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  1. Timburr Timburr is the Unovan equivalent to Machop, which is already a Pokemon that I don't care for. I will say I don't mind Timburr as much as either of its evolutions, but it still has those weird veins bulging out of its body which.... no. This is an easy cut for me to make. Alolan Graveler I think I cut the original Graveler a round or two back so it's fitting that I get rid of this one as well. I like the concept of the Alolan Geodude/Graveler/Golem line, with it being both rock and electric. I'm not as keen with the random unib
  2. Oooooh also, I'll try to join in if you all wanna send an invite to the raid my way
  3. Thievul Biggest disappointment of Gen 8? I really freaking loved Nickit and was so excited to use it on my team because dark types are probably right under bugs as far as my favs go. But then Nickit evolved into Thievul with its freaking pedo looking mustache. I immediately boxed it. Saving Mothim/Torterra
  4. Yungoos Why is Yungoos getting nominated without its abomination of an evolution? I have no love for Gumshoos for various reasons, but Yungoos I actually found to be kind of cute. It's a counterpart to Alolan Rattata in SM/USUM. I believe the lore behind it is that just like when people brought mongooses to kill the rat population, it backfired because the two species were active during different parts of the day. This is mirrored by Yungoos's availability during daytime and vice versa for Alolan Ratatta. I don't dislike Yungoos like I do its evolution, but I gotta cut someon
  5. I just realized that Murkrow is in this set of noms. If anyone's feeling unsure of who to cut, you should save Murkrow or Impidimp
  6. Barbaracle I looked up Barbaracle's stats out of curiousity and it looks like it's not too terrible actually. That being said, I've yet to even feel tempted to catch one because it's design is too humanoid for my liking. It is similar to pokemon like Diglett and Magnemite in that it is the combination of several of its pre-evolved forms put together; in this case becoming seven Binacle (up from the original two). Hopefully this is fifty words because I can't think of anything else to say about Barbaracle. Saving Klefki/Ledyba
  7. Qwilfish I'd find Qwilfish to be a lot more appealing if they'd go ahead and give it the evolution that it (along with other Pokemon such as Dunsparce) desperately needs. Qwilfish has an all right concept, being based on a pufferfish and mines. I've never used it in game because by the time you can find them in the few games it is available in, there are more useful water pokemon that you've probably already added to its team. Maybe someday, Qwilfish will get some love, but that day is not today unfortunately.
  8. Just noticed the Perrserker save. Gonna make a quick change
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