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Cycle 24 - Episode 14 - Beauty Is Commercial


The girls are happy to be in the final four for real this time.


Jeana feels the separation between her and the other girls.


Khrystyana struggles with how to tell her mom about when she was molested since she's never told her and well...now it's gonna be on the show.


For the challenge, the final four are creating an ad campaign for one of their prizes, Pantene.


And they throw Jeana a bunch of wigs and she has to decide which one she wants.


"I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be a Pantene girl. When has Pantene ever used a girl with a wig? There's always a first ;)"


Jeana decides to go with the blonde wig because she wants to be a modern Marilyn Monroe.


Khrystyana is feeling salty that she feels like Jeana's copying her.


Shanice struggles getting her hair down with her psoriasis.


"I'm so demanding I'm sorry 😄" Khrystyana acting as creative director ❤️


Kyla struggles to select her photo as a perfectionist because she keeps focusing on her flaws.


Ashley tells Jeana choosing blonde was a great choice and Khrystyana is still salty.


But it's Khrystyana who wins another challenge!


"How am I supposed to know I'm supposed to be selling my hair and not the product!!!"

"Why are you talking like a baby? " Lol Jeana ❤️


"We're not supposed to know that and that's the reason it's called a challenge :kissbye: "


Khrystyana's goals are to win the show and make sure Jeana leaves sooner rather than later.


Khrystyana and her guest Kyla get visits from their moms for Khrystyana winning the challenge.


"Sassnovia Leigh" I'm obsessed.


And Kyla's mom makes her bed for her while she's here lol.


Khrystyana shares with her mother about being molested as a kid.


And Khrystyana's mom struggles with the information 💔


Jeana's got her blonde hair back for the photoshoot!


And Khrystyana's pissed Jeana is using her hair color again.


And she finds herself getting distracted by Jeana during the photoshoot.


Daily reminder Kyla's an activist.


Shanice is happy she finally got a new look after not getting a proper makeover earlier in the cycle because of her psoriasis.


What the hell kind of a dress did they put Jeana in???


Shanice recreates Jeana's overly sexy photos from the shoot.


Jeana is taken aback when the shoot is over :dead: 


"Jeana has been been vindictive in the most passive agressive way, I don't trust her at all"


The judges #drag Jeana for being too sexy in her shot, but guest judge Philipp Plein defends her because sex always sells.


Lmao now he's the only one low on Kyla's shot, king on unpopular opinions!


Kyla gets FCO despite Philipp hyping up every single girl during deliberations except her :dead: 


And Shanice survives her third straight B2 appearance!


Jeana's out and the girls couldn't be happier ^_^ 


But wait!


Philipp wants Jeana on his runway so they decide there'll be no elimination!


And we're still stuck at 4 left!

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Cast Ranking:


This endgame has been dragginggggggg on between the unnecessary comeback and this non-elimination. They very easily could've just sent Shanice home here. The episode was fine. Not amazing, not terrible.


1. Jeana - Jeana surviving a second elimination is iconic though :wub: 

2. Shanice - I didn't mind her this episode! Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be quite the Shanice stan I was in the earlier episodes.

3. Kyla - I dod lol @ using her visit from her mom to have her bed made while Khrystyana had a deep heart to heart. But the Kyla's Winner Edit is already starting to annoy me cause really? FCO for that? And she always says something quirky at panel that has the judges in hysterics and I just don't get it.

4. Khrystyana - I still love Khrystyana but she annoyed me this episode. Why is she gatekeeping blonde hair? It's truly not that deep...


Photo Ranking:


Solid shoot, unfortunately most of the girls let me down.


1. Khrystyana - MILES above the rest not even close. It's criminal this didn't get FCO. Her hair is gorgeous, I love that dress on her, and this is maybe the strongest her face has ever looked. Definitely my favorite Khrystyana shot!

2. Jeana - The styling is terrible and this looks more like an album cover than a hair ad, but she's modeling well.

3. Kyla - The OTT praise for this picture? Am I blind or are they? While her hair is 10/10 here, everything else is 2/10. I feel like there's nothing behind any of her pictures. There's no sort of purpose to them. They leave me feeling cold. Her forehead is huge here and she looks like she's smelling a fart.

4. Shanice - Shanice has completely forgotten her angles these past few shoots. Where the hell is the Shanice from the middle of the competition?! The hair is overpowering the picture so much she forgot to model. 

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 14)

Cycle 24 - Episode 15 - Next Level Fierce


Shanice came from nothing and is so proud of how far she's come in the competition, knowing winning America's Next Top Model can change her life.


Khrystyana is proud of herself for winning five challenges throughout the competition, but knows it's still anyone's game and is hoping to continue to represent the curvy girls.


Kyla's had her ups and downs throughout the competition with multiple FCO's and multiple B2 appearances, but she is a first time model competing with girls who have been doing it a lot longer and hopes she can win!


Jeana came into this competition confident, but she has already failed once by being eliminated. She thinks she has bounced back though and is confident since Philipp already likes her and she knows she's the best at runway.


Khrystyana struggles with her body type in Philipp's dresses and it reminds her when she was told her body's not good enough :( 



"Shanice, that girl's walk... :haha: I don't mean to laugh but her walk is...it's not cute!"


Philipp liked Kyla & Jeana but not so much Khrystyana & Shanice.


However, no one gets cut on the spot and Philipp tells them he'll see them all for the final runway show!


Khrystyana is feeling ugly for the first time in a long time after her fitting with Philipp :broken: 


Before the final photoshoot, the girls find out one of them will be eliminated immediately based on their performance at the fitting and their overall body of work.


"I don't know who is going home, but it's not me ;)"


And unfortunately Shanice is told she's going home.


Shanice did this for her brother who recently died and she knows he's proud of her.


And then there were 3...


"Good riddance Shanice, you should've worked on your walk a little bit more :kissbye: "


Drew decides to put a wig on Jeana because he's not feeling her at first.


"WE HAVE DONE OUR LAST SHOOT!!!!!!" Omg almost no more Drew Elliott ever, I can now know peace!


Now it's time for the final runway show! (Jeana's height is so noticeable in these shots like this :dead: )


And the previously eliminated girls are back!



Sandra and Rhiyan are rooting for their girl Kyla.



Liberty and Rio are rooting for Khrystyana!


"Jeana's a great model, but she was already eliminated. Rio was the original final four :kissbye: "


Khrystyana starts breaking down before the final runway show as she continues to lose confidence in herself and Stacey attempts to boost her up.


"You're on America's Next Top Model. You were chosen for a reason, you are here for a reason! Own it, own you, own all of this!"


And the girls will be joined by some random kids on the runway lol


Yass Krista having the first shot at this random montage at the runway show!!!!!


"Beauty is yellow" *C13 Jennifer pops up* Umm okay Tyra...


Jeane just struts in front of the little girl she walked with ❤️


After the final runway show, the girls find out they'll be having the final panel on stage right now!


Law and Drew get in a fight over Jeana's performance at the photoshoot #TeamLaw


And Khrystyana becomes the first girl eliminated in third place after her photo.


Khrystyana hopes her time on the show will lead to more body and age diversity in fashion.


And then there were 2...


Kyla and Jeana will be evaluated based on their runway walks and body of work to determine the winner.


Tyra and Drew #drag Jeana for leaving behind the little girl on her runway while Ashley and Law were disappointed in Kyla's walk.


And Kyla wins!


"I don't wanna talk about it anymore 😢"


Kyla is hoping to use her platform to help other people and try to change the world!

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Cast Ranking:


The final episode! It was actually a decent finale. It didn't feel too stuffer nor did it drag. We had a fitting, a final photoshoot, and a final runway show. That's kinda what you want out of the finale. I was disappointed with the results, but production-wise I found this to be one of the better finales.


1. Khrystyana - After weeks of improvement, Khrystyana's confidence came crashing down this episode and it was heartbreaking. Khrystyana's breakdown in the confessional was so hard to watch and actually made me tear up. Khrystyana was such a cheery character and this was such a sad and dark ending for her.

2. Jeana - If I can have like 3% of Jeana's confidence I'd be content in life.

3. Shanice - Despite my journey with Shanice, I think I like her at the end of the day and I was kinda sad to see her eliminated.

4. Kyla - I'm glad she won since she has many great things she wants to do with her platform. I almost ranked her above Shanice because of that, but she's just the girl I was rooting for the least in this finale so I can't help but be a little disappointed she won.


Photo Ranking:


If Paper was going for cheap and tacky they succeeded!


1. Jeana - Lol @ how Jeana completely dominated the second half of this competition yet has now been eliminated for a record-breaking third time. She looks the best in the hideous wigs and this is quirky while still being modelesque. She looks a little short, but not terribly. What a fantastic portfolio she has!

2. Khrystyana - I do love her legs, but this is the weakest her face has ever looked. It's giving bad acting.

3. Kyla - It was close between Kyla and Khrystyana . I think her face is even weaker and I don't think her pose is as sexy as she wanted, it feels more like trying too hard to be sexy.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 24 - Episode 15)

Cycle 24 - Overall Ranking

The (likely) end of America's Next Top Model! There's always a chance it comes back. C22 seemed like end and then that obviously didn't stick. Tyra's seemed to move onto bigger and better things like DWTS and ANTM trending on twitter like once a month as fans dig up another problematic aspect from the show certainly doesn't help things. However, it does feel like the possibility is always there. If this is the end though, I think they ended on a solid note! The show will never be the same as the golden years, but I think this is a solid product of what you could expect from a post-modern ANTM. It's still about Branding and Social Media, but at least they cut back on the extra bullshit. No social media and no guys. It felt very old school with their challenges and photoshoots. This time around, there were only two video shoots and they were relatively normal enough. And I feel like Tyra was willing to make a different this time around! Getting rid of the age requirements and truly casting with racial diversity, age diversity, and body diversity was a great success!

But as with any ANTM season it lives and dies with the cast. And I found this to be a solid cast! I think the editing was pretty even where I feel like I got to know almost everyone. The editing was poor when it came to creating meaningful longterm storylines, but I was genuinely enjoying each and every single episode. Someone was always delivering and giving me something fresh and exciting. I genuinely enjoyed every episode and I haven't been able to say that in a while, which actually made this my favorite cycle since 18! So I have no idea what the general opinion on this cycle is, but I'd say I'm a fan!


1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 18

10. Cycle 12

11. Cycle 16

12. Cycle 13

13. Cycle 24

14. Cycle 22

15. Cycle 20

16. Cycle 10

17. Cycle 9

18. Cycle 23

19. Cycle 19

20. Cycle 11

21. Cycle 7

22. Cycle 17

23. Cycle 15

24. Cycle 21


Cast Ranking:



1. Jeana - I mentioned it with Gonzolo before, she's the anti-Amanda. The entire first time half of the cycle is about her inspirational storyline of fighting alopecia and showing her beautiful bald self to the world. It's not a storyline I'm gonna adore, but I appreciate it. But then one day, the editors decide to sprinkle in that Jeana's actually an arrogant ass who has been annoying the girls all cycle. And the rest is history. Episode after episode is dedicated to Jeana's abrasive behavior, her inability to bond with other girls, her know-it-all attitude. Khrystyana, who is arguably one of the nicest people to walk the face of the earth, is left shaking, vomiting, crying over the simplest interaction with Jeana. On top all that, Jeana is one of the strongest kickass models I've ever seen on the show with one of the best portfolios ever and she finished runner-up despite being somehow eliminated twice lmao.

2. Khrystyana - Surprised aren't you? See I don't just hate nice girls, I hate boring nice girls. Khrystyana is not boring. In fact, she's very fun! In a rather mean-spirited cycle full of drama, Khrystyana's cheery optimism was a welcome presence. I think the most interesting thing about Khrystyana is that she was unintentionally surrounded by drama. When ever someone was throwing a fit, Khrystyana was always there to attempt to talk them off the ledge. From Vega to Rio to Jeana. As Khrystyana's confidence grew throughout the competition, she too wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. I think she was a bit tough on Jeana at times and I didn't agree with her jumping to conclusions about her, but it's not the end of the world. Khrystyana's storyline got really dark at times and that's what made her real and more than just your overly chipper modelesque girl.

3. Christina - On one hand, Christina was very tv ready. I think she was definitely there moreso to be a reality star than a top model. But ANTM hasn't been about becoming a model since like Cycle 16. While I usually like my reality show contestants more Real, I can appreciate good tv when it's handed to me. And Christina is good tv. She brought the perfect amount of conflict to the house, as any troll could so. She also brought the conflict to panel, which led to the new politically correct Tyra, who wouldn't dare yell at her babies, have her most mask slipping moment in years during Christina's elimination.

4. Rio - Yes Rio went a bit far at times. She was undeniably delusional and I didn't appreciate her fat-shaming the male models or her continuing to call Kyla stupid even after Kyla asked her not to. But outside of that, I think Rio was a solid minor villain of the cycle. She had an interesting backstory and was presented as a reasonable narrator early in the cycle. But soon enough Sandra won a challenge Rio wanted to win and the true Rio came bursting out the seams. When Rio is upset, she needs to let the whole world know. She is petty, vindictive, and ultimately hilarious. The way she turned on Jeana on a dime...amazing.

5. Shanice - I struggled with where to put Shanice, but I've decided I like her. She got on my nerves at times, but feeling something is better than nothing. And it's not like she was doing something inherently bad, just hating on Jeana which is probably a bit fair lol. I think Christina was the perfect sparring partner for her. Christina wanted a fight and Shanice was willing to give it to her. Shanice's efforts to get Christina eliminated were actually funny and I think Shanice had valid complaints about her. After Christina left though, Shanice turned on Jeana and it started to seem like Shanice was just a h8r and not someone who was just genuinely in a conflict with another girl. The fun side of Shanice where she discussed the different sides to her like Sha-nasty was gone and instead she was just a black hole of entertainment bitching about Jeana every second of the day. Her lows don't outweigh her highs, but I can't give her as high of a placement as I once wanted to.

6. Erin - Erin's casting was inevitable once we cut the age limit. Of course we needed a 40-something year old grandmother to prove Anyone Can Do It. It's a shtick we haven't seen on the show before so I was here for it. Is that a storyline that can last 10 episodes? No. But she had a little more here and there. She never quite lived up to her episode one expectations, but I certainly enjoyed her!

7. Brendi K. - Another roller coaster journey. I think my heart broke for Brendi K. more than I actually enjoyed her. This environment was just wrong for her and she was just filled with so much self doubt and loathing. She was a bit too Debbie Downer for me, but I found myself oddly compelled by her and rooting for her more often than not. But I also found myself relieved when she finally removed herself from the competition.

8. Kyla - I originally had her lower, but really what did she do that was so terrible? Beat other girls I prefer in the competition? Be mainly boring? Yes none of that is ideal so I can't rank her any higher. But I mean no one below her was all that entertaining either so why should I rank Kyla below them? All her talk of activism came across a bit performative at times, but if she's willing to go on national television to speak out against white supremacism who am I to complain? It is a shame she was in the final three with two amazing models and managed to win, but this isn't some Whitney beats Anya & Fatima catastrophe.

9. Sandra - Sandra was situationally interesting when she won a challenge Rio wanted to win. I'm glad she had that moment, and I wish we got to hear more about her being a Muslim. Not a particularly memorable character, but she was fine.

10. Coura - I felt bad for Coura. I think the judges were overly harsh on her. While her portfolio didn't quite live up to expectations, it wasn't a disaster that we needed to lose her so soon. I think they just wanted to have some sort of shock boot.

11. Ivana - On a season filled with girls chock full of self-doubt Ivana occupied that storyline first. Ivana definitely feels less special when Vega, Rhiyan, Brendi K, Erin, Khrystyana, AND Kyla all filled that exact storyline at times throughout the competition, it worked for me the three episodes we saw her.

12. Vega - A legend and hilarious character at first who very quickly became waaaaaaaay too much that by the point they quit, I was relived. I hope they've found some peace!

13. Rhiyan - I'm not gonna lie I cannot remember this girl at all.

14. Maggie - She was kinda gross and borderline racist, didn't miss her at all.

15. Liberty - Literally her only storyline was being a republican. Like maybe if there was more there I could be like "Okay her views are f*cked up but at least she's an interesting character". But that's literally all we got from her. She's obviously a strong model and if we're being objective should've lasted longer in the competition, but ANTM has never been objective and I think it's funny we sent the Trumpie home on the gay episode!


Top 10 Photos:


Like I mentioned before, the shoots were a step in the right direction where I generally enjoyed them all. It was a tough top 10 to figure out, but it ended up being dominated by someone who was one of the best portfolios in ANTM history. Honorable mentions go to Khrys' stacked beauty & drag princess, Sandra & Kyla's raw beauty, and Christina's tarantula.


1. Jeana's Paper Cover

2. Khrystyana's Pantene

3. Vega's Haunted Mansion

4. Jeana's Parachute Couture

5. Shanice's Dripping In Gold

6. Jeana's Stacked Beauty

7. Jeana's Dripping In Gold

8. Jeana's Tarantulas

9. Khrystyana's Haunted Mansion

10. Shanice's Parachute Couture

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This is the end. Almost a year and a half later I have (re)watched and recapped every single episode of ANTM ever (except ironically the recap episodes lol). Thank you to everyone who joined me on this journey and followed along and commented, I couldn't have done this without you ^_^ . This was an ambitious project, and I never thought I'd finish it, but I had a lot of fun along the way. I'm not sure what's next, but make sure y'all follow along the ANTM Rankdown for more long essays about random reality stars from 2006!


Once again thanks to everyone who followed along @Gonzalo @hayden98 @FrogLenzen @jarmon @Zoey @*Lily @Solaris 

If you followed along and I didn't tag you it's because I hate you!!!! Orrrrrr it's just because I'm very tired and I only went back a few pages to see who commented recently. But for real, I do apologize if I didn't tag you, trust I appreciate you! And if you didn't comment at all, I also appreciate you!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

Loved reading all your recaps! 🤍

Truly such a joy! ANTM may have been problematic as hell but it played such a big part of my childhood, being so obsessed with this show, so going down memory lane was so fun! Can’t believe you were able to watch all 24 seasons, it’s wild but such a thrill!

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On 11/18/2022 at 11:46 PM, Alex95 said:

3. Brendi K. - Brendi K. started losing me these past few episodes, but I still like her and I hope she's found some peace in her life :(

I feel literally zero pity for her.  Like she said on her way out, all of the doubters and haters in her life?  She just let them win, and she knew it.  Plus, I remember how she made Liz break down and quit, and I have even less pity for her.

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7 hours ago, jarmon said:

Loved reading all your recaps! 🤍

Truly such a joy! ANTM may have been problematic as hell but it played such a big part of my childhood, being so obsessed with this show, so going down memory lane was so fun! Can’t believe you were able to watch all 24 seasons, it’s wild but such a thrill!

Thanks! Definitely agree with all this :yes: 


6 hours ago, Rodney said:

I feel literally zero pity for her.  Like she said on her way out, all of the doubters and haters in her life?  She just let them win, and she knew it.  Plus, I remember how she made Liz break down and quit, and I have even less pity for her.

I suppose, but I don't think quitting is always a loss. It's about knowing her limits and realizing she just can't do it anymore. I've never really been upset with reality show contestants for quitting. It's supposed to be stressful, and if you realize it's taking a toll on your mental health, I have no qualms with someone walking away.


FYI they go by Vega now and use they/them pronouns ^_^ . And tbh I thought Brendi K. handled the situation well. Vega brought up Brendi K.'s abusive family out of nowhere and after almost snapping on them, Brendi K. decided to just avoid Vega. Vega kinda self-destructed on their own, or at least that's how the show presented it.


4 hours ago, Zoey said:

Not one Kyla picture in your top ten? :no: I’d take her portfolio over most of Khrystyana and Jeana’s. :ph34rwave:




Her Raw picture was definitely close to making the top 10! I like her gold picture, but don't love it. I don't really care for the rest of her portfolio. I'll definitely have to agree to disagree about it being stronger than Jeana or Khrystyana, especially Jeana.:ph34rwave:


3 hours ago, jarmon said:

Of course you would, lol. 



1 hour ago, rdhaley96 said:

This was a huge project, and even if I wasn't commenting as much as I probably should have, kudos for such a big undertaking (and following through on it!). I've really enjoyed following along. ^_^

Thanks ^_^ 

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