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  1. I'm gonna give immunity to Swampert and Treeko for this round~
  2. Electivire Electivire is the final evolution of Elekid, evolving from Electabuzz when traded while holding an electirizer. They have pretty good stats all around, except for an only decent defense. Their most impressive stat is physical attack, (though for some reason they only learn one physical electric move through level up). Being an electric Pokemon, Electivire has only one weakness in ground type. Electivire seems to be based on a gorilla or yeti, with obvious electrical influences. Electivire is a combination of electricity and wire, while its Japanese name, Elekible, c
  3. I will say that she wasn't on television even then, however. They posted all the performances online afterwards, I believe.
  4. I keep on having this problem and then having to go back for new gifs
  5. For items, I think I'll use a tough candy for Caterpie, but otherwise I'm good.
  6. Pick a number: 1. Derek 2. 3. Sola 4. 5. Hayden 6. Bk1234 7. Megan 8. Victoria
  7. lol I'd accept that. It was fun to watch at least!
  8. Hatenna lol this round has been such a mess alreay lololol. I saved Butterfree though, and that's all that matters. Anyways, Hatenna is the base form of Hatterene. I was all into Gay Rapidash from what I've played of SWSH so I never utilized this lineage, but they seemed pretty okay. This species is apparently female only, which is pretty cool I guess. I do kind of wonder how genderlocked Pokemon breed (I mean there's things like Nidoran and Miltank/Tauros, but what do Pokemon like Hatterene do?). Wait, I just read that apparently Impidimp is kind of a counterpart, so maybe th
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