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  1. I've loosely figured out my rank order. I should definitely get my write-ups in, but it'll be a lengthy process because I'm also balancing school stuff and hanging out with friends (plus my birthday is coming up so I expect I may end up being busy next weekend with family/friends).
  2. 01.) Brittany 02.) Dionne 03.) Natasha 04.) Jaslene 05.) Felicia 06.) Renee 07.) Jael
  3. I definitely agree here. Memphis was the worst of them imo.
  4. Cydney . I've gotta admit I'm curious as to who Andy's ideal choice was as well.
  5. Sugar Kiper Oof, these cuts keep on getting harder and harder . It took me a while to just narrow down who I even felt comfortable cutting, and I almost chose someone besides Sugar twice, but upon starting to search for gifs to represent them I just felt too attached to them so Sugar ended up being the person I felt most comfortable with cutting, but despite that, Sugar is someone that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Sugar first competed during the hilarious Survivor Gabon, where she was on a crusade to eliminate all the "bad people". Sugar spent many episodes on Exile Island, where despite Corinne's doubts, Sugar quickly found the HII and then proceeded to just relax in her "Sugar Shack" each time she was sent to Exile. Sugar did prove to be a naive player at times, being convinced by Ken to blindside her former #1, Ace. Soon after the merge hit, Sugar's conflicts with Corinne and especially Randy seemed to reach their peak, as seen during the Survivor Auction when #cookiegate happened lmao. Their conflict continued into Tribal Council where Sugar casted the above vote for Randy (and it's not even the most iconic vote of that tribal council ). After Corinne left the following tribal council, Sugar found new "bad people" to target due to Crystal and Kenny arguing with Matty about the latter receiving a vote during Corinne's elimination. Sugar managed to reach Final Tribal Council without receiving a single vote and was probably in a good position going in, seeing all the votes that she orchestrated, but Sugar completely imploded, telling the jury that they didn't have to vote for her if they didn't want to. Sugar's stay during Heroes vs. Villains was much more brief, though she still delivered to an extent, flipping off Queen Sandra after the latter ripped off Sugar's bra during the opening challenge. Sugar's lack of game instincts really showed afterwards, with her being much more interested in flirting with Colby than with doing anything to help out at camp. Sugar ended up being voted out unanimously during the first tribal council that season. Sugar hit a rough patch following her two stints on Survivor, ending up on Celebrity Rehab soon after competing. Luckily, from what I've gathered, I think Sugar is doing better now; as she's both had a child and gotten married. Sugar is kind of a Survivor anomaly. By all means, she seems like a trainwrecky early boot a la J'Tia, but Sugar ran Gabon pretty smoothly from what I remember. It does pain me to eliminate her from this rankdown, but I just happen to be an even bigger fan of everyone else that remains. Congrats on finishing in the top 26 (?) out of nearly 600 contestants though!
  6. Heh, I don't want to spoil anything for you, but you're remembering correctly.
  7. They both very much suck. Do you know how long he lasts yet when he returns?
  8. Haha, I wanna say she was my favorite as well back when I watched this season live. I loved watching Christina roach her way into the final 4 She deserved better than dealing with A*icia and C*lton
  9. Rip I'm gonna think over my options now that I'm home.
  10. Same here. It's so freaking close to home and I'm disgusted by them.
  11. I read earlier today that some people were making fun of/trying to make a problem out of Ian possibly being autistic or something like that, and I'm really heated.
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