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Cast Ranking:


The fact that they keep bringing back all the eliminated contestants at the end of the cycle...I think that means you have too many episodes and you're trying to fill up time! Cut back! Please I beg you! C3 deserved 16 episodes, this cycle certainly does not!


1. Adam - I will acknowledge Adam has a problem while continuing to enjoy his drunken march to finale night as the Serious Models seethe.

2. Lenox - Tyra said f*ck social media I'm eliminating Lenox myself :dead:. Truly ANTM's most underrated rivalry.

3. Will - If I liked him more maybe I would've been ~moved~ by his content tonight.

4. Keith - It's been a while since I put Keith last. He was being boring and hating on Mirjana so I'm glad to fix that.


Photo Ranking:


These are so ugly what was Tyra thinking? What was Yu Tsai thinking? What was Guess thinking? Well the B&W shots are fine, but the other ones? Oof


1. Adam - Seethe other finalists, Adam ate y'all up this week!

2. Will - They're fashionable and stylish, but a bit too overposed.

3. Lenox - The B&W is okay, but she can do better. The color one is awful.

4. Keith - Same as Lenox.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 15)

Cycle 21 - Episode 16 - Finale Part Two: America's Next Top Model Is...


And the judges decide to send Keith to the finals over Lenox.


Tyra acts ~shocked~ over there being only boys remaining as if that's not what she wanted the whole time.


Adam's feeling confident after two FCO's in a row!


And he decides to celebrate with himself!


Keith is fighting for his dad since he's not around anymore.


Will is proud of how he's been so openly himself in the competition and hopes he can continue that after the show.


All the crosses in Will's mom house 👁️👄👁️. Good for him ever coming out of the closet :dead:


Last second runway lesson with Miss J before the final runway show!


But some KPOP group has to perform to fill time cause we know these men can't fill up 40 mins.


Tyra calls Adam, Keith, and Will forward...oh no is someone getting Cory'd?! 😮


Nope she's just messing with them they're all still finalists


Tyra: As a girl model I'm a bit upset it's all boys!!!!

*quick zoom in on Lenox*


The way this looks nothing like Jourdan???


And that's the end of the runway show, I've got no highlights.


Boring ass final judgement #lewks.


This is why final judgement is so early, we have to sit through these long ass commercials three times


Adam is the first loser.



And Keith wins!


And then there was 1...

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Cast Ranking:


Marginally better than last season's finale but still not good.


1. Will - When I saw all the crosses in his mama's house...oh that poor boy needed the prize money.

2. Adam - I wish he was drunk for final judging that would've been funny.

3. Keith - Congrats I guess.


Photo Ranking:


Lol they didn't even show these photos during the episode. There was such an inconsistency between what social media voted on and what was actually happening on the show :wacko:


1. Keith - I know Tyra was in HEAVEN getting to shoot with Keith.

2. Will - I don't like the decision to have Will go topless for this photo.

3. Adam - It's okay I guess.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 16)

Cycle 21 - Overall Ranking

Worst cycle ever. I'm not exaggerating. This is one of the worst seasons of reality television I've ever watched in my life. I don't even want to spend too much time talking about it because I just want to forget about it and move on. The cast? Lame. The photoshoots? Awful. The drama? Unexciting or uncomfortable. The hookups? I don't want to see that. I don't have anything positive to say about this cycle.


1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 18

10. Cycle 12

11. Cycle 16

12. Cycle 13

13. Cycle 20

14. Cycle 10

15. Cycle 9

16. Cycle 19

17. Cycle 11

18. Cycle 7

19. Cycle 17

20. Cycle 15

21. Cycle 21


Cast Ranking:



1. Chantelle - The best parts of the cycle were the first few episodes and the early Korea episodes. So that leads me to believe Chantelle was the star of the show. I was very hyped about the Downfall of Kristin in C19, but that kinda let me down. The Downfall of Chantelle is where it's at. The early Chantelle was Fine. Inspirational underdog storyline who is shockingly booted early. I've seen it before, I don't hate it. But the three episodes of Chantelle we got when she came back. That was on a whole other level. From the fear she struck down in Lenox's clique to her legendary feud with Yu Tsai all culminating in the Keith situation where she's breaking down in a hallway to a producer that she can't live in the same house as these people anymore ❤️. It doesn't even matter what's true or false all that much, it was iconic.

2. Raelia - I'll talk a little more about her alliance later, but Raelia kinda reaps the rewards of the alliance. A cute little clique of Raelia, Will, Lenox, and Shei where they sit around all day talking shit about Denzel & Mirjana and stir the pot against them. Raelia had a few good soundbites and a few good storylines. Never a main character, but always a reliable supporting character. When the clique moved on to Chantelle, Raelia got eliminated quickly enough that I didn't have to deal with hating her for hating on Chantelle like the rest of them ^_^

3. Mirjana - Mirjana was the main character of the first half of the cycle. Yet I hate the cycle. Should I also hate Mirjana? I'm conflicted. The Mirjana/Denzel showmance was awful. Mirjana outside of Denzel was kinda great? I just wish we got to see more of her without him. RIP Mirjana :broken:.

4. Adam - Adam had no business in the final three. The fact that I hate this cast makes Adam's underdog story FUNNY. His alcoholism is scary, the way he made Will experiencing homophobia about himself made me raise an eyebrown, and the fact that he's 29 and acts like he's 21 is questionable. But if I ignore all that.......I guess I had fun watching him lol.

5. Shei - In my overall ranking all these people are low as hell so this isn't a ringing endorsement of Shei. There's very few Asian girls on this show who do well so I gotta support them when I can! Shei is gorgeous and I think she has so much potential as a model. She was a key member of the main alliance of the cycle. Like I've discussed, they were fun at first but tiring by the end of the cycle. I think they really wanted to be the Quirky Underdogs, but you can't really do that when you're the dominant clique in the house :haha:. Shei never really annoyed me like the other two so she gets to be higher than them.

6. Lenox - I think Lenox had some of the higher highs of the alliance. While her manufactured downfall with Tyra giving her a 1 was cringe, that's not her fault. I sympathized with her and rooted for her during all that. She was a major Chantelle hater though :kissbye:. And while I don't think Chantelle is the easiest to get along with (❤️) she was hating a bit too hard for me to care. I don't really think Lenox has a personality. But she's not like evil or anything.

7. Will - Maybe I'm still biased from his awful TAR appearance (though I liked him more than his partner). Will had main character energy without ever delivering as a main character. On paper he should work. Smalltown gay boy finally being himself for the first time. B2 the first week and then rose to final two. Combated homophobia in the house. Learned to stand up for himself. It's all great! He doesn't have an ounce of charisma or wit to pull any of it off. Sorry, but that's the truth. Nice guy, I just couldn't find myself rooting for him.

8. Matthew - First he was boring and hot. Then he was An Ally who would just casually make out with men and hot. Then he was boring and hot again. Then he had a weird concept about a slutty high schooler which made me side-eye and he promptly got eliminated. Fascinating.

9. Ben - He was hot and I liked his ~vibe~. He was a lot younger than Adam and I think he could've carried the party boy character to a less startling degree while also being a more Serious Model. That's my way of saying I wish he lasted longer, but this is the best I can do with how much we got from him.

10. Kari - I was very anti-Kari early on just because I was not about to remotely f*ck with the Keith & Kari showmance storyline. It never really amounted to much luckily. She was just a quiet, sweet girl who got an awful makeover and left early.

11. Ivy - Ivy seemed sweet...thus she would've been eaten alive in this trainwreck of a house (though I'd imagine the Will alliance likely would've tucked her under their wing).

12. Romeo - He came out of the gate with a bang and I was kinda living for his chaos. But then I realized how put on and unnatural it was. Romeo was just thirsty for airtime and the longer it went on, the worse it got. Romeo should've just been a casting episode flop. Instead he made it into the house and proceeded to embarrass himself by being the first person kicked off the show for physical violence. Yikes.

13. Keith - Keith is offensively boring.

14. Denzel - Denzel is offensively awful. His storylines included homophobia and a grating showmance with Mirjana. The two worst things to come out of the cycle are both courtesy of Denzel. I can't imagine last place being anyone else.


Top 10:


Because the photoshoots were so bad, this wasn't a difficult top 10 to make. I probably should've actually ranked the vampire photos since they were decent, but I'm way too lazy to go back and do that now. Almost through Ben's Twofold or Chantelle's Wet & Wild in there.


1. Raelia's Mitch Stone Solo

2. Mirjana's Mitch Stone Solo

3. Lenox's Frostbitten

4. Lenox's Futuristic

5. Shei's HIV Awareness

6. Lenox's Hair Whipping

7. Lenox's MCM Bags

8. Shei's Mitch Stone Solo

9. Shei's Hair Whipping

10. Matthew's Frostbitten

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21)
18 hours ago, Alex95 said:

She was just a quiet, sweet girl who got an awful makeover and left early.

The list is loooong but Kari’s gotta be one of the worst makeovers in ANTM history? Like one of the most unique-looking, stunning girls in my opinion and i feel like they totally screwed with that.


(best believe I’m binging this whole thread before the upcoming rankdown btw!!)

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19 hours ago, *Lily said:

The way you have been able to get through almost all of the awful cycles..truly inspiring!


Oof the way that Adam is your #4 says it all about this cast I feel. :dead:

It's cause I'm so close to the end, I can taste it!


It was a very low 4th place I can guarantee :dead:


19 hours ago, Gonzalo said:

Well good news if you survive this cycle you can survive any other 🙈, i think season 23 and 24 are really underrated

I'm looking forward to them because I legit know nothing about them!


14 hours ago, Solaris said:

I liked cycle 22

I might've watched like one episode of 22 if even......so I'm going in with an open mind. I can't imagine it'll be worse than 21!


2 hours ago, *Lily said:

The list is loooong but Kari’s gotta be one of the worst makeovers in ANTM history? Like one of the most unique-looking, stunning girls in my opinion and i feel like they totally screwed with that.


(best believe I’m binging this whole thread before the upcoming rankdown btw!!)

Oh yeah she's definitely near the top of the list. When you look at her with her natural hair, she's a completely different person. Denzel's beard weave kinda stole her thunder unfortunately of worst makeovers of the cycle lol


I hope everyone uses this thread and thus copies my exact thoughts and feelings on everyone :wub: :giggle:

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Cycle 22 - Episode 1 - The Guys and Girls Make It to Hollywood


The guys are back for another cycle of ANTM (for the last time ❤️)


ANTM has their first deaf model this cycle!


Unfortunately Yu Tsai is back.


Casually riding the bus with no pants on.


Lacey is a Small Town Girl. That's an archetype we've never seen!!!!!


Alexa & Hadassah brag about their boob jobs!


Bella compares Devin's face to that of a scary villain in a children's movie :dead:



Obligatory Tyra entrance as everyone loses their minds


Which leads to an impromptu runway show


Devim completely raced ahead of Mamé and led her behind :dead:


Yes and they also have to fight protestors or something during the show :wacko:



These models are already getting on Miss J's nerves :giggle:


Lacey's sob story is about her parents getting divorced, I'll give it a 2/10, but it's better than my dad's a janitor


Nyle brings his interpreter with him


Tyra teaches him to introduce himself sexily


Mamé was the daughter of a diplomat, but then she was taken away from her parents and raised by her aunt & uncle.


Bella randomly brings a crown with her which the other models proceed to break.


Needless to say Bella does not take it well.


"Bella is saying she paid $200 and I'm thinking that's impossible, it had to be a $1.99 :giggle:"


But don't worry, she still enters judging with her broken crown.


The judges are completely fascinated by Bella's eyes.



"You just seem like you don't...pay bills" One of the most intentionally funny things Tyra has ever said :dead:


She even broke Miss J with that one lmao


Mikey talks about his rough childhood being the first in his family to graduate highschool and being one of the first men in his family not to go to prison



Well...Courtney tried.


Hadassah shows off her pageant walk while the other girls seethe (Oh God...I don't need anything to make me think of BB24 right now 🙈)


Hadassah knows people don't view her as intelligent and she's hoping to prove everyone wrong.


Bella decides a good way to break the ice is to ask everyone to name two names they think are going home :dead:



Stefano decides Alexa should go home because she bragged about having a rich husband who gave her a boob job.


And Alexa drags him to filth ❤️


And Hadassah and the rest of the girls have Alexa's back




"Alexa, blonde hair big boobs, I don't respect her in this competition as a model"


Alexa opens up about having depression and anorexia in high school :broken:




Stefano plays a "reggae rap" for the judges


"Horrible, it was just horrible!"


Stefano believes religion is the root of all evil no matter what you believe in.


Devin likes to be the life of the party wherever he goes.



Tyra asks Dustin what he's self-conscious about on his body that's too long :dead:


But they're referring to his neck!


Ashley talks about living in a shelter for 3-4 years and being molested by her brother's friend as a child :broken:


Bryant is an underwear model and hopes to prove he's more than that.



Raquel is a Harry Potter girl and bought a wand with her to the audition lmao


Delanie talks about being picked on in middle school but then she lost a lot of weight!


Whew, that's a man!


Ava decides to wear this to her audition


"My motto is keep your legs closed and your bible open ;)"


They have to search a foam pool and find balls with their names on it if they made it to the next round :wacko:



Maleesa & Miguel kinda snapped with their photos, where are they in the final cast???


"I mean I'm not conceited or anything but I feel like this must be a mistake or something"


And now we're down to 22, but there are more cuts left to make before we find our finalists

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Cast Ranking:


This was a decent premiere. The first ten minutes were nonsense, but I'm glad we pretty much got to know everyone after that.


1. Hadassah - Predictably, I love her. Pretty girl who is oblivious to how much everyone hates her ❤️

2. Ashley - Actually had a sad sob story, how rare :broken:

3. Mamé - Strong opening episode, rootable so far!

4. Bella - Lmao the crown stuff was ridiculous, but I love how she stirred the pot and opened up discussion of who everyone wants out :dead:

5. Nyle - Hot and delightfully shady at times.

6. Justin - Very hot.

7. Courtney - Her country bumpkin routine who has never had her picture taken before...kind of works?

8. Dustin - I appreciate a man with a good sense of style.

9. Delanie - I also appreciated her good sense of style!

10. Devin - A bit grating, but not bad so far.

11. Mikey - Very bland and forgettable.

12. Lacey - Courtney did the small town girl shtick better sorry.

13. Ava - Maybe she'll be ironically funny, didn't happen yet.

14. Stefano - Obviously no.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 1)
On 7/16/2022 at 6:52 PM, *Lily said:

Lol Hadassah ❤️ A fantastic character for sure

Lmao I'm excited


On 7/16/2022 at 8:13 PM, jarmon said:

Stefano is so hot until he starts talking 💀


Don't see it at all 🙈


17 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

ugh I need to do a full review of this thread so I can beg Alex to do Australia's NTM... 

Lmao I'm taking a looooong break from any Top Model after I finish this

  • Haha 1
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Cycle 22 - Episode 2 - The Girl Who Walks Away


The 22 remaining models go into the house and are randomly greeted by the Property Brothers?????


Nyle feels connected to the Property Brothers because he's also a twin. How do they even have the same DNA????


The Property Bros allegedly designed the house.


They have to claims 14 beds amongst 22 people.


Mikey is excited to be sharing a bed with Mamé


However, she has eyes for Justin.


Devin gets to share a bed with Nyle and Justin??? That man is living my dream smh


Devin is signed to six agencies y'all!!!!!1111!!1 (I think I've heard more about Devin's six agencies than Jourdan being married and divorced at 18)


Hadassah wasn't able to run in her heels and thus was unable to claim a bed :giggle:


Lacey immediately didn't want to be around Hadassah because she's a "pageant girl" (ugh at this literally being the Taylor BB24 storyline :rolleyes:)


Don't worry, those who don't have beds can grab a sleeping bag!


For the challenge, they have to do pose-offs against each other.


Their pose is "Kanye West interrupts your model of the year speech" Y'know a totally normal modeling pose...


Hadassah showed off all her assets in order to get the challenge win ❤️


Mamé wins the posing challenge and gets to stay in the Tyra Suite!


"Who wants to see the Tyra Suite?" is ANTM's answer to "Who wants to see my HOH room?!"


Everyone is enjoying the selfie photo booth


Now that Mamé's in the Tyra Suite, Mikey's desperate to find a girl to share the bed with him.



Mikey might be outthirsting Marvin.



Meanwhile Bella can't stand Devin's OTT presence.


"My goal is to try to get everyone to love me...but that's not guaranteed ^_^. I might be a pageant girl but I've never said I won Miss Congeniality"


Hadassah decides to hold a house meeting on the first night to go over everyone's horrible eating habits lol


"I don't like burps!"


"Don't stare at me from a distance 🙂" Wow we're getting the second coming of Furonda's Rules


Lacey decides to confront Hadassah that she doesn't like her vibes


Hadassah kindly gives Lacey some advice, since she's so young, that it's a bad idea to judge others based just on first vibes :yes:


Lacey decides she's just gonna avoid Hadassah because the drama isn't worth her time.


Nyle shows how to communicate with everyone using some app.


Mikey decides to convince Courtney to join him in his bed because she all alone......that's some creep behavior I'm sorry


Courtney has a boyfriend though and wants to shut down any flirting.


While Alexa really wants to be a model, she's struggling being in a house with all these people.


She snaps at everyone who's still partying in the middle of the night while she's stuck sleeping on the floor.


"Nothing happened between me and Courtney, but it's pretty obvious she does like me, I mean what's there not to like" Wowwwww he's the worst


Courtney does admit to having a crush on Mikey 🙈


"Devin is mean-girlish and I don't have time for that. He needs to shut the f*ck up and humble himself because he's definitely not the prettiest one nor the best one in this competition :kissbye:"


At the photoshoot, Alexa begins to break down from lack of sleep at the stresses of the competition.


After thinking about it, she decides to pull herself from the competition.


Stefano feels this confirms what he originally thought about her.


"If you get to the end of the parking lot and change your mind I'll personally come get you" Not Kelly being sweet ❤️


Nyle not having to listen to Yu Tsai...he's so lucky


I just do not get the choices Devin makes.......at all



Devin is not happy with Yu Tsai criticizing him at the shoot



And proceeds to break down.


"Devin just started 'crying'...I'm not buying it"


And then later that night, Bella calls Devin out for being fake.







I mean, did she lie?


"Dustin looks like everybody who grew up in Middle America to me" Yu Tsai didn't lie tbh


They all have to walk this runway and if you get dropped, that means you're cut :dead: (but we won't find out till next episode)

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Cast Ranking:


I'm still kinda enjoying this? Everything feels very low stakes, kinda just trashy background entertainment. There's been a good amount of drama and it's been fun. Still don't think casting needs to be spread across two episodes, but for what it is I'll take it.


1. Hadassah - I can't believe Furonda's Rules are making a comeback everyone say thank you Hadassah!

2. Bella - She kinda snapped, I was totally in agreement with her irt everything Devin.

3. Mamé - Queen of winning the pose-off!

4. Nyle - I bet he's not gonna do a damn thing this season besides be likable and I'll still be ranking him higher than half the cast :dead:

5. Justin - The fact that the J Smooth stuff doesn't make me cringe proves he might be the most charismatic man to ever exist.

6. Courtney - She's so sweet...please run away from Mikey!

7. Ashley - Who?

8. Delanie - Who?

9. Dustin - Who?

10. Ava - The flower child stuff is just...not it.

11. Stefano - Could've been a fellow who if he didn't open his mouth about Alexa :kissbye:

12. Lacey - She was being a hater, I'm #TeamHadassah. If you don't want drama, don't start it?

13. Devin - He's definitely doing too much, I see right through him.

14. Mikey - He outthirsted a full cycle of Marvin in 20 mins, congratulations Mikey.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 2)

Cycle 22 - Episode 3 - The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out


Devin reminds us he's signed to six agencies across the world :rolleyes:


Courtney has been bullied all throughout highschool for her weight and her teeth, so she's hoping Mikey can be a true friend for her in the house ^_^


Gotta get a group prayer in before they topple to their death!


They also have to pose midair as part of the runway :dead:


Mamé is serving these midair poses!


Lmao @ the losers getting dropped :dead:



"What's the mouth thing, it's very weird :wacko:"


And we've got our cast of 14!


The runway was also a challenge so they've all got their first challenge scores!


Bella and her teddy bear are pissed Devin made it into the house.


Remember when ANTM had a different photographer each week? Those were the days...


Tyra randomly shows up on set to give a teach about not being no neck monsters.


Stefano strategizes with Hadassah before the shoot, but she decides they don't have to actually listen to Tyra ❤️


Points were made...


Courtney breaks down before the shoot due to stress.


And Mikey is pissed because Courtney's his partner.


He gives her a pep talk to get through the shoot.


And they get through it!


And with that Mikey decides he's done looking after Courtney.


Later on he talks shit about her and her eating habits to Ashley & Devin.


Courtney overhears Mikey from the pool though and starts crying :broken:


"I've never had friends before that actually wanted to spend time with me and talk with me 😭"


Mikey comes in and takes no responsibilty while Ava and Bella call him out for being shitty ❤️



"Ava shut up!"

That's how you respond when you're criticized for your behavior Mikey?


"What are you talking about?! Mikey do not talk to me that way!"


Mikey continues to yell at Courtney that he's the only one who's ever been there for her.


Courtney storms out and removes herself from the situation.


But Mikey follows her to continue berating her about how he's always there for her.


No more social media! Just judges scores and challenge score!


Hadassah admitted she didn't pay attention to Tyra's lesson because she's still learning modeling terms and she didn't know what she was talking about :haha:


Mikey begs Tyra not to cut his hair at makeovers and Miss J decides she would cut his hair just for that :dead:


Stefano condescendingly talks about taking charge as the leader since she's young


Yet he produced this shot


Devin did well, but 10's for that photo?!


Bella is clearly excited about Devin's FCO!


.7?! We're getting specific with scores this season!



Kelly calls Hadassah her difficult project of the cycle :haha:


Look at the difference between these two close-ups...Choices were made


Poor Delanie got like no airtime :haha:


And then there were 13...

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Cast Ranking:


I was annoyed at first over wasting the first 15 minutes on the cast reveal, but I'm glad they also used it as a challenge. The episode still felt a bit too rushed, and we didn't really get to know most of these people, but I'm still enjoying it more than last cycle.


1. Courtney - Courtney is so vulnerable and was not at all ready for reality television. So obviously I'm very intrigued by her and looking forward to seeing more from her!

2. Ava - Read Mikey to filth, I must stan ❤️

3. Hadassah - Hadassah is literally living inside her own little world ❤️

4. Bella - Bella and Devin's nonstop confessionals about each other are starting to get irksome, but as long as I continue hating Devin, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

5. Mamé - Dominating this competition with ease 💅

6. Justin - The J Smooth stuff is officially old and he can now stop with it at any time.

7. Nyle - He's there.

8. Lacey - As is she.

9. Dustin - So is Dustin.

10. Delanie - She is not there anymore (lol poor thing)

11. Ashley - Falling for Mikey? Please fine some taste and quickly!

12. Stefano - I still don't like him.

13. Devin - I still very much don't like him.

14. Mikey - Every cycle I think I find the worst man of all time (Chris H then Denzel) but somehow they continue to top each other. Mikey might be the worst man of all time. Invented gaslighting in that fight with Courtney.


Photo Ranking:


The concept was good, but the execution was pretty horrible. Some of the shots are...idk I'm blaming the photography for some of these.


1. Lacey - Very strong and seductive. Easy favorite of the week.

2. Ava - The lighting is awful, but Ava's still standing out in an amazing way.

3. Justin - Soft and serene, I love it!

4. Courtney - I appreciate the risk and I think it paid off here.

5. Delanie - Idk what about this is elimination worthy. I think she's creating a nice shape (the best she can tied in rope lol) and her face is strong. I think she did a great job!

6. Bella - She's working with Lacey well and it's a solid shot.

7. Devin - I don't really like Devin's look, but this is an interesting picture and I think he's selling it well.

8. Mamé - I'm not blown away, but it's good!

9. Mikey - Also not blown away, but fine.

10. Nyle - A little forgettable and akward, but not bad.

11. Ashley - I don't like the way she's gripping Devin's shoulder and she's getting outshined by him.

12. Hadassah - I want to like it more than I do.

13. Dustin - Go gurl, give us nothing.

14. Stefano - One of the worst photos of all-time. How the hell does he not get eliminated here?!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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