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Favorite Premiere Leak (S16-S21)


Favorite Premiere Leak (S16-S21) (Spoilers)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Kim Cherry - No Scrubs (S16)
    • Katie Kadan - Baby I Love You (S17)
    • Nelson Cade III - Pride and Joy (S18)
    • Tamara Jade - Cuz I Love You (S19)
    • Victor Solomon - Glory (S20)
    • Vaughn Mugol - The A Team (S21)

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I went with Katie


The only other ones I liked were Tamara and Victor


The first leaks used to be so much better back when they showed two of them. I liked every Friday leak released during that time. (I only remember S9 and onwards though)

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11 minutes ago, B-B said:


I agree with this list


Vaughn is not last for me because I disliked Kim Cherry’s audition and I don’t care for Vaughn’s audition, but it’s not enough for me to dislike it

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- Katie: BIG audition, funny from start to finish, John used his block. Excellent 100/10

- Victor: beautiful performance, perfect song, funny moments (Blake 🤣), John sang. 10/10

- Tamara: great song (some vocal problems, but it worked to me), THE BEST DIALOGUES

- Nelson: excellent song choice, everyone against Nick, it was great.

- Kim: unique performance.

- Vaughn: delicate but normal, nothing new.


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Katie wins for me. Victor second.


I think Vaughn is getting quite a bit of flack, mainly because the leak wasnt Gymani, Holly or Wendy (whether y'all want to admit it or not lol). But it was a pleasant performance. He's 3rd for me.


Then Tamara, Nelson, and finally Kim (although her battle made me see her on a new light, and I ended up liking her run better than the previous two mentioned).

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Victor, Tamara, and Katie are top tier for me

Then Nelson and Kim, and I feel like I enjoyed their auditions more than the average IDFer

Vaughn's was very pretty, but based on my enjoyment I felt more bored watching this one than the others (the song choice didn't really help here lol). Kinda living for the twist of leaking a battle eliminee in the premiere lmao


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