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The golden years of ANTM have been on my mind lately thanks to @rdhaley96's game and I've been looking to do a rewatch. So I figured, why not now. Unlike my other rankings I've done, I'm gonna keep this more simple. Just watch an episode a day and post my thoughts on it, maybe some screenshots if I'm feeling particularly inspired, and some cast & photo rankings. FYI, I barely care about the modeling aspect of the show, just the drama & entertainment of it all, so if you're looking for in depth analysis of modeling potential and photos this isn't the place :dead:.


Feel free to comment and watch along with me as well! All the seasons are on Hulu (and can be found online other ways if you want me to PM you 👀).


Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 5

Cycle 6

Cycle 7

Cycle 8

Cycle 9

Cycle 10

Cycle 11

Cycle 12

Cycle 13

Cycle 14

Cycle 15

Cycle 16

Cycle 17

Cycle 18

Cycle 19

Cycle 20

Cycle 21

Cycle 22

Cycle 23

Cycle 24

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I think I watched cycles 1-9 or something during quarantine and haven't gone back to continue yet (mostly because I was nervously anticipating the let-down of some of the later seasons :haha:) so this is still pretty fresh in my mind, I'll be following!


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Cycle 1 - Episode 1 - The Girl Who Wants It Bad


Obviously the episode has to start on a compilation of Tyra modeling. It's all about Mama TyTy :wub: :wub:


Wait a minute, I'm almost the same age as Miss Robin?! :dead:. Watching the show when I was younger, they made Robin out to be like she was 40 (probably cause she acted like it lmaoooooooo)


Elyse is the first to audition and her shtick of pretending to not be interested at all but lowkey caring a lot is visible from the beginning.


Not Katie bragging about being an animal activist, cut to her audition tape of leopard and zebra print pillows and talking about eating chicken :dead:


This Justine girl is psycho, bragging about how pretty she is and how her mom calls her every day to tell her she's pretty :dead: We were so robbed of her in the house :broken:


Omg, so Kesse was the first one to declare she's "not here to make friends" 😮. That's interesting cause obviously we all know it turns out she's the only one friends with everyone in the end :dead:


"I want this really really bad...and I know everyone else does, but I want this really bad" Lol Nicole. Queen of foreshadowing :wub:


Not the top two standing next to each other as the "top 10" are chosen!


And just like that, an iconic gif is born :wub: :wub:


Miss Robin is pleased she got her Bible study room with Miss Kesse and Miss Shannon.


"FAVORITE BOOK, THE BIBLE LADIES, THE BIBLE!!!!!" Lmaoooo the Brad Pinkert storyline is too much :dead:



The producers were so extra for the fake top 8 twist :dead:. Dragging into two extra girls later for the drama of it all :wub: :wub:


Smokers alliance between the big winner and the big loser.


Y'know what, I'm #TeamRobin confronting the smokers for smoking in the house. I don't want people smoking in my house either, take that shit outside :kissbye:



"I was extremely uncomfortable with the bikini wax. The only two people who have been down there are myself and my gynecologist and I give him crap" :dead:


Everyone ditching Ebony and The Christians for being late to the first photoshoot :dead:


Now why did the photographer force Tessa into this godawful pose?! She got totally set up :dead:


Miss Robin finding out Elyse is an atheist :dead:


QUEEN :wub: :wub: :wub:. I know her ass is not gonna age well AT ALL watching this in 2021, but she is the ultimate #problematicfave ANTM judge.




Miss Robin cycled through every emotion when she was announced safe :wub:


We say goodbye to Tessa, and then there were nine.

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Cast Ranking:


Overall, it was a decent premiere. I think we get introduced to a few of the major storylines of the season (mainly the Christian Clique and Elyse vs. Robin). They had a lot to go through with auditions, meeting all the girls, the first photoshoot, and the first elimination. So it was a bit sped through, but I didn't hate it! Episode 2 is legendary though and I'm so excited to watch it tomorrow.


1. Robin - Just a legend right out of the gate. She is one of ANTM's greatest villains for a reason. Don't get me wrong, she's awful! But she helped build this show through her judgemental Christian ways.

2. Elyse - A great introduction to one of ANTM's great antiheroes. I love analyzing Elyse and how she acts so Above It, but is clearly very invested. Elyse is able to handle Robin's antics so well and despite her flaws, makes it so easy to root for her.

3. Ebony - Her story about coming out of the closet in high school and dealing with bigotry is not one I remember, but it's great. I forgot how stunning Ebony's face is. Definitely her most lowkey episode of the cycle, but I still love her. Also, this iconic gif of her finding out she's a finalist :wub: :wub:

4. Adrianne - Instantly likable and relatable from the start. How could you not be drawn to Adrianne?

5. Kesse - I think it's #OldSchoolBias, but I remember being drawn to Kesse. She was really likable this first episode. I don't think she'll have very many ~moments~ throughout the season so we'll see how I still feel about her.

6. Katie - Kinda just there, but the scene of her bragging about being an animals rights activist cut straight to her hypocrisy was funny :dead:.

7. Giselle - She was good! Didn't do anything major to blow me away, but she was good.

8. Shannon - Idk if this is unpopular, but I'm not much of a Shannon fan. I feel like Robin gets all the hate for her villainous ways, but Shannon's with her every step of the way, but not being entertaining about it. But we did get the beginning of her crush on Brad Pinkert :wub:

9. Nicole - Who?

10. Tessa - Fine with her being the first boot. She will not be missed.




Photo Ranking:


This was a decent first photoshoot. Pretty simple which is rare for ANTM standards nowadays :dead:. And of course they had to add the ANTM Element though of torturing them and making them freeze on a snowy rooftop :wub:. It's interesting how a lot of the early boots had more potential than the endgame girls here.

1. Katie - Love the pose, striking face, and just perfect amount of sex without going overboard. I actually really love this photo.

2. Kesse - I'm obsessed with Kesse's body here and her eyes are so striking. Her best photo of the competition easily.

3. Ebony - I think she could've done a little more, but it's a really strong and confident picture.

4. Giselle - I like the top half of the photo more than the bottom half, but it's still strong!

5. Adrianne - I appreciate that she took a risk, and it kinda works!

6. Elyse - It's decent, but just way too awkward and her face reads scared (and cold I guess lol)

7. Nicole - I love the pose, but it's one of my least favorite faces in the bunch.

8. Robin - Lol @ her picture (and lol @ how it's somehow not the worst of the bunch)

9. Shannon - She looks like she smelled a fart and her body just looks weird here. Easily her worst picture (that she did)

10. Tessa - It was a setup! (which is fine with me, better losing her than a legend)

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 1 - Episode 1)

Wait just reread my recap, almost the entire thing being about Robin :dead: :wub:. Sorry y'all didn't realize that, not my fault she was The Entertainment of the episode :wub: :wub:. I'll give everyone their due credit though as long as they deliver.

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On 5/22/2021 at 12:44 PM, FrogLenzen said:

@Elliott you should watch this show!!!


And then as an added bonus you can participate in the future ANTM Photo Mini-Rankdown :ph34rwave:

I feel like that one's definitely coming next :dead: And I will not hold back :wub:


22 hours ago, Solaris said:


Jenah will win

Not if Miss Gargoyle Ebony stops her :wub:


21 hours ago, rdhaley96 said:

Loving this thread already! I think the separate cast and photo rankings is a really cool idea. I'd comment more in-depth, but I've had a long, exhausting Saturday, haha.



19 hours ago, Elliott said:


Me @ RPDR :wub:


4 hours ago, *Chris said:

Queen Robin! :wub: 

Queen :wub:

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Cycle 1 - Episode 2 - The Girl is Here to Win, Not Make Friends


Elyse hiding in the confessional because she already hates everyone else :wub:



Miss Robin is truly unhinged :dead:



"When I read that, it made me think of you 🙂"


MISS J :wub: :wub: :wub: MY FAVE


"Walk like it is for sale and the rent is due tonight" :wub: :wub:


"I think I performed really poorly and I'm not used to being incapable at anything" I always love a look at the inner psyche of Elyse. She is clearly so invested, but also afraid of failure so if she loses, she can pretend like she never wanted it all along. When she's ranting about how she wants to be eliminated, I'm just not buying it.


Miss Robin checking herself out in the mirror even though she has like 30 seconds to get changed and get on the runway :wub:


"Frankly this dress is hideous and I'm so glad I don't own it" I mean...


did she lie?


Giselle won the runway challenge and Ebony is clearly taking the loss well :wub:


The legendary Elyse rant :wub:. She really cycled through all of Adrianne, Robin, Giselle, Miss J, and Katie dragging them all to filth :dead:. "DAMMIT LET ME F*CKING DIE! YOU BITCHES!" :dead:


Elyse: Ladies you will be undergoing your photoshoot-

Shannon: 6:30 IN THE MORNING!



Elyse: ...Ladies you will be undergoing...



Shannon going to warn the ladies going on the reward about the photoshoot even though Ebony doesn't want her to :giggle:


Parting with Wyclef Jean is such an early 2000's reward :dead:


Ebony randomly admitting to Adrianne that she wanted to hide the Tyra Mail from the girls who went on the reward :dead:


Robin holding a house meeting to call Ebony out :dead: "The competitor did not come downstairs, the CHRISTIAN did!"




"HoOoOoOwwww excellent!"

"I'm in the middle of talking and you're-"

"HoOoOoOwwwww excellent!"





The group prayer after the fight is truly a top 10 ANTM moment :dead:


Katie is obviously living for the sexy bikini shoot.


"What the other girls don't realize is I'm starting to take this competition a lot more seriously than I let on"


Tyra DRAGGING Katie's picture and calling her Miss July, she hates the "sexy" girls sooooo much


Kesse being the first girl Janice makes cry lol


And then there were 8 (Katie lowkey robbed)

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 1 - Episode 2)

Cast Ranking:


This was an amazing episode, kinda legendary actually. The infamous Elyse rant and Robin vs. Ebony are easily two of the most iconic moments of the cycle, it's amazing they both came from this episode. One thing I'm noticing is that the cast is very top heavy. Elyse, Ebony, and Robin are really driving the majority of the storylines. The supporting cast is fine and all (and I know all the top 8 have their moments to shine throughout the season), but this cycle would be nothing without those three ladies.


1. Elyse - Her conflict between being really passionate about this entire experience and wanting the world to know she's smarter than everyone and ~above this~ is just extremely fascinating. I think Elyse overreacts to a lot throughout the episode (not the Robin stuff, she was completely justified there) but I'll just chalk it up to her having a bad day. Elyse's smirk and confessional about how she's actually starting to take the competition seriously actually gave me goosebumps it was so good. When she's succeeding, Elyse is having fun and I love that for her.

2. Ebony - Ebony just naturally falls into conflict and that's what I love about her. She has no reason to hide the Tyra Mail from the other girls, but she's so damn competitive she genuinely convinces herself it's a good idea, and the other girls shouldn't be upset with her wanting to do it. Also Ebony's eyeroll during the group prayer is amazing, she has managed to create two mainstream gifs two episodes in a row.

3. Robin - Robin confronting Elyse with the Bible is such a textbook move of what people fear crazy Christians are. Of course I don't approve of Robin's behavior at all, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun to watch. Robin is a born leader, it's wild how easily she has just swooped Shannon & Kesse up and has them hanging on her every word. Robin's much more enjoyable during the second half of the episode when she's calling Ebony out and singing over Ebony's arguments :wub:. Nothing uncomfortable there, just top-tier entertainment.

4. Kesse - Kesse randomly breaking down at panel over a shockingly mild criticism from Janice made me lol.

5. Katie - Honestly #Justice4Katie. She really got hosed just because she wants to do Playboy and Tyra is the least sex positive model in the world.

6. Adrianne - Already rambling on about Silent Jay :wub:

7. Giselle - I like the little hints we got that Giselle's lack of self-confidence was gonna be an issue later.

8. Shannon - The scene of her cutting Elyse off reading Tyra Mail made me lol, but she's still just Robin's mute sidekick. And like I said if you're gonna be awful, at least be fun about it like Robin.

9. Nicole - Who?



Another strong photoshoot. They got to shoot for an actual magazine and got photos that could be used in the real world (if they were good). It's funny how Elyse finds the whole thing ridiculous when they're doing actual model photoshoots. I'd love to see her react to photoshoots like All-Stars' hotdog shoot or something :dead:


1. Giselle - Amazing! This photo exudes confidence and sexiness. She shows off the bathing suit so well and it looks great on her body. I absolutely could see this in Stuff Magazine.

2. Elyse - I just wish her face was a bit more sexy. But Elyse really played into her strengths here and delivered a great photo.

3. Kesse - Once again, I continue to be obsessed with Kesse's body. I think the face reads trying to be sexy as opposed to naturally sexy, but the shot still works.

4. Katie - Like most of the girls, amazing body, less than amazing face. Still shouldn't have been eliminated, it's really not raunchy.

5. Ebony - She's probably the only girl who had a better face than body here. This photo could be in a teeth whitening commercial, not sure about a sexy bikini photoshoot.

6. Adrianne - I love her body so much, but her eyes couldn't be more dead.

7. Robin - I actually like Robin's attitude here, it fits her personality well :giggle:. I don't think this photo fits the brand well, but if it was just some random photo not trying to sell a bathing suit, I wouldn't hate it.

8. Shannon - All of Shannon's tension is in her mouth and it just ruins the photo. She's not selling the bathing suit at all. I know C1's callout orders weren't "official", but no way is this a FCO photo.

9. Nicole - Awful face and her pose reads really shy to me. I don't like how she's pushing her boobs together and she looks hesitant, which is a shame because she's such a stunning girl. I remember liking Nicole's photos more than I actually do, but overall I've been finding her to be a bit of a disappointment (and she only has one left so we'll see how that goes).

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3 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

I know it has been said but Elyse was truly a groundbreaking character in reality TV history.

Truly a gamechanger.


39 minutes ago, Solaris said:

How does one rewatch ANTM if they are in canada?  I want to rewatch too!

I'll pm you ;)

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Cycle 1 - Episode 3 - The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room


Oh Lord, the montage of Nicole getting ghosted by her bf.


Our first look at Mr. Jay......meh don't care :dead:


Nothing says ANTM more than girls whining on makeover day :wub:


They're barely doing anything to you Giselle :dead:


These racist ass bitches laughing as they're cutting Ebony's hair...it's disrespectful to not have women who can cut Black hair on the show.


Miss Ebony calling the racist salon out you go girl! It's so interesting that Ebony is 100% right, but they're showing the other girls in a better light making fun of her and saying she's ridiculous. We've come a long way (and still have further to go) from ANTM cycle one.


Robin calling herself an albino prostitute :dead:. Please there have been many butchered makeovers on this show and Miss Robin is hardly one of them :dead:


Nicole needs to dump this ghosting ass man! Lmao @ her mom dragging this man, she righteously hates him.


Lol Elyse winning the challenge just by memorizing Jay's commands, smart queen :wub:


Elyse accidentally picking Robin to join her on the reward because her mother's maiden name starts with a G :dead:


Nicole turning down the reward is so wild :dead:. I love how bitchy she gets with Jay :wub:. Jay's the worst, so I love when these girls dish it back at him just as hard.


Adrianne: It looks like I have fake eyelashes on, right?

Nicole: Can you not talk to me about your eyelashes, I really don't care!

Adrianne: Whoa 😮



Ugh you can just tell by this picture what a douchebag this guy is


The gaslighting JUMPED out. The verbal abuse JUMPED out.



Robin's second time being late for something in three episodes :wub:


Robin is SHOCKED she's being confronted for not working hard enough.


Iconic photoshoot time :wub: (Adrianne missing her snake at home :wub:)






"I looked like the Hamburglar" :dead:


Poor Adrianne getting shipped off to the hospital :(


"I would never cut Adrianne for being sick...but the other judges decided if Adrianne doesn't come to judging she must be cut" Lmaooo not Tyra blaming the other judges when she's a damn producer :dead:


Clearly she's doing well :dead:


Nicole being relieved about going home to her bf BYE GIRL


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


Definitely a huge step down from last episode, but there was nowhere to go but down from there. Makeover episodes are always fun (this is obviously one of the weaker ones compared to what we get in the future) but it's still fun. Really, this episode was designed to establish Adrianne as our winner.


1. Adrianne - We got Adrianne's backstory with money issues, we got to see Adrianne's fun personality with the snake, and we got to see Adrianne's resilience by getting rushed to the hospital with food poisoning but still making it to judging on time. This was Adrianne's time to shine and she really shined.

2. Ebony - She's aging really well on this rewatch. I think they wanted her to be the "bitchy black girl" but other than almost hiding Tyra Mail from the girls (and then not actually doing it) she's been completely righteous. White women should not be messing with a Black girl's hair when they don't know what they're doing, and they should especially not be making fun of her hair. Ebony had every right to be offended.

3. Nicole - Welp she finally got an edit this episode and she went down in a blaze of glory. That relationship was awful and I really felt bad for her. While I didn't enjoy that stuff, I did enjoy her getting bitchy with Jay while turning down a reward :wub:

4. Robin - Definitely Robin's most light-hearted episode yet. Her drama involved being a baby at makeovers, not wanting to workout, and being afraid of snakes. Dare I say...relatable queen? :wub:

5. Elyse - Elyse is feeling a lot more comfortable and confident in the competition. She's still the first to talk some shit in the confessional, but in a really fun way. Much less drama from Elyse this episode, but still very enjoyable to watch.

6. Giselle - Giselle is CLEARLY fishing for compliments and I love it lmao. Giselle is lowkey the strongest all around model at this stage of the competition and that's been pretty interesting to realize.

7. Kesse - Likable, but who?

8. Shannon - I don't think she got a single line this episode.



Yup, one of the most iconic shoots in ANTM history. A simple beauty shot, with an edge. The girls really stepped up to the plate as well and we got fantastic photos from all about one here.


1. Elyse - Stunning. Just absolutely ethereal. Definitely in the conversation of one of my favorite photos of the season.

2. Shannon - This shot always blows my mind. Shannon's most high fashion photo...ever? She commands the shot and her eyes really tell the story here. I never expected Shannon to deliver something of this caliber and I'm extremely impressed.

3. Adrianne - Easily could've been FCO with any other set of girls. I look at Adrianne before I look at the snake here which is difficult to do amazing.

4. Giselle - This shot is like a 9/10. The eyes needed a bit more life in them to get a 10/10, but still a stunning shot. Her skin is amazing here.

5. Robin - Easily her best shot of the competition. She actually looks really comfortable with the snake, which is shocking based on how uncomfortable she actually was lol.

6. Ebony - I think she was going for calm, but she looks a bit bored. It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it's just tough up against some near flawless shots.

7. Nicole - Same as Ebony. She really looks beautiful, but her expression is just a bit confused or bored. Nicole was pretty much screwed the second she turned down the reward, but this shot, while not bad, did her no favors to save her.

8. Kesse - The only bad shot in the bunch. Idk what she was doing here, but this did not work.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 1 - Episode 3)

Episode 2:

  • Elyse is such a mood.
  • The circle prayer is still sending me.
  • Ebony is also a mood & we stan.
  • Iconic Top 3 in the overall ranking.

Episode 3:

  • Queen Ebony & Robin shined in this episode.
  • Agree with the photos ranking - Kesse is one I do not recall :haha: 
  • The episode we get to know more about Nicole she goes home #iconic 
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On 5/24/2021 at 6:47 PM, *Chris said:

Episode 2:

  • Elyse is such a mood.
  • The circle prayer is still sending me.
  • Ebony is also a mood & we stan.
  • Iconic Top 3 in the overall ranking.

Episode 3:

  • Queen Ebony & Robin shined in this episode.
  • Agree with the photos ranking - Kesse is one I do not recall :haha: 
  • The episode we get to know more about Nicole she goes home #iconic 

-Elyse is always a mood :wub:

-Truly one of the most iconique ANTM moments :wub:

-Ebony is also always a mood :wub:

-Elyse, Ebony, and Robin are truly the runaway stars of the cycle.


-As they always do :wub:

-Lol it's a good thing you don't recall it, it's a mess.


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Cycle 1 - Episode 4 - The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy


"Constructive criticism? Yeah right :rolleyes:" Lol Giselle is such a diva.


Lol Kesse is less than impressed with Ebony's acting.


"God is good 🙂" Miss Robin on the Milan Room closing and the Christians getting half of the house to themselves.


"Girl you are about to be fried" Miss J on Ebony's overly moisturized skin :dead:


"Can you be a celebrity judge in our badonkadonk contest?" Miss Robin invented twerking :wub:


Elyse sitting out of the badonkadonk contest, girl have some fun!


"I cannot wait for the Giselle vs. Ebony anti-grease showdown" -Elyse :dead:


Queen Robin winning the acting challenge, someone get her a role in a Tyler Perry show ASAP!


Giselle is stoked Robin won the reward.


Giselle confronting Ebony :dead: Girl calm down, she's not gonna kill you :dead:


Giselle really pulling her weight while cleaning the house.


Giselle trying to get a free massage even though she didn't win the challenge :dead:

"You've got to be kidding me!" -Ebony


"I'm sorry, I cannot help your immaturity :kissbye:" -1000% #TeamEbony here. I'm sorry but Ginselle's job was to clean the apartment and the other three girls are doing all the work while she's trying to get a free massage.


Ginselle just watching in awe as Ebony's ranting about her to Adrianne :dead:


Omggggg the absolute disgust on the Christians' faces when Ebony mentions inviting her girlfriend over for an hour! Filed under: things that do not age well in the slightest (and frankly, didn't even look good in 2003)


"Ebony's a lesbian, and I find this offensive" I can't even believe this is a real confessional :dead: Genuinely one of the most offensive scenes I've ever seen on reality television from Robin & Shannon!


"What guys do they think they're gonna find in this industry?!" Adrianne speaking for the audience :wub:


"They jacked me up and I had to cut my own damn hair!" :dead: Aww Ebony and her girlfriend are really cute together


Props to Giselle, Elyse, Adrianne, and Kesse for...being decent human beings I guess.



Robin and Shannon literally just hiding in their room, what are they afraid they're gonna catch the gay?


Major props to Ebony & Kaa for being so open in 2003 and showing off their black, queer love. That took a lot of bravery and I'm really proud of them. Shoutout to ANTM too for letting two lesbians kiss each other on tv.


The director: Nothing of Elyse's performance was forced.

Elyse: *Making fun of the dumbass commercial script in the confessional*





Janice yelling at Robin for calling her ma'am :dead:


Ebony getting eliminated for being "aggressive" and "difficult to work with" ugh I hate this show sometimes.


"It was more of the words that were said. Tyra said it seemed as if I was angry about something and that was more hurtful because she couldn't see how happy I was to be there" That literally just broke my heart. Ebony deserved better :broken:


And then there were six...

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Cast Ranking:


This was a solid episode. Not my favorite, but not bad. Ebony was obviously the star of the episode. Between her drama with "Ginselle" and her relationship with her girlfriend. As I said before, I'm really impressed with how the show handled showing Ebony and Kaa. And I'm glad they weren't afraid to show Robin & Shannon's offensive remarks and views. This is reality television and frankly, that's reality.


1. Ebony - I'm glad I was able to give her a first place before she got eliminated since she was so close the first three episodes. Ebony is an amazing character and I will sorely miss her throughout the rest of the cycle. Ebony is a misunderstood hero. Literally the only time I disagreed with her in her drama was when she almost hid the Tyra Mail from the other girls. We can't ignore the fact that Ebony is a Black lesbian and that surely had something to do with how the judges and the other girls viewed her. I love Ebony's look and I wish her performance in the competition was stronger (though really, I don't think she had a bad photo or performance ever).

2. Giselle - Lazy queen :wub:. Giselle lounging around the house and begging for massages while the other girls cleaned was hilarious. She really worked well as a punching bag for Ebony. Giselle being ~so terrified~ to confront Ebony about her greasy hands rubbed me the wrong way because literally what's Ebony gonna do? But obviously Giselle is just 18 and had a lot of growing up to do and I assume she has.

3. Elyse - Elyse has definitely found her sweet spot on the show. I'd say she was a bit of a villain at first, with her legendary rant and everything. But she's really fallen into the relatable narrator role well. Elyse's commentary about the stupid commercial was hysterical.

4. Adrianne - As relatable as Elyse is, she doesn't even come close to Adrianne's level of relatability. She is absolutely the voice of the people. Her performance at the commercial was really entertaining as well :wub:

5. Kesse - Queen of winning the badonkadonk contest :wub:. Also it's a very low bar, but props to her for treating Ebony and Kaa with respect and introducing herself to them unlike her other two Christian warriors.

6. Robin - Obviously as much as I love Miss Robin, I can't defend her this episode as she was beyond offensive. I know it was 2003 and I do have to watch this show through the lens of 2003 as opposed to 2021. But it was all a really bad look. But I mean, at least she says what she thinks? I almost miss this kind of homophobia on reality tv as opposed to the thinly veiled shit we get nowadays. And, at least she was entertaining in her homophobia lol.

7. Shannon - Boring and offensive. What a bad combination. I do think Shannon is a young girl and she's very easily influenced by Robin. However, this was just not a good look this episode.


Commercial Ranking:


I was shockingly impressed by the first three photoshoots, obviously we were due for a flop. I don't get the commercial at all. What were they selling? What was this script? It was very hard to judge the girls because we got like five second snippets of them. This was just a whole miss.


1. Kesse - Kesse looked stunning and she was born to be in front of the camera. She was a natural reading those lines and almost made the ridiculous script sound decent. From worst to first, easily the best of the week.

2. Robin - The other good one! Robin's actually a strong actress! She has a lot of fun doing it and is really comfortable in her lines. The pageant background probably helped here lol.

3. Giselle - I thought she was pretty believable and pretty comfortable.

4. Adrianne - I kept going back and forth between Adrianne and Ebony, but I just found Adrianne more fun lol. Obviously her line readings were painful, but in a fun way!

5. Ebony - Getting there was obviously difficult, but I actually found the end product to be pretty decent!

6. Elyse - I mean, she knew just how ridiculous she was gonna look up there. We barely saw her, but the little we saw wasn't great.

7. Shannon - I never realized this, but I actually kinda hate her voice? Idk, it turned me off a lot more than Adrianne. And as the judges said, way too much teeth. I thought the commercial would be where Shannon would excel and I was a little disappointed.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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