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  1. Drew Christy Drew Christy is the 15th placer in Survivor San Juan del Sur, which was a season where the castaways competed alongside their loved ones. Drew entered the game with his brother, Alec. Due to the nature of the season, all the loved ones ended up on opposing tribes. Early on, Drew managed to bond with Jon Misch, but due to his arrogance and laziness around camp, annoyed the women. On day 9 of the game, Drew was selected to join Jaclyn to Exile Island, where Drew became paranoid about a women's alliance. The logical solution for Drew was to throw the next challenge in order to get one of them out of the game. Unfortunately for him, Kelley Wentworth got wind of his plan to blindside her and proceded to blindside him alongside the rest of the women plus Jeremy. Drew seems like he was a lulzy figure during his brief four episode stay, but I feel the least amount of attachment to him from the remaining choices so out he goes. Saving Wanda
  2. Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson placed 18th on Survivor Nicaragua. He's a retired NFL coach, and I'm pretty sure everyone knew that he had the fame/fortune already, so that combined with him being well past his prime made him an easy early target. He seemed to mesh well with his team at least, because he was the leader of the Espada tribe until he was voted out. It looks like it was primarily Marty who wanted to be rid of Jimmy, and sure enough, after losing their second immunity challenge, the "Older" tribe unanimously voted Jimmy out of the game. A bit of trivia states that Jimmy was originally going to be on Survivor Gabon, but failed the medical test and was replaced with Bob Crowley, the eventual winner. I had mixed feelings about that lmao. Maybe Susie could've won if Jimmy played that season? Oh well, Jimmy seemed like a nice guy on the island, but out he goes! Saving fellow Espada tribemate Wendy Jo
  3. OOoh, I didn't realize Lauren came out with more music! I need to check that out
  4. As the season went along, I grew more and more fond of Lauren. Grace might still be my preference between the two country girls, but if we had room for all the singer-songwriter types that we did, surely Idol could've let both girls through over some of the more inexperienced kids. I feel like the fanbase as a whole was a little unkind to Lauren due to her boyfriend being so much older than her, which was really unfair tbh. If Lauren is indeed still eligible, I wouldn't mind seeing her return either; she has a lot of potential.
  5. I might be really sporadic, but I wouldn't mind following either
  6. Tarzan Smith ] Oh boy. Tarzan Smith placed 6th during Survivor One World. He was the oldest contestant that season at 63 years old. He found himself in an alliance led by C*lton C*mbie, which systematically voted out the more athletic guys until the tribe swap. One positive thing that Tarzan brought to the season was infuriating Colton, which is always a good thing. Once the merge hit, Tarzan ended up betraying the remaining guys and was eventually the final guy left standing. At the final 6, however, the women decided that it was time to get rid of Tarzan as he might get the jury votes of the men. It's been a while since I've seen the season (and I don't have much desire to watch it lol), but I remember feeling uncomfortable whenever Tarzan was on screen. For that reason, Tarzan needs to go. Saving Marissa Peterson for giving us the FU Brad Culpepper moment
  7. Kourtney Moon Kourtney Moon was the first person eliminated from Survivor One World and is currently the only woman to officially be medically evacuated (unless you count Kathy I guess....?). She deemed herself "quirky" and quickly found herself outside of Kim's alliance. Apparently she was among the more useful of the outliers so she might have lasted a bit if she hadn't ignored instructions during the first challenge and injured her hand. On the bright side, Kourtney being evacuated led to her finding out she had a tumor in her abdomen, so I guess it's a really good thing she left when she did. Hopefully, she's continuing to do all right. She's probably among the easier people to eliminate at this point, but I will say I probably wouldn't have minded if she had lasted longer (or if they did a season of pre-jury folk? Eh, maybe?) Saving Angelina because of #JacketGate
  8. Bless Sia That actually sounds familiar now that you mention it.
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