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Survivor 41


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  • 3 weeks later...

Okay so we'll draft with:











Since it's a small draft, we'll just do one draft

Player 1 - 1st & 18th pick

Player 2 - 2nd & 17th picks



@.Rei and @Steven_ won the last draft with Tony so they can tell me where they'd like to pick and then we'll get started!

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Draft Order:



@jarmon - 1st & 18th picks

@QueenKalie - 2nd & 17th picks

@.Rei - 3rd & 16th picks

@Steven_ - 4th & 15th picks

@hayden98 - 5th & 14th picks

@Alex95 - 6th & 13th picks

@Solaris - 7th & 12th picks

@Elliott - 8th & 11th picks

@*Lily - 9th & 10th picks


I'll pm Akshar now and we'll get this going, hopefully before Wednesday night!

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