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Who did you prefer between Katie Kadan (Piece of My Heart) and Max Boyle (When The Party's Over)???

Hamza Tufail


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    • Katie Kadan
    • Max Boyle

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Indeed, Katie came off the battle rounds pretty hyped, and yet as soon as this pairing was leaked, she got a lot of crap for her performance. 


I mean, if y"all don´t like that kind of grittiness on a female, then I don´t think y"all like Janis Joplin, because she´s even grittier.

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19 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

I prefer Max but I think I enjoyed Katie more than most. She really got lots of crap for this performance back when it first aired.

The creator of her fan thread (who doesn’t post here anymore) stopped caring about her after that performance, and they ended up liking Max more

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16 hours ago, Daillon said:

Surprised by the results so far, almost no one in IDF preferred Katie when the KO was leaked.

What a comeback lol.


8 hours ago, Hsamid said:

Why didn't people like Katie Kadan's performance? Not like there were any vocal issues with the performance, and it's in the same lane as her audition, which most people like. So what gives?

Her KO was really hyped by the sources, so many were disappointed. It wasn’t really the moment that people expected it to be.

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