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Cycle 19 - Episode 2 - The Girl Who Cries Home


Wow the girls getting to see Tyra two episodes in a row outside of panel...I'm shook!


Whoever gets FCO gets to sleep in the Tyra Suite each week lmao


Victoria admits to the other girls she's a virgin and she's never had a boyfriend


"I get all of the satisfaction of a relationship that I need from my mom 🙂"


Here comes Rob to take the girls out to a night on the town in Hollywood.


Nigel Barker is a flaming homo compared to Rob Evans heterosexuality


Lol Kristin's ass hanging out of her dress ❤️


Yvonne lifting her leg above her head on the runway :wub:


"I was a groundbreaker tonight! I broke the ground! And y'know what? I deserve to win this challenge!"


But it's Yvonne and her leg lift that wins!


I hate the scoreboard for many reasons, but love it from a stats nerd pov.


Kiara tells Destiny she looked too stripper at the runway show which I'm sure will go over well ^_^


"Oh...well thank you bitch, you looked great too :rolleyes:"


Destiny starts talking shit about Kiara to the other girls.


But Kiara's listening at the door oop.


"It's me, it's me 🙂. And for future reference if you have something to take up with me you can come to me 🙂"


"If I said I think you look like a stripper than someone else might think that to, so don't you wanna hear that?! If you have something in your teeth, don't you want someone to tell you you have something in your teeth?! Yes, you do!"


"You don't need to do that to me because I'm not the one :kissbye:"




Queen of working out!


I'm very much enjoying not seeing Jay Mauel's punchable face as we go into a photoshoot!


Daily Nastasia sighting.


Jessie wishes she could just stick her ass in the hole for the photoshoot lol


Kiara opens up to the other girls about her tough family life and her relationship with her mother


And Victoria cries as she can't even begin to imagine what it's like not having a loving relationship with your mother lmao







*knock knock* "Five minutes gurl :kissbye:"


I can't believe fans chose to embarrass themselves and make videos like this critiquing the girls


Maria gets #dragged by Kelly for not taking it seriously and becomes her Louise/Annaliese of the cycle


Kristin seems thrilled over Leila's perfect score ^_^


Brittany begins to cry over the harsh fan comments calling her arrogant.


I'm totally fine with the judges deliberations between judging and elimination being cut out tbh, it was a waste of time


Goodbye to Jessie and her booty


And then there were 12...

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Cast Ranking:


We did not get to know nearly enough of the cast this episode. C18 was shockingly good at giving the girls relatively equal airtime (outside of Catherine lol) so this was a definite step back. Having said that, the storylines they focused on were solid and entertaining enough.


1. Kiara - I am very drawn to Kiara who absolutely commands the attention in a room. She did a great job in her fight this episode, but also gives us the likability with her sob story.

2. Victoria - I still can't figure out what's real or fake with her. Is she a cleverly created character or is this genuinely her? Either way I'm entertained.

3. Yvonne - The leg lift tho!

4. Kristin - She's UTRbitchy so far, but in a fun way!

5. Destiny - I like her!

6. Brittany - I felt bad for her breaking down because ANTM decided it'd be a good idea to force the girls to listen to feedback from strangers on the internet about their personality.

7. Maria - She's already giving me stank, the breakout is coming!

8. Jessie - Goodbye to Jessie and her booty.

9. Darian - Her face when she hurried Victoria up on the phone made me lol.

10. Nastasia - Who?

11. Leila - Lol @ a who? getting FCO.

12. Allyssa - Who?

13. Laura - Who?


Photo Ranking:


This was dumb. That's it, that's the review.


1. Laura - She did a great job hitting the light and she gave us personality and modeling in this shot.

2. Kristin - Very striking and fierce.

3. Victoria - Idk why the judges were hating, this is so strong!

4. Leila - Animalesque? No. But it's a good modeling shot.

5. Nastasia - She absolutely went for it. Do I love it? No. But I appreciate the risk.

6. Kiara - This is fine.

7. Yvonne - This is fine.

8. Darian - This is okay.

9. Destiny - This is decent.

10. Maria - This is boring.

11. Brittany - This is meh.

12. Jessie - This is mediocre.

13. Allyssa - I think this shot is horrible.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 2)

Cycle 19 - Episode 3 - The Girl Who Wants Out


For getting best photo, Leila gets to sleep in the Tyra Suite and picks Laura to join her!


Laura isn't sure why Leila chose her but isn't giving her any help since it's a competition.


Makeovers are coming and Victoria is worried...


Maria is also worried.


"I'm actually not gonna let them cut my hair so sorry Tyra...good luck with that 🙂"


And Kelly gives the girls the option to decide whether they want to have a makeover (but of course the catch is they have to decide before they know what the makeover is lol)


Maria makes her decision very loudly lol


Victoria debates for a second but also decides against it.


Destiny finds out her makeover and immediately regrets her decision :dead:


"They gave us the option, they shouldn't be mad at us for choosing not to do the makeover :rolleyes:"


Victoria explains to Tyra she declined the makeover because of her Cherokee ancestry she takes pride in where hair is important.


Of course Tyra responds by questioning whether or not she actually wants to be in the fashion industry because it's not about her :rolleyes:


After Tyra leaves, Victoria breaks down fearing she sabotaged herself in the competition.


Destiny is crying that her makeover is gonna make her look like a lesbian (she's bisexual not a lesbian!)


Kelly rails into Maria that no major agency will book her if she doesn't want to get her hair changed.


"You're really committed to defending mediocrity, good luck :kissbye:"

"Okay thanks 🙂"


Why does this irrelevant youtuber keep popping up???


Kiara demands the other girls let Darian know not to be loud late after midnight.


Of course Darian does not take being ordered around by middlemen well.


And they have it out!


"If you was a real bitch you would have come to me :kissbye:"

"I'm not a real bitch?! This is the real bitch talking to you right now!"


"'You bitch' 'No you're a bitch!' 'No, I'm a real bitch!' That's not an argument?! 'I'm a real bitch', what's that supposed to accomplish?!"


For the photoshoot, the girls are posing nude with Rob Evans.


Daily Nastasia sighting.


Maria discusses her conversation with Kelly and calls her a c*nt :dead:


If the girls have to be nude, Rob should have to be too tbh


Victoria is enjoying her lunch ❤️


Nastasia knees Rob where the sun don't shine :giggle:


Maria lets them know she's not gonna do the photoshoot because she doesn't think she's committed to being here and decides to withdraw from the competition.


So with that, and then there were 11...


Johnny tells Victoria she had a makeover ~on the inside~ and Victoria shows him how she curled her hair so she can kinda give them what they wanted lmao queen of getting out of not taking the makeover :wub: :wub:


All of the girls are glad to see Maria gone, but are upset she won't be ripped apart by panel lmao


Destiny is still worried about not feeling confident with her makeover after the photoshoot.


And Victoria is still worried about how she didn't get the makeover.


But luckily she gets her words of encouragement from her mom ❤️


Lol @ this being the first photoshoot Tyra recreates in years


Always humble, Rob calls himself a Greek God in his photo with Laura.


Am I the Alex who made this comment? Maybe..... (lol no I didn't do any social media scoring :kissbye:)


Lmaooooo Tyra said Kiara's going nowhere :dead:


Victoria immediately apologizes for not taking the makeover but Tyra tells her she doesn't need to apologize :rolleyes:


Tyra lets Destiny know her hair is f*cked up and they'll fix it if she survives


Victoria getting FCO on the same episode she denied a makeover :wub: :wub:


We love a nailbiter ending!


Darian wishes she can do it all over and Tyra reveals she will because the fans will vote on one eliminated girl to come back!


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


This cast is still not standing out and I'm having trouble finding girls to root for. The storylines have been solid enough, but I'm not finding myself invested.


1. Victoria - The way she got FCO even after not taking the makeover is iconic methinks :wub:. She gave me the perfect amount of makeover drama, not too much and not too little.

2. Maria - She was a little too stank for me, until she called Kelly a c*nt and I had to stan lmao. Such a random quit? But she wasn't happy so I can't be mad about it.

3. Darian - She had some spunk and I enjoyed her in her fight with Kiara so I wish we got to see more from her.

4. Kiara - Tbh she kind annoyed me when she was sending people to tell Darian to keep it down instead of doing it herself, but I do enjoy the real bitch fight for what it is lmao. So far many girls aren't delivering at all, so I gotta give credit to Kiara who is.

5. Kristin - Idk why she's already getting hit with the unlikable angle at panel when she hasn't even done anything yet?

6. Yvonne - I felt bad for her breaking down at panel over social media hating her when her photo really isn't bad at all, literally just not a skinny white girl like they like.

7. Nastasia - Queen of assaulting Rob.

8. Leila - She's a good model I guess?

9. Brittany - Who?

10. Allyssa - Literally every confessional was her sucking up to the show of "How dare a Harvard girl act like that" and I was annoyed.

11. Laura - If she says she's a Small Town Girl one more time I'm gonna scream.

12. Destiny - Yeah they f*cked up her hair, but I'm sooooooo over girls spending a whole episode whining about it. And it's especially worse since she could've turned down the makeover lmao.


Photo Ranking:


I think it's a little icky doing a nude photoshoot with a judge. Idk a bit of a power imbalance there (especially when they have to be exposed and he doesn't). Having said that artistically, the shoot is gorgeous and one of the best.


1. Victoria - The pointed toe! To die for. Her expression is so mature and confident, which is shocking for her personality. This is such an amazing shot.

2. Kristin - I love the pose and her hair here, it's really creative and daring. It's both intense in the face, but relaxed in the pose. Love it.

3. Leila - That left eye just pierces through you, she is just so naturally talented.

4. Allyssa - I wish her face was a bit stronger because her body is f*cking amazing and I would've given it first otherwise.

5. Yvonne - I hate it from the neck up, but I love the pose. This would've been better if it was shot nude instead of with panties, but not her fault. Definitely not B2 worthy.

6. Nastasia - It's a good shot, but she looks a bit short.

7. Laura - I looooove her closeup, but her hand is far too distracting and takes up too much of the shot to ignore.

8. Destiny - Also love the closeup, don't love the pose. Terrible angle for her legs which look ridiculously long here.

9. Kiara - I think she looks fine, I just don't get it at all :dead:

10. Brittany - I don't think she's finding the light very well and all I see are her teeth with her open-mouthed pose. She's unrecognizable here, but I think in a bad way.

11. Darian - This picture just doesn't work for me at all. The pose, the lighting, her facial expression. It's all wrong.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 3)

Cycle 19 - Episode 4 - The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says


"When she called my name all I thought about was my mom ^_^"


Victoria isn't gonna share the suite with anyone and is looking forward to having the big bed all to herself ❤️


Kristin is frustrated with the judges criticisms on her character.


Destiny snaps at Kristin for going into her bag without asking to grab a lighter.




Kristin tries to bait Destiny into hitting her.


"That's been my gameplan the whole time, find a way to make them go home 🙂"


"I won't hit you :rolleyes:"


"I don't know what the f*ck everybody's laughing it :rolleyes:"

"It's funny 🙂 🙂"


"If someone told me to shut the f*ck up as many times as you did they'd be getting dragged across the floor so :kissbye:"


Tyler Perry is here to teach the girls about acting and transforming into characters (should've brought back Tasha Smith :kissbye:)


The challenge is forcing Destiny to stop a random black man on the street and call him Usher repeatedly as Tyra & Tyler cackle in a booth like they're on Impractical Jokers........okay


"My name is Rashada Bourgeois"




And the local throws food at her and she handles it like a champ ❤️




Tyra making Kristin a white girl rapper and making Laura do a fake Caribbean accent...she's trying to get these white girls cancelled huh?


Kiara wins the challenge!


Yvonne is feeling frustrated after being in the bottom two and losing the challenge.


For the photoshoot, the girls are posing as zombies


"I can't show any emotion...I mean I can show it throw my eyes but I can't smile and pretend to laugh at your lame jokes 🙂"


"Kristin is a spoiled brat and she doesn't deserve to be here :kissbye:"


The girls all talk about how they hope Kristin will be leaving.

SjibiyQ.pngDestiny hopes she's not eliminated because her lease was up when she did this show and she literally doesn't have a home to go back home to 🙈



Kristin gets advice on how to not look pretty in a picture lol


Kelly tells Yvonne she looks like a stripper in her picture and Yvonne is not amused ❤️


Laura the white blonde girl upsets Kristin, the white blonde girl, for highest social media scores


Yvonne survives her second straight trip to the bottom two thanks to her challenge score!


Destiny thinks America will be disappointed they've been voting for Kristin when they find out who she truly is


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


This cycle is just not doing it for me yet. The man on the street challenge was cringeworthy at best and offensive at worst. The house drama is feeling manufactured, and I still don't feel like I know much about more than half the cast. It could just be a slow start though, I have hope for the future.


1. Victoria - She was the STAR of the challenge and the fact that she didn't win after some guy threw food at her and she still stayed in character is criminal.

2. Yvonne - I'm feeling all her frustrations with her progress in the competition and I feel bad for her. I feel like she's already so defeated, two straight bottom two appearances certainly doesn't help matters.

3. Nastasia - Not Nastasia coming out of nowhere to drag Kristin's ass to filth :dead:

4. Kiara - Still a good presence on the show.

5. Destiny - Her woe is me pity party kinda annoyed me, but she really does have it rough tbf.

6. Laura - She did a good job at all the challenges.

7. Kristin - Glad we have a girlie to shake the table in the house, but her flipping out at Destiny trying to get her to hit her even though she went in Destiny's bag was nagl. I enjoy her delusions and agressive behavior better when it's directed at Johnny or the judges.

8. Leila - She is a good model.

9. Brittany - Lol @ her permanent 😮 face.

10. Allyssa - I've noticed her randomly get confessionals for no reason and most of them are kinda stank. She's giving attitude with no wit or personality. I know Allyssa's the most random girl in the world for me to dislike, but here we are.


Photo Ranking:


Love this shoot! The makeup and set was actually done really well! A few of these photos are photos I go back to frequently and enjoy.


1. Laura - Ferocious. Her eyes are just beaming through the lens. And that one leg out is just genius.

2. Brittany - I love the crazed housewife turned zombie lewk. Finally Brittany delivered!

3. Nastasia - I think her stance makes her look crazy in a good way. Idk I enjoy it!

4. Kiara - Maybe a little literal, but I think it works for this shoot.

5. Allyssa - I don't like her hands, but other than that I think it's great!

6. Leila - Not amazing, not terrible. Kinda just there.

7. Destiny - Like Kiara maybe a little too literal and not as much model, but she's selling it at least.

8. Kristin - She shrunk herself a lot with this shot and I just don't get what she's going for. Huge step down from her first two.

9. Yvonne - I actually think it's very pretty and I enjoy it from a modeling standpoint, but nothing she's doing is giving zombie.

10. Victoria - Ugh I love Victoria, but I hate this shot. I appreciate the risk and how she's trying to stand out, but I think she completely missed the mark on what the brief is calling for.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 4)

Cycle 19 - Episode 5 - The Girl Who Sings for Alicia Keys


Laura is proud of herself for getting best photo because she thought she'd be the Underdog not having a size zero body, but wants to represent girls who are "healthy and strong" :rolleyes:


Laura plans on picking Kristin for the Tyra Suite but they're afraid it's gonna cause drama with Leila because they think she's obsessed with Laura.


"Leila is up Laura's butt :rolleyes:"


Laura says Leila wrote her a note on the bus about why she should pick her for the Tyra Suite..........okay if that's true mayhaps they have a point :dead:


Laura reveals she picked Kristin for the Tyra Suite and Leila rolls her eyes which everyone notices lol


Leila is more annoyed Laura picked Kristin than that she didn't pick her.




Tyra brings Alicia Keys to the house and everyone understandably loses their shit!



And Kiara mediocrely sings for them and Tyra & Alicia pretend to like it :dead:


Tyra drags Leila to filth for her runway walk in front of everyone lol


As "president of the house" Laura has to assign duties to everyone for the charity runway show



And Laura faces the wrath of Kelly Cutrone for not being prepared enough (Annaliese and Louise did it better tho lol)


Kristin actually impresses Kelly!




Tyra shrieks at Leila in the middle of her runway walk to move her arms lmaoooo they're clowning this poor girl all episode.



The challenge comes down to Laura, Victoria, and Kiara and it's Kiara who wins in a landslide!



Allyssa is #shook about flopping the challenge.


"I'm not here to hold Leila's hand and bring her to the Tyra Suite :rolleyes:"


Leila once again bitches about Kristin doesn't Deserve it and Kiara stirs the pot a bit 🙊


"Hey Laura do you think I'm obsessed with you 🙂"


"I've never said that 😮, idk why people keep saying that 🙊"


"Just so you know I think you're pretty much obsessed with yourself 🙂"


Kiara is living for all the drama she's created lmao


Not Laura SOBBING over Leila's comment :dead:


"You told me you think I'm obsessed with myself and that's exactly what people used to say to me 😭" Well if the shoe fits...


Meanwhile Victoria is working on her aerobics ^_^


Laura whines about how people pre-judged her and picked on her because her parents were in the entertainment industry lmaooooooooo


Well I guess three good photoshoots in a row was too much to ask


Allyssa accidentally injures one of the male cheerleaders...y'all maybe this photoshoot isn't safe!!!


Laura is freaking out because she's afraid of heights.


"I did see Laura crying at the photoshoot, I just wanted to say are you serious?! Are you really joking right now?! Crying like this?!"


"I don't want cheerleading and little challenges to send me home because I'm better than that 😢"


"Leila you're really popular online, but personally I think you need to step it up" Well luckily you're not a judge Bryanboy so who cares what you think :rolleyes:


"Goooo Kristin!" Lmao the gurls at home were LIVING for Kristin before they watched the show lmao


"Brittany, you are not an edgy model, don't listen to Rob!"


"Don't listen to a thing I say, that's why I'm in the industry right now :rolleyes: I know what I'm talking about :rolleyes:"


Brittany starts crying about wanting to be edgy and more than just the "Disney Girl" lmao


And now Laura's crying about her fear of heights omg


Not Nastia getting FCO without a single confessional lmao


Oh em gee shock bottom two!!!!!




Oh em gee shock elimination that I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that there's a comeback element!!!!



This man annoys me so much


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


This was definitely the strongest episode of the season, but I can't say I loved it. The drama was really fun to watch, but I also hated everyone involved and had absolutely no horse in the race. But maybe that's a good thing? The photoshoot was tacky and the elimination was sooooo contrived it was actually painful to watch. But also Kelly & Rob having a seething hatred for each other so yeah...lots of positives!


1. Kiara - Queen of getting carried by challenge scores and Tyra randomly loving her despite social media loathing her :wub: Queen of stirring the pot and unleashing a house fight :wub:

2. Victoria - Laura thought she was doing That all episode even though Victoria ended her in the confessional booth with ease ❤️

3. Brittany - Brittany trying to break free of being a Disney Adult is both lol and cringe

4. Nastasia - Not the invisible FCO for my girl!

5. Kristin - She helped get the drama going and wasn't as awful as Laura or Leila so...points?

6. Yvonne - I legit forgot she was in the episode.

7. Allyssa - Wake me up when she does something.

8. Laura - There's a world where I ironically stan her. She has Natalie Pack upside where she's sooooo delusional and so arrested from reality it's actually kinda funny. Today just isn't that day yet. Her privilege gives me so much second hand embarrassment. Like does she even hear herself talk? She's crying over people thinking she's obsessed with herself while simultaneously blaming literally everyone she went to school with for not connecting to her because she has parents in the entertainment industry lmao. Yeah I'm sure that was exactly it :rolleyes:

9. Leila - Either she got an awful edit or she absolutely is obsessed with Laura and Kristin oop. Sorry, she couldn't keep their names out of her mouth all episode. Hate Kristin all you want, but I'm so tired of the She Doesn't Deserve To Be Here bullshit. Kristin's excelling where Leila isn't, sorry not sorry :kissbye:. Maybe I would appreciate Leila's downfall more if it wasn't actually just the most transparently contrived way of making her the comeback choice.


Photo Ranking:


"You're tacky and I hate you" -School of Rock gay kid -Me


1. Nastasia - Such a strong shot. I love how she's staring into the camera and the symmetry of her pose.

2. Laura - On the other hand, I love the asymmetry of this pose. I think it's really dynamic and actually really great.

3. Yvonne - I'm not blown away, but she got the job done.

4. Allyssa - I don't like the missing left arm and she looks a bit short, but there's something cool and different about this shot!

5. Victoria - I like her pose and her face individually, but I don't like them together.

6. Kristin - A little bit too stiff, but she's got the attitude down.

7. Kiara - Lol queen did the bare minimum here ❤️

8. Brittany - She's just completely lost and confused.

9. Leila - The pose may not be bad, but the closeup is so distractingly horrific I can't place it anywhere but last.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 5)

Cycle 19 - Episode 6 - The Girl Who Gets Pwn'd


Nastasia very quickly picks Kiara to join her in the Tyra Suite


Brittany is pissed about how Bryanboy shook his head over her staying and Leila leaving at last panel.


"Bryanboy was an ass for no reason :rolleyes:"


Yvonne is feeling frustrated with the constant go, go, go of the competition


It's Chrissy Teigen! (pre-cancellation lol)



For The Challenge, the girls are doing video game modeling!


Even though they're friends, Kristin is starting to view Laura as her biggest threat.


Victoria is very confused doing the choreography lmao


And it's Laura who wins the challenge!


"I'll just slap a smile on my face, stuff away my annoyances, and kick ass"


"Social media is so ridiculously important now" you would know better than anyone else Chrissy :dead:


Lol @ how Yvonne got a "she did poor at the challenge" edit when it turns out she had one of the best scores :rolleyes:


Victoria is #shook over her challenge score




I'm sure we were alllll missing this freak delivering Tyra Mail


At the photoshoot, the girls are posing with this c00t little owl ❤️


But Kristin isn't feeling it lol


This shoot is That Bitch


Brittany decides to confront Bryanboy over his reaction to her surviving last panel and they work the issues out


Yvonne is growing impatient of waiting around forever for her shoot lol


Kristin is standing as far away as possible from the owl lmao


Laura talks about how Kristin has to Face Her Fears as if she wasn't full on sobbing at the last shoot


Yvonne gets annoyed as they do a wardrobe change in the middle of her shoot.


Bryanboy decides to call Yvonne out for her reaction.


"I get your point Bryanboy you thought it was rude :rolleyes: :kissbye:"




"I am so happy waiting here, I'm excited to do the shoot 🙂"




"My boyfriend was the head of a traveling animal circus and I'm upset by some of the ways the animals are treated, he's very cruel to the animals...I'm also an animal rights activist...well he ends up cheating on me so I kill him and I set all of the animals free and Groovy and I are just standing there having our moment 🙂" Victoria describing her backstory for her character at the photoshoot ❤️


Kiara tells Yvonne she has to go make up with Bryanboy or else she'll be in trouble with panel.


Yvonne breaks down and apologizes because she has a bad temper.


Wow social media adds so much value to the cycle :rolleyes:


A single tear falls from Allyssa and I'm not sure why because she got decent reviews lol


Laura is obviously back on top for her insanely amazing week


Not Victoria already losing it in the bottom two :dead:


But luckily Victoria survives!


And Tyra has to comfort Victoria while Yvonne just stands there even though she just got eliminated :dead:


"I know I have an anger problem or a bad attitude, but Bryanboy's not writing me any cheques and he was rude so I was rude too :kissbye:"


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


I enjoyed this episode as well! I feel like we're finally getting down to a cast size where almost everyone is getting their time to shine. The photoshoot was just so amazing and so fun to watch (especially thanks to Yvonne). The challenge was okay. Not one of the best and not one of the worst. I think it could've been more fun with some better personalities.


1. Yvonne - She ended Bryanboy :wub:. Like of course she was rude as hell, but she's right so was he so idc :wub:

2. Victoria - I think Victoria's like 80% genuine and that keeps me intrigued. I could totally see the arguments that she's totally a put on character, but I think there's a lot of truth to her persona. I love her elaborate backstories, her OTT reactions to everything, and of course her hysterical phone calls home.

3. Brittany - I'm enjoying Brittany's journey of trying to ~find herself~ and I liked seeing her also confront Bryanboy.

4. Kristin - Kristin hasn't really been the OTT villain I was hoping tbh, she only had one bad episode so far. That being said, I'll take her rivalry with the owl.

5. Kiara - Thank u for trying to save Yvonne and encourage her to make up with Bryanboy.

6. Nastasia - She's certainly still there!

7. Allyssa - As is Allyssa!

8. Laura - She still annoys me sorry not sorry.


Photo Ranking:


The set, the outfits, the random owl. Everything came together for this shoot, it was perfection.


1. Laura - One of my favorite shots in Top Model history. She looks like Melrose here tbh! Every angle of her body, the look in her eyes, the styling. I'm just beyond obsessed.

2. Allyssa - I'm also in love with this shot. She's creating some interesting angles and her face is really strong here. One of her best, if not her best!

3. Brittany - Really dark and mysterious. A bit more simple than the two above it, but she embodied the character so well it 100% works.

4. Nastasia - Her face could be stronger, but I love the lower half of the picture.

5. Kiara - I looooove her legs. Just wish her face was stronger as well.

6. Yvonne - It's simple, but it works actually.

7. Victoria - I do like her profile! The shot is a bit mysterious and interesting, but her face is reading a little confused.

8. Kristin - She's just not doing anything here. The face is kinda strong, but a bit too harsh. And she looks kinda short. Definitely her weakest shot yet.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 6)

Cycle 19 - Episode 7 - The Girl Who Licks the Floor


Victoria confesses she felt like she was gonna blackout when she was in the bottom two.


Laura lets everyone know she's not having anyone join her in the Tyra Suite


Kiara feels like she's taken on the mom role in the house but in a "tough love" kind of way


The girls question Victoria on why she isn't eating chili or rice with them.


"I miss my mom so much I haven't had the desire to eat as much as I eat at home"


The girls are going on a roadtrip to Palm Springs for the challenge.


Kiara & Victoria are on the same team and it's going as amazingly as you'd expect it to go lmao


"Kiara takes it upon herself to be a mother figure and she's really not maternal..."





The girls realize Victoria messed up recording Kiara's video for the challenge 🙈


Team 1 wins the challenge (who I didn't feature at all because they were so boring)


And Laura is the big challenge winner.


Victoria is distraught over getting the lowest challenge score.


Following steampunk we have to settle for whatever the hell this is for the photoshoot.


Victoria's Character Of The Week has lost her virginity and has to take a pregnancy test, but she's a baptist!!!!!


Kiara's photoshoot hits close to home because she has dumpster-dived in the past to survive.


Allyssa decides to actually lick the ground during the photoshoot...



"Why don't you just leave...?"


All the girls listen on in shock overhearing Victoria's calls home.


"Victoria...do you think you might need to go home :kissbye:"


The girls express their concerns to Victoria that she's losing weight and working out too much.




"That's where your fan scores are!"


"That sucks... :/"



The girls shake their heads and roll their eyes as Victoria pleads with the judges why she wants to be there.



The girls let Tyra know they're concerned with Victoria's eating habits.


Tyra tells Victoria that she sympathizes with her, but she does have to listen to the other girls and she's gonna have to eat more or else she's getting sent home.


Laura fell to the bottom two with quickness!


And predictably is a mess about it


But obviously it's that no name girl Allyssa that leaves


And Tyra heroically allows Laura to tear up her horrible photo


And Tyra is randomly super emotional about Allyssa's elimination because they're both WOC with big butts.


And then there were 6...

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Cast Ranking:


The "eating disorder" storyline goes allllll the way back to cycle one and it's never a fun one. In fact, it gets more and more tiring the more years we go with it. Having said that, this felt more genuine from the other girls insomuch that it actually felt like it came from a place of concern and not catty drama. Maybe it was just clever editing, but this did feel like the girls were just trying to help Victoria so I do appreciate that.


1. Victoria - Okay, Victoria is genuine and not a character lmao. Whether or not that helps or hurts your opinion of Victoria, it works for me.

2. Kiara - The mama bear of the house with no maternal instincts at all :wub:.

3. Nastasia - I really wish they showed her more because I really enjoy Nastasia! She's very blunt and forward and she doesn't seem boring at all.

4. Kristin - I can't believe what a lowkey character is so far considering her reputation???

5. Brittany - I like her.

6. Laura - I swear I wanna ironically appreciate her, she's kind of a mess and one of the least conventional winner edits but I'm just not there.

7. Allyssa - Wow one of the most pointless girls to make it this far in ANTM history.


Photo Ranking:




1. Kristin - I loooove her profile and love her confidence as she's pouring milk down her face.

2. Brittany - The pose is great and her eyes are piercing.

3. Victoria - Not selling the clothes well, but this is the most modelesque she's looked in ages.

4. Allyssa - Disgusting, but I guess that's the point? Really hard to look at though.

5. Nastasia - Idk she just doesn't look like herself. Objectively I think it's a good shot, but personally I just hate it.

6. Laura - Basic, unimaginative and boring.

7. Kiara - She looks like a corpse.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 7)

Cycle 19 - Episode 8 - The Girl Who Comes Back


Laura's hoping to put this week behind her and just get back on top.


Brittany is feeling homesick and misses her sister at home.


Victoria is still feeling uncomfortable from last panel and feels like the other girls were throwing daggers at her from behind.


Victoria tells the other girls it was anxiety and stress from other things that was getting to her.


"I definitely don't think you're stable enough to handle this competition :kissbye:"


"You're starting something with me you're not gonna be able to handle ;)"


Kiara feels she can't understand Victoria because she came from a household with an absent mother and had to grow up quickly while Victoria is extremely dependent on her mother.


"Can we just call a truce 😢"


Happy go-see day! The girls are departing in pairs


Kiara and Victoria are obviously thrilled to be together!


Victoria decides to talk over Victoria during their go-see lol


One of their go-sees is this 13 year-old child designer.


"My collection is very avant-garde and fun ^_^"


Brittany falls out of nowhere running from one go-see to the next.


Laura starts crying because they don't have enough time to go to the Guess go-see and that's the one she wanted to go to the most.


But they decide to rush there anyway!


And all the girls make it back in time!


And Laura booked guess and also won the go-sees!


Brittany cries over booking nothing.


Victoria also booked nothing.


Once again, Victoria got the flopped at the challenge edit yet she did the third best and barely worse than Laura and Kiara


Uh oh, the girls are in jail!!!!!!!


But instead they're just shooting fashion mugshots.


Kiara is feeling uncomfortable because she was arrested for shoplifting when she was 18 and being here brings back bad memories.


Victoria channels a southern white trash character for the photoshoot lol


Yes Victoria, Tyra would absolutely use that shot :dead:



Queen of bubblegum modeling!


Kiara channels her anger at the photoshoot.


Victoria rambles on and on about her go-see performance before revealing she booked none lol.


Victoria complains to the judges that she felt bullied by the other girls and that hurt her performance this week.


Shockingly, Kelly takes Victoria's side and tells the girls to stop picking on her.




Lmao the girls are fuming


Finally Kiara got a Social Media Gay on her side!


Kelly & Rob team up to #drag Bryanboy for coming for Laura's portfolio (friendly reminder Bryanboy is not a judge, just a mouthpiece for social media)


Laura bounces back from B2 to FCO!


Victoria survives again!


Lol Nastasia is clearly fuming ❤️


And then there were 5...


But not for long because it's time for an eliminated girl to come back! (Well not till next week)

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Cast Ranking:


Didn't like this episode. I'm beyond over the Victoria vs. The House storyline and I think it's run its course. Also one of the lamest go-sees ever? Nothing dramatic or outrageous really happened. Laura crying over almost missing Guess absolutely should not be the most dramatic thing about go-sees. Also boo @ the cliffhanger. Literally everyone knows Leila's coming back, come on now.


1. Kiara - This was like the lower rate version of Kahlen doing the photoshoot in the grave. Very evil of ANTM to do this to Kiara, but I was proud of her and how she persevered.

2. Kristin - She's been very mid all cycle, but she was rather brilliant and terrifying in the mini-argument with Victoria at the start of the episode. She warned Victoria not to start with her and it made me want to shit my pants. Kristin is powerful, no denying that.

3. Nastasia - I feel like Nastasia is secretly the most cutthroat girl in the house and I wanna see more!

4. Victoria - She's starting to hit the point of becoming a bit Much. I was with her until she whined to the judges about how the other girls were "bullying" her and then she immediately lost me. Hopefully she has a good swan song episode to win me back over.

5. Laura - Laura almost missing the Guess go-see is the most adversity she's had in her life.

6. Brittany - Kinda went out with a wimper, though she was never the world's biggest character at all.


Photo Ranking:


I don't hate this actually. I kinda wish there were no "themes" and these were just straight on beauty shots. But ANTM and simplicity don't belong in the same sentence obviously. Look, we're following the gross photoshoot here so it's an obvious step up.


1. Laura - Laura has one of the best pre-overseas portfolios in ANTM history, argue with your mama about it 💅. Once again, this is flawless, 10/10, no complaints.

2. Kristin - Love Kristin's facial expression here. It's striking and terrifying and perfect for the situation. I actually like her body language too! It's simple, but effective. She's got a few angles going on here, I can't hate!

3. Brittany - Maybe a bit too cutesy for the concept, but I do think it kinda works in an ironic way.

4. Kiara - I wish she had more neck because it could've been her strongest picture yet! She's got the perfect amount of attitude and I love the pose.

5. Nastasia - She oversold it way too much. Too much eyeroll, not modelesque at all.

6. Victoria - Just looks like really bad acting to me, sorry Victoria.

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Cycle 19 - Episode 9 - The Girls Go to Jamaica


The final five are going to Jamiaca with the comeback girl!!!! (and well everyone is since all the eliminated girls are still doing all the photoshoots lol)




And they all absolutely lose their minds lmao


And to make it more evil, we get to find out who the viewers hate the most, yay!!!!!!!!


Destiny, Darian, and Yvonne all losing before Jessie is literally racism



To the surprise of no one, Leila advances.


Kiara was very agitated by Victoria's comments at panel because she would never bully anyone.


"Mom I love you more than anyone I'm gonna do a good job when I'm in Jamiaca 😭"


The girls are immediately greeted by male models on the bus.


Kiara is particularly enjoying talking to hers lol


Tyra joins the girls for dinner and she actually gives them good modeling advice...in between talking about smizing and tooching lol


"Kiara smizes and I'm at a loss for words ^_^" Kiara is #winning Jamaica :wub:


For the challenge, the girls are learning a traditional Jamaican dance.


Laura is getting down and dirty :dead:


Victoria decides to freestyle and leave it all out there :wub:


Laura and Kristin cannot believe Victoria and Leila beat them at the challenge :dead:


But it's Kiara & Nastasia who win the challenge!


"I didn't know Kiara could dance like that 😮"

"A slut :rolleyes:"

Lmao about damn time this ultra villain Kristin I've heard so much about returned.


The girls are getting to shoot with their male model friends from before!


They get to choose their male models and Kiara makes her choice easily lol


Leila thinks Laura is scared to see her back in the competition.


"If Leila has a good photo I might go home next panel...so frustrating!"



"What?! It's acting ;)"




Lmao they lowkey spilled tho


They make Kristin run around the panel for some reason (Kelly hates it btw lol)


Tyra recreates herself yelling at Tiffany in C4 to demonstrate "acting a fool"


I lowkey can't believe this is only Kiara's first B2 appearance 🙈



Lmao (I'm sure it was mainly cause her bff Kiara survived, but it's also cause Victoria left obviously)




And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


I liked this better than the last episode or two! The tension is starting to build and storylines are starting to develop. This isn't top-tier television but it's more watchable.


1. Kiara - Queen is thriving in Jamaica, all the men are thirsting after her :wub:.

2. Nastasia - I love her duo with Kiara and I wish we got more of them ❤️.

3. Kristin - Finally the Evil!Kristin I know so much about it coming out of hiding...and I'm here for it.

4. Victoria - She added a lot of entertainment to a very weak first half of the season, but I'm ready for her to go.

5. Leila - Laura confessionals x100

6. Laura - Leila confessionals x100


Photo Ranking:


This is solid. Not one of the best shoots, not one of the worst. I don't think ANTM did anything actively terrible here, I just wasn't wow'd.


1. Nastasia - Nastasia is finally back! She looks so in charge here. She's got control of the boat and the men. Definitely looks like a queen and she's wearing the clothes well!

2. Laura - I actually went back and forth between her photo and Nastasia's. I gave the edge to Nastasia, but this is amazing as well.

3. Victoria - I love the body positioning and I think the hand is genius. I wish her face was stronger, but I'm glad she went out on a higher note than last shoot.

4. Leila - It's good. I'm not blown away, but it's good.

5. Kristin - I think if Kristin committed 100% this photo could've worked, but she didn't so it doesn't.

6. Kiara - Lol thank god her good photos are coming soon for her sake :dead:

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Cycle 19 - Episode 10 - The Girl Who Becomes Art for Tyra


Kiara casually admits she would kill someone to win the competition if that's what it took lol


Kristin is getting very annoyed living with all the girls in the house.


Laura thinks the comeback twist is unfair because they didn't have to do the challenges and deal with the stress of living in the house (okay...fair)


At the challenge the girls get to pose with dolphins


Well at least she's selling the swimsuit :dead:


And Leila gets attacked...maybe this challenge was a bad idea!


"The dolphin did not like Leila...whoop de doo 🙂"


Laura accidentally turns the challenge into a topless one lmao



Leila wins the challenge Laura & Kristin are thrilled!


"I got the lowest challenge score which is complete bullshit :rolleyes:"


"I will never ever be happy for someone to win...unless it's me :/"


"Leila is stupid...I get angry hearing her name! I hate that bitch! Argh, so annoying!"


Tyra is shooting the girls at today's photoshoot!


Unfortunately the girls can't hear Tyra as she's shooting them in the waterfall lmao


Kristin is annoyed with the curtain she has to wear at the photoshoot.


Laura is still mad with Leila from their argument where she told her she's obsessed with herself.



Kristin & Laura panic as the judges lose their minds over Leila's photo.


Tyra praises Kristin for her good attitude at the photoshoot with the difficult curtain.


Rob thirsts over Kiara "tooch" in her photo


Kristin spirals as Leila and Kiara celebrate their good reviews from the judges :giggle:


"Oh yeah, I appreciate you guys having so much respect for the girls who are worried and just being overenthusiastic about your great photos :/"


"Thank you, I appreciate that 🙂" Kiara ❤️




Tyra lets Kiara know she's gonna blow her picture up huge and hang it in her house 😮


Lol Kiara & Leila openly celebrate being top two


America is shaking, vomiting, crying over the all blonde bottom two


Leila and Kiara get passed over for goodbye hugs from Kristin lol


"I think they're all fake and I don't think I've made a genuine friend since I've been here 🙂. I don't give a shit about any of those girls now so they can do whatever they want and I don't have to worry about interacting with them 💅"


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


On a better cycle, this could've been a legendary episode. Kristin spiraling out of control and ultimately getting eliminated is iconic. I think the storyline was handled sloppily and it didn't quite pack the punch I was hoping. Having said that, still one of the strongest episodes of the cycle if not the strongest.


1. Kristin - I really wish Kristin was the supervillain fans make her out to be. Outside of episode four I really didn't find her that evil. Having said that, this was easily her best episode of the cycle. She was definitely at peak bitchiness here and that's what made her pre-elimination meltdown and subsequent elimination all the juicier.

2. Kiara - I was gonna say this is Kiara's most lowkey episode yet, but then she verbally annihilated Kristin two minutes before she got eliminated lmao

3. Leila - Kristin and Laura confessions x100, but I appreciate the drama she brought to the pre-elimination fight.

4. Nastasia - How you gonna get an invisible edit when there's only five girls left 🙈

5. Laura - Ugh I hate boring villainous sidekicks. All the bitchiness of Kristin with none of the fun. Just nonstop Leila confessionals with no wit or charm.


Photo Ranking:


Stunning shoot, 10/10. Nude, zombies, steampunk, and waterfall coming out of the same cycle is truly a gift. Let's do the photo rankdown and make the entire top 20 come from those four shoots please.


1. Nastasia - The top three are all objectively perfect so it just comes down to personal preference. I'm just obsessed with Nastasia's styling, the eyepatch is iconic. Her arms are so graceful and I love the look in her visible eye. Perfection.

2. Leila - Pointing your toes while standing on rocks! How?! Every angle she is creating with her body is flawless. Just ugh, amazing!

3. Kiara - This reminds me a lot of C9 Ebony's plant photo. Both are flawless. Kiara looks sexy as hell here, but also so strong and powerful. So happy to see Kiara finally knock it out of the park.

4. Kristin - I actually really love her closeup, but the body positioning is very awkward.

5. Laura - Oof bad time for Laura to take her weakest photo, she's damn lucky to have survived over Kristin. Laura's got an amazing body, but it looks awful at this angle. And I think the face is a bit too strong and jarring. Just not good.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 10)
  • 2 weeks later...

Cycle 19 - Episode 11 - The Girl Who Freaks Out on Horseback


The girls get overdramatic shots of them walking along the beach as they reflect on the judges' criticism of them lol


Leila was very happy to see Kristin go home at the last panel.


Victoria watching Laura cry to home about how much she misses her mom 👁️👄👁️


For the challenge, the girls have to write a script and make a commercial for tourism while riding a horse


"This is so annoying :rolleyes:" Laura keeps messing up her lines lol


Leila vs. Animals continues as she sobs as the horse starts running around lmao


"Oh God...kill me :/"


For being pretty much the only one not to f*ck up, Kiara wins the challenge!


"I think Kiara's annoying right now and she's being very disrespectful to the other girls" Lmao Laura's pissed :giggle:


Nastasia had great photos at the photoshoot, answer for yourself @Tyra!!!!!!!


Kiara cries about how badly she wants this and how winning this competition would be her Dream Come True


"I had a great relationship with my family, that doesn't mean I don't deserve it :rolleyes:"


Laura's eyebrows look horrible here


Kelly giving Kiara a 7 for her Dream Come True shot is a hate crime.


Nevertheless, Kiara finally gets her first FCO!!


I twas a close one, but Laura narrowly survives.


And then there were 3...

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Cast Ranking:


It took me nearly a week to watch the episode and it was as boring as I feared. Idk maybe I wasn't in the mood for it, but I'm ready to move on with this season (though I fear I'm gonna hate the rest of the cycles)


1. Kiara - They're kinda banging the inspirational underdog story a bit too hard for me over my head, but Kiara can make it work.

2. Nastasia - Woefully underedited, but there's something about her I like and I'm gonna miss.

3. Leila - Her vs. animals has been a pretty funny storyline.

4. Laura - Ugh she is so annoying. She wants to be oppressed soooooooooo bad.


Photo Ranking:


This is a fine shoot. It works for the ad they're trying to make.


1. Kiara - Lovely. So relaxed and natural, it genuinely looks like an ad. She crushed the rest of the girls with this photo!

2. Leila - I don't think she's doing anything to sell the fragrance, but she looks beautiful.

3. Nastasia - What happened here? Her mouth is so awkward and I feel like she's creating no angles this that pose.

4. Laura - Pretty much same as Nastasia. Awkward mouth, stiff pose.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 19 - Episode 11)

Cycle 19 - Episode 12 - The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model


We are wasting absolutely no time, the episode opens up on the girls getting ready for the runway show!


And Sophie is here to join the girls!


But before the runway show, we cut to a flashback of the girls doing the nine west photoshoot, idk this editing is intersting.......but I don't hate it yet


"I think they should all be standing up for the client 🙂"

"Well you should've told me that like six hours ago :rolleyes:"

"Well you should talk to the producers, I'm the talent of the show :kissbye:"

Shut! Up! Kelly!



Laura awkwardly standing there as Jez and Kelly fight lmao


"Jez Smith was THREATENED because I made a suggestion that threw him off his day. Nine West is my client :kissbye:"


"Yeah I'm really irritated I don't think it's fair at all :/"


Surprise family visits during the final photoshoot!


"I LOVE YOU TYRA!!!!!!!!" Laura's mama working hard to get her daughter the win!


This runway show is certainly...something


Leila trips during the show!


Twice lmao


Laura starts randomly crying at final judging because she's afraid of being too sexy


Kelly snaps at Leila when she starts explaining why she tripped at the runway show


Is this a Hetero Couple of a gay and his bff? Let's research mama



With that, the first girl eliminated is Leila because of how hard she flopped at the runway show



Laura wins!


Kiara with one of the most heartbreaking loss reactions ever :broken:


Kiara's grandmother :wub: :wub: :wub:


What has become of the Tyra Banks Winner Shoot???

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Cast Ranking:


I actually quite enjoyed this format! At least it's the best they've had since the good days of C1-12. A final three finale is always the right choice. Leila's elimination was a bit rushed, but it's Leila so idc lol.


1. Kiara - She did the least this episode, but she's the only one I care about in the final three and her reaction to losing broke my heart.

2. Laura - She handled Kelly Cutrone being awful like a pro, good job.

3. Leila - The most embarrassing final runway performance I have ever seen in my life. Good for her becoming so successful, I can only assume she's improved.


Photo Ranking:


Very classy and great shoot. They did a great job remembering the product they're selling and the results for a lot of the girls (including some eliminated ones) speak for themselves.


1. Laura - While I think this is the worst Laura's tan has looked, it's nice to see her finally back since she's fallen apart a bit overseas. Her body looks amazing and I love the little hint of mystery behind the eyes.

2. Leila - I don't love her eyes, but otherwise this picture is great. Almost a bit snobby? But that kinda works.

3. Kiara - The angle of this shot is not doing her any favors. She's a lot more gorgeous than this photo shows.

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Cycle 19 - Overall Ranking

This cycle is the start of a new era. I hated a lot of it. The social media aspect of it is TERRIBLE. Just downright cruel watching Kristin & Laura get rated highliy week after week for being conventionally attractive blonde white women while the BIPOC were getting raked across the coals. Just really ugly. The new judging panel sucks. They have no chemistry. Bryanboy is a pointless irritant and Rob & Kelly can visibly barely stand each other. I never though I'd long for the days of Nigel Barker. Johnny Wujek is an upgrade from Mr. Jay though. I mean Johnny was completely irrelevant, but that's a huge improvement from Mr. Jay being...Mr. Jay. Also the comeback was a bad idea. I hate buybacks on all reality shows. Once you're eliminated you should be gone!!! That's it!!!!! For positive upgrades, I love that all the girls did all the photoshoots. Even if the reason behind it was for the stupid comeback shit, I still enjoyed it. I also think I enjoy challenge scores. Idk I like that they count for something when it comes for judging as opposed to just a small boost for the winner.

Now onto the regular Top Model stuff. Drama and modeling and girls and all the stuff we're used to. As far as that goes, it was a below average season. I took a lot more breaks than usual, but that was moreso because I've been very busy and less to do with the quality of the season. However, it does have a little to do with that. The cast was very weak for me. There were a few standouts (all of whom I have rather complicated feelings on) and a lot of irrelevant girls or girls I actively dislike. Let's just say, no one made the top 30 of my ranking. I feel like this cycle missed the standout episode or moment. We have Victoria drama that got tiring by the end of it. I suppose the downfall or Kristin can be considered the big moment but, spoiler alert, I don't think it lived up to expectations. Maybe Leila's "shock boot" was supposed to be that moment, but the second the comeback twist was announced I saw that coming from a mile away. It was too setup to be a genuinely shocking moment. As far as good goes, a few of the best shoots in ANTM history came out of this cycle (though along with that came some godawful shoots).


1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 18

10. Cycle 12

11. Cycle 16

12. Cycle 13

13. Cycle 10

14. Cycle 9

15. Cycle 19

16. Cycle 11

17. Cycle 7

18. Cycle 17

19. Cycle 15


Cast Ranking:



1. Victoria - I was stalking Victoria's instagram after her elimination and that's what solidified for me this is exactly who she is and she only a little bit played up who she is for the cameras. Victoria's elaborate stories at her photoshoots were the only times I could see Victoria playing for the cameras. The fact that she did not participate in the final two photoshoots so she could go home and be with her mother is the kicker for me. She's a coddled girl who was out on her own for the first time and completely lost her mind. From a human standpoint I feel bad for her, but from a reality tv standpoint it was great tv. The eating disorder storyline is soooo old though and that kinda put a damper on the fun of it all. But Victoria is without a doubt a legendary and memorable character.

2. Kiara - Kiara was just consistently great the entire time. She was witty, she was an underdog, she was not afraid of drama at all, and she managed to make it all the way to second place as high fashion gays everywhere seethed. I think Kiara's missing that One Special Moment to make her a star. But she was just consistently really great and someone I definitely consider myself a fan of.

3. Kristin - Kristin is not nearly as bad as she was made out to be. Like...at all. Kristin's clear low moment is her fight with Destiny where she tried to bait her into hitting her. That was awful. After that, she was a miserable background character who had the occasional bitchy remark to make every once in a while. Then we went overseas. That's when she broke out. Kristin was undeniably bitchy here, but not in the uncomfortable Destiny way. This was the kinda nasty drama I love on this show, especially when it leads to her spiraling at her final judging and getting eliminated. Sorry that's great television.

4. Yvonne - Yvonne ending Bryanboy's entire life is my favorite moment of the cycle bar none. She got so screwed by this format. I don't think Yvonne was ever at Laura, Leila, or Nastasia's level, but I think she was a solid model and had lots of room to growth. She was a plus-sized WOC so she was never gonna have good social media scores which is unfortunate.

5. Nastasia - Technically Nastasia got no edit and I should have her down there with the rest of the bores, but there was something about her I really liked. I thought she was entertaining the few times she was shown and I wish we got to see more from her. There's the occasional UTR girl I connect with and Nastasia gets to join that illustrious group.

6. Brittany - Very strange edit. There were times I really liked her and time I couldn't stand her (that adult disney stuff :rolleyes:). At the end of the day, I'm neutral on Brittany.

7. Darian - A somewhat promising early boot. Wouldn't have minded seeing more of her.

8. Maria - Not one of the strongest Kelly Cutrone battle partners, but I welcome everyone willing to come for Kelly into my heart. Good for her realizing this shit wasn't for her and dipping.

9. Allyssa - Who? I think the editors tried to make her a thing, especially with Tyra sobbing as she eliminated her, but Allyssa just wasn't interesting enough at all. Allyssa has one of my favorite bodies I've ever seen on this show though, good lord!

10. Destiny - More of a sob story than a character. I mean I feel bad for her, but do I like her? I can't say I do.

11. Jessie - I'm a bit embarrassed for her that her entire storyline is her butt. On the other hand, congratulations on the massive wagon you're dragging.

12. Leila - "I don't like that Laura and Kristin think I'm obsessed with them" (proceeds to spend every single confessional talking about them). Sorry girl, it's giving obsessed. Leila was supposed to be the rootable hero against these evil bitches. The problem is she's not rootable. Super photogenic, but she's not a character I want to root for. She wrote a note to Laura detailing why she should be chosen for the Tyra Suite for Christ's sake :dead:. You can't blame Laura for feeling smothered lmao. When she wasn't obsessed with Laura and Kristin, she was rambling endlessly about being the comeback contestant and since I hated the twist, I don't care for any of Leila's content about it. She ended up kinda flopping tho after coming back. Though she delivered that amazing waterfall shot, she f*cked up every challenge and was constantly being assaulted by animals and then proceeded to deliver the worst final runway performance I've ever seen in my life.

13. Laura - The sloppiest underdog storyline I have ever seen in my life? One day the entire Laura Experience may circle back to being hilarious. Today is not yet that day. I'm not gonna argue her win. She took a few of my favorite photos in ANTM history. Her portfolio has a few weak photos but overall is very strong. She's comfortable in front of the camera and she has a strong walk. I am fine that she won, honest! However, the fake adversity storyline was kind of sickening to me. Whining that she had no friends because she's rich and her parents are famous. Talking about how much she's had to overcome because she doesn't have a perfect body (which...lol). I felt insulted by Laura's storyline. You had backstories like Kiara's or Destiny's and bodies like Yvonne's. BIPOC were getting picked off week after week due to not having social media support. And you want me to feel bad for Laura and the adversity she's facing? F*ck outta here.


Top 10:


Note how most of them came from the same shoots lol. Really hard top 10 to knock down because those shoots were all so fabulous. Some close calls were Brittany's Zombies & Steampunk and Kiara's Fragrance. Obviously I didn't include the eliminated girls shots in this because otherwise that would be way too overwhelming for me, but shoutout to Nastasia Nine West and Victoria's Waterfall which would easily make my top 10 if I included them.


1. Laura's Steampunk

2. Laura's Zombies

3. Nastasia's Waterfall

4. Victoria's Nude Garden

5. Laura's Mugshot

6. Leila's Waterfall

7. Allyssa's Steampunk

8. Kristin's Nude Garden

9. Leila's Nude Garden

10. Kiara's Waterfall

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