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Cast Ranking:


Ugh this season. Not that I care about modeling that much, but Ivy, Chantelle, Lenox, Ben has to be the worst start to a season in Top Model history. Easily four of the models with the most potential. Now onto the show. It's so boring. Even the team leader task, which usually brings fun drama, wasn't even that fun with this cast. Lenox and Ben got slightly frazzled? Who cares. And the showmances. Ohhhh the showmances. Just sucking all the life out of the season.


1. Raelia - Her speaking lesson at panel with Tyra was the only funny thing to happen this episode.

2. Ben - Angel ❤️. He deserved better!

3. Lenox - On one hand her storyline was soooooo manufactured and painful. On the other hand, the ~emotions~ were real.

4. Adam - I liked him as Ben's bff, I'll be interested to see if he can stand out on his own.

5. Shei - Nice of the editors to give her airtime just so she can drag Denzel & Mirjana.

6. Will - He's fine.

7. Kari - Boo showmance!

8. Matthew - The epitome of sit there and look pretty.

9. Mirjana - Boo showmance!

10. Denzel - Boo showmance!

11. Keith - Boo showmance! Also should've gone him. Ben > Keith :kissbye:


Photo Ranking:


I kiiiiiinda brought the hair whip videos into these rankings, but they were pretty similar to the pictures. So didn't feel like wasting my time with two rankings. But this was dumb. Very dumb. Especially for the guys, like male models won't be doing this shit come on now. Which is why this concept has been dumb from day one of comparing male and female models.


1. Lenox - This photo is so fierce! She whipped that hair so well and the shape it created is so cool.

2. Shei - Strong and powerful, great job!

3. Mirjana - Very sultry and sexy. She went a different angle with this and I don't hate it.

4. Kari - She looks gorgeous here.

5. Will - Not amazing, but very passable.

6. Raela - Ugh the pose is soooooo strong, I just wish she had power behind the eyes.

7. Adam - His strongest performance yet!

8. Denzel - Boring, but fine.

9. Keith - Boring, but fine.

10. Matthew - Boring, but fine.

11. Ben - He got screwed by an awful wig I'm not forgiving Tyra for this one!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 6)

Unfun Fact: IIRC, the real reason Lenox broke down during her photoshoot was that Yu Tsai brought up her trauma regarding her dead father. Also, Lenox is gay, which could definitely play a part in why she struggled in the Spider Byte shoot (and makes Tyra's treatment of her seem even more gross). I don't think she was out to production at the time, though.

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19 hours ago, rdhaley96 said:

Unfun Fact: IIRC, the real reason Lenox broke down during her photoshoot was that Yu Tsai brought up her trauma regarding her dead father. Also, Lenox is gay, which could definitely play a part in why she struggled in the Spider Byte shoot (and makes Tyra's treatment of her seem even more gross). I don't think she was out to production at the time, though.

Yikes, I'm not surprised knowing how this show operates and what we've seen from Yu Tsai so far, but that's all so yikes :wacko:

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Cycle 21 - Episode 7 - The Guy Who Wears Heels


Lenox is happy she got FCO, but she's not gonna be too confident because she knows how quickly things can go down.


Denzel and Mirjana continue to grow closer.


Shei feels like Mirjana actually likes Denzel while Denzel's just playing the game.



The models learn about some of the former contestants who have gone on to have successful acting careers :wub:


The winner of the challenge gets a walk-on role in a CW show!


Mirjana chooses to team up with Keith because they had good chemistry at the last acting challenge and she can "separate business and pleasure" :giggle:


Denzel is happy to be working with Shei because he believes she has the hots for him.


Meanwhile Mirjana is glaring at them from across the room lol



Yup this certainly seems like a CW script to me :dead:


Lol Will curtseying at the end of the challenge.


Denzel, Adam, and Lenox are chosen as the top three at the challenge.


Matthew is shocked he didn't even make top three because he considers himself a working actor lol


And future Tyler Perry star Denzel wins the challenge!


Keith & Mirjana fall to the bottom as Mirjana was distracted by Denzel & Shei during her challenge.


Kari fears she's free-falling during the challenge.


Mirjana argues with Denzel about how he kissed Shei at the challenge...even though Mirjana still has a whole ass bf at home lmao


"I feel like Denzel did this on purpose..."


"I was acting, it's called a scene :wacko:"


"I feel like Mirjana's a bit immature, I'm not used to dating someone as young as her" And that's the problem sir! You're 23, she's 18!


Shei decides to mind her own business and stay out of the drama lol


"Listen girl, I don't want your man! You can have him!"


Meanwhile Denzel has a conversation with Keith and tells him he wants a guy to finally win the competition, but doesn't want it to be Will.


"People are always shedding a bad light on male models that we're all homosexuals or in the closet, so I'd like see a man break that stigma. I don't feel if Will were to win he would break that stigma"


"I don't have a problem if you're gay, but if you're gay be a man about it. Ain't no f*cking way a man should wear heels."


"I didn't come out here to be beat by a dude who wears heels! Not even regular heels, but patent leather heels!"


However, Will has been listening in the whole time.


Will tells Raelia about what he heard


And Raelia lets Denzel & Keith know they hurt Will's feelings and made him cry.


"I'm not a homophobe. My mother's a lesbian and I have gay mentors" It's giving Whitney having a black friend.


"The acoustics in this nice, gorgeous, multi-million dollar house suck :rolleyes:"


Denzel goes to talk to Will who has no interest in talking to him right now.


"I'm trying to talk to Will man-to-man but it's almost like talking to a girlfriend :rolleyes:"



"It wasn't a shot at you!"



"I don't agree with Denzel's ideals, Denzel is actually being a douchebag :kissbye:"


And Mirjana goes to comfort Will instead of her man lol ❤️


Will talks about how this competition has been the first time he's truly been himself and Denzel's comments make him want to go back inside his shell.


Will talks about when he first came out to his parents and from the look in their eyes, it was the first time he felt he wasn't making them proud.


Adam shares a story about how he kicked a gay kid out of a frat party once and it made the papers, but he's grown from it and apologizes to the gay community. Idk if now was the time to share the story Adam :dead:. Just seems like PR to me


But Will tells Adam he appreciates how Adam's gone from someone who would make fun of him to someone who is his friend and will comfort him.


Lol Tyra knew what she was doing put Will & Denzel's makeup chairs next to each other at the shoot.


"If Will wants to be a man and talk about it we can but if he wants to be a female about it and not talk about it that's his prerogative" Even the way he says "man" and "female" says it all


This is apparently Keith's attempt at showing different facial expressions at the photoshoot.


Franco the photographer randomly makes Adam sing during the photoshoot lol.



Raelia hears Mirjana talking shit during her shoot.


But don't worry, Mirjana says the same thing to Raelia's face after the shoot :dead:


"I like to give honest feedback to everybody after the photoshoot 🙂"


But Raelia lets her know how she feels once they get off set and get in the limo :dead:


Doesn't get more real than that lmao


Raelia feels Mirjana is fake because sometimes she hypes you up to your face and then the next moment she's talking shit behind your back.


Denzel keeps his distance and assures the house her actions don't reflect him.


"Denzel when you go home and you have to explain to your friends a little gay kid in heels beat you in America's Next Top Model, I will gladly wave at you as I wear my heels. My six inch f*cking heels. Thank you 🙂"


Will decides to wear his heels to panel and of course Tyra opens the floodgates by asking why he wore heels today :haha:



And Tyra decides now should be the time Will and Denzel have their discussion ^_^


Just from a strictly game perspective, how stupid do you have to be to make a comment about men in heels when Miss J is a judge :dead:


Denzel deflects by talking about how his friends would feel not how he would feel, but Tyra shuts that shit down immediately that he cares too


Tyra flips the script and asks Denzel how he would feel if overheard Will saying he doesn't want to explain to his friends how a Black man beat him (though she used more colorful words I cannot use, but I promise you she ate)


Kelly compares Matthew's photo to a drug dealer selling molly in a rave club :dead:


Denzel tells Tyra the beard weave is giving him a rash so Tyra told him he only has to wear it to photoshoots now :dead:


Nice of Miss J to be ~above it~ but she very easily could've given Denzel a 1 for his behavior if Tyra could Lenox a 1 :kissbye:





Kelly: You look like a drunk person on the Titanic who got left on the side by the iceberg


I mean...Tyra didn't lie but #bless Miss J for rigging Raelia through this week.


Obviously Lenox remains on top after absolutely destroying everyone else this week.


Probably my two favorite faces of the cycle tbh


Miss J domination!


Kari knew she was gonna be eliminated and is just gonna miss her friends in the house :dead:


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


Easily the episode of the cycle, I doubt it will be topped. The Will & Denzel conflict was genuinely interesting television and I loved all the discussion surround it. Raelia vs. Mirjana was also a fun little plot line on the side.


1. Raelia - I'm sorry she at Mirjana all the way up in that limo. She's been quite all season but she really came out with force in this episode! And I loved seeing Raelia support Will throughout the episode. Maybe she didn't deserve a 9 for her photo, but she deserved a 9 for her overall performance this episode!

2. Shei - I was screaming as she was just casually making her way through the kitchen as Mirjana & Denzel are literally arguing over her.

3. Mirjana - The level of psycho she was this episode, almost too much for me to handle :dead:. The way she chose not to partner up with Denzel for the challenge and then #dragged for him kissing someone else in a challenge, all the meanwhile she has a boyfriend at home. That was some top-tier gaslighting. And then she made it abundantly clear that she was #TeamWill over #TeamDenzel and I was kind of in love for a second. But she let Raelia eat her up in the limo fight and she's gotta do better than that if she wants to be the bad bitch of the season!

4. Will - Oop I know this is very low for Will considering this is arguably his episode, but I sympathized with him more than stanned him like I did with the other girls. But I am very obviously #TeamWill.

5. Kari - Her showmance might've annoyed me, but overall she was sweet and likable.

6. Lenox - How did she not win?

7. Adam - His heart might have been in the right place, but the way he opened up about his homophobic past felt like a bad PR job. The timing just wasn't right, it was like Sarah Lacina in Survivor opening up about how she's no longer transphobic at tribal council when they were dealing with Varner outing Zeke. Just felt way too calculated. Hopefully his heart was in the right place though.

8. Matthew - Where was he this episode while his man was being attacked? If you're storyline is gonna involve queerbaiting me, you gotta step up to the plate when necessary :kissbye:

9. Keith - You don't want to be painted as homophobic? Maybe you should've stood up to Denzel instead of nodding along with him :kissbye:. I ain't no dummy, that edit is protecting him goooooooood.

10. Denzel - Possibly the worst single episode for anyone in ANTM history? Maybe C10 Allison's racist episode was worse idk. Like this was bad. He's lucky this happened when social media didn't give as much of a shit or else he never would've gotten that Tyler Perry gig.


Photo Ranking:


I always like these ice king and queen style photoshoots, but the execution was all off. I thought I was higher on C21's shoots than I have been.......


1. Lenox - Easy number one, no one else even comes close. She epitomized ice queen flawlessly with this picture.

2. Matthew - Kelly's critique of this photo was spot on and that's why I love it so much. He absolutely looks like some sort of drug lord on his throne. This is a great shot.

3. Mirjana - Mirjana has quietly been a force to be reckoned with all cycle. She comes up with these incredibly interesting poses and she's like a chameleon, her look changes each episode. If her closeups were a bit stronger, she could be dominating the competition.

4. Will - I like the length, but it's a bit stiff and the closeup is a bit uncomfortable.

5. Shei - I like the relaxed look, but I'm not wow'd or anything.

6. Denzel - Strong eyes and strong butt. Weak everything else.

7. Adam - He's getting better, but he's still way behind where he needs to be.

8. Kari - This could've been a good shot, but her angles are just all off.

9. Keith - He's literally dead. How the hell is he not bottom two for this shot?

10. Raelia - Okay yeah obviously this is awful, she's so lucky she survived this.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 7)

Cycle 21 - Episode 8 - The Girl Who Says It's Over


Lenox is getting excited she got her second FCO in a row and hopes to keep it going.


After panel, Denzel and Will talk out their issues.


Denzel says he's a product of his environment and he still has a lot to learn, but assures Will he has a friend in him.


Will believes Denzel still has a lot of learning to do, but he appreciates his willingness to grow.


Denzel assures everyone he and Mirjana are not dating and are just friends.


"I've never actually cheated on my boyfriend up to this moment ^_^" That's not the serve you think it is :dead:


Mirjana thinks she's falling in love with Denzel 🙈




At the challenge, everyone breaks out into groups of three in order to promote Kelly's clothing line lol


Matthew tries to convince Raelia to go topless because his concept for the shoot is "sexy highschool slut" 👁️👄👁️


"Matthew went off the deep end I don't think that's what Kelly wanted :/"






Kelly flips out on Denzel & Mirjana for not listening to her.


"I was really shocked to hear you say you want to a high-school slut look...that's a word you should just take out of your vocabulary"


Shei, Keith, and Adam win the challenge!


Mirjana is feeling disappointed she blew the challenge as the leader and feels she was too wrapped up in Denzel.


Meanwhile Denzel is making it very clear to everyone again that he has no interest in a relationship with Mirjana.


Lenox is feeling uncomfortable with the way Denzel has been speaking about her behind her back and decides to let her know.


"Girl, you don't need him!"


Mirjana decides she would like to have a word with Denzel.


"GO AHEAD SIT IN THIS CHAIR!" *throws it on the ground* :dead:


"Is there anything you want to tell me that you have said? 🙂"


Mirjana calls Denzel out for using her, but Denzel is happy with their current dynamic and doesn't want to change anything.


"Well I'm changing it. It's over. You can pack your shit, you can go upstairs!"


He's so petty, she just dumped you!


You go gurl!


Now that things are over with Denzel, Mirjana decides time to go back to her boyfriend :dead:


She promises him there was just some cuddling and light kissing and nothing else is gonna happen and it's all good :dead:


Everyone's getting their DNA results from makeover week now (as if anyone in the world actually cared)


Where the hell is Shei and Adam :dead: I think the results got mixed up :dead:


This is absurd I can't :dead:


"I'm excited to find out I'm part Irish given I take my drinking very seriously"


These are like 1% ancestries Tyra's revealing or something!


Wow, it's like they're twins!


"It's interesting to know that two other people in the house, Raelia & Lenox, that all three of us are all Asian 😮" Shei & Adam are still Asian I promise you :dead:


Denzel looking very comfortable posing with Cory :giggle:


Matthew feels he's the only guy comfortable posing sexually with Cory.


Denzel texts Mirjana some emojis and now everything's fixed :dead:


They agree they can be affectionate together again.


The others are shocked Mirjana took Denzel back so easily.


"Mirjana needs to get a grip because I'm at the point where I'm not gonna be at your defense anymore :rolleyes:"




Why was Tyra saving all the mediocre man when there was a fine ass man right there 😭


Lmao they're all so over Lenox's domination :dead:


Lol remember when Matthew and Mirjana were a thing? That feels like ages ago.



Wow, Denzel looks thrilled!


And then there were 8...


Well we could stay tuned for Tyra getting her DNA results but we're not gonna do that lmao

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Cast Ranking:


Wow a whole episode dedicated to Mirjana & Denzel's relationship how exciting........


1. Lenox - I thought it was sweet how Lenox looked out for Mirjana. But then Mirjana went back to Denzel and Lenox dropped her like a bad habit and I couldn't relate more :dead:

2. Raelia - The way she reacted in disgust to Matthew's concept for the challenge...same

3. Mirjana - Girl you had the top spot, why'd you have to ruin it by going back to Denzel :dead:. I wanna lower her even more for that, but the way she threw the chair was epic lmao

4. Adam - I fear Adam may be a legit alcoholic...but at least he's having fun?

5. Shei - She still exists!

6. Will - Idk he's not as funny as he thinks he is. I wanna see him end Denzel but he kinda just whines about him. I'm not expecting Will to forgive Denzel or be bffs with him, maybe just be a decent adversary.

7. Keith - Keith might actually be my least favorite winner ever, holy shit what a worthless contestant.

8. Matthew - I wanted to call 911 on him when his dream concept for a shoot about love was slutty highschooler.

9. Denzel - New bottom 1 contestant alert.


Photo Ranking:


Lol the ancestry shit has to be the most worthless multi-episode ANTM storyline ever. Just...why?


1. Lenox - Duh, Lenox has been head and shoulders above the entire competition the past few weeks.

2. Will - I think the setup of this shot is really cool and would be hard to mess up. Will didn't elevate it or anything, but at least he didn't ruin it.

3. Raelia - I don't love it, but huuuuuge step up from last week. I like the length and the sense of pride I'm getting from the photo.

4. Shei - Very on the nose, but fine.

5. Adam - Love the closeup, easily my favorite closeup from Adam yet. The pose isn't really doing him any favors, but I like that he's interacting with Cory better than the guys below him.

6. Keith - Keith's photos are so bland and uninspiring.

7. Denzel - Just two bros, hanging out on the staircase.

8. Matthew - Stiff and uncomfortable. Bad week for Matt ot have his worst shoot.

9. Mirjana - Oof just after I was raving about her this was unfortunately a miss.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 8)

Cycle 21 - Episode 9 - The Guy Who Wows Betsey Johnson


Lenox is excited for her third best photo in a row and chooses Raelia & Shei to join her in the Tyra Suite.


Mirjana declares she will never be in the bottom two again. When Keith tells her she has no control over that, she decides to pick an argument with him ❤️


Denzel understands that Mirjana is so aggressive because there's pain behind her eyes and she's not ready to ~open up~ yet


Miss J appears and reveals he gets to work on runway with Lenox, Raelia, and Shei because they're in the Tyra Suite


Will is feeling #bitter because he got second best photo and feels he deserves the runway teach.


Miss J recreates Raelia's runway walk for her


And then it turns into a twerking lesson lol


For the challenge, they have to book a show for Betsey Johnson!


The level of unprofessionalism...far too much




Raelia, Shei, and Keith book for Betsey.



Will and Shei book the second show.


And then all the girls book the final show even though it was only supposed to be two!


The other guy all book the last show making Denzel the only model not to book anything.


Omg?! What an unexpected surprise!


Lmao this shot of Denzel stuck in the audience having to watch everyone else walk :dead:


Not Raelia only going halfway down the runway 🙈


Shei wins the challenge for booking the most shows and nailing all of them!


Denzel is feeling down after flopping the challenge.


"Whoever said the life of a model was easy was a f*cking liar!"


Mirjana is pissed at Denzel because he forgot to wake her up this morning :giggle:


"I like Denzel, but he's always with Mirjana and I hate that bitch"


Shei is worried because Denzel is tired and thinking about the tension with Mirjana even though they're partnered together for the photoshoot.


Mirjana is bothered as she perceives Shei & Denzel flirting.



They get through the shoot successfully though and Shei gives Denzel a friendly little massage...


Raelia struggles with Will lifting her even though he's a former cheerleader and dancer and knows lifts.


Denzel tries to fix things with Mirjana, but she tells him she's still mad at him :kissbye:


Mirjana starts yelling at Keith for doing a bad job holding her.


"Suck it in :kissbye:"

"I am sucking it in, you keep dropping me :kissbye:"


Will yells at Keith to stand up for himself.


"I'm sucking in, I'm doing what I need to do, you need to mind your business :kissbye:"


Meanwhile the photographer just wants to shoot them :dead:


Mirjana calls Will out when she still hears him talking shit after the shoot.


After the shoot, Denzel flirts with Mirjana and she immediately makes up with him.




That photo in the background! Send everyone home and give Mirjana the win right now.


Miss J talks about how she lost her mind when Raelia only walked halfway down the runway :dead:


Send everyone home, give Raelia the win for that photo!!!!!!!


Lenox's streak is broken as Will snatches FCO.


Lenox has spent the last five panels as either FCO or B2 :dead:


But obviously she's going nowhere over Denzel (though it was tay too close :/)


Tyra brings out food for the final seven, what could it mean???


But the party needs more people so the eliminated contestants are coming back!


And then reveals they can eat all the soul food they want in Seoul, Korea!!!!!! (yikes at this play on words)



Chantelle & Ben are the top guy and girl!!!!!


But then Tyra reveals only one will come back oop and we won't find out till next episode


And then there was 7...

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Cast Ranking:


This cycle sucks. This was easily the episode of the cycle from a modeling standpoint, strong challenge and photoshoot of the season. But the show itself is still so boring.


1. Mirjana - I hated the episode, but Mirjana was the main character. Should I lower her? Is it her fault? As exhausted as I am by Denzel & Mirjana, I was living for her drama with Keith and her theatrics at the photoshoot. Since no one else stood out I'll reward her with first place.

2. Lenox - I feel bad for her as Miss J is making her twerk and she has to do all these things she hates and then somehow falls back to the bottom two, below Adam of all people :dead:

3. Shei - Nice to see her dominate the week, she was on fire on that runway!

4. Raelia - I still like her.

5. Adam - I still like him.

6. Denzel - This was probably his funniest episode yet as he spiraled out of control and continued to flop. The judges constantly telling him to slim down was very #yikes. I will not miss him.

7. Will - Maybe this is why I couldn't really embrace Will even on the episode he was eating. He's kinda mean girl, but not in a fun way. Just vaguely bitchy behind the scenes. While Mirjana was being an ass, I think Will showed his ass when he stepped into the argument that he was not invited to.

8. Keith - While Mirjana is obviously A Lot, I found Keith's comments to her and about her rather shocking. How he got such a good edit it beyond me.


Photo Ranking:


Like I said, shoot of the cycle easily. Good for these models finally getting something they can use in their portfolio.



1. Shei - Since it's a hair ad, I looooove Shei's hair in this shot. So gorgeous. I love how she's staring off into the distance and overall I think it's a great shot.

2. Raelia - The lower half of Raelia's shot is absolutely killer. I don't looooove the closeup, but I also don't hate it. I think she just needed to close her lips and open her left eye a little more.

3. Adam - Kinda the same look as last week, but I'm glad Adam's finally telling a story with his eyes. Good job supporting Lenox.

4. Keith - This is actually growing on me the more I look at it. It's just his eyes that are a problem.

5. Lenox - I think it's good, but a bit cold. I also hate her left arm placement.

6. Mirjana - Tyra was completely right, it's amazing from her head to her booty. The lower half is a bit wonky.

7. Will - He's doing a great job supporting Raelia, I just don't like his face here.

8. Denzel - Go gurl, give us nothing.



1. Raelia - One of the best shots in ANTM history. This is just flawless. So stylish and so powerful. This is the most amount of life she has ever had behind her eyes.

2. Mirjana - Choosing between Raelia and Mirjana was painful, both shots are amongst the best this show has ever produced.

3. Shei - I think she could've played with her angles a bit more, but this is still a great shot. Once again, great job remembering it's a hair ad.

4. Lenox - Once again hate the left arm placement, but love everything else about this shot. No way should she have been bottom two.

5. Denzel - Probably his strongest shot of the competition, though it is a bit actors headshot. And of course beard weave lol.

6. Keith - Good. Predictable, but good.

7. Will - I don't think Will was as great this week as the show made him out to be. I don't like how he's playing with the jacket at all and it ruins the shot.

8. Adam - He was starting to make a comeback, but this is the Adam from the start of the competition. It's giving headache ad.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 9)

Cycle 21 - Episode 10 - The Girl with the Bloodcurdling Scream


In a completely mindblowing twist of events, America picks the WOC over the hot white guy to rejoin the competition! 😮


Tyra is thrilled Chantelle is back in the house, despite the fact that she's the one who send her home ridiculously early :kissbye:


Tyra reveals only 7 of the remaining models will be going to Seoul.


Umm rude! Raelia deserves better!



Chantelle brags about how much better it was outside of the house as the rest of the girls seethe :wub:


"I have to deal with the resentments of the other contestants, but I really don't care 🙂. Their opinions are not in a factor in me winning the competition."


Mirjana liked Denzel a lot and is missing him now that he's out of the house.



Adam shows off how to do a front flip ^_^ :dead:


For the challenge, they have to walk through a haunted house while remaining ~fierce~ since a photographer will be taking their pictures throughout it


Raelia admits she is not in her element at all lol


Okay this might be the best challenge ever :dead:



They're so mean to her 😭


"She's a beautiful girl but when she opens her mouth she looks like Flavor Flav"


Will casually walks through the haunted house unfazed because he and his friends used to sneak into an abandoned insane asylum :dead:


Adam's strategy is to scream back at the monsters in order to scare them!


Raelia leads Lenox in the Lord's Prayer before she goes in


But then accidentally faces the wrong way for the pictures :dead:


And Chantelle wins the challenge!





Raelia breaks down because she's afraid of going home and she has nothing to go home to.


Mirjana tries bonding with the others since she has no friends now that Denzel left, but they all think she's fake.


Meanwhile Chantelle & Keith have been getting closer since she's come back in the house.


Will gets a family visit since getting FCO last week.


However, things are still a bit awkward between him and his dad since he came out, though they're working on it.


Miss J talks to the models about losing friends and her sister to HIV & AIDS and the photoshoot will be about raising awareness for the disease ❤️



Mirjana casually talks to Tyra about how she misses Denzel, but at least she has a boyfriend at home :dead:


Lenox gossips to the other girls about how Chantelle doesn't want to be in the competition as much as them.


Chantelle is happy to be back in the competition, but isn't happy in the house.


"Chantelle is not nice and so arrogant so she should go home"


Keith is starting to get frustrated with the way Yu Tsai talks to him.


Adam gets very excited every time he gets to shoot with his shirt off.


And then does a back flip off the stage.


Mirjana lets Chantelle know that people are saying she doesn't want to be here.


Chantelle gets to the bottom of who started the rumor and Lenox admits to it.


"Do not put f*cking words in my mouth!"


The judges also call Chantelle out for a lack of sincerity and she breaks down talking about how she's been bullied in the past and puts up a wall around people.


I've been feeling Kelly this season, but she's insane for this.


"Don't be mad at me boo" Raelia decides to tell off one of her commenters ❤️




Chantelle immediately coming back and getting FCO as the haters seethe :wub:


Raelia lives again!


Mirjana felt like she lost her fire since Denzel left, but she still has no regrets.


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


This episode was good. Not amazing or anything but considering how the rest of the cycle has gone, I'll take it. I'm very glad to see Chantelle back and I think she's brought some much needed life and non-Mirjana conflict to the cycle.


1. Chantelle - So totally team Chantelle here. I get what she was saying. She's grateful to be in the competition, but it was much easier not having to deal with the house drama. They're all just jealous :kissbye:

2. Mirjana - I feel like she really was making an effort! I think she regrets being so wrapped up in Denzel and I loved seeing her at least try with the others, I don't think she was being fake at all. RIP Mirjana :broken:

3. Adam - Doing backflips and upstaging Keith as he quietly seethes :wub:.

4. Raelia - So I'm gonna do my comments on her alliance here. I think Raelia, Will, Shei, and Lenox are lowkey the mean girls of the cycle? But I think they're used to being the outcasts so they kinda mask their mean girl antics behind that. When it was targeted at Denzel & Mirjana, it was okay since we all hated them. But now it's targeted against Chantelle and the mask is slipping on the entire alliance. I don't even necessarily hate them as the mean girls, I just wish they'd own it more, or the edit would paint them that way. Having said all that, I still do like Raelia. She was hilarious in the haunted house :dead:

5. Will - I still don't necessarily stan Will or anything, but I think his body issues and relationship with his parents are all good tv.

6. Shei - I think she has a bigger personality than they're showing, I wish we got to see it more.

7. Keith - Shockingly mean about Mirjana these past few episodes. Almost makes me wonder what was left on the cutting room floor.

8. Lenox - She jealous :kissbye:. Chantelle never said she wanted to be there like Lenox continually argued she explicitly said. She was just causing drama and trying to gang up on the new girl.


Photo Ranking:


Definitely one of the better shoots this cycle. I like that it was for an important cause and I liked some of the styling. I wish they didn't double up, I think it would've been fine if they kept it a solo shot.


1. Shei - The right side is gorgeous and one of the strongest shots of the cycle. The left side is strong too, and both come together well.

2. Chantelle - I think she has the strongest interaction between both sides of the show and sells it overall the best.

3. Lenox - Love both sides of the shot, but I've been noticing the past two shoots her arm issue. Once again, I think it's awkwardly placed and distracting.

4. Adam - His right side is EASILY his strongest picture of the competition. Easily. His left side if meh.

5. Raelia - Love the left shot, mixed on the right shot.

6. Keith - Good right shot, horrible left shot.

7. Mirjana - Just mediocre all around. Sad note for Mirjana to end her journey on since I've really liked her portfolio up to now.

8. Will - This is just a mess and not good at all. Just like week one, he's very lucky he survived this.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 10)
22 hours ago, Gonzalo said:

I am 100%, agree with you I feel like Lenox, Will and Shei were the mean girls here!!, i really dont like that team 🙄, Chantelle is only living her life !!!! 


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Cycle 21 - Episode 12 - The Guy Who Parties Too Hard


Everyone is packing as they're on their way to Korea!


Lenox disagrees with Tyra's assessment of Chantelle that she's closed off and thinks she's just mean.


Shei & Adam have been flirting more and getting closer to each other.


Which leads to that happening.


When they arrive they're greeted by some K-Pop band called BtoB.


For the challenge they have to learn and perform one of their routines.


Adam is struggling after having a few too many drinks on their flight here 🙈


Lenox is pretty confident she's gonna mess the dance up, so she's just hoping to nail the photo.


But then she turned in this so idk about that :dead:


"I think the only thing Adam can do is bust a beer can over his head and maybe then that'll give him some life :rolleyes:"


Keith, Chantelle, and Raelia are named the top three at the challenge (the Black people got the rhythm!)


And Raelia wins and gets her first challenge win!


While choosing beds, Adam decides he'd sleep on the couch instead of with Shei because "the beds are too small"


"Whatever, Adam's not boyfriend material :kissbye:. I'm just focused on winning the competition 💅"


Adam finds out he has the lowest challenge score with Lenox so he decides to have a few drinks.


And he finds someone who will have a drink with him!



Next morning, we're still going!


"Want some water ^_^?"


Adam turns him down because water's no good for hangovers 👁️👄👁️ (I mean he's not necessarily wrong, but water's still good lol)


This man is doing like his fifth or sixth shoot of the cycle! Where's the photographer budget???


Adam thinks he keeps too much to himself so he likes to drink because it allows him to open himself to people more (all jokes aside, Adam is a straight up alcoholic and the show needed to get him help instead of turning it into a storyline)


Yu Tsai literally steps into the shoot to teach Keith how to model. Keith is literally getting his hand held throughout the entire competition.


Apparently Chantelle has been changing her hair and makeup after the team is done with her 🙈. Girl work with me I'm trying to defend you here!!!!!!!


Adam is having fun, wholly unconcerned that there's a whole ass competition happening ^_^


Yu Tsai: Alright Chantelle you're next! Where's my panda?!


Yu Tsai: There she is, representing the pandas of the world!


"When I grew up, people would call me things like zebra and cow and it came from a very malicious place. I don't want young kids to see someone calling me panda and think that it's okay."


"Okay that's it, thank you panda!"


Chantelle is feeling really pissed off with Yu Tsai calling her panda bear and is hoping she can have a conversation with him if she makes it through this week.


Will is feeling worried that Raelia might be going home and doesn't want to lose his best friend and support in the competition.


Kelly tells Raelia she looks like she took too much Ambien and missed her connection :dead:


Will's photo is nawt a perfect 30!


The judges call Chantelle out for changing her hair and makeup and she just denies it ❤️



She just wants to jump Keith's bones right now.


Tyra calls Adam out that she smells the alcohol in his breath and he's gotta hold it back.



Should've been the top two instead 😭


And then there were 6...

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Cast Ranking:


Oof that was a frustrating episode. Between the panda situation and Adam's drinking, it was just very uncomfortable. And on top of all that the episode was just boring.


1. Chantelle - Yeah I'm gonna ride or die for her here lmao. If she's changing her makeup she's right to :kissbye:. If she is a bit arrogant, she's right she's gonna be more successful than all these fools :kissbye: :dead:. Idk I'm bored, I need to delusionally stan someone and Chantelle is carrying the cycle on her back right now.

2. Adam - Adam building little stuffed animal pyramids or giving his photo hanging in the house a beer? Fun! But this is like C5 Lisa all over again where we're just casually watching an alcoholic blackout nightly and call it entertainment. Very uncomfortable.

3. Raelia - Oof at her getting eliminated while winning the challenge. Bad time to have that awful of a picture. I liked her overall and I'm gonna miss her.

4. Will - I enjoyed what we were getting to see of his friendship with Raelia. Also his interactions with Adam were funny.

5. Shei - Get more content besides being Chanellenvious :kissbye:

6. Lenox - Get more content besides being Chanellenvious :kissbye:

7. Keith - The boring ass winner's edit was in full force this episode. Thanks I hate it.


Photo Ranking:


The shoots are slowly but surely getting better! This still isn't perfect or anything, but it's an improvement over hair whipping and Corybot.


1. Lenox - I LOVE this shot and I think it's so underrated. Simple, yet so effective. The way she's staring into the camera, the way she's holding her left leg. Fashion!

2. Keith - Finally he stepped it up, I can admit this is a great shot.

3. Shei - This shot feels very realistic, she genuinely looks like she's rushing somewhere to be.

4. Chantelle - A little guarded, but still good (and also understandable since she was just called Panda like three times in a row before taking this shot)

5. Will - I don't love it. It's very stiff and the pose feels too contrived. Keith did the jumping shot better I fear.

6. Adam - There's a sadness in his eyes that just does not work in this shot at all. It's not very dynamic, it's just a big step down from what we've been seeing of him recently.

7. Raelia - Unfortunately Kelly said it all. This shot's a mess.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 12)

Cycle 21 - Episode 13 - The Girl Who Gets Caught in a Lie


Keith is happy to have gotten FCO and feels he's where he belongs at the top of the competition.


Adam is feeling embarrassed from the previous panel...and decides he's just gonna stick to drinking beer for the rest of the competition :haha:.


Raelia's allies mourn her elimination and how Chantelle doesn't deserve to be here over Raelia.


Luckily Chantelle is here to cheer them up ^_^


But instead they call her out on being fake.


"Lenox, please don't talk to me for the rest of our time here 🙂"


"Any time you see me hold back tears here it's not because I'm afraid to cry, it's because I'm afraid to beat a bitch down!"


For go-sees, they go into pairs and Will & Shei, Lenox & Adam, and Keith & Chantelle partner up.


Please, not Shei's makeover screwing her over :dead:


Chantelle struggles trying to figure out how to model accessories :haha:


Will struggles fitting into the clothes with his height.


Everyone makes it back in time with Lenox & Adam walking in at the last second!


Keith wins the challenge for book 4/5 go-sees (meanwhile Lenox booked 4/4 but doesn't win?)


Oof Will with a six for booking zero 🙈


And Adam decides to have another beer after seeing his challenge score 🙈


Keith & Will have a word with Adam about his drinking problem.


At the photoshoot, Will is still struggling to fit into the clothes.


After the photoshoot, Chantelle decides to have a word with Yu Tsai about his "panda" comments and how it could negatively affect kids watching from home.


"Chantelle is not gonna make it in modeling because she rubs people the wrong way and it's hard to get Chantelle to listen"


Yu Tsai turns it around by saying he's calling her "panda" lovingly so it should have just positive effects :wacko:


"People who love and care about you are gonna give you nicknames and I think she took it in a negative way" If he really loved and cared about her he wouldn't use the nickname when she asked him not to????


"How I called you a name was never insulting and never harmful and never defamed who you are. When I gave you the nickname it was to help you and if you don't understand it, you no longer deserve that soft nickname, I'll call you porcupine from now on!" Wowwwwwwwwwwww





"I've had people who called me their best friend call me cow because I'm their friend. That doesn't make any sense! You still can't call me that! It's not appropriate!"


They talk again and he continues to tell her calling her panda made her softer at the photoshoots and there was a reason behind it.


He finally apologizes, but continues to tell her how she needs to change her attitude :rolleyes:


Later that night, Shei tells Keith that Chantelle is telling people she messed around with him


Keith categorically denies hooking up with Chantelle.


Keith confronts Chantelle and Chantelle is shocked.


Chantelle is shocked and feels betrayed by the girls.


Chantelle runs out of the house and tries to find somewhere to leave :dead:


"I've been pissed for so long and I've been trying to hold back all my anger this entire time. I can't right now. I can't do it any longer."


Chantelle decides she's gonna sleep in the hallway the rest of the competition.


Lol Will really is ridiculously tall :dead:


Adam, in the B2, decides to joke with Tyra about not smelling like alcohol this time ^_^


Oof a runaway! Not some random frat boy beating the biggest model to come from this show :dead:


Chantelle walks past everyone without a single hug.


Chantelle feels like her spirit has been broken since they've been in Korea.


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


Lol wow. The first half of the episode was boring as hell. Not enough go-see drama and the photoshoot wasn't fun. Then Chantelle vs. Yu Tsai happened. Then Chantelle vs. Keith happened and the entire episode got insane/trashy :dead:.


1. Chantelle - Sorry y'all still a stan. Either Chantelle told the truth and she did hook up with Keith but he didn't want to tell anyone so that's why she got pissed. Or Chantelle is a sociopath lmao. I think either could be true 🙈. Either way, it was f*cking hilarious. And I'm proud of her for how she defended herself to Yu Tsai. She was completely righteous there and I'm totally on her side there.

2. Keith - No matter what actually happened between Chantelle & Keith, I think he was pretty much in the right. If Chantelle did make that up, I don't blame him for being upset with her. If she didn't, I don't blame him being upset he told the others if he didn't want her to. On the other hand, as I'm typing that out, don't hookup with someone if you don't want anyone to know. That's just cruel and it makes it seem like you're ashamed or something. So idk. He was the sweetest to Chantelle this episode so I'll rank him here.

3. Adam - The fact that Adam's alcoholism was barely a C-plot and not in the top two messiest things this episode :dead:.

4. Shei - Lmao @ how she so effortlessly stirred up that Chantelle & Keith drama. She's still a h8r though.

5. Lenox - Hater!

6. Will - Hater! Idc how many brownie points he got for pretending to take Yu Tsai's side in the confessional. It lost him brownie points with me and that's what matters most!


Photo Ranking:


Another fine, but unimaginative shoot in a long list of shoots this cycle.


1. Will - The only shot I really love tbh. And it might be because I love the umbrella and it's carrying the shot lol. But it's romantic and I think he did a great job.

2. Keith - Not super creative, but I guess he's selling the shoes well.

3. Adam - Still has come a long way since the beginning of the competition. Once again not very interesting, but passable.

4. Shei - Love the pose, hate the face.

5. Chantelle - Like the pose, hate the face.

6. Lenox - Idk why but I've always hated this shot. It just doesn't look like her to me. Something's off and I can't quite pinpoint it. It just feels uncomfortable, doesn't work for me at all.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 13)

Cycle 21 - Episode 14 - The Guy with Moves Like Elvis


Everyone is happy to see Chantelle go home.


Shei is feeling frustrated she hasn't gotten FCO yet (and we hear her backstory which we know is bad news for her :dead:)


Miss J comes in and starts showing them Korean soap operas.


And then reveals they'll be acting in one for the challenge!


Will is frustrated he has to play straight again for another acting challenge.


Adam proudly memorizes the script in 20 mins and then throws it away declaring he doesn't need it anymore :haha:


And he has an amazing time watching everyone else flop at the challenge!


And obviously he forgets every line lmao


Keith wins the challenge, to the shock of everyone, cause everyone else sucked and he flirted with the judge.


Shei roasts Keith for his awful challenge performance later in the day lol



For the photoshoot they're embodying Marilyn & Elvis :wacko:


Another shoot of Yu Tsai #dragging Keith


Tyra has ANOTHER conversation with Adam about the drinking issue. Like get the hint mayhaps?


Y'all how are we already at panel? This episode's been a nothingburger


Adam out here getting a whole ass 29?! :dead:


Kelly calls this shot the kids are visiting their dad for the weekend and she had a couple drinks and came out onto the stage. Why do I kinda get it?!


Shei starts breaking down because she knows she can do better and she's frustrated she's not


"Kelly, do me a favor since you keep talking, give Keith my score for him, give him an 8 :kissbye:"


Adam getting a FCO is the kind of chaos this endgame deserves.


Another badass Asian girl losing 😭


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


What an absolutely awful episode, I've never been so bored in my life.


1. Adam - There's something darkly comedic about Shei sobbing over being eliminated because she wants it so bad while Adam is drunkenly getting FCO's.

2. Shei - I think there's personality there, but she was given the opportunity to be the main character this episode and she gave us the most boring episode I've ever seen. So what now?

3. Keith - His hated of Yu Tsai, same.

4. Lenox - I was kinda surprised I enjoyed her the first half of the season, but she kinda lost me overseas :ph34rwave:

5. Will - See Lenox.


Photo Ranking:


Very interesting how there's biopics about both Evlis & Marilyn coming out this year 😮. That has nothing to do with the task at hand, this was a terrible shoot.


1. Lenox - The wig is awful, or there's some bad photoshop going on or something, but as far as modeling goes she did...well enough.

2. Shei - Sexy, but I don't really get Marilyn. She has trouble as she sticks her face up to the camera it seems.

3. Adam - The movement is there, but I feel no life in the shot.

4. Keith - See Adam.

5. Will - Just a disaster. Will has some good shots, but when he misses, it's just a complete and utter mess.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 14)

Cycle 21 - Episode 15 - Finale Part One: The Last Girl Standing


Congrats to your final four 👁️👄👁️


We get a Keith sob story segment about how he had a rough relationship with his father and then dealing with his death.


And Will talks again about growing up gay in a small town.


Tyra talks about "beautytainment" and tries to convince them the antics she's made them do are actually part of the industry lol


And all the eliminated people are back and the final four can cast them in their commercial.


Chantelle gets picked last, but she promises she'll still werq it!





Team Adam is chaotic af


Will & Raelia are happy to be reunited.


Not Allison still doing charity for ANTM after they robbed her three times!


Mirjana confirms her and Denzel are still cuddling...I know y'all were nervous!


This challenge is so... :wacko:


Adam is feeling confident because he's used to being up at 2:45 in the morning :haha:


He's so fine...I can't believe how early they sent him home


Denzel says Will's "his boy" but he's still rooting for Adam or Keith to win.


"SMACK MY FAT LASH" This is soooo weird


Challenge over at 7 am, time to get drunk!


"I just wanna have a few beers every night when I get back from the house after a long day of grueling modeling!"


This isn't clever editing, they literally panned to this mid Adam's sentence.


At panel, everyone is shocked because it's actually a Guess photoshoot!


Lenox really eating them up in this group shot, too bad Tyra was never gonna allow a woman to win this season :haha:


Uh oh, the judges have been backstage watching everything and are about to eliminate someone right now!!!


Will starts crying over how much he Wants It more than everyone else.


Tyra drops the bomb that social media hasn't been voting on these photos so only the judges will determine this elimination (aka let's get the girl social media's obsessed with out :dead:)


Adam getting FCO over the Serious Models after spending the night drinking :dead:


Will & Lenox can't believe Adam's FCO either lmao


We'll have to wait till next episode to find out who gets cut!

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