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Cycle 20 - Episode 1 - Meet the Guys & Girls of Cycle 20


Welp everyone...it's time. Girls AND guys will be on this cycle of Top Model.


Jeremy talks about how there are a lot of feminine guys here but he's a "guys guy" who watches football :rolleyes:


Alexandra got rear-ended on her way to the audition and spent eight hours in the emergency room, but she is here :dead:


Tyra calling each semi-finalist personally to let them know they've advanced, isn't she so Caring!!!!!!



Mike was discovered on a food truck by Tyra Banks


"If I ever got caught by neighborhood with this much makeup on I just wouldn't exist anymore 😮" Last time I check on Marvin he was f*cking boys on onlyfans, but you do you!


What a weird question to ask someone you've literally just met


Jeremy is a strong Christian who believes in waiting till marriage


Virgg is a transgender model and is proud to own that label.


"I got married at 18 and divorced at 18..."


Cory knows he stands out from the other guys and is okay with that.



Of course ANTM had to make everything as sexual as possible.


They each have to choose a partner and kiss at the runway.


Anjel trips on her way down the runway.


Virgg is extra af at the end of the runway lmao


Cory takes a risk and decides to choose another man instead of a woman


Meanwhile, Chris H decides to choose two women to go


Bianca and Chlea have to go together as the last two standing




Jeremy talks about being bullied as a kid because he was fat...and now he's this.


This man is not 22...


Chris H snuck up on some girl and kissed her out of nowhere...umm okay


Alexandra's mom recently got diagnosed with breast cancer and her dad lost his business.


Oh wow Miss Alexandra snapped with this picture...


Marvin talks about his sob story about how he used to be ashamed because his dad's a janitor.


But don't worry, the audition ends with him proudly shouting that his dad's a janitor


Mike talks more about how he was found on the ice cream truck lol


Jourdan had a strict upbringing which led to her...getting married and divorced at 18


"I've got a booty like Nicki Minaj, but mine's real"


Chris H talks about being homeless when he first turned 18.


"I kissed something other than a girl..." no you kissed a trans woman. How are we still doing this??? Years after Isis???


Virgg talks about being inspired by Isis leading her to get her sex change operation and become a model.


Virgg was chosen after winning an instagram contest


"I love the fact that all those kids who made fun of me and called me so many nasty names...look where I am bitch! I'm here!"


Cory and Tyra drop it like its hot together



Rob is in love lmao


Kanani has a daughter who she's doing this competition for.


It's time for the first round of cuts and now we're down to 26.


"Girls you better hope they don't put me in heels because I'm gonna put some of your walks to shame!"



Renee pinpoints Jourdan as her strongest competition in the house.


Alexandra is already annoying some of the other girls because she's over-the-top


"These guys haven't been through what I've been through...my dad's a janitor"


Don is already feeling tempted by the other girls even though he has a girlfriend at home.


She's so quirky!!!!!11!!!1


Nina finds Virgg to be her strongest competition.


Cory knows not everyone's gonna understand Virgg, but he wants her to succeed.


Delten is a plumber.


Tyra talks about dating a male model once but he cheated on her and Kimora Lee Simmons caught him making out with a girl in a club in Italy lol


"I'll flirt with anyone, man, woman, or child" You wanna rethink that sentence Jiana?


Chris H is punching the guys in the balls with a boxing glove...for fun or something?


Not the guys getting in drama before the girls!


Jourdan teaches Jeremy about how to find the light in photos.


And Renee & Cory are bffing up!


"I got married at 18 and divorced at 18..." I'll try my best to keep count how many times they play this soundbite


Virgg is concerned because her mental health is already taking a toll on her



"Don says he has a girlfriend...I feel bad for her"


"Jeremy does follow me around like a lost puppy dog..."


Jeremy doesn't even know is he wants to be a model, his mom signed him up for it lol


Jourdan makes it clear to Jeremy that she has a boyfriend and just views him as a friend even if he has a crush on her


Cory stirs the pot between the two lol


Jeremy denies having a crush on Jourdan and just likes to flirt in general


"He follows me around everywhere!!!!!!!!!!"


Insulted, Jeremy gets up and leaves lmao


"I'm so blessed to be here, my dad cleans toilets and never complains!"


Marvin overdramatically calls home to thank his dad for everything he's done for him


Nina tries to break down Chris H's barriers and figure out what his deal is


Chris H talks about his rough upbringing and Nina encourages him to stop secluding himself.


Kelly calls Nina "Kurt Cobain's illegitimate daughter from Seattle" :dead:


Virgg decides to pull herself from the competition as her hormones are making her sick and she fears the stress of the competition will be too much on top of that :broken:


She talks to Tyra and she gets her blessing to leave.


The 16 who get chosen to advance will walk in a fashion show for the CEO of Guess


Nina's reaction to advancing :dead: I swear you'll be okay gurl!


A commercial break before they announce who gets the last spot despite the fact that Marvin has been the main character of the episode and obviously isn't getting cut :dead:


For the fashion show they have to walk down the side of the building :dead:

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Cast Ranking:


Ugh guys and girls. Why? I don't watch ANTM for showmances or any of that bullshit. Half the episode was about who is flirting with who and who is attracted to who. And the other half was about Virgg who I'm devastated we lost because I feel like she could've gone the distance and been a star. I didn't hate the two-hour casting episode though 😮. I enjoyed getting to know everyone better. I just wish it wasn't wasted on a shitty cast lmao


1. Cory - Cory choosing a man for the first runway show was such a brave and special moment because it could've backfired spectacularly. He's been a lot of fun so far and I love seeing a manipulative little gay stir the pot with house drama.

2. Jourdan - I'm gonna try not to blame her for the "I was married at 18..." sound clip we hear every three seconds because that's not entirely her fault. I may blame her a little bit :kissbye:. But I enjoyed her dynamic with Jeremy in this premiere and how blunt she was with him :dead:.

3. Alexandra - I don't remember this chick at all, but I thought she was really bubbly and fun in this premiere!

4. Chlea - She had some strong confessionals, I enjoyed her!

5. Renee - Her eyes are on the prize, she is here to compete!

6. Mike - King of ice cream!

7. Chris S - We stan short men in this household!

8. Don - Yeah he is fiiiiiiiiiine

9. Kanani - Who?

10. Bianca - Who?

11. Jiana - Pansexual queen? But hopefully not with kids

12. Phil - I like his free spirit ways but his comments about Virgg were nagl (I'll give him a sliiiiiight pass because it was clearly encouraged by the show so I can blame them more than him)

13. Jeremy - Get a job! Stay away from Jourdan!

14. Nina - I've been enjoying the ~quirky~ girls a bit more than I expected throughout this rewatch journey, but Nina's quirkiness feels so force and so fake.

15. Chris H - Weird. Idk why he's running around punching guys in the balls for fun?

16. Marvin - Ugh. The janitor sob story is the worst sob story in reality show history.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 1)

Cycle 20 - Episode 2 - The Girl Who Gets Married Again


Back to where we picked off last episode with the models doing a runway show that involves walking off the side of a building


Omg Mike used to be a band, hide these pictures Mike :dead:



Marvin's hoping to get with Bianca in the house, however Mike & Bianca are getting close to each other


Don is afraid of heights and nervous about the runway show because he has PTSD over things out of his control from when he was attacked a few years before.


Chlea politely gives Kelly some advice that maybe she should work on her delivery so everyone wouldn't be so afraid of her ^_^


"She was like 'I didn't ask you did I? 🙂' and I was like 'No bitch you didn't :/'"


Nina falls over before they even begin lol


And now she's just casually dangling there, what is this show?


Kelly shaking her head...how about you try walking down the side of a building!


Chlea shrieking her way down the building :dead:


Renee wins the first challenge!


Mike isn't thrilled with his challenge score lol


Renee decides to share the Tyra Suite with Kanani


Marvin attempts to flirt with any girl who will give him the time of day


"MARVIN HAS NO GAME :haha: :haha:"


"I think every girl here is feeling me ;)" This man is too cringe


Tyra tells everyone since they're in Vegas they'll be getting married today!!!!


"I got married at 18 and divorced at 18..."


But don't worry, it's not legal, it's just for a photoshoot!!!!


Marvin tries flirting with Bianca before the photoshoot, but she only has eyes for Mike


"Marvin is trying to get with everybody cause he's starvin. Oh it's hilarious cause it's never gonna happen, he's going about it completely the wrong way :haha:"


Jeremy isn't sure how he's gonna pose as a nudist because he's a virgin (there is no correlation...)


Jourdan lets the photographer know she was married and divorced at 18


Alexandra is nervous about shooting with Mike because he doesn't know what he's doing :haha:


Don is ready to get gay married to Chris H while Chris H is bitching about it


Phil getting the weird one tracks


An ominous message...




Mike gets nervous about eliminations and gets wine drunk out of a coffee mug ❤️



Until he drops his mug lmao





"You should focus on modeling instead of drinking and cuddling with my girl :kissbye: Mike, don't mess up my swagger!"




Nope we're still going!


Mike decides to take a little nap in the confessional ^_^


Kelly tells Chris S he looks like a lesbian in the shot.


Kelly bitches Chlea out and tanks her for being "rude" to her before the challenge.



Jeremy's godawful shot being two points higher from the fans...social media never should've happened


Tyra telling Mike his runway walk was the worst the judges have ever seen 🙈


Bianca is the first one out.


And Chris S is out as well.


"I want a hug from my mama 😢"


And then there were 14...

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Cast Ranking:


Who's attracted to who?! Who wants to hook up with who?! I don't care! I got enough of that shit on Big Brother.


1. Mike - King has no idea what he's doing here :wub:. He just walked off an ice cream truck and now he's stumbling down runways, having shotgun wedding photoshoots, and getting drunk out of a coffee mug. Yet all the girls are still throwing themselves as Marvin seethes :wub:. A king!

2. Chlea - Lmao @ her deciding to get on Kelly's bad side three seconds into the competition ❤️

3. Don - He's really likable! I liked seeing him conquer his fear of heights and how much fun he had with the gay marriage photoshoot.

4. Renee - Loved seeing her dominate the runway challenge.

5. Alexandra - Still a fun presence in the confessionals.

6. Bianca - She got to make out with Mike so even though she got eliminated, I'd consider her going on the show a success.

7. Cory - I like him.

8. Chris S - He seemed sweet, I wouldn't mind seeing him longer.

9. Jiana - Killed the photoshoot!

10. Phil - He's there.

11. Kanani - She's there.

12. Jourdan - She got married and divorced at 18.

13. Jeremy - I hope Jeremy's learned there's no correlation between nudity and sex lmao

14. Nina - She tries really, really hard in the confessionals and it's so cringy

15. Chris H - Bro it's 2013, are you really gonna whine about having to get fake gay married?

16. Marvin - The worst. He's truly one of my least favorite contestants ever and I'm quickly remembering why.


Photo Ranking:


This shoot was dumb.


1. Jiana - Cheekbones! She looks like a strong, fierce lesbian in this picture I love it!

2. Alexandra - I love her pose and how she's resting on Mike. Strong start to the competition!

3. Renee - A little snobby, but that's the point. I think she nailed the concept and she looks gorgeous.

4. Chris H - Despite his complaints, he produced a really strong picture. Ugh I hate what a good model he is.

5. Don - He also looks really strong and proud.

6. Jourdan - A little too innocent for the brief, but I like it.

7. Kanani - Good.

8. Phil - He almost nailed it, just had to go a little crazier.

9. Marvin - He also had to go a little crazier and more cult leaderish. But it's good.

10. Nina - The more I look at her in the picture the more I want to move it down tbh.

11. Bianca - Forgettable.

12. Cory - I agree it could've been a bit more badass, but his eyes are so strong!

13. Chris S - I love the closeup, but putting him in front of the tallest guys was such sabotage :dead:

14. Chlea - Just resting on her looks.

15. Jeremy - His body looks terrible at thing angle and he's just standing there.

16. Mike - Lol at least he's pretty ❤️

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 2)

Cycle 20 - Episode 3 - The Guy Who Gets A Weave


Marvin chose Don to join him in the Tyra Suite.


The guys are feeling confident that one of them will win the competition.


"Kelly doesn't like me...she hates me 🙈"


"I was just telling her her deliver was harsh :/"


Phil has a girlfriend at home but he's flirting with Jiana!


Marvin is walking around the house searching for which girl to flirt with tonight.


"I cannot deal with these boys :rolleyes:"


Tyra addresses the rumors about her and Rob dating....I know y'all are on the edge of your seats!!!!!!!!


Don't worry, they're just friends!


Phil tries to request Jiana for the chemistry challenge but they give him Alexandra anyway :haha:


And Jourdan gets stuck with Jeremy again lmao


"Oh great, here we go again :rolleyes:"


Renee can't stop laughing as she does it with Marvin :haha:


"Come on Marvin haven't you ever been with a girl before?! I don't think he has :giggle:"


For the photoshoot, they're taking sexy photos with Rob Evans and Alessandra Ambrosio


Tyra literally made this season r-rated.



Chlea is tired of Phil's nonstop talking :haha:


Johnny lowkey flirting with Mike to get a good picture out of him lmao


Now it's time for makeovers!


What are they doing to Don?!


Cory is upset they turned him into an alien lmao


Tyra randomly brings in some hairy fat guy to let them know they're getting manscaped.



The girls are enjoying it at least!


There was no reason to take the blonde away from Alexandra!


Chlea and Kelly make up in a completely manufactured way.


Completely platonic hand holding from Phil and Jiana.


Phil is getting done dirty :dead:


Chlea's fine if she goes home because at least she got a good makeover out of it :haha:


"If I go home after going through all this...I'm gonna be pissed!"


This comment about Chlea feels vaguely racist...


Oof we are not holding back on critiques today :dead:



Don being told he needs to lift more...I just know he was embarrassed :dead:


Cory gets emotional when they talk about his makeover at panel.


Mike going from B2 to FCO somehow!



I'm gonna keep comparing Renee & Jeremy because it's the most glaring example of how racist the social media vote is


Don narrowly beats Chlea!


But it's not over as Tyra reveals the comeback twist is back!


And then there were 13...

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Cast Ranking:


Wow this was a boring episode. Literally nothing of note happened. I liked that they mixed up the formula a bit by putting the photoshoot in the first half of the episode. But that's all I've gotta say for positives.


1. Cory - That was a rough makeover, I feel really bad for him. I also relate to him being unable to handle all the testosterone in the house lmao

2. Chlea - She had a great personality and I think the show's gonna take a hit without her presence!

3. Jourdan - Lmao her burning hatred of Jeremy ❤️. And this was the first episode without the married and divorced at 18 confessional!

4. Don - Idk there's just something about him that I find likable!

5. Mike - King going from the bottom to the top!

6. Jiana - On one hand her mini makeover meltdown was boring. On the other hand, she is hilariously okay with casually flirting with Phil, despite not caring about him, and ruining his relationship lmao

7. Renee - The way Renee is one of the best models right now and has the lowest social media scores........

8. Jeremy - Idk he was funny at the waxing scene.

9. Nina - Glad they didn't go blonde with her to differentiate her from Allison.

10. Alexandra - I lowkey get the vibe that she thinks she's better than everyone and I wanna see more from that.

11. Kanani - Who?

12. Chris H - Meh.

13. Phil - He came off really scummy this episode.

14. Marvin - Marvin's thirst is the worst storyline in ANTM history.


Photo Ranking:


I feel like Tyra's going overboard with the sex appeal this season now that they have male models. The results speak for itself, not a good shoot.


1. Jiana - Jiana is completely crushing the competition so far though. The tension in her face, the way she's selling the shoe, the broken down doll look of it all. Love it!

2. Nina - I completely disagree with the judges on this one, I think she looks in complete control here and I think she has chemistry with the camera and the guys.

3. Kanani - I love her body positioning, it's very so wrong it's right. Maybe a bit too ~quirky~ but still easily one of my favorite photos of the bunch.

4. Alexandra - The photography is awful for this shot, but she's doing a good job.

5. Renee - As a solo shot it's great. Doesn't really work in a group, but she did well.

6. Jourdan - A little too stiff, but she did a good job as well.

7. Chris H - His face isn't as sexy as he's hoping it is here.

8. Mike - Look this is a huuuuuge improvement from last week but idk why the judges went so gaga for it lmao.

9. Marvin - Strong pose, weak face.

10. Don - Mediocre, but not terrible.

11. Cory - I think he looks masculine enough, but not nearly sexy enough.

12. Phil - All around this shot is terrible, but I appreciate that he's got the one arm out so at least he's doing something.

13. Chlea - Ugh I think she has potential but she got off to a rough start to the competition. The arm is soooooo distractingly out of place.

14. Jeremy - This isn't a modeling shot he's just about to do a pushup.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 3)

I’ve got a lot to catch up on but those ‘social media’ seasons are still pretty recent in my memory and like you mentioned in some of those comments are sooo ugly. Glad they ditched that.


lmao Chlea calling out Kelly is one of my favorite random moments :wub: Absolutely with you on the feelings on Don, Cory and Marvin ( 🤮) too.

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17 hours ago, *Lily said:

I’ve got a lot to catch up on but those ‘social media’ seasons are still pretty recent in my memory and like you mentioned in some of those comments are sooo ugly. Glad they ditched that.


lmao Chlea calling out Kelly is one of my favorite random moments :wub: Absolutely with you on the feelings on Don, Cory and Marvin ( 🤮) too.

Everyone has a lot of catching up to do :dead: (@FrogLenzen :kissbye:). Yeah the social media is so rough and just feels like the show is encouraging online bullying tbh which is absurd. It never should've lasted as long as it did.


Chlea :dead:. That was too much, but I loved it :wub:. Glad you agree with me on the guys (especially that Marvin is the worst).


17 hours ago, *Lily said:

I watched this season not long ago at all and I truly cannot recall a Kanani

Lmao yeah poor girl is not getting a good edit at all!

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Cycle 20 - Episode 4 - The Girl Who Went Around In Circles


Mike is feeling more confident in the competition now that he got best photo.


Nina twisted her ankle during casting week and is still dealing with that.


Mike comes in to let everyone know they'll be getting five mins of phone time soon.



And then tells Chris H to shut the f*ck up when he tries interrupting him oop


"You're a grown man, don't ever tell me to shut the f*ck up!"


"I personally would not have made a scene, but Chris likes to be dramatic :rolleyes:"


Chris demands an apology from Mike, but Mike refuses to give him one.


Chris rants to everyone who will listen about how disrespectful Mike was.


Chris talks about how it was growing up with an abusive mother and how stuff like that could be triggering for him.


Cory encourages Chris that he has to open up to the house if he wants them to be understanding of him.


Chris decides to hold a house meeting to share his story with everyone.


Nina feels connected to Chris as they're both misunderstood and she wants to protect him.


Jourdan also sympathizes with Chris since she was married at 18 and in an abusive relationship


Mike feels Chris still has a lot of growing to do and doesn't feel bad for him.


For today's runway show, they have to walk across spinning platforms.


Nina is worried about the spinning runway since she's still recovering from her ankle injury.


"I'm gonna break my f*cking ankles 😢 I can't even walk straight 😭"


So she gets her ankle wrapped to get through the show.


Jourdan casually upstages everyone at the show.


"Jourdan does really really well, which annoys the hell out of me :/"


But luckily she slays too!


Jeremy forgets he's selling clothes and just goes full slut and strips :haha:


And it's Jourdan who wins the challenge!


Nina thanks Chris for encouraging her to do the runway show.


Jourdan is happy she got some free clothes with her challenge win because her bank account is in the negatives :haha:


Lol @ the edit being about Jeremy & Mike blowing the challenge while Alexandra got the same score and is getting completely ignored :haha:


Marvin gets paired with Jiana and proceeds to thirst over her as he does.


Phil is still struggling with his weave :haha:


Jeremy has trouble opening his eyes at the photoshoot


Jourdan and Chris continue to bond before the photoshoot as they realize they have similar histories.


Phil and Marvin lowkey feud over Jiana.


Nina is worried about doing the photoshoot with Phil because she fears her's not taking it seriously.


Marvin talks about having a little crush on Jiana as she cringes.


"Yikes 🙂" -Mike



The visible confusion...same


That was not Renee's best photo, but a 5.7???? Unforgivable


The thirsty ass fans completely saved Jeremy's ass


"I didn't send you home...the fans did 🙂"


And then there were 12...

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Cast Ranking:


This cycle is gonna be dark methinks. Lots of victims of abuse being thrown into a house together...things are getting messy. I am not into this cast at all yet, but that may help me enjoy the trashiness of the show more.


1. Renee - Lmao I forgot about her Jourdan hatred ❤️. She was eating her up all episode!

2. Cory - I think he had the best perspective on the Chris & Mike drama. Chris has a tragic life, but he has to take responsibility for his own actions and get his shit together.

3. Jiana - Lol @ all the guys literally throwing themselves at her as she simply just exists.

4. Jourdan - As much as we all make fun of her for the never ending married and divorced at 18 soundbite, her story is sad and I do sympathize with her.

5. Nina - I think she's stepping out as her own character as opposed to Allison 2.0. The codependent relationship with Chris H is a little worrisome though.

6. Jeremy - Y'know what I'm warming up to him. Him skating by with a mediocre portfolio because of his looks is still infuriating, but he has dumb himbo upside.

7. Chris H - Oof his backstory is A Lot. Literally come home on his 18th birthday to find his mom completely gone? I mean it's understandable why he has so many issues. Does that excuse his actions? Of course not. Though I didn't think he did anything out of line this episode (Mike telling him to shut the f*ck up felt like a nothing burger to me, but I'm not him) he's still in general gotta chill out.

8. Mike - On one hand Mike brought a lot of fun and some drama and I appreciated him. On the other hand, dude is 27 years old and should not be getting involved in this much drama :dead:. I don't blame him at all for his fight with Chris and I thought Mike telling Chris to shut the f*ck up while he's speaking over him to be a non-issue. However, I thought he was a bit too dismissive of Chris' backstory a little bit victim blaming.

9. Alexandra - Lol @ Alexandra's misery over constantly getting stuck with Mike on photoshoots and challenges.

10. Don - He was there!

11. Kanani - She was there!

12. Phil - Idk maybe I'm being unfair, he still just, in general, creeps me out.

13. Marvin - He was fine this episode and then he started thirsting over Jiana and we got the cringe ass Stavin Marvin again.


Photo Ranking:


Why Tyra, why?! This cycle has been a MESS so far when it comes to photoshoots.


1. Jiana - Jiana's turning into my very own Ann Ward I guess! Sorry, but she is eating everyone else up! This is so natural and so stylist and just once again a fantastic shot.

2. Kanani - I've really been liking Kanani's poses and I've found them to be quite dynamic. This is a fierce shot from her.

3. Jourdan - Idk shy she was scoring 10's lmao, but it's still a great shot.

4. Nina - I love it from the waist up, but her legs bother me in this shot.

5. Don - Pretty simple, but he's fitting the vibe well.

6. Chris H - A little too squinty, but I like the pose.

7. Renee - The pose it top three, but the face drags it down.

8. Phil - I actually think he held back a bit and could've taken it a step further.

9. Alexandra - Model 101, but talented Model 101 at least.

10. Cory - It's okay, but the face is a little distracting.

11. Marvin - He looks stiff as a board and uncomfortable.

12. Jeremy - My eyes go to him last in this shot. Just so boring.

13. Mike - He's got no life in the face, the manspreading was a bad choice, and the way he's leaning does nothing for his body.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 4)

Cycle 20 - Episode 5 - The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl


Nina cackles over how they just plaster text over the losing people's faces on the digital art in the house for the FCO...she's just like me fr



Everyone is #bitter as Jourdan gawks over her photo ❤️


"Jourdan picked Nina to join her in the Tyra Suite because...no one else likes her"


Alexandra is missing her mom who she's really close to, especially since she got diagnosed with breast cancer.


Meanwhile Phil talks about missing his girlfriend


But at least he has Jiana lol


As owner of the Tyra Suite, Jourdan also controls the phone time for the week :dead:. Tyra is an evil genius for this :dead:


Jourdan decides everyone gets five minutes except she and Nina get ten because they're in the Tyra Suite :giggle:


But she has to deal with her boyfriend being a dick to her for her photos


And she goes over her ten minutes oop


Obviously everyone doesn't handle this well




"Girl I will slap the stupid off of you :kissbye:"


Renee decides to walk away from the fight and it's not till then when Jeremy decides to step in and make a comment to Renee...


"The thing that made me sick was Jeremy defending Jourdan of course :rolleyes:"


"It sucks that people don't like me because they think I'm their biggest competition 😢"


Jump scare!


For the challenge they have to be fashion correspondents and ask ridiculous questions Perez tells them to ask in their earpiece


Which involves them telling Phil to pull this random girl's hair, asking her if she likes it rough, and asking her to spank him...


"I was just asking her things that I would never ask... :/"


And Perez forces Jeremy to do the interview in his underwear...


"Jeremy took every direction I gave him, that's what it takes to be live and on your feet" ANTM trends on twitter weekly for its problematic ways...can this trend and get Perez cancelled please???


Phil is missing his girlfriend!


"I think Jourdan has no personality...my f*cking toe I just clipped off her more personality than her :rolleyes:"


Perez tries to get Marvin to pick on this guy, but Marvin refuses


"I think the way Perez Hilton got his fame is through bashing people and insulting people. If I have to bash someone to become famous, I'd rather not be famous" Okay he temporarily has my stan card!


Jeremy wins the challenge cause Perez is a thirsty hoe (and chooses Jourdan to join him on the reward)


"We all knew Jeremy was gonna pick Jourdan, he's always gonna be a little puppy dog, licking her butt"


"The whole Jeremy and Jourdan romance is making me sick. He's not gonna get it from Jourdan because she has a boyfriend, there you go :kissbye:"


Perez putting all the guys besides Marvin above all the girls :rolleyes:


For the commercial, the guys are playing girls and the girls are playing guys (can y'all imagine if Virgg was still here having to do this :()


Marvin literally licks Renee's face during their kiss scene


"I kinda liked it 🙈 Renee seriously Starvin Marvin?!"


"I literally come from a town that's just white people...maybe some Hispanics. So I didn't know what a goth is 😮"


Jeremy enjoys his kiss with Jourdan a lot


Jiana sadly listens in as Phil tells the story of when he first met his girlfriend.


Jiana feels Phil is being very unintentionally harmless as he's very affectionate with her and then seconds later will talk about his girlfriend.


Don is very good at not taking these ridiculous tasks seriously, but in a really fun way


Jourdan explains to the judges she's very sheltered and Tyra tells her the one thing she hates is a model who isn't smart :haha:


Marvin & Renee cackle as they watch him eat her face lmao


I would be livid if I got eliminated for this ridiculous challenge.


And Jiana beat Alexandra!


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


The worst episode of tasks in ANTM history? The awful Perez Hilton challenge combined with the awful drag commercial. I'd have to search through all the episodes to find one episode that has a worse challenge + photoshoot/commercial, but I really don't think there is one. So yeah, that obviously killed the episode. On top of that, a bunch of relationship drama and showmance bullshit which I don't care about. Phone drama is always fun though, more of that!


1. Cory - I love shady Cory. His reads on Jourdan and Jeremy were on point. I like that they were a bit self-deprectating, that there's a bit of jealous over Jourdan's performance in the competition and he respects her a model, but he still just can't stand the bitch lmao. I liked seeing how comfortable he was at the drag challenge, and I think he had a good point about how he's been out of his comfort zone the first few episodes so it's nice to see the other guys out of their comfort zone.

2. Renee - I think she might be drinking a bit too much Jourdan haterade, but I'm also completely #TeamRenee and think all her complaints about Jourdan are valid. She's also f*cking hilarious and I think her deadpan delivery is perfect.

3. Marvin - Never expected to put Marvin this high, especially on an episode where he licks Renee's face, but he really impressed me at the challenge with Perez. He knew the consequences, but still refused to stoop to his level. Marvin gained major points in my book for that.

4. Jiana - Girl, men ain't shit! Run away!!!!

5. Don - He's having fun, thus I'm having fun!

6. Kanani - She did a great job with that dumbass commercial.

7. Alexandra - I thought she was so fun early on and I'm sad her edit kinda died down and that this was her downfall because I thought she had some strong pictures early on.

8. Chris H - Hot and invisible, where he should be.

9. Nina - I really want to like her, but her taste in allies is questionable at best.

10. Jeremy - I feel bad for him because he is very dumb and got exploited by Perez so easily. This was an amazing example of how people in power in the industry can use naive up and coming models however they'd like. This ranking is for his obsession with Jourdan which I just don't care about.

11. Jourdan - Jourdan's delusional antics are kinda hilarious on paper, but I just need, like, an OUNCE of self-awareness from her. She cannot play victim this much, she just can't.

12. Phil - Very manipulative and I think Jiana was being very nice when she said he's unintentionally harmless because I think everything Phil has been doing is very intentional. He wants female attention because he misses his girlfriend and is trying to go as far as he can with Jiana before it constitutes cheating.


Commercial Ranking:


I'm okay with ANTM going for comedy, but it has to be funny. This wasn't funny, this was just stupid. I think they had this planned from Virgg's casting and if that's true, they ain't shit.


1. Kanani - She reminded me of Natasha at her drag photoshoot in C8. Very natural and she made this stupidity very funny!

2. Cory - He was in the zone and f*cking nailed it!

3. Don - He went so OTT and ridiculous that it circled back to funny.

4. Phil - He did good.

5. Renee - She was underrated by the judges (and social media ofc what else is new) I thought she was really funny.

6. Chris H - He undeniably looked amazing.

7. Marvin - He had me till the awful kiss.

8. Jiana - Mediocre, but not terrible.

9. Jeremy - Forgettable.

10. Nina - Nothing about her mannerisms were man-like.

11. Jourdan - Bad.

12. Alexandra - Unfortunately it's hard to argue with her elimination. She has a big personality, I wish she used more of it here, this was just terrible.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 5)

Cycle 20 - Episode 6 - The Girl Who's Scared of Clowns


Jiana is feeling emotional after being in the bottom two at the last panel.


Cory chooses Jiana to join him in the Tyra Suite and here comes Phil


"Phil always wants me to be his 'replacement girlfriend'"


"Phil...get out of my Guess Closet! It is not your time!"


Oh boy just what every reality show needs...a prank segment!


The boys tape their things to the ceiling and the girls remain unfazed lol


The girls make a pact to stick together against the guys


For the challenge, last episode's top three has to pick teams and Kanani decides to pass rather than pick Jeremy for her team :dead:


Kelly scolds Phil for cutting the sleeves off a designer's shirt omg


Jourdan apologizes for the phone drama while she's grouped up with Renee & Kanani


Phil throws a rock out of frustration and breaks the fence!


The Kanani, Renee, and Jourdan team wins the challenge!


Cory's team gets points docked for damaging property.


Jiana feels upset that Phil is hindering her performance in the competition.


But Chris randomly decides to come for Jiana for his frustration with their challenge score :wacko:


Nina tries to talk Chris down and he explodes on her as well.




Chris has broken Nina


"I'd rather her stay away from him because he can do a lot of damage and I can tell she feels burdened by him"


The guys throw toy clowns in the girls room knowing Renee & Kanani have a fear of clowns



Kanani completely breaks down because her fear of clowns is debilitating



Chris tries engaging with Nina at the photoshoot but she continues to ignore him


And clearly he's distracted and struggling at the shoot lol


Jeremy jokes with Jourdan about when they kissed at the last challenge and Jourdan gets pissed


"Why are you so desperate and obsessed with me 💅" Lol Jeremy's not laughing now!



Jourdan attempts to defend herself to anyone who will listen while Jeremy struggles through his photoshoot.


"SILENCE!!!!!" The photographer is done with all this drama :dead:


Kanani is still reeling from the clown situation and distracted at the photoshoot


Kanani's picture wasn't great, but it's absurd how low Tyra & Rob went, they never go that low for half the crap we've seen on this show the past two cycles


Tyra reveals she only has 9 photos in her hands and it'll be a double elimination!


Jeremy is the first one out and cries because he feels like he let his mom down





Aww Tyra getting on the ground with Kanani


Too late Marvin!


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


The theme of this episode is why men suck. Part of me hated the episode because it was looooooots of relationship drama. But I actually did kind of find it fascinating. There was a lot of conflict and it all really bubbled up during the photoshoot and caused half the cast to really suffer. Tyra knows what she's doing. So while I didn't want to love the episode, it kinda won me over.


1. Jourdan - Jourdan putting the final nail in Jeremy's coffin as she ended his entire life right before it was his turn to shoot :wub:. He deserved it :kissbye:. I'm glad she made up with Kanani & Renee and joined in the feminist revolution.

2. Cory - The only man who didn't piss me off this episode. He was on Phil's neck the entire challenge and I thank him for his service.

3. Kanani - I don't know if I'm quite buying the clowns led to her downfall edit since the photoshoot was like a day later lol, but clearly her fear of clowns was more than just a minor haha kind of thing so I felt bad for her and her reaction to that prank.

4. Jiana - After being on top for so long, Jiana is floundering and letting Phil take her down. Depressing.

5. Nina - Like I mentioned before, her relationship with Chris is terrifying. I'm glad she stood up for herself and dragged his ass to filth.

6. Renee - Queen of making up with Jourdan to start a feminist revolution!

7. Don - Side-eying him for his bffmance with Marvin and his role in the clown prank, but he was easily the least objectionable straight man of the episode.

8. Jeremy - Jeremy definitely has a lot of growing up to do, he's clearly very young. He kinda let to his own downfall by prodding Jourdan for no reason at the photoshoot causing her to snap at him. She's set her boundaries and there's no reason to harp on their kiss for last episode's commercial. I felt bad for him when he sobbed over his elimination though.

9. Marvin - He was once again impressing me as he perfectly discussed the toxic relationship between Chris & Nina. But then, as he does, he killed my goodwill by the clown prank.

10. Chris H - I think he just has a problem with women due to his relationship with his mother. It's a reason, but not an excuse. Because for Chris to come for Jiana and Nina for his poor challenge performance that Phil is responsible for? Unhinged behavior.

11. Phil - Which man I hate the most this season is constantly changing between Marvin, Chris, and Phil. However, right now I'm just feeling Phil in that role. While him opening up about having ADHD can explain some of his erratic behavior, it does not excuse his desperation to cheat on his girlfriend with Jiana. He was also way out of line at the challenge when he broke the fence. I also think his portfolio's been rather mediocre and I'm upset Kanani got sent home over him.


Photo Ranking:


I generally can't resist a beauty shot. Not one of the best beauty shots the show has ever seen, but considering how god awful the photoshoots have been so far I'll take this one.


1. Cory - Headache, but make fashion! This is the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity. He looks really tough here and his bicep is looking strong. But he still has that Cory femininity on the side to make it so interesting and unique.

2. Nina - Idk if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I love this shot. I think it's really interesting and daring. She played with her angles than everyone else and took the most risks and I think they paid off.

3. Chris H - I've always felt, for as much as I don't like him, Chris has the strongest look in the competition out of the guys. I love his facial features in this photo and I think it's his strongest shot yet.

4. Marvin - Marvin also had his strongest picture yet. Not much to say except that he did a great job.

5. Jourdan - I wish she took more risks, but she's been consistent and this is another great shot.

6. Don - Don's eyes were made for a beauty shot and they are absolutely carrying him in this picture.

7. Renee - Unfortunately just very average. Not a bad shot at all, but I'm far from enthused.

8. Kanani - I love the pose and the symmetry of the shot, I really wish she had any sort of power behind the eyes because it would easily be in the top half otherwise. It's ironic that smize is written on her nails since she's not doing that at all.

9. Jiana - I don't think she's doing anything wrong per se, but I just think this is a really bad angle of her face. It's just not doing anything for her.

10. Phil - Lame.

11. Jeremy - Dude is not a model, he's just hot.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 6)

Cycle 20 - Episode 7 - The Guy Who Cries


After the shock double elimination, everyone makes up with each other in order to become a family again.


Chris H decides he's gonna play it cool with everyone and try his best to be respectful of everyone.


Marvin sobs over losing Jeremy.


"This is still a competition, we just have to be mature about it :rolleyes:"


"Jourdan's a great model. I'm happy she's doing well consistently, so when I beat her it's gonna feel so much better 🙂"


They get back to the house and Marvin is still crying over Jeremy's elimination


"I don't have anyone here to play with or talk to 😢"


Phil is going stir crazy with his ADHD not being able to ride his bike or go for a run.


Today's challenge is doing a fashion quiz in your underwear for some reason.


After the quiz, they have to spend the money they won on clothes to create a lewk


Phil is struggling as he only has $25 lol



"They're helping me right now, you're gonna have to go to a different store!"

"Why don't you kiss my ass :kissbye:"


Marvin gets in trouble for rolling up his pants so Chris unrolls his pants before he gets judged lol


Phil gets scolded and told he's making a mockery of the situation


Don flirted with the judge using his eyes...


And he wins the challenge!


Marvin complains to everyone that Chris got a higher score than him at the challenge and he didn't deserve it


"Marvin's scores are getting lower and he's getting worried. I think he's trying to hide it with 'masculinity and testosterone'"


And it leads to a fight over who can get more girls, Marvin making fun of Chris' acne, and Chris telling Marvin he looks like a monkey 👁️👄👁️


For the photoshoot they have to pose while paint is thrown at them


Chris is struggling at the photoshoot and fears Marvin's getting in his head


After the photoshoot, the girls get pissed when Chris decides to use their shower instead of his.


"If anything I did you a favor because the water was cold and now it's hot :kissbye:"


Chris reminds Jourdan of her abusive ex-husband and that's why he gets under her skin


Marvin continues to spiral as his scores drop and he's starting to feel disconnected from his friends Don & Phil


And then Marvin starts crying that if more of his friends go home there's gonna be no one to look after him


"You're fine, you can take care of yourself!!!"


Jourdan gets a perfect score and Tyra tells her it's one of the best shots of all time


Renee takes her best photo over and still doesn't even score a 6 with fans...evil


The nomance that never was is getting split up!






Tyra reminds her she can win the comeback vote though! (and how she doesn't win the comeback vote is just beyond me)


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


An episode where Marvin and Chris H are the main characters is how I lose. That was painful to get through. Painful!


1. Cory - As always, Cory has the flawless shady commentary. Cory is always #TeamNoOne and hating on all the guys and I couldn't agree more.

2. Renee - Renee telling Marvin to kiss her ass was a top 1 moment of the episode.

3. Jourdan - I feel bad for Jourdan as Chris' insanity brought back bad memories of her ex. Especially since they were connecting on the abusive situations they came from.

4. Jiana - Jiana's elimination fall is one of my favorite elimination moments ever.

5. Phil - Lol @ him having 25 dollars in that challenge.

6. Nina - The further she gets from Chris the more I see myself liking her.

7. Don - The closer he gets to Marvin the less I see myself liking him.

8. Chris H - It was a tight race for last between him and Marvin. I was actually on Chris' side because Marvin came for him literally out of nowhere after the challenge. But then Chris lost the highground when he called Marvin a monkey. Then Chris got worse when he used the girls' shower without their permission and gaslighted them into saying it was a positive...?

9. Marvin - Insufferable! Completely insufferable! The nonstop tears were painful, his obsession with all the guys makes me kinda lol now knowing he's bi but it's still awful tv. The fight with Chris was soooooo dumb, Marvin was being a bitch for no reason over Chris getting a higher score than him at the challenge, and then he played victim. Marvin is ruining this cycle.


Photo Ranking:


Cool concept, but idk about the execution. I think the diapers the guys are wearing is what kills it.


1. Jourdan - Obviously. Say what you want about Jourdan and her portfolio, but this is just undeniably a perfect picture.

2. Renee - I love Renee's profile and how she's working the garment. Easily her strongest picture of the competition.

3. Chris H - His body looks so strong here. It's a bit too tense, but still great.

4. Cory - Don't love the pose, but I love the closeup, and I appreciate the risks he's taking.

5. Don - Also love the closeup, but don't love the pose.

6. Nina - I think the paint is overpowering her a bit, but it's good.

7. Jiana - Once again, not a great angle of her face. It's still a shame to see her leave this soon after she dominated the first three shoots.

8. Marvin - The pose is fine, a bit basic, but the face is dead and completely kills the picture.

9. Phil - I had high hopes for Phil in this competition, but he's been giving me nothing.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 7)

Cycle 20 - Episode 8 - The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Jourdan is feeling on top of the competition after her third FCO.


Jourdan picks Renee to join her in the Tyra Suite, what a rollercoaster relationship :dead:


"At the end of the day, she's a bitch. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer 🙂" The rollercoaster ride continues


Marvin's proud of himself for not crying after Jiana's elimination.


Marvin and Renee have been growing closer since they partnered up for the drag commercial.


Renee thinks Marvin is cute, but also immature


However, she also confesses to Jourdan that she's developing a slight crush on him


For the challenge we're having go-sees!


Jourdan is perfect on paper, but she fails to wow the castings because she's too polished.



Oop Jourdan & Marvin are the only two who fail to book the first go-see.


Renee books the girls only go-see which means Jourdan has been shut out!


Needless to say, she's not handling it well.


"They said my personality is too blank- 😭"

"Well think about it Jourdan, compared to the rest of us we're like at 100 and you're at 10 :kissbye:"


Marvin & Cory fail to book the guy's go-see and Marvin also gets shut out.


Oof Phil crumpled up his coat on the runway!


The designer hugging Renee at the end of the show :wub: Make those connections gurl :wub:


Renee dominated the go-sees and runway and easily wins the challenge!


Renee decides to cuddle up with Marvin that night 🙈


Cory is shocked when Renee confesses to him she slept in bed with Marvin last night.


Jourdan finds a frog during the photoshoot and throws it at Renee


Renee is not enthused about this.


"Revenge is a bitch baby, and trust me bitch is an understatement when it comes to me 🙂"


Marvin sucked this photoshoot, but that red hair was such sabotage :dead:


The guys brag about how well they're been doing and that maybe it'll become an all male cycle soon.


"Imma let you all know right now, that's not gonna happen :kissbye:. The modeling industry is a woman's industry. Lemme tell you right now a woman is winning"


And Marvin & Phil flip out on Renee.


"The three f*cking strongest bitches are f*cking here and y'all better watch the f*ck out!"


"You're lucky you won that challenge, you don't photograph well!"


Jourdan starts tearing up at panel when she explains she didn't book any castings because they told her her walk was too good lol




And Jourdan scored almost two points higher...


Lol Phil has to know he's going home here :dead:


But maybe not because the comeback is happening now!


They're baaaaaack!


Whoever returns is going to Bali! (Even though they all do because they keep taking pictures even overseas lol)


And Alexandra is returning! (Who the hell saw that coming????)


But wait, the guy with the highest social media score will return as well!! (Just for Jiana, Kanani, and even Chlea who are all stronger than these mediocre men)


And then there were 8...(but soon 9 when we find out which guy is returning)

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Cast Ranking:


This episode kinda sucked too, but at least Renee & Jourdan as main characters is infinitely better than the disaster that was Marvin & Chris as main characters last episode.


1. Renee - I do not want to reward Renee with first place for that dumpster fire of a Marvin showmance that is starting, but luckily she was godly outside of that. Dominating the entire challenge, destroying Jourdan every step of the way, and then randomly #dragging all the guys right before panel :wub:

2. Cory - He did nothing, but I love him in general.

3. Nina - Nina gets her highest placement for not pissing me off yay!

4. Don - If he wasn't so gorgeous I'd forget he exists.

5. Chris H - He was just sitting there looking pretty but then he decided to randomly speak up and come for Renee :kissbye:

6. Jourdan - I have no clue what to make of the Jourdan and Renee rivalry. Are they frenemies? Are they bitter enemies? Are they bffs who recognize each other as competition? The rivalry is becoming a bit too personal and I must admit I am very much in Renee's camp.

7. Phil - He became very boring once there was no Jiana around for him to cheat on his girlfriend with. Glad to finally get rid of him.

8. Marvin - Get a job!!!!! Stay away from her!!!!!! You're gonna flirt with Renee and then talk about wanting an all male final five? Not on my watch :kissbye:


Photo Ranking:


Favorite shoot yet! Despite some of the hair stylings, I generally liked the clothes and I thought it was interesting photographing them laying down.


1. Nina - Easy number one. The blue dress looks gorgeous on her, she is selling it so well. She perfected the mysterious look in the eyes the shoot was going for. The arm placements are really graceful and not forced. Probably my favorite photo this cycle yet.

2. Renee - This shot's really growing on me the more and more I look about it. There's almost a sadness behind her eyes where I want to hear her story. I wish the pose was maybe a bit more relaxed, but I still love the shot.

3. Cory - For as much as we talk about Don's eyes, Cory's eyes are absolutely gorgeous here. I think he's perfectly found the line of androgyny in his pictures.

4. Chris H - He's not really doing anything, but I also suppose he doesn't need to. I think Chris has the best male look of the cycle and he can ride it pretty easily. I just wish he did a little bit more.

5. Jourdan - It's good, but one of her weaker shots. She looks a little bit uncomfortable here.

6. Don - As always the eyes are carrying him a bit. The pose is a bit awkward.

7. Phil - I think he got a bad outfit, he's kind of blending into the grass. Unfortunately he's not doing anything with his face to help him stand out. It was definitely time for him to go.

8. Mavin - The less said about this picture the better. Never let him go red again.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 8)

Cycle 12 - Episode 10 - The Girl Who Gets Punked


We return to panel and it's revealed that Jeremy is the guy who will be returning!


Cory is not surprised because he knows social media lost their mind every time Jeremy took off his shirt :haha:


Tyra reveals there's no more comeback and once you're gone, you're gone for good


Chris and Nina celebrate him getting best photo.


Renee promised not to talk for a week if a guy got best photo, but she doesn't care lol


Chris chooses Alexandra to join him in the Tyra Suite since she hasn't had a chance yet


And Nina is handing that well!


Jourdan politely lets Jeremy know that anyone who comes back after getting eliminated doesn't deserve to win 🙂


"I got married and divorced at 18..." it's back!!!!


For the challenge they think they're shooting a commercial on the green screen, but it's really just about embarrassing them lol



Renee is freaking out because she has an irrational fear of things in costumes


"I told myself shut the f*ck and you need to f*cking do this"


Alexandra and Jourdan were the top two and it's Jourdan who won the challenge!


Chris is frustrated after a low challenge score and a dirty kitchen


So he leaves Renee & Alexandra's dirty dishes behind with a polite little note to go with them


Yeah........this'll go over well


"Yeah it's my dish, but I'm not gonna wash it 🙂. I want it stay here, I hope no one washes it 🙂"


"Take your nasty ass dish into your room! Nasty ass!"


"I can be nasty in person, but you're f*cking nasty in your mind, your heart, and your soul!"


"You see, I respect you, but you don't respect me!" What about that note was respectful???


Jourdan takes Renee's side saying Chris doesn't know how to love or be respectful



Which causes Jeremy to decide he wants to step in for some reason




And shit pretty much hits the fan!


Idk why they're showing the fighting with just some confessionals over it, finally we're getting some juicy drama I wanna hear all the low blows!!!!


"You know nothing about me Jeremy so you better keep your mouth shut!"


Cory, always the voice of reason, says that pretty much everyone went with the low blow and they all need to apologize to each other.


"I'm sorry for what I said I was wrong :rolleyes:" Jourdan said with no feeling in her voice whatsoever ❤️


But then they do makeup for real.


"For the first time I didn't have to go up to someone to apologize for being a jerk or a douchebag!" So do you see the common denominator than Chris??


Renee realizes she shouldn't have said some of the things that she said, but she stands by standing up for herself and Jourdan.


"People can make me the villain, go ahead, whatever 💅"


For the photoshoot, they're gonna embody being flawsome


They'll also be joined by male model Shaun Ross and "Disney star" Zendaya (lol Tyra had no idea what a big get this actually was looking back in 2022)


Nina nervously watching Chris at the photoshoot...girl! Move on!


So glad Jeremy came back so he could continue to go gurl give us nothing!


Even though she's made amends with him, Jourdan's pissed that Jeremy's still following her around


Nina's makeup is insane :dead:


Alexandra is feeling ill before panel and has some disease where oxygen doesn't always go to her brain


And she starts feeling dizzy at panel.


I'm glad Renee's finally getting good scores, but for this picture :dead:


Alexandra falls to her knees at panel and runs out of the room


Last time her heart felt like this, she was in the hospital for a week and a half!


So the elimination goes on without her


Chris standing there alone in the bottom two is sending me :dead:




And Alexandra gets sent home out of panel right as she came back.


Ken Mok comes in to tell Alexandra she got eliminated again in the most awkward elimination in ANTM history :dead:


And then there were 8...(for like the millionth time this season)

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Cast Ranking:


One thing about me is I love a good house blowup. Everyone screaming at each other and everyone going for the lowest blow possible :wub:. One nasty person doing low blows? Not fun. Everyone hitting below the belt at each other? Super fun! I mentioned when this cycle first started that there were a lot of people with looooots of trauma and things would get messy. Here we are.


1. Jourdan - I've been on quite a journey with Jourdan, but I'm ready to call her queen. She just dropped a stick of dynamite during the big fight to defend Renee and lost her everloving mind when Jeremy decided to speak up. Her burning hatred of Jeremy forever sustains me.

2. Alexandra - While Alexandra wasn't my first choice to return, I do think she had loads of potential so I'm sad to see her leave immediately (especially since Jeremy easily could've had that fate). Her elimination was f*cking hilarious I'm sorry. And she seemed to be fighting with her fellow girlies Jourdan & Renee so I'd say she went out on a high.

3. Renee - Renee immediately deciding not to clean up after getting that (borderline racist?) passive agressive note is so me :wub:. Like I would've done it before, but now I'm not :wub:. I do think mayhaps she should've apologized, but I like how much of a fighter Renee has turned into these past few episodes. I don't remember her being this dramatic, but I love it!

4. Cory - I say it every week, but voice of the people etc. etc.

5. Don - He certainly is still there!

6. Marvin - I'm very obsessed with how Marvin managed to avoid all the mess considering how thirsty he is for drama.

7. Nina - Nina is weak at the knees for Chris and I can't keep defending her. Stand up!

8. Jeremy - Jeremy is weak at the knees for Jourdan. Any time she doesn't give him attention, he attacks her. When she gives him attention, he's her loyal puppy dog. Pathetic.

9. Chris H - Not defending what the girls said to him, but I don't like that he got off scot-free. I feel like the edit painted Jourdan, Renee, and Jeremy as going below the belt while Chris H was fully justified...writing passive agressive notes calling Renee "ratchet"? Where's the respeito?! While I'm always on #TeamNeat and I agree with Chris that the kitchen was disgusting, he went about it the completely wrong way and the verbiage he used was disgusting. And then he wants to play victim when Renee rightfully get pissed at him (even before she dug deep)? Not on my watch!


Photo Ranking:


Umm lol okay. The makeup here was awful. Instead of having them embrace their flaws, they give them cartoonishly bad makeup to model. It was certainly a choice...


1. Nina - Yeah I think everyone knew Nina would own a photoshoot about her eyes.

2. Chris H - This pains me to do but I think the judges were dead wrong about Chris' photo. I think it's very natural, and it's hard to have a good mouth in the picture when he's forced to show his teeth for the theme. I think Nina and Chris are the only two that got a good photo extenuating the flaw without going overboard.

3. Cory - It's a solid shot and very relaxed and casual.

4. Jourdan - I would like it more if the unibrow was done better.

5. Marvin - It's fine.

6. Renee - I love her legs, but the top half doesn't even look like her. She's completely disconnected from the photo.

7. Alexandra - Go gurl give us nothing #1, but she looks great!

8. Don - Go gurl give us nothing #2, but he looks good!

9. Jeremy - Go gurl give us nothing #3, and he looks bad because he's not a model at all!!!!!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 10)

Cycle 20 - Episode 11 - The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


After panel, everyone is excited to get packing to go to Bali!


Nina was very worried for Chris in the bottom two, but she's starting to feel like the love isn't being reciprocated.


"We get to Bali, and Jourdan is very sheltered. 'Omg I've never seen a black person before! I thought they only existed on tv!'" :dead:


Everyone settles into their new place in Bali and a few of them go swimming


Marvin lets Chris know the only reason he's still here is because Kelly gave him a 9 even though he didn't deserve it


"No he did not deserve to stay, hell no, but Kelly Cutrone had her head stuck up his ass :rolleyes:"


For today's challenge, they are gonna do a runway show underwater.


Don starts feeling anxious about the masks they're gonna have to wear.


Nina reveals she had part of a lung removed when she was sick and doesn't know how deep she can go in the water.


This whole thing is absurd :dead:


Nina is informed she isn't medically cleared to do the challenge.


"The crying thing is just getting a bit much for me :rolleyes:" Even though she's been there for you for like two months through your absurd tantrums and Nina has every reason to be upset here....but werk


Instead Cory comforts Nina while Chris ignores her


Don starts freaking out because has PTSD whenever he feels out of control in a situation


He makes it down, but decides he can't do it and quits the challenge


"F*ck this challenge, I just want to live" :dead:


He's told because of his PTSD, they'll consider this a medical quit and he and Nina will do an alternate challenge.


And instead they just do a posing challenge snorkeling


Runway Queen Renee now wins her third runway challenge!


"It's time for the underdog to start barking and shut everyone else up!"


Why is Renee doing this to me 😭


For the photoshoot they're gonna be posing with animals and dressing up like them...y'know like cycle four right?!



Nope nothing like C4...


"Jourdan looked terrible...I was happy about that 🙂"


Nina breaks down when she's told she didn't get any good shots and she has a low challenge score


"Why are you crying just get over it :rolleyes:"


"If it was anyone else in this competition I would just be like I don't care......but I care about her"


Renee's leopard moves and she runs away freaking out :dead:


Marvin & Renee get in a passive agressive argument when...Marvin tells Jeremy he hope he gets best photo and Renee passive aggressively agrees?


"You should want to win best photo because you haven't won it 🙂"


"I do :rolleyes:"


"Marvin is a jackass"


"I love her, her body is great, but her mouth is just annoying!"


"We're on a set right now, we should probably act professional 🙂"


"I'm just gonna let them destroy each other, I'm done :rolleyes:"


Kelly loses her mind defending Chris' shot, she really is in love with him :dead:


Rob has been getting dragged left, right, and center at this panel, and he deserves to get dragged for this


Kelly calling Jourdan a 53 year-old ex-supermodel who lives in the Hamptons who has four ex-husbands :dead: She didn't lie here


And Nina gets FCO after spending all episode freaking out she's gonna get eliminated


Social media said Renee is never getting FCO on their watch :dead:


The bffs are getting split up!


Maybe this would be emotional if I gave a shit :dead:


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


Whose idea was it to extend these seasons? I'll take 15 episodes of C3 or 6, not this shit


1. Cory - He's 1000% done with all these people as am I.

2. Renee - The cons: Marvin. The pros: Dragging Marvin.

3. Don - He was probably the best straight guy this season so good for him!

4. Nina - I definitely felt bad for her after the challenge because that was not her fault at all. The tears after the photoshoot? Yeah I was over it too. Especially as she continues to look for Chris.

5. Jeremy - When he's not following Jourdan around I guess he doesn't have a storyline.

6. Jourdan - She definitely needed this cool down episode.

7. Marvin - Ugh

8. Chris H - For all the shit he's put Nina through I think a hug might be appropriate when she has to self-dq from a challenge due to her lungs not being strong enough, but what do I know?


Photo Ranking:


Do these people suck at models or are these concepts just that horrendous? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.


1. Nina - Nina has been carrying these past couple of shoots on her back single-handedly. Miles better than everyone else. Miles!

2. Cory - Difficult to look at, but I think that's the point. He did a great job embodying the orangutan.

3. Jeremy - His strongest closeup ever...? His body looks like he's doing pushups, but that's his go-to look on the ground. This isn't a high third place ranking at all.

4. Jourdan - From a modeling perspective I suppose she did fine enough, though this has nothing to do with the shoot.

5. Mavin - He certainly showed up and did the shoot :yes:

6. Chris H - Resting on pretty, but I suppose he is able to.

7. Don - When they cycled through all his pictures during his elimination I never realized just how samesey all his facial expressions were.

8. Renee - Social media is still out of line for their scores, but they were right to stop her from getting a FCO for this picture. Absolutely no life in the shot whatsoever. She was starting to come alive in the competition, but her pictures are falling apart.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 11)

Cycle 20 - Episode 12 - The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


After falling to the bottom two and losing his best friend Don, Marvin takes some time for himself.


Jourdan tells Jeremy it looked like he was mating with the animal in his photo :dead:


Tyra surprises Marvin and comforts him while he has no idea


While the others spy on them from behind the curtains lol


And then everyone has therapy time with Tyra


Chris tells everyone he's jealous of the friendships they're forming that he's not forming


Nina reassures Chris he's her best friend.


Chris says he feels like Nina hasn't been there for her enough.


The fact that they're doing all this in front of Tyra :dead:


"Chris are you kidding me right now?! You're the selfish, inconsiderate one, not Nina!"


Later in the night, the others discuss how Nina has always been there for Chris and now Chris is trying to turn Tyra against Nina.


"If I had the world's biggest piece of poop I would shove it in his mouth, because that's all that comes out of his mouth. It's shit"


"Chris has two sides. The side that is fake in front of Tyra and when no one is around he cares about impressing, he's a horrible human being 🙂"


They all sit down to explain to Nina that Chris is not her friend and she has to start only worrying about herself in the competition.


"Gosh darn Chris I really wish you understood that I care about you. And I love him..................as a friend!" That gap was way too long Miss Nina.


Marvin and Renee are still coupled up in Bali 🤮


Jeremy & Chris get in an argument about how they were shoving each other to stand in front of Johnny last episode when they arrived in Bali. If this doesn't make sense...well you're right


"Wait are we fighting over who's standing in front of who :wacko:"


For the photoshoot they're gonna wear designs from this child prodigy.


Cody lets Tyra know that Marvin & Renee are coupled up and nicknamed "Marnee"


"Stupid Cory came up with this name 'Marnee' and it's driving me crazy because I don't want anybody to know that I like Marvin!"


Chris is feeling uncomfortable in his clothes at the photoshoot.


And then he feels frustrated after the photoshoot, especially since he got in a tiff with Johnny


Tyra reveals there's no challenge this week and the elimination is based solely on the photoshoot. Instead of a challenge, they'll be going on a ~spiritual journey~


They get to play with monkeys ❤️


And they find out there's elephants in the backyard at the place they're staying the night!


Jourdan starts crying over the elephant lmao


But in typical ANTM fashion, there's only one bed and two pull-out couches so they have to figure out where they're sleeping


Cory decides to bunk up with the other two girls so Renee can sleep with Marvin.


Chris is upset that he feels the bed they gave him is too small for him


So the even larger Jeremy takes it instead.


Baby elephant :wub:


And since Tyra has learned nothing since S6, they're riding the elephants too :rolleyes:


Marvin wants to kiss Renee on the back of the elephant, but Renee doesn't like PDA.


"Come on are you really gonna steal this memory from me?!"

"Oh my God :rolleyes:"


After much pleading, she gives in and kisses him.


They get the "no one is safe" message again and fear a double elimination is coming up


Cory ate Rob up as he attempted to copy his pose lbr


Say what you want about Kelly, but she eats Rob up in every single one of their arguments, she understands modeling so much better than him.


This wasn't Nina's best shot, but she didn't deserve to be eaten up like this on a double elimination episode.


Chris & Jeremy holding hands behind Nina's back in the bottom three lmao


Nina is the first one eliminated (lower score than Jeremy 👁️👄👁️)


Shut up Chris!!!!!!


Chris narrowly survives again and Jeremy is out again.


Nina is feeling blindsided and has dreamed of being America's Next Top Model since she was 8 year old.


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


With a stronger cast this could've been an amazing episode. Finally we got a good photoshoot and I always appreciate when they go overseas and take in the culture and whatnot. But unfortunately I don't care about how these people feel about Bali.


1. Nina - The downfall of Nina, that's a rough one. The gaslighting from Chris and then getting blindsided despite the fact that there was no challenge and she took a solid photo. I felt really really really bad for her all episode.

2. Jourdan - She massacred Chris in that confessional at the start of the episode lmao. She just shows up, takes good photos, and hates on a different man each day. I can't hate.

3. Jeremy - His immaturity isn't that bad when it's used to poke Chris.

4. Renee - While I enjoy watching Renee sit Nina down and explain to her every single way Chris is a terrible person, I don't enjoy anything about "Marnee"

5. Cory - Stop trying to make Marnee happen!!!!!!!!

6. Chris H - I keep going back and forth between Chris and Marvin. So with Chris he's the kind of awful that I want to watch and psychoanalyze so I suppose that makes him better. He's an emotional vampire, but an intriguing one.

7. Mavin - On the other hand, he's the disingenuous kind of awful. He's awful in a boring way while Chris is awful in a more fresh and exciting way. Begging Renee to kiss him so he can have his tv moment is not good tv.


Photo Ranking:


This is honestly my favorite shoot of the season, I love it so much. They made use of Bali with a gorgeous backdrop. They gave the models something a concept without it being overcomplicated. And this was the first time all season where the majority really stepped up and turned in a great picture.


1. Cory - Obsessed. His body is STUNNING in this picture. He's zigging and zagging every which way. Nailed it!

2. Chris H - Chris is flawless when it comes to nailing a go gurl give us nothing picture. He just has that look. It's simple, but still feels purposeful. My favorite shot of him in the competition easily.

3. Jourdan - Very strong, very well done. I just like the other two more, but absolutely no complaints about this getting FCO.

4. Nina - I actually really like the pose and think she's doing a good job selling the dress. The face is a bit too zomg quirky, but not 6's and elim worthy.

5. Marvin - The pose is very strong and I like how he's sitting and flexing his abs at the same time. Don't love the closeup, a bit too deer in the headlights, but still one of his stronger pictures in the competition.

6. Renee - I think Marvin has sucked all the life out of her face and that's why her past few photoshoots she's looked dead.

7. Jeremy - I hope he went on to do bodybuilding because I'm sure he'd do a fantastic job.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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