2. Morgan Myles - Always Remember Us This Way
3. Parijita Bastola - Unstoppable
4. Bryce Leatherwood - If Heaven Wasn't So Far
5. Justin Aaron - Stand Up
6. Omar Jose Cardona - My Heart Will Go On
7. Bodie - Without Me
8. Brayden Lape - In Case You Didn't Know


(Kim & Morgan were pretty much tied for me.)

1. Justin Aaron & Omar Jose Cardona - The Greatest Love of All
2. Kim Cruse & Parijita Bastola - I'm Every Woman
3. Bodie & Brayden Lape - I Wanna Dance with Somebody
4. Morgan Myles & Bryce Leatherwood - Saving All My Love for You

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