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Cast Ranking:


This is why we love ANTM! Petty drama as the girls are forced into groups, given advantages, and lay out their insecurities in front of each other. Easily my favorite episode of the VH1 era, and one of my favorites of the past few cycles.


1. Shanice - Shanice is pure gold at these challenges. Her personality really shines there and she is just so charming and funny. She even makes her drama funny, she would not stop coming for Christina at panel :dead:

2. Rio - Omg what a breakout episode :dead:. I thought Rio was the rootable, well-adjusted narrator of the cycle. This reminded me a lot of the girls getting pissed at Kyle in C18 for winning a challenge based on her pretty white girl privilege. Yes I understand why Rio's upset...but Sandra's here to win and she's not gonna step to the side for you lmao. Rio just delivered nonstop between her blowup at dinner, refusing to watch Sandra's photoshoot, and then managing to get FCO ❤️

3. Christina - Christina was getting little digs in all episodes and then it all led up to panel where she got called lettuce hair and that she squished everyone else in her photoshoot ❤️

4. Sandra - Pretty girl just minding her own business as everyone seethes ❤️. Always one of my favorite archetypes!

5. Brendi K. - What is this Shanice and Brendi K. bffmance? I would like to see more!

6. Coura - She really said cut the cameras deadass :dead:. That's how you make an exit :wub:

7. Erin - Erin immediately going into mama bear mode at dinner as things got dramatic ❤️

8. Jeana - She's very inspiring and gorgeous, but I am gonna need more than just the inspirational girl.

9. Khrystyana - She's still c00t ^_^. But on an episode everyone delivered, c00t doesn't cut it.

10. Kyla - Lol how does this girl win?

11. Liberty - She's gonna keep being last until she gives me a reason not to put her last :kissbye: (or someone gives me a reason to put them last).


Photo Ranking:


I thought this was a gorgeous shoot, really loved it!


1. Jeana - I mean she has the strongest face in the competition, of course she's gonna nail this.

2. Khrystyana - She went completely straight on and could've soared or failed with that choice. And she absolutely soured.

3. Liberty - This shot isn't as commercial as the judges made it out to be. Her blue eyes are so beautiful and really sell the shot. I think she's doing enough!

4. Rio - I don't looooove her lips, but it's still a huge improvement from last week and easily her strongest picture yet.

5. Sandra - Also don't like the upper lip here, but everything else is great.

6. Coura - Idk I don't hate it. She's giving us an emotion and selling it. It's not a drop dead beautiful shot, but it works.

7. Brendi K. - She squinted a bit too much that she's losing the eyes, but not terrible.

8. Christina - It's good. Not great, not terrible.

9. Erin - As is hers.

10. Kyla - I think Kyla looks really young here, and not in a good way. She just looks kinda out of place and almost uncomfortable.

11. Shanice - Lmao this is terrible, #bless the judges for pretending to love it and giving her a high call out :wub:

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 5)

Cycle 24 - Episode 6 - Beauty is Pride


Brendi K. calls out Christina for disrespecting the judges at panel, but Christina disagrees ^_^


"I know you're a bad bitch, but we're all bad bitches!!!!!"


Christina knows Coura was more liked than her, but she liked Coura too and she's feeling ostracized by Brendi K. and Shanice.


"It was a tough elimination, but Coura should be here not you"


Tyra announces it's Pride Week and they'll be celebrating LGBTQ+ pride all week and Liberty's concerned.


To the surprise of no one, Activist Queen Kyla was in the gay/straight alliance in high school :giggle:


Brendi K. is bisexual, but has never come out to her family at home and is hoping to embrace pride this week ^_^


For the challenge, the girls will be doing their own styling and doing a runway show at a gay club.


Jeana still standing out amongst the confetti I see you gurl!


Sorry Kyla, wearing a denim jacket with Caitlyn Jenner on the back is not gonna get the LGBTQ+ community on your side :dead:


"Not so great..."

"No :/"

Your C24 winner ladies and gentlemen lol



Khrystyana does some sort of coming out of the closet metaphor with a costume reveal and it kiiiiiinda works?


Shanice is hoping to win the challenge for her sister who is gay, but also doesn't show her face at all during the show 🙈


Umm okay Grandma Erin!


Brendi K. starts crying after finding out she flopped the challenge because she feels like she let the community down.


And Khrystyana wins another challenge!



Kyla's so extra :dead: But at least her heart's in the right place!


Liberty starts debating about not wanting equality for all because men don't need maternity leave :wacko:


"I do believe in a lot of things the republicans are talking about and representing"


Christina tries to reach out to the other girls and mend some fences with them.


And Christina politely corrects Brendi K.'s grammar as they discuss their differing upbringings as Christina taught English in Barcelona for a year ^_^


"I tried being nice and it backfired in my face. It sucks because I don't really view myself as someone who doesn't have friends 😢"


"No one knows how it feels to be on this side of things 😭"


For the photoshoot the girls will be posing with drag queens from RPDR.


Kyla is losing her mind because she's obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race.


Liberty finally starts to wonder if the things she was raised around and seemed okay then maybe aren't okay.


The drag queens wanna get the tea from Christina about who is bringing drama but she's not spilling.


But she is smiling ear to ear as Brendi K. struggles with her photoshoot :giggle:


Jeana decorates her head with rhinestones, what a fashion icon!


Kyle starts crying as she's told she's struggling in the competition.


Shanice dedicates her second call out to her sister even though their mom isn't accepting her she wants her to know she does ❤️


Liberal vs. Conservative bottom two and the left wins!


Lol Liberty being sent home for being a republican pretty much, Tyra's funny sometimes :dead:


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


This episode was neither amazing nor terrible. A perfectly acceptable episode of ANTM!


1. Christina - Y'all know I love a misunderstood villain. She pushes the line far enough, but has enough plausible deniability where I'm left wondering hmm maybe she is in the right. I mean probably not, but a guy can dream.

2. Shanice - It's funny that Shanice and Brendi K. are next because I was annoyed at them for being so anti-Christina, but I can accept and understand being anti-Christina and they had a bunch of things that made me love them. Shanice's speech to her sister when she got her photo made me tear up ❤️

3. Brendi K. - There's always another layer to the onion we peel back with each episode with Brendi K. I think she's an absolutely fascinating and complex individual. Loved seeing how much she wanted to deliver for pride week!

4. Khrystyana - Has Khrystyana perfected the overly chipper photogenic archetype? Stay tuned!

5. Kyla - Kyla's very annoying, but it kinda circled back to being funny? She's like the personification of a twitter activist, but she's saying the right things and she ain't hurting anyone.

6. Erin - Bonus points for smacking her ass in the middle of a runway show!

7. Rio - I still like her!

8. Jeana - Bonus points for how she styled herself at panel.

9. Sandra - Lol @ how much main character energy Rio and Sandra had last episode only to disappear this one.

10. Liberty - This was such a setup lmao. But hopefully this show was a step in the right direction in Liberty's life. Needless to say I am not a fan.


Photo Ranking:


3 in a row! After that godawful first shoot and the weird ass video shoot I thought we were gonna be in trouble this cycle. But this was a really beautiful photoshoot with some good results!


1. Khrystyana - I love the risks she took here. She really went for the drama and it paid off, this is a fabulous shot.

2. Shanice - Yes Shanice, finally! Her best picture to date! I don't love her hand placements, but it's such a gorgeous closeup.

3. Jeana - It feels a bit too placed for me, I would've liked a bit more improv. But it's still another strong shot for Jeana!

4. Liberty - This was probably Liberty's weakest shot yet, but it's still fourth call out for me such an awful elimination :dead:. But am I complaining? Nope 🙊

5. Rio - This is a good shot. Not amazing, not terrible.

6. Sandra - Strong closeup, weak long shot.

7. Brendi K. - It's decent, but very Model 101.

8. Kyla - It's kinda go gurl give us nothing, but she looks very pretty.

9. Erin - I love the interaction between her and the drag queen, but sadly she looks 100 years old.

10. Christina - Lmao okay I appreciate the risk and I understand what she's going for, but this shot does not work for me at all, it's simply bad acting. Which is a shame, because I liked a lot of what she was doing when she was shooting, I wish we got a different shot from her.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 6)

Cycle 24 - Episode 7 - Beauty is Raw


Kyla feels she's a chill person, but being in the bottom two shook her.


Kyla accidentally bumped into Brendi K. and Brendi K.'s not happy about it


Christina feels Brendi K. needs to learn how to handle criticism better ^_^


Brendi K. is losing confidence and is questioning if she still deserves to be here.


Erin opens up to the other girls about losing her son's father to cancer and the guilt about how she feels she wasn't there for him since she left him when he got sick.


Holy shit, Erin breaking down from guilt is one of the saddest and most "real" reality tv moments I've seen in a while.


Before the upcoming photoshoot, all the girls are getting manicures!


And Mama TyTy is here to join the girls!


Christina talks about how she's struggling connecting to the other girls.


And she talks about how her dad nearly died and had been struggling with his health and it's been weighing on her.


"Maybe I put up a front because I don't want anybody to think I'm weak, but at the same time it doesn't let people get to know me and so I have to work on it"



Tyra tells the girls the photoshoot is about "being raw" and Sandra and Erin tell Tyra they will not be posing nude lmao.


But don't worry it's about posing without makeup, not nude ^_^


And there's a bunch of hands touching them during the shoot or something idk


Khrystyana thinks about how she was molested at 11 years old and overcoming it.


For the challenge, the girls are picking their own groups to make anti-bullying PSAs.


And Christina seeks out Brendi K. for her group hoping they can bury the hatchet.


Christina tells Stacey she knows what it's like to be bullied and has even been bullied in the Top Model house ^_^


Brendi K. and Shanice are amused by Christina's revelation.


At the challenge, Khrystyana releases all her emotion from when she was molested as a kid.


And the group of Kyla, Sandra, and Khrystyana wins the challenge!


"As an activist, having my first challenge win be for an anti-bullying campaign is a big deal which just goes to show my impact can be huge" That's nice but it's literally just a challenge win girl :dead:


Shanice was willing to give Christina another chance, but not anymore after the challenge and is hoping she'll go home.


You will never be Tyra and Janice making out at panel that one time!


Khrystyana leaves everyone at judging in tears when she shares her story.


But don't worry, Christina is here to argue back with the judges before the episode gets too dreary!


Brendi K. demands to Christina that she needs to apologize to Tyra if she wants to ~grow~


The judges decide seven girls should tie for FCO...this shoot was not that good :dead:


Erin is saved because the judges feel she actually listens to critique.


Tyra tells Christina she feels she is here for exposure and not to be molded.


"I am freeing you to be in a place where you don't have to be critiqued by judges because we feel like you think you know best and I'm gonna respect that and let you go out in the world and let you go at it on your own 🙂" Holy shit Tyra haaaaaates Christina


"You know you're a good model!"

"It's okay...apparently not :/"

"Okay well I'll let you go 🙂"


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


A 40 minute sob story episode is just not for me. I'd watch like America's Got Talent or modern Survivor if that's what I wanted. It did help me connect with a few of the girls, but I'll take a house drama episode over everyone sharing their sob stories.


1. Christina - I could definitely entertain an argument that Christina's a bit forced when it comes to being a villain, but honestly her trolling skills are too good. She almost broke Tyra for the first time since like C12? Queen shit!

2. Khrystyana - Khrystyana has been the light in a cast of some dark personalities. Hearing what she's been through is heartbreaking. As cheesy as the PSA's were for most, I really bought Khrystyana's and her scream.

3. Erin - A lot of the sob stories felt very forced, but not Erin's. Her breaking down at the start of the episode was one of the realest thing I felt watching.

4. Sandra - Perfect Sandra not having a sob story and not having to pose nude ❤️. Queen always gets what she wants ❤️

5. Rio - She was certainly there!

6. Jeana - As was she!

7. Shanice - I still like her, but the Christina hating was getting annoying. I'm glad Christina's gone so hopefully we can get some new storylines from her.

8. Kyla - Is Kyla's an activist her version of Jourdan's I was married and divorced at 18?

9. Brendi K. - I wanna see Brendi K. laugh or something, I feel like we just need some sort of light with her. She's been through a lot and I feel bad for her, but she's such a complainer! And she kinda annoyed me at the end of the episode demanding an apology from Christina to Tyra. Idk maybe now that Christina's gone we can see a new side to her!


Photo Ranking:


I do like natural beauty shots. I think the hands were completely unnecessary and distracting. Tyra's has some good shoots throughout the years, but this is one of her worse shoots. The judges pretending like this was the best thing ever was so forced lmao.


1. Sandra - Sandra's face is gorgeous and is photographing flawlessly here. I love the shaping of her hair, the hands aren't distracting, amazing picture.

2. Kyla - Okay finally Kyla, I see you girl! Her profile is to die for and this shot is amazing.

3. Shanice - This is a very confident shot from Shanice, she's on a roll right now, I hope she keeps it up!

4. Khrystyana - This is honestly one of the shots where the hands are most distracting, not really her fault. She's doing an amazing job emoting and I love this shot.

5. Christina - Huge gap between my top four and bottom five. I appreciate Christina giving us an emotion, but it's not really a great emotion to be photographed. Same problem as last week lol, but better!

6. Brendi K. - I do like her face for the most part, but her arms are very stiff and awkward. Not really gently placed at all.

7. Rio - It's relaxed, but almost a bit too relaxed that it looks lifeless lol. I'm waiting for Rio to really blow me away in a photoshoot honestly.

8. Jeana - Jeana has such a strong look that I think less is more with her. This shot feels way overly posed and I don't think the angle's a good one of her face.

9. Erin - The hair is just eating her up, she was not able to fight her way through it at all whatsoever. Oh well.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 7)

Cycle 24 - Episode 8 - Beauty Is Social


Some of the girls talk about how Rio's the biggest h8r in the house (Christina's gone and they need a new villain :giggle:)


Kyla tells the girls about Rio making a hurtful "joke" calling her stupid.


Kyla opens up about experiencing a traumatic brain injury in high school during volleyball practice.


And Rio is Jeana's friend so she goes to let her know the girls are talking about her.


"Kyla's doing this to get attention or something :rolleyes:"


Today's challenge is about social media, and Sandra's feeling confident because she has 80k followers!


SCREAMING :dead: :wub:


And Tyra's here to teach the girls how to take selfies and make up random slogans that no one in the real world will ever use ^_^


The girls are joined by supermodel Jourdan Dunn who tells Tyra watching ANTM was her inspiration to become a model lol.


And the girls have to create a selfie modeling Jourdan's design that the winner will be posted on her Insta.


"Instagram is my thing, but if you're not interesting I'm not gonna follow you back :kissbye:. I don't have time to look through all of my followers 💅"


"Kyla is struggling, doesn't really know how to take a proper selfie...kinda stupid ;)" Ohhhhhhh we getting nasty up in here :wub:


Khrystyana has to teach Grandma Erin how to take a selfie :giggle:


Jeana is the one to win the challenge!


Kyla sits down and confronts Rio over #stupidgate and Rio calls it a misunderstanding and she never wanted her to take it like that.


However, Rio still feels Kyla is being sensitive and overreacting.


"There's so many words in our vocabulary, find a different one 🙂"


For the photoshoot, the girls find out they'll be posing with male models, and Sandra's worried because she's engaged.


"We're posing with fat ass dudes :haha:" Omg Rio is just fully embracing her problematic era 🙈


"Nooooo we're doing body positivity for men too! Normal men are hot ^_^"


"I was just kidding everyone, I'm not that insensitive of a bitch, promise!"


Tyra is shooting the girls for the second week in arow since ANTM's in its broke era :giggle:


And the girls are hosting a casting call to pick the full figured male model they'll each be shooting with!


This man ain't full-figured :kissbye:


"To be honest with you overweight guys like that are not cute. Let's work out, let's get healthy, but...you do you boo!"


And Tyra does her own call out ceremony to pick the male models that will be featured lol.


Khrystyana is feeling nervous about posing with a male model after all the memories of her being molested were trigged last week.


Sandra is also feeling nervous because being in a sexual position with a man, even for a photoshoot, goes against her Muslim religion.


Law couldn't make it to panel, but Jourdan is here in his place!


Erin thirsts over the male model she got to pose with lmao


Kyla goes from B2 to two FCO's in a row (albeit the last one was tied with six other girls lol)


Sandra immediately sobbing during the B2 reveal, she has to know she's screwed against Khrystyana :dead:


Sandra hopes she showed Muslim girls they can do whatever they want!


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


Weakest episode of the season yet. It was just boring. I don't have much to say. I'm still hopeful for the rest of the season!


1. Khrystyana - Nobody really delivered and I've been waiting for an opportunity to put Khrystyana first so I'm jumping on it. Tyra works hard to create these tv moments and then forgets that digging up girls' past trauma will lead them to having to deal with it while still competing in a reality show competition. I felt bad for Khrystyana having to deal with her demons that she had successfully buried, but I'm glad she persevered.

2. Erin - In a tv genre that is littered with wannabe mactors, I love that we have someone with 43 followers on the show ❤️. Erin is just in her own little world, yet she's still in it to win it!

3. Jeana - Glad to see Jeana finally pop up in the house. Winning a challenge and stirring the pot for her girl Rio!

4. Kyla - Honestly she really does annoy me a lot lmao. But I'm trying not to be a h8r and she continues to be objectively right in her arguments. Like yes, we should not call a girl with a traumatic brain injury stupid...

5. Sandra - I completely forgot she was Muslim till this episode lmao. Sandra is the epitome of situationally interesting, but at least she had her moments.

6. Rio - I flirted with putting her first cause honestly she was cracking me up all episode 🙈. But yeah, she's objectively a very mean person. With the stupid thing, obviously it's a poor choice of works but I don't think it's the end of the world. But when Kyla opened up to her she should've definitely stopped then and not keep going. Then there's the fat shaming with the male models. I mean yeah girl was a mess, but she was also REALLY funny with it 🙈

7. Shanice - Give Shanice an edit!

8. Brendi K. - I'm glad Brendi K. got a bit of a cooldown episode.


Photo Ranking:


I liked the shoot! Certainly better than last week. Not the greatest shoot ever, but it looked cool!


1. Shanice - Honestly where did Shanice come from?! She was never a bad model but these past few weeks have been a completely different from Shanice! The back bend, the contact with the camera. She completely forgot about the male model lol but I don't even care.

2. Jeana - Jeana reigned it in more this week and it worked. She's still great at creating interesting shapes, but this one feels a lot more relaxed and natural. Great job!

3. Kyla - I love the confidence and strength behind her pose. The face isn't as strong as the pose, but it's still another great week for Kyla!

4. Brendi K. - I'm very drawn to this shot for some reason, like it's something out of a sci-fi movie. I don't think it's technically amazing, but I think I love it and I suppose that's what art is about.

5. Erin - Her body is banging here, easily her best shot of the competition (and about damn time)

6. Khrystyana - I don't think it's bad, just the other girls did better. She's lowkey going for a similar vibe as Brendi K. and Brendi K. managed to eat her up 🙈

7. Sandra - I like the pose, but the face is very weak and in a week this strong, that puts her towards the bottom.

8. Rio - It's okay. Not terrible, but simply the worst of the bunch.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 8)

Your lack of appreciation for Kyla’s portfolio has been noted. :kissbye: I loved everything about Kyla.

I loved Christina because of the drama she was always tangled up in. Her portfolio isn’t strong but she wasn’t the worst model of the cycle.


Rio can leave. Calling the full figured male body “not cute” automatically puts her last imo. Body shaming at its finest and obviously it was ignored on this show with no repercussions.

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On 11/17/2022 at 5:36 AM, Zoey said:

Your lack of appreciation for Kyla’s portfolio has been noted. :kissbye: I loved everything about Kyla.

I loved Christina because of the drama she was always tangled up in. Her portfolio isn’t strong but she wasn’t the worst model of the cycle.


Rio can leave. Calling the full figured male body “not cute” automatically puts her last imo. Body shaming at its finest and obviously it was ignored on this show with no repercussions.

She made my top three the past two shoots what more could you want :dead:. Her early shots were mediocre, hopefully this is the beginning of some great photos!


Agreed, Christina was great!


Tbf I only put her above two people who did nothing that episode :haha:. Idk if it was no repercussions? I feel like they accurately edited her in the wrong and had Khrystyana, Kyla, and Sandra all calling her out for her comments. The show would never intervene and do something about it. Hell Whitney won a season despite being accused of as a racist :dead:

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Cycle 24 - Episode 9 - Beauty is Movement


Despite the FCO, Rio still feels Kyla has the weakest portfolio of everyone remaining.


Shanice is excited about a potential upcoming dance challenge and we get to see home videos of her dancing.


Rio and Jeana both feel closest to each other in the house and don't trust the other girls.


And we are just finding out now that Jeana has been rubbing girls the wrong way and half the house doesn't like her or Rio :dead:


The girls show off what kind of moves they have and Jeana feels confident since she was on a dance team.


Shanice recreates a routine from high school, which everyone proceeds to make fun of :haha:


Sha-nasty came back out for the photoshoot dance challenge!


Brendi K. messes up the routine and is upset as she feels she's going downhill in the competition.


Jeana and Shanice are the top two at the challenge and Jeana wins as everyone besides Rio seethes ❤️


And Jeana picks Rio to join her on the reward


Shanice is annoyed because she feels Jeana should've chosen her as the runner-up (no one on ANTM has ever not chosen their friend to join them on the reward be fr)


When Jeana & Rio return from the reward, the other girls give them the shoulder.


"Girls are two-faced...it's a damn shame actually 🙂"


Brendi K., Shanice, and Kyla laugh about not caring about how Jeana & Rio enjoyed their trip to the spa.


Jeana's used to being an outsider, but doesn't care because all she cares about is winning the competition.


Brendi K. opens up to the other girls that she's not sure if this competition is for her and she wants to go back home.


Erin tries to remind Brendi K. not to get defeated and she doesn't want to return to where she came from.


"I think deep down I still don't think I'm enough. When you're told something so much in your life, you start to believe it."


At the photoshoot, Brendi K. continues to express she wants to go home.


"Honestly, I could care less, go home :rolleyes:"


A huge gust of wind blows and knocks over the hair and makeup tent.


And Jeana gets hit and freaks out.


But Shanice calls bullshit and footage doesn't seem to support Jeana's claim :haha:


After so much drama, we are pretty much fastforwarding through everyone shooting in like a minute :dead:


Jeana requests having her shoes removed for the shoot because they're too uncomfortable and unrealistic to model in :wub:


Not Brendi K. skipping the reading of the Tyra Mail 😮


Ashley compliments every aspect of Kyla's photo besides her actual modeling :haha:


The judges are lying through their teeth when they criticize Jeana's photo :dead:. They're just pissed she took her shoes off lol


Brendi K. tells the judges she feels she needs to leave the competition because she doesn't feel she's strong enough to be here anymore.


The Tyra who shaded quitters is long gone :haha:


And then there were 6...


Tyra reveals just because Brendi K. left doesn't mean there's not necessarily an elimination.


But lol jk there's no elimination.


Yup still 6

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Cast Ranking:


This was a...weird episode. I like the conflict and the warring sides in the house but it just seems like it came completely out of nowhere? Jeana was a nobody for eight episodes but the whole time she's been a house pariah who no one wants to live with? This episode was just kinda jarring as I feel like everything kinda came out of left field. But I guess we reset the board so I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes us.


1. Jeana - Lol duh. This villain arc came out of nowhere, but obviously I'm here for it. She didn't even do anything wrong lmao. She was just good at the challenge and her feet hurt ❤️.

2. Rio - Is Rio the ringleader or the sidekick? Idk but either way she was killing it all episode and I want to see more. This was definitely much more fun drama than what Rio was bringing last episode.

3. Brendi K. - Brendi K. started losing me these past few episodes, but I still like her and I hope she's found some peace in her life :(

4. Erin - I always like seeing Erin in mama bear mode.

5. Khrystyana - The show didn't even give her a single line this episode 🙈

6. Kyla - She hasn't given the audience a reason to care for her outside of "activist"

7. Shanice - Ugh I was such a Shanice fan and she's really starting to lose me. Shanice bitching about Jeana not picking her for the reward, come on there's a 0% chance Shanice would've picked Jeana :kissbye:. She just needs to stop being a hater and focus on just being the fun-loving Shanice of the first half of the cycle.


Photo Ranking:


I like the concept, but I'm not crazy about the execution. I feel some of the shots are taken just a bit too far away, it's hard to evaluate their modeling. But on the other hand, the backdrop is beautiful and I'm glad we have it. It's still a modeling competition though.


1. Jeana - Lmao at the judges throwing Jeana into the B2, this is flawless. I love so many of Jeana's poses, she is a master poser. Sometimes she does too much, but I'll always take too much over not enough. Her body is flawless here, as is her face.

2. Shanice - I think Shanice got a terrible garment, but she's still working it to the best of her ability. Her profile is so strong here and really sells the shot!

3. Khrystyana - I love the movement here and I feel like she's matching the energy of the parachute the best. Not her best work, but a step up from last week.

4. Kyla - It feels kinda pop star, but it's definitely a solid shot!

5. Rio - Huge gap between my top four and bottom three. I hate almost everything about this shot, but I appreciate her attempting to fill up the frame and doing some sort of movement.

6. Erin - Maybe Erin just isn't a model 🤷‍♂️

7. Brendi K. - This is obviously horrible, but she clearly just gave up so.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 9)
On 11/19/2022 at 12:04 AM, Gonzalo said:

Jeana Villain arc is one of the biggest plot twist in Antm, make me remember to Amanda on season 3 

Amanda got her villain arc outta the way the first half of the season and then was normal the second half of the season. So like an anti-Amanda :dead:

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Cycle 24 - Episode 10 - Beauty is Real


After her second B2 appearance, Kyla knows she needs to stand out.


Shanice celebrates her first FCO.


Jeana thinks Shanice is being annoying and cocky and is annoyed to see someone with less experience than her get FCO over her.


Rio & Khrystyana comfort Jeana as she spirals over almost going home.


Erin is getting nervous about the competition as the numbers go down and knows her age will hurt her.


Law comes by to prep the girls before go-sees!


Oof didn't expect Shanice to bomb her walk 🙈


I'm gonna need Jeana to stop standing next to these girls, especially Shanice.


The girls get seperated into two groups of Kyla, Erin & Rio and Shanice, Jeana & Khrystyana


"I'm just too cute right?! I'm just too cute ;)" Erin being extra af :wub:


"I'm over here trying to light the place up, it felt like a FUNERAL!"


Jeana's height is starting to hurt her on go-sees.


I would laugh if I walked into a go-see and saw her as my designer lmao


Rio dominates the go-sees booking two of them and standing out for all three.


And Kyla booked the third show.


The other four girls booked nothing, though Jeana stood out to the designers, but was told she's too short for runway.


Jeana is kind enough to give Shanice runway advice and tell her what she's doing wrong ^_^


"Oh well damn :/ Well I don't feel that way 🙂"


The girls get some weird descriptors for their Paper mock covers.


And Shanice is excited to finally get a wig for the photoshoot :haha:




We completely missed out on the storyline of Erin being extra af in professional situations to everyone's annoyance :dead:


Shanice is upset with the cheap ass wig they're giving her.


And clearly she's right because Drew decides to change her look because he realizes this isn't going to work.


And Drew isn't happy with Shanice's attitude as they're butchering her look.


"I will control the shoot, and you will be the model 🙂"


"I'm a little confused about what I'm supposed to portray, I've never heard of cyber sexy before :wacko:"


Shanice is feeling sick after struggling at the photoshoot and with her runway walk.


Tyra calls Jeana's photo "Gollum meets Natalie Portman meets Frozen" :dead:


Law asks Kyla how many boyfriends she's had and tells her he knows she hasn't had a lot of experience with men based on her sex appeal in photos 👁️👄👁️


Drew yells at Shanice for her "behavior" on set.


And Shanice breaks down and apologizes because she didn't realize she was being rude.


Tyra teaches the girls they have to act like a baby so they get what they want on a set :wacko:


"I'm tripping about what he said like come on now, I did not do that"


"I do not tell hair stylists what to do, I was just helping them out where to put the wig."


Half the girls are breaking down backstage after a tough judging.


Rio dominated this week with two castings booked and a FCO!


After a rough week, Shanice gets a second chance!


Erin is happy she made it this far and hopes her kids are proud of her!


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


This episode was frustrating, which is better than boring! The go-sees were a little boring. But I think a lot of the girls stood out this episode. And it was all kind of messy in a way I was intrigued.


1. Shanice - I'm feeling better about the Shanice and Jeana rivalry now that it feels a bit more even and they're both giving it. Shanice was fun against Jeana, but my heart really broke for her the second half of the episode. I think she got so f*cked over by the styling, and it's particularly sad with all the hair trauma she's had with the psoriasis. I don't think Shanice was acting up at all at the shoot and it was disappointing to see another WOC get checked for her "attitude"

2. Jeana - I still have no idea where this Jeana breakthrough came from but I'm here for it! She's got the perfect amount of arrogance cause also DAMN she is good! And based on next week's promo, it looks to be even more wild :dead:

3. Erin - She was not nearly as a big of a character as I was hoping, but she was still a lot of fun and had a pretty funny goodbye episode!

4. Kyla - Kyla's confusion over cyber sexy :dead: Same gurl!

5. Rio - I loved seeing Rio dominate this episode, you go gurl!

6. Khrystyana - I think this is the second episode in a row without even a single confessional from Khrystyana? Who the hell did she piss off!


Photo Ranking:


This should've been really easy not to f*ck up, but the dumbass themes and the awful styling did it.


1. Jeana - One of the greatest beauty shots in ANTM history. Her lips, her shoulder, the tilt of her head, the styling! Everything is firing on all cylinders in this shot, I would've given her the win right then and there for this because wow!

2. Rio - This is very commercial, but it's really fun and fits the vibe!

3. Erin - She got into character well. I'm not crazy about most of these shots so this isn't model amazing, but it fits the character.

4. Khrystyana - I hate full body covers, not really her fault though. I do love her pose though! But if it were just a beauty shot, I don't think I'd be crazy about her face. So it's a bit of a mixed bag.

5. Shanice - The styling f*cked her over, but I also think this is a rough angle of her face. If she tilted her head down and maybe closed her mouth, it could've been a stronger shot.

6. Kyla - Very go girl give us nothing. I'll give her a break since her concept was dumb, but she still could give us something even if she doesn't understand cyber sexy. Like the eyes are just dead. The makeup is completely wearing her.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 10)

Cycle 24 - Episode 12 - Beauty Is Personality


Tyra tells the girl this week is all about personality and they're going straight into a test!


Rio is feeling good about the week because she knows she has the most personality.


"The fact that Rio got first call out again, I'm happy for her...not :rolleyes:"


And the girls find out they have to create avatars for the ANTM Mobile Game and come up with backstories for them :dead:


"All these girls have obnoxious loud personalities and...that's not me so I get nervous"


Don't worry y'all, Kyla's avatar fights for equal rights ^_^


"I hope I showed them the character in my head, she's like the clumsy funny one ^_^"


"I didn't know I was supposed to act a damn fool! We weren't told to do that!!!!"


The challenge comes down to Rio and Khrystyana and it's Khrystyana who wins her fourth or fifth challenge?


"Congrats Khrystyana for winning that, but I don't like being told that I have no personality from somebody who doesn't know me! Law's a sassy little bitch, Law likes bitches! It's irritating :kissbye:" Yes Jeana...be more bitchy :devilwave:


"Khrystyana actually needed this though because she doesn't have any more outfits ^_^"


"I have a good sense of personal style! I have extra clothes! Khrystyana didn't plan for enough outfits to be here. So much for being America's Next Top Model you didn't plan correctly :rolleyes:"


"We're top five. Top five y'all! And we're all stressed out and we're all genuinely struggling ^_^"


"I wouldn't say I'm struggling boo 💅"


Jeana starts breaking down over being told she has no personality at the challenge.


Khrystyana's happy Jeana's confiding in her because she really does want to be her friend (even though Jeana was just talking shit about her challenge win :dead:)


The final five find out they'll be making a music video!



Jeana and Rio keep being told they're not bringing enough.


"You know, karma's a bitch 🙂"


Kyla spends half the shoot thirsting over the director.


"I don't know what's going on 😭 I spent my entire life working up to this 😭"



Khrystyana breaks a shoe and Jeana's excited.


And Jeana decides she's gonna jump in the middle of Khrystyana and Shanice's scene that she's not even supposed to be in :dead:


And Jeana turns the music video into a contact sport :dead:


Despite not being a confrontational person, Khrystyana decides to confront Jeana for smirking when she broke her dangerously high heel.


"And why did you jump in our shoot?!"


Jeana says the director told her to get into the shoot.


"I thought everyone had good intentions...maybe not everybody"


"Jeana is an undercover bitch and it kinda drives me crazy"


Kyla starts blushing at panel with Director X there.


Law is happy a man finally brought out Kyla's femininity and sexy side.


Khrystyana calls Law her Fairy God MOTHA for styling her after she won the challenge :haha:


Shanice calls out Jeana to the judges that she wasn't supposed to be in the pillow fight scene.


Director X confirms he did put Jeana in the scene.


Tyra doesn't care at all and tells them to handle it at home lol (C12 Tyra would've told Shanice not to mess with another girl's money :kissbye:)


Khrystyana apologizes to Jeana for not believing her that she was supposed to be in the scene and was mainly just upset about the heels situation.



And Jeana does this while Khrystyana's mid-sentence :dead:


The Jeana & Rio villainous duo is getting split up 😢


And it's Rio who survives 😮


"We'll see if any of these other girls can be as versatile as I'm gonna be after this 💅"


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


This episode was like the C19 Kristin downfall episode on steroids. Oh my God! Every bad soundbite they had on Jeana they just threw into the episode. Even Khrystyana was done with her! Khrystyana! I'm in awe. The challenges sucked major ass, but this was still a great episode thanks to our star.


1. Jeana - One of the greatest single episode performances in ANTM history. From talking shit about the mobile game challenge, to fighting with damn near every girl left, to getting Khrystyana to finally break. And I do love that she got redeemed for allegedly jumping into Shanice & Khrystyana's video. It would've been almost too cartoonishly evil at that point. In hind sight I feel stupid for believing she did that because I feel like Drew or Director X would've made a bigger deal out of it at the time.

2. Khrystyana - Even when yelling at a bitch she's still ^_^. I liked seeing Khrystyana stand up for herself, but also apologize when she was wrong. Just really glad we got to see a different side of her and more layers!

3. Rio - The fact that she got the cocky downfall edit and it was still only the second worst edit of the episode <3333333

4. Kyla - She's so bland. I think her thirsting after the director was supposed to be fun and relatable, but it just felt uncomfortable and unprofessional.

5. Shanice - Lmao at my rolelrcoaster of emotions with Shanice. Yeah couldn't stand her again this episode :kissbye:. She's just a hater for the sake of being a hater. Trying to get Jeana in trouble at panel was so childish and I hate that she got no blowback for it from panel. At least when Celia did it it was funny and she got properly #dragged (and had more of a reason to do it than just a hunch).


Video Ranking:


I said it before and I'll say it again, music video challenges should've died after C18 because there's simply no beating that.


1. Khrystyana - I thought she was quirky and fun but still really sexy and looked so modelesque.

2. Kyla - I think she could've gone a bit further, but she looked great, and the gratuitous booty shots worked for the music video.

3. Jeana - I think her android-esque look helped her. It wasn't a perfect shoot, but she really nailed it by the end.

4. Shanice - Shanice wasn't committed enough and it looked like she simply halfassed it.

5. Rio - She overacted so much of it and forgot she was supposed to model as well. She should've been sent home here instead of Jeana.

Edited by Alex95
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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 12)

Cycle 24 - Episode 13 - Beauty is a Comeback


Jeana leaves a goodbye letter for Rio and we get a touching montage of their bffmance.


Rio thinks the universe is lining up to make her America's Next Top Model (last time Rio thought the universe was on her side Sandra beat her in a challenge which sent her into a spiral :giggle:)


Tyra tells the girls the fans voted on which past challenge they should recreate this week (Just know I would've had them recreate the C1 challenge where they had to go out to dinner with random old men and impress them :dead:)


But instead the fans voted for the bubble runway.


And the eliminated girls are also here because one of them will come back!


"Ain't no bitch that's been eliminated gonna come and take my spot!"


Kyla's happy to be reunited with her bff Sandra.


But Rio's not too excited to see Jeana because she thought she had just gotten rid of her biggest competition.


Christina kills it on the runway and is feeling confident she'll return ^_^


Erin wins the challenge and gets to be one of the four girls to have a chance to come back!




And she is joined by Liberty, Christina, and Jeana. And the rest of the girls are whisked away with nary even a confessional lmao.


Rio is avoiding Jeana and it's hurting Jeana because she thought they were friends.


Rio declares to Shanice, Khrystyana, and Kyla they are the final four and she doesn't care what anyone has to say about that :kissbye:


And Christina sits there unbothered as Rio and Shanice fume ❤️


"If I do get sent home y'all are gonna see me raise some hell!"


The fans also voted for their favorite past photoshoot which the girls will recreate this week!


"My eye's twitching again because it knows...IT KNOWS" Khrystyana is always there when some girl's having a meltdown :dead:


Rio moves all her stuff and sleeps in Khrystyana's bed with her because she doesn't want to be in the same room as the comeback girls.


"I'll be DAMNED if someone takes my place. I worked too f*cking hard to be in the final four. It's INSULTING to me and my character and EVERYTHING I've been through. INSULTING! I CAME UP OFF THE STREETS OF DETROIT! I WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE! I'LL BE DAMNED IF I LET ANYONE TAKE MY POSITION IN THIS! THIS IS MINE! BACK OFF!"


Jeana's done being sad over Rio and realizes she needs to be a savage and do everything for herself to come back.


The girls learn they'll be recreating the C3 tarantula diamond shoot.


And they'll be doing the shot with the legend herself, Miss Eva the Diva!


And they'll also be shooting with Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker.


"I'm shooting with Christina and I'd rather be shooting with the spider because the spider isn't venomous, Christina is"


Erin is scared of the tarantula and cries throughout the shoot.


"I'm frustrated with Erin because I got my shot at the beginning and I don't need that thing on my body :kissbye:"


Jeana and Eva bond over their fear of spiders and Eva gives her some advice to get through it ^_^


"Jeana is putting on a show for Rio, she's so fake :angry:"


"The last time Shanice and I posed together she called me lazy at panel...Shanice should be worried about going home :kissbye:"


"Sha-nasty is Sha-bye bye!"


"Baby girl, you are scaring ME over here!" Eva stealing the episode with five minutes of screentime :wub:


And Shanice fumes as Christina completely eats her up :wub:


"I was trying I really was...but I hated it"


Law tells Shanice he would've sent her home right at the photoshoot if he could've.


As expected, the two most pissed about the comeback twist are the bottom two :haha:


Rio is eliminated and Khrystyana is shocked :dead:


And Jeana returns to the competition!


"Rio needed to go home. I'm not here to play games, I'm winning America's Next Top Model."


And everyone's livid Jeana returned :wub:


"I don't care what anyone says, I am the final four, and I will be a supermodel :kissbye:"


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


This was a cute throwback episode getting to honor past cycles. Eva and Nigel returning was fun, as was bringing back the tarantula photoshoot. The bubble runway definitely didn't live up to expectations, but whatever. I don't blame the final four for being pissed because this really was waaaaaay too late to be doing a comeback. Come on now. I did like the comeback format though. Eliminating some girls after runway made everything feel less cramped. And since the runway losers weren't really in the episode, I'm not gonna waste my time or yours by ranking them ^_^


1. Rio - An unhinged Rio is always the best kind. She was pissed, rightfully so. Of course she was way too pissed, maybe she should have reeled it in a bit :dead:

2. Jeana - Rio & Jeana's relationship has been such a good storyline and it came to a great conclusion with Jeana literally stealing Rio's spot in the competition in a shot they did together.

3. Khrystyana - Now that the numbers are dwindling, her personality is really starting to stand out and I adore it ❤️.

4. Christina - Unfortunately my reunion with Christina was far too short, but it was great seeing her again.

5. Erin - Erin sucking so hard at the photoshoot even Khrystyana was getting pissed at her :wub: :wub:

6. Shanice - Shanice takes like one step forward and two steps back. There are parts of Shanice's personality that I love and I find myself really rooting for her. Then she'll say something that'll completely piss me off lmao. I just can't win with her. But I am enjoying the rollercoaster ride, it's better than feeling...nothing.

7. Kyla - Like I feel for Kyla. She is such a nothingburger of a character.

8. Liberty - She was completely pointless.


Photo Ranking:


Obviously this didn't live up to C3's ridiculously high bar, but it was nice to see Eva and animals back again for a shoot!


1. Jeana - She is selling the jewelry so well, her arm positioning is genius that I'm drawn straight to her in the shot, her eyes just pierce through you. This Is Jeana's 5th FCO from me, I truly think she has one of the best portfolios on this show.

2. Christina - She looks so expensive, and I think that's the goal when it comes to a jewelry ad. Christina & Jeana were in a completely different league than everyone else, I wish they both could have come back!

3. Khrystyana - Khrystyana's face is gorgeous as always, though I'm not crazy about the pose. Her cleavage looks a bit awkward the way she's holding herself lol.

4. Rio - Honestly it's not a bad shot! She's just completely outshined by Jeana.

5. Kyla - It's fine, a bit boring. The arm placement feels a bit too forced, though I guess I appreciate that she's trying to sell the ring.

6. Liberty - Considering how amazing her portfolio was, this was a terrible time to have her worst shot. It's not bad, but she completely blends into the background.

7. Shanice - She's making the same mistake as her last shoot and we're just looking straight up into her nostrils. It's not appealing.

8. Erin - I think we've accepted Erin isn't photogenic, and I'm okay with that ^_^

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 13)
On 11/24/2022 at 12:05 AM, Solaris said:

You loving Jeana is correct.



Her and Krystyana are my favs this season.

They're both great!:yes:


On 11/24/2022 at 2:44 AM, Gonzalo said:

Christina ❤️

In My ideal world Río was eliminated last week, and Christina steal the place of Shanice. 

With Kyla, Khrystyana, Jeana and Christina in the top 4 😆

I'd probably but Shanice over Kyla there, but either way I wouldn't have minded that top four!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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