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  1. Hope you feel better @Alex95 I'm gonna try to attach comments to this season - just finished ranking everything so hopefully I'll have it sent your way within an hour or two~
  2. Alexis Grace "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)" - (2) Derek, Gigi Allison Iraheta "Give In To Me" - (10) Alex, Steven, Diana, Elliott, Chris, Derek, Victoria, Sola, Andrew, Hayden Matt Giraud "Let's Get It On" - (1) JC Allison Iraheta "Don't Speak" - Kris Allen "She Works Hard For The Money" - (11) Chris, Amanda, Steven, Lily, Elliott, Wallace, rdhaley96, Gigi, JC, Andrew, Hayden Allison Iraheta "Someone To Watch Over Me" - (9) Alex, Amanda, Diana, Lily, Wallace, rdhaley96, Victoria, Kevin, Sola Adam Lambert "A Change Is Gonna Come" - (1) Kevin
  3. I'm so glad we were able to drag one of Lil's performances to the top 20
  4. Battle 3: Kris Allen "She Works Hard For The Money" - (8) *Amanda, rdhaley96, Elliott, Derek, Wallace, JC, Megan, Hayden Kris Allen "Man In The Mirror" - (10) Victoria, Diana, Alex, Steven, Priscilla, Chris, Gigi, Sola, Nico, Kevin Battle 4: Alexis Grace "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)" - (7) Chris, Victoria, Elliott, Gigi, Sola, JC, Kevin Adam Lambert "The Tracks Of My Tears" - (11) Alex, *Amanda, Diana, rdhaley96, Steven, Derek, Wallace, Priscilla, Megan, Nico, Hayden Battle 6: Lil Rounds "Be Without You" - (12) Chris, Victoria, Diana, rdhaley96, Steven, Elliott, Derek, Priscilla, Gigi, Megan, Kevin, Hayden Matt Giraud "Let's Get It On" - (6) Alex, *Amanda, Wallace, Sola, JC, Nico
  5. @sublymonal and I are advancing Kris Allen's "To Make You Feel My Love" and cutting Danny Gokey's "You Are So Beautiful" Matt Giraud's "Part-Time Lover"
  6. Round 4 Jorge Nunez "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" Round 2 Ju'Not Joyner "Hey There Delilah" Jasmine Murray "Reflection" Jasmine Murray "I'll Be There" Kris Allen "Come Together"
  7. I had to comment on the Paige Miles stuff asap, but I'm gonna catch up on what's been advanced for season 8 this evening.
  8. lmao I'm campaigning more for Honky Tonk Woman and Walk Away, but Against All Odds is more than free to join the top 20
  9. I wish all those Syesha performances ranked higher (especially Yesterday - rip my #1 placing 14th lmao), but I am pretty stoked with how everything else went
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