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Who did you prefer between Thunderstorm/Mandi, Cammwess/Meagan, and Zan/Joana???

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Thunderstorm Artis - Preach
    • Mandi Castillo - Stand By Me
  2. 2. Choose one

    • Cammwess - Say Something
    • Meagan Danielle - Piece By Piece
  3. 3. Choose one

    • Zan Fiskum - The Story
    • Joana Serenko - Angel From Montgomery

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This is pretty easy for me to choose even if their opponents did really well.


1. Both were a bit of a bore. But Thunderstorm is a more unique singer. It doesn't help that Mandi was singing a song I've heard dozens of times, and she didn't do anything with it that made her version stand out imo.


2. Probably the best KO pair of the season. I prefer Cammwess though. I like his tone more, His vocals were more interesting and dynamic, Megan was a bit static vocally.


3. Joanna did good but she didn't show us anything she hadn't in previous rounds. And those other performances are much better imo. Meanwhile, I didn't think Zan would do as good as she did with her song. She showed some power I wasnt expecting.


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1.Mandi , Thunderstorm’s IMO weakest pre-lives performance and he was playing it safe IMO instead of making it competitive . Mandi had better vocals and actually made competitive vocal choices in that KO to me it genuinely felt like Mandi wanted it more .


2. Megan , Cammwess was great too but he did over do it with the runs , Megan was amazing , yes she did slightly overdo it with the runs but I felt more emotion from Megan and her tone is so unique it is pretty recognizable.


3. Zan , It was pretty equal but zan did show power and vocals she hadn’t shown previously.

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1. Thunderstorm Artis. I know there was a beginning part but his performance was more interesting than Mandi’s.

2. CammWess. He really had his breakout moment here, and this is what propelled him to the finale. This was my favorite KO of the season

3. Joanna Serenko. I preferred Zan originally and liked Joanna less, but Joanna’s is now more interesting. She really had 3 solid performances in prelives

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1. I don't really care much for either but Tstorm I guess.


2. Both were AMAZING and equally emotional but CammWess had the more impressive vocal.


3. As a Zan fan, "The Story" was actually my least favorite from her besides the Camila bus song. I thought Joanna outdid her this round.

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1. I appreciated TStorm's creativity, but I can't get behind TPTB's editing his mistake to protect him, despite him being a favorite of mine otherwise. Mandi by default, and she wasnt bad.


2. Close, but CammWess by a hair. This was a fantastic showcase for both, and it particularly changed everything for him.


3. Zan for me. Joanna's beginning was fantastic, but then she took an approach to the song that waa a bit unpleasant for me, especially the ending. The Story was a bit too big for Zan, but she managed to build the performance up and as a whole, did a great job with it. She's my pick.

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Mandi; even though I generally preferred T-storm this was his weakest on-show performance

Megan; it flips back and forth though, easily one of the top 3 most even KO pairings the show’s ever had

Zan; Joanna was also very good (and I’m happy she also got to advance), it just was a tonal preference between the ladies

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Thunderstorm was rumored to be highly edited due to mistakes (and even then it's my least favorite performance of his), not the biggest fan of Megan's tone, and Joanna did too many unnecessary runs for my personal taste. Props to all of them since they all did well and advanced either way

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