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Cycle 18 - Episode 3 - Cat Deeley


Annaliese is looking forward to continue flicking off the weak Americans one by one.


In the middle of the night some of the Brits decide to play a prank and throw crumpled up balls of paper at the Americans.


How ~quirky~


Seymone is not having it though lol


And she lets them f*cking know!


"I do slightly have a temper problem ^_^"




"ACTUALLY I'M 20 :kissbye:"


Suddenly shit got real (I'm Annaliese cackling in the background)


Ashley wasn't even involved in the prank and now she's chestbumping :dead:


The other girls help Alisha with her smize.


Tyra's here y'all!


She is the "super-smize" and she talks about how all supermodels have super powers :rolleyes:


Annaliese getting the most ridiculous "power" :dead:


So is Tyra gonna murder her when she turns 30?


Tyra is a mogul who just graduated from Harvard y'all!!!!


For today's photoshoot, Kelly is teaching the girls about being moguls because they will be in charge of EVERYTHING for this ad.


It's Americans vs. Brits and the girls have to assign these parts to everyone.


Annaliese takes on the leadership position on the UK team.


While AzMarie takes the leadership position for the Americans.


"WHO'S THE LEADER?! WHO'S THE LEADER?!" Kelly is already unhappy with the UK team.


Kelly Cutrone terrifies me, she puts the fear straight through my body.



"This is a fierce leader, this is a confused leader :kissbye:"


"Oh my gosh I cannot believe this woman is speaking the way she is :rolleyes:"


Alisha & Catherine are desperately calling Annaliese to discuss props while Annaliese is ignoring her phone ❤️



Meanwhile Candace bullies the male models like a drill sergeant doing casting as Sophie & Ashley cackle from the sidelines :dead:


"Mistake :kissbye:" Kelly bullies her way through the US team now.


Annaliese is our team leader. I thought she had leadership skills...I was wrong!"





"I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing I really don't know :wacko:"


Louise starts to take up the leadership position while Annaliese is all over.


Annaliese proposes switching everything up with only 40 mins remaining lmao


"This girl was all over the f*cking place I wouldn't to slap her into place"


Kelly confronts Louise for daring to run across set.


"Louise has one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen :angry:"


But she slays despite only having three minutes to get her photo :wub:


Louise cries out of relief over getting a great shot and the stressful day being over.


The girls also get to choose their shot for panel :wub:


Annaliese reacts in disgust to her film lmao


Such a random guest judge :dead:


Annaliese lets them know she was a shit leader as she approaches panel lmao


Alisha starts crying as the judges critique her photo


Nigel tells Louise she looks mean in her shot

"Mean?! :rolleyes:"


"I think you need to put some gratitude in your attitude girl :kissbye:"


Kelly tells Louise she was condescending and rude on set, but Louise clarifies that Kelly was the rude one actually :wub:


Louise storms out as the judges remind her she is below Kelly








The Brits read the writing on the wall.


Louise explains that she feels like she's losing herself quickly.


The girls return to panel and Tyra reveals Louise has quit the competition. She says their criticism is tough, but constructive (though idk what's constructive about "you look mean" and "you're rude")


Tyra reveals 8 of the 12 photos can be used by the client.


Candace, Eboni, Alisha, and Ashley have the photos that are unusable.


But all four survive due to Louise's quit!


Louise is proud of her decision to step away from the competition.


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


Cut Kelly Cutrone out of the episode and it's one of the best in ANTM history, that's how much I love it. The challenge was genius and is the kind of stuff All-Stars should have been about. Make them step up to the plate and prove they can Do It All. This felt like an episode of The Apprentice kinda which I loved. Kelly storming around set making bitchy remarks was completely unnecessary because there was more than enough drama to come from the chaos of the task at hand.


1. Annaliese - Continuing my Apprentice analogy, Annaliese was like a failed project manager. Everything about her was so hectic and all over the place, it was amazing television. And luckily it was all wrapped up in that winning personality of hers.

2. Louise - Two things can be true. Louise doesn't handle criticism well and she's very abrupt. Also Kelly was way out of line all episode and Louise was completely right for blowing up on her. I'm glad Louise realized the show was turning her into someone she didn't want to be and left. A very mature decision from someone who has been in the industry and knows what's right and what's wrong.

3. Seymone - I almost forgot about the chaos from the first five minutes of the episode lol, but I'm very much #TeamSeymone. Don't mess with me while I'm sleeping or I too will f*ck you up.

4. Alisha - An amazing episode from Alisha, I can't believe she fell all the way to fourth everyone else was so strong.

5. Candace - "Smile! Intensity! Abs! Smile again!" I legit screamed with laughter thanks to Candace in that casting with the male models :dead:. I also lol @ how she thinks she's doing so much during the photoshoot even though she's legit just sitting there like 👁️👄👁️

6. Ashley - Ashley avoiding the obnoxious pranks but somehow ending the night by nearly chestbumping Seymone ❤️.

7. Sophie - Sophie is everything the C7 girls thought Melrose was. She's such a kissass and a bit of a tryhard. But when she does turn it off, she is genuinely charming and her reaction shots are gold.

8. AzMarie - She was a really impressive leader and I thought she did a great job.

9. Eboni - Eboni always going sexy whilst Tyra attempts to infantilize her lol

10. Catherine - Who?

11. Kyle - I'm just gonna keep swapping Kyle & Laura till one of them steps up to the plate to do something good or bad.

12. Laura - See Kyle.


Photo Ranking:


Like I said, I loved the entire idea behind this challenge. Some more expensive props and outfits, and it could have been better. But obviously ANTM's budget isn't amazing nowadays (because they're spending money on Kris Jenner instead of the girls) so I'll take this.


1. AzMarie - Duh. Literally taken straight from a catalogue, this should be an ad right now. She is selling that jacket like the rent is due tomorrow.

2. Louise - Her eyes are to die for here. She has the right amount of hunch, she's selling the hat, I love the positioning of he legs. What an amazing portfolio from Louise, similar to C5 Cassandra peaceing out before things could go bad.

3. Sophie - Adorable. The pose is genius and it does feel very mod while also fitting her brand.

4. Alisha - I think this shot is lovely. She definitely looks in love here. She was only bottom four because she wasn't showing off her legs, but I don't think it was necessary.

5. Eboni - Oop unpopular opinion? Yes this is sexy but I don't care. I think this shot is so hot it works!

6. Annaliese - I used to love the pose and hate the face and now I'm kinda the oppose lol. Well I don't hate the pose though.

7. Catherine - A little awkward, but so awkward it works?

8. Ashley - The shot composition is genius and I think it's one of thee most creative photos. But from a modeling standpoint, Ashley isn't doing amazing.

9. Laura - I appreciate the risk, doesn't really work for me.

10. Seymone - Bad album cover.

11. Kyle - She's not jumping with any purpose. It just looks uncomfortable and she's not really selling me anything.

12. Candace - Ugh such a stunning girl. But there's nothing behind her eyes. She could just be a beautiful corpse.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 3)

Cycle 18 - Episode 4 - J. Alexander


After panel, the Brit girls are still reeling from Louise's shocking exit.


Meanwhile Eboni is upset over being in the bottom four.


She feels like Tyra is putting her in a box she doesn't belong in as she's never been "30-never"


And then she decides to randomly come from Kyle lol because she feels like the judges are overrating her.


The girls are leaning about how to be spokeswomen.


And they have to sell random products as a commercial.


"Your bum will smell nice and fresh if you have a boyfriend ^_^"


"You can wipe your bum and then your friend can come smell it :dead:"


"My mom's gonna think my boyfriend smells my arse 🙈. He does not smell my arse to clear things up!"


Kyle stumbles through her commercial awkwardly.


"Kyle is DRY! Seriously, she's like toast with no butter!"


"I am here to sell you this new coffee breath...coffee machine...COFFEE!"


The girls find out they're being graded by a focus group on their commercials.


One guy calls Laura ghetto


Where is Alisha's African accent??? All I hear is British.


For some reason they all hated Alisha's commercial but loved Kyle's :wacko:


Eboni is in shock to the reaction to Kyle's commercial (side-note, are Sophie's knees okay???)


Alisha notes if you don't have the "girl next door" look, you can't sell products.


Eboni, Alisha, and Annaliese explain that Kyle could've done a lot better but still got positive feedback.


"You didn't do good! Sophie did good!"


"That's f*cked up!"


"No Kyle, you did shitty and I know I did better than you, but they still like you because of the way you look"


And Kyle storms out.


"Kyle just runs out, and you've gotta have thicker skin than this :rolleyes:"


Kyle decides she wants to go home.


But Miss J talks her into staying.


"Especially Eboni, that little bitch. If I stay here, I'm gonna pound someone's face in!"


Annaliese winning the challenge even with that racist ass focus group :wub: :wub:


Now Kyle's calling home that she wants to go home.


"If you're not embracing everything that's amazing about this competition I say 'Get your shit together, you've gots to go!'"


The girls are shooting British hats and American cars with Nigel.


Eboni is pissed Kyle did well at the photoshoot (and that burn mark is not going away lmao)


Kyle decides she doesn't want to be here if someone really want to be here and she doesn't.


Sophie stares at Kelly like she has three heads when Kelly tells her that her photo looks like a maternity ad.


Tyra tells Candace she wishes she gave her AzMarie's hair and that's the most amount of expression we've gotten out of Candace yet :dead:


AzMarie with her second straight FCO...it would be a shame if she left in two weeks.


Seymone survives her second B2 appearance!


Candace tells Tyra it's unfair because there are people in the house who were packed and on the verge of leaving #CeliasImpact


Tyra: I don't even know who that is 😮


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


I really enjoyed this episode again! As frustrating as the focus group was, I'm glad it got called out and they didn't just sweep it under the rug (well called out by the girls at least, the show would've been more than fine to sweep it under the rug lol). If someone wanted to learn about white privilege, this would be a great episode to show them! This cast just continues to deliver.


1. Alisha - Great showing from Alisha. She was so much fun in that commercial and it was a shame that the public wasn't gonna get behind a dark-skinned black girl. She was calm and she did a great job explaining why she was upset to Kyle. And she continues to be absolutely hilarious ❤️

2. Eboni - Lol she was a bit mean to Kyle, but whocurr it's Kyle. I feel her frustration with that challenge and her frustration with her brand that Tyra's saddling her with. Absolutely sucks.

3. Annaliese - Queen being so charismatic she wins over a guy who called Alisha's accent "African" :wub:. She bring the perfect combination of shade and likability to her confessionals.

4. Ashley - Queen of sniffing butts ❤️.

5. Sophie - Lol @ this being Sophie's struggle week.

6. Candace - Celia was at home giving her a standing ovation I'm sure!

7. Seymone - Poor Seymone struggling so much after a domination first shoot :haha:.

8. AzMarie - She's f*cking good at modeling.

9. Catherine - Who?

10. Laura - Who?

11. Kyle - So here we go. I don't blame Kyle at all for the focus group nonsense. It's not her fault she has white privilege. But it was just the refusal to acknowledge it. She stuttered over her words and was bland as hell during her commercial. Everyone knows she bombs it! Yet doesn't question for a second why she got praised, or why the other girls were frustrated she got praised. I don't expect her to admit she sucked since it is a competition, but to make herself the victim in that situation was just preposterous. And I was annoyed with the whole will she or won't she quit storyline that amounted to nothing.


Photo Ranking:


I thought this was a clever shoot! Combining American and British culture, and the results were great. So many strong pictures and I'm just entirely obsessed with the gowns and hats the girls were in.


1. AzMarie - Last week she takes a more masculine picture, this week she takes a more feminine picture, and she f*cking crushes them all. Her body positioning, the way she's selling the hat, the way she's selling the dress, her lips. Just flawless.

2. Catherine - Her face is so striking here I can't stop staring at it. I love how her gown is flowing behind her and I think the pose, though a little awkward, works and she's still succeeding in selling the dress.

3. Alisha - Legs for days! They are carrying this photo and that is fine with me.

4. Laura - I'm gonna enjoy this pose before she wears it out. In this instance it's great.

5. Ashley - I am obsessed with the movement of the gown. Also I've never really noticed her freckles, but they're absolutely gorgeous here. Great picture!

6. Annaliese - She shrunk herself a bit and I don't like the toes sticking out from the bottom of her gown, but everything else is perfect. Easily her strongest closeup yet as well.

7. Sophie - I like it, but don't love it.

8. Eboni - I always felt like this pose was a bit cheesy, like she's in the middle of doing some dance. Also not a bad photo at all, but just not one of my favorites.

9. Kyle - She looks stiff as a board and frankly this photo doesn't even look like her. I've been underwhelmed with Kyle's portfolio.

10. Candace - Ugh she's so pretty, why can't she do anything with her face???

11. Seymone - She looks like she's about to take a dump tbh.

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Cycle 18 - Episode 5 - Beverly Johnson


Kyle is glad she decided to stay in the competition and doesn't care who that pisses off.


Laura is annoyed by the other girls' constant crying because she recently lost a friend in a motorcycle accident.


The girls find out they're going to Toronto Fashion Week and will meet with real designers!


"The fight is coming, and these bitches are about to get cooked!" Alisha is excited for runway ❤️


Sophie's pink hair ~conveniently~ disappearing when it's time to meet with real designers lol


Alisha makes fun of Kyle's walk lol


Laura, Kyle, and Sophie get booked for the first show!


"Would it be mean if I said I don't want to go tonight if I'm not in the show :rolleyes:"


Eboni talks about how she used to live with her grandma on a blow-up mattress in an attic so she's proud of how much she's accomplished already in the competition.




Ashley, Catherine, and Seymone are feeling down as they haven't booked any shows.


Ashley compares her walk to Bambi on ice lmao


"I tried...didn't get it...didn't care 🙂"


The challenge comes down to Eboni vs. Sophie as they've booked the most shows and the winner will come down to who does the best.


The designers who booked Sophie, Kyle, and Laura only have the whitest bunch of runway models I have ever seen.


Kyle and Laura get cut right before the show 🙈


Jay gives Seymone a pep talk and tells her she can't sulk during the runway show.


"I'm not asking much...just let me walk in your show for God's sake ^_^"


AzMarie talks about feeling confident in the competition because she struggles with confidence when she first came out to her parents and had troubles bonding with her mom.


Eboni and Sophie both win the challenge since they both did so well!


For their Canadian photoshoot, the girls are posing covered in leaves and maple syrup lol


Laura gets overwhelmed at the photoshoot when she starts thinking about her friend who died before the show.


"You're messin' up all their hard work luv, what are ya doing?!" ❤️


"I'll probably still be in the bottom two for not booking a casting, but if I get a good photo maybe they'll save me ^_^"


Mr. Jay randomly asks Ashley if she misses her kids after the photoshoot (duh?)


"If you leave your kids, you leave your kids. You gotta be strong enough to do that :kissbye:" Is this the same girl that almost quit last week :dead:


Catherine starts crying at panel when she discusses booking zero go-sees.


Ashley talks about how she booked no go-sees because her walk was too "hippy"


Laura talks about how her photoshoot was inspired by her friend she recently lost and she finally freed her emotions.


"It's time for us to deliberate. We have to kick out a sticky icky!" Never say that again Tyra.


Eboni gives the Americans their fifth straight FCO


Tyra: Who gets second photo? Is it a Brit?

Brits: :wacko: :no:


But Sophie does get third much to the Brits' shock and delight!


Tyra: I think you should be a presenter ^_^

Ashley: Really?! :wacko: 🤨


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


I unexpectedly loved this episode. Another amazingly strong showing from the entire cast, I warmed up to a lot of Americans this episode, which is nice since I've been so fiercely #TeamBrits all along. The Toronto Fashion Week go-sees were brilliant. Real world modeling tasks from my trashy reality show? Who would've guessed?! Like it's so weird to see girls book jobs and actually do a normal runway when I'm so used to the go-sees where they meet with the designers and that's the end of it or runways where they're lit on fire first :dead:. When they do the modeling aspect of the show right, it's actually fun to watch! A very minimal drama episode, but it was still so much fun. That's also thanks to the strength of the cast.


1. Seymone - Seymone being a sourpuss the entire go-see challenge and then randomly slaying the photoshoot ❤️.

2. Eboni - Since we don't get casting week anymore I missed hearing everyone's sob stories. I enjoyed getting to know Eboni more and hearing about her life and it made me want to root for her, especially as she dominated this episode from start to finish.

3. Alisha - The star of the confessionals, there's no need to give anyone else any confessionals.

4. Ashley - What a great personality. She made me smile every time she was on screen and she will be missed.

5. Laura - Her backstory about her friend is really sad and helped me soften on her.

6. AzMarie - I enjoyed hearing that little bit about AzMarie's coming out story and her relationship with her mother. She's got a tough exterior, but she has a soft side.

7. Sophie - Queen of having no pink hair ❤️. She slayed go-sees!

8. Annaliese - Her most lowkey episode yet, but she brought some laughs and I liked seeing her comfort Laura ❤️.

9. Catherine - She sobbed at panel and still got overshadowed by most of the girls 🙈

10. Kyle - I actually warmed up to Kyle too this episode! I thought it was funny how she was like "I'm staying lol too bad :kissbye:" and casually got kicked off the runway show with Laura. But then she pissed me off talking shit about Ashley crying about her kids when she literally just tried to quit (but I also simultaneously found it a little funny :giggle:)


Photo Ranking:


Lol this shoot is so disgusting and I cringe thinking about having to wash that syrup out of my hair, but the results were so f*cking amazing I don't even care.


1. Catherine - Simple, but just flawless. One of the best beauty shots in ANTM history. She doesn't even have the most interesting look in the world, but all her features look amazing here and I just can't stop looking at the picture.

2. Eboni - Tiny nitpick, I don't love the left hand placement and her finger on her lips, but otherwise it is amazing. Her right arm is genius and that pose is whew! Such a breakout week for Eboni.

3. AzMarie - She is just insanely f*cking good at this. I wish she contorted her body a little more, but I'm only nitpicking because this was such a strong week and any of these photos could be FCO and I wouldn't blink an eye.

4. Seymone - Wow! Good for her getting this picture. Her body has never looked better, her proportions are perfect here. I don't looooove her face, but I mean look at where she came from the past three weeks to this picture! It's a miracle!

5. Annaliese - It's a very raw and animalistic picture. I think she could've gone for it even further!

6. Laura - I didn't love this picture at first, but she sold it to me when she explained the mood she was going for being guarded. It works!

7. Alisha - More intensity in the eyes and it could've been killer.

8. Sophie - I like the risks she's taking! It's not my favorite photo she's ever taken, but it's not bad.

9. Kyle - A little basic, especially compared to the other girls, but fine enough.

10. Ashley - I think the hand on her heart is a bit too melodramatic, but I really like her eyes here. This was just a really strong week so unfortunately she ended up on the bottom.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 5)

Cycle 18 - Episode 6 - Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle


Alisha is on strike :wub:


The girls "joke around" and take Laura's toy elephant that was given to her by her friend that died recently.


Maybe this is a bad idea...


Oops the ear ripped off


Annaliese drops the ripped off ear in the pool and Kyle pushes it away.




For some reason Laura is only mad at Kyle though and Sophie & Annaliese get off scot-free :dead:


Kyle claims she was only trying to retrieve the ear.


The FAKE All-Stars winner is here.


The girls find out they're making music videos with their countrymates.


Each mentored by a member of the Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud


The UK girls team name is "Fiercely British"


"I was going for something like Sophie and The Others ;)"


The US team name is the United Sirens of America...


Seymone isn't happy with her lyrics "I don't say ain't first of all :kissbye: I'm not an ain't person :rolleyes:"


"Laura sounded like she was having an orgasm when she was saying her line 😮"


Meanwhile AzMarie is pretty much openly mocking the whole thing lmao


Before they do choreography, Tyra is gonna teach the girls the art of the "booty tooch"


AzMarie is already over it :dead:


They each have to put on their "training tooch"


AzMarie tells Tyra she'll do the teach, but she draws the line at putting on the butt pad because that's not who she is.


Tyra kicks AzMarie out and tells her she can't do the lesson without her "tooch pad" on


"I'm a grown ass woman, I don't have time for that shit :kissbye:"


AzMarie spilled, this is truly one of the most embarrassing things in ANTM history.


AzMarie works overtime trying to get the choreography down after she quit the tooch lesson.


The UK girls ATE


The UK girls make fun of Kyle's expressions during her video :dead:


Jay calls Kyle out as the weakest link.


And she storms off set (for the second time this cycle lol)


"Haiiii I'm Kyle, I smile for miles ^_^"




For some reason Laura thought it was cute to make faces like this in the music video.


AzMarie apologizes to Tyra for not doing the booty tooch challenge saying it was a form of disrespect.


"I'm Queeeeen Catheriiiiiine, I'm elegant and supreme"


"Sincerely a stunner Alisha" :wub:






The judges correctly erupt in applause after the British music video.


Lol the guest judges are in shock over Tyra and Kelly discussing getting rid of AzMarie.


The American FCO streak is broken as Alisha gets FCO!


All four Brits are correctly called first :wub:


"I thought you were gonna be a finalist 🙂" Tyra said don't f*ck with me :kissbye:


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


Again, another great episode! The Brits' music video performance is unironically so f*cking amazing and I can just watch them doing that on repeat. I love watching the Brits dominate the Americans trainwreck so yeah this was an amazing episode for me.


1. Alisha - Dominant from start to finish. She f*cking slayed, we have to stan.

2. Kyle - HAII I'M KYLE, I SMILE FOR MILES! Oop I think Miss Kyle is winning me over. Ever since her almost quit she has such a don't give a shit attitude ❤️. I really do think she was innocent in the elephant drama. Idk why she's become the scapegoat of the cycle, but it's fun to watch lol.

3. Seymone - She ain't no clone! (even though she doesn't say ain't <333333333)

4. Catherine - An important member of #TeamBrit who f*cking slayed.

5. Annaliese - Idk why she got off the hook for the elephant drama I think she kinda crossed a line there..........but she f*cking slayed at that music video idc ^_^.

6. Sophie - Same as Annaliese, she got off way too easy which kinda annoyed me (though tbf I don't think they knew the meaning behind the elephant and all they knew was that Laura used it to masturbate which...lol). Anyways, #TeamBrit slayed.

7. AzMarie - On one hand, she was a bit Above It All, like girl you know what you signed up for suck it up. On the other hand, she was completely right and that shit was embarrassing. I think she showed a lot of humility at panel and it should've saved her (especially since Brittani survived a temper tantrum in the middle of panel and went on to win), but Tyra was dead set on teaching her a lesson.

8. Laura - I felt bad for her with the elephant drama, but I think she was a bit petty against Kyle. On the other hand, she's grieving, I'll let her off the hook. She annoyed me at the music video with those obnoxious faces though.

9. Eboni - I love Eboni, she's just the only girl who didn't stand out this episode.


Video Ranking:


These lyrics live rent free in my head, shoutout to Lisa. These were so much fun to watch and the walked the perfect line between legitimate jams and campy classics.


1. Alisha - Every move she made, so fierce. She owned the lyrics, she hit every beat perfect, and she looked stunning. LEGS FOR DAYS!

2. Catherine - She applied the "tooching" lessons well and looked fierce as f*ck with every pose she struck. A very elegant performance.

3. Sophie - Definitely not the best dancer, but she showed off her personality wonderfully and my eyes kept going to her even in the background.

4. Annaliese - F*cking amazing just like the rest of her team. I just liked them a little bit more.

5. Seymone - She had the right attitude and I think she did a great job.

6. AzMarie - Yeah her mocking voice she used for the lyrics annoyed me, but I thought she nailed the choreography.

7. Laura - The showed a lot of energy and personality, but she forgot she's a model with her ugly facial expressions.

8. Eboni - Didn't really stand out one way or the other.

9. Kyle - Lol so awkward ❤️

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 6)

Cycle 18 - Episode 7 - Estelle


The Brits are excited they finally get their FCO prize!


Laura & Sophie are shocked Kyle survived over AzMarie and are ready for Kyle to go home.


For the challenge, the girls are making anti-bullying PSA's with their countrymates.


Eboni opens up about how she was bullied for her race and her class when she was kid and she's hoping to inspire some kids.


Annaliese: We don't need to fill in every space, we don't want it to look like that :dead:


Sophie: Who drew a little poo at the bottom? 😮 Oh that's a flower I thought it was poo


The girls are getting paired up with little kids who have been bullied.


Alisha's kid talks about how her hair and the color of her skin doesn't make her feel beautiful because princesses are pretty and they look different 😭


Alisha breaks down telling her her hair and skin color are beautiful 😭




Not Annaliese getting censored during her PSA :dead:


And the Brits win!


And they get video messages from home for winning!


"Hi Soph...it's really cold outside 🙂"




"I'm gonna kill Roy that was bollocks :kissbye:"


For the photoshoot the girls are posing with Estelle!



Estelle: She's crawling on the table what is she doing? :/


"What is she...ok :rolleyes:" Estelle haaaaates Laura :dead:


"This is my shit 😄" She had fun with Annaliese at least ❤️


"Tooch Alisha, tooch!"


Seymone just shoves a pie in Annaliese's face :dead:


Kyle is given a butt pad since she has no booty lol


Laura is fuming that Kyle got a butt pad because it made her ability to tooch easier.


"If I go home over Kyle there's gonna be some drama at panel :kissbye:"


I can't stop looking at Seymone in these pictures :dead:


Seymone, who drinks wine like that :dead:


The Brits streak continues as Sophie gets FCO!


"I hope Texas will be proud of me...HAIIIII I'M KYLE I SMILE FOR MILES" the transition :dead:


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


I enjoyed this episode! Not my favorite of the entire cycle, but I thought the bullying PSA was a cute challenge, especially with the kids. The photoshoot was also a fun amount of chaos. This cycle continues to be carried by a strong ass cast!


1. Alisha - The scene between her and the bullied girl nearly made me sob, one of my favorite scenes in Top Model history.

2. Sophie - While it wasn't Dionne seeing her daughter's haircut good, Sophie's disgust at her boyfriend's awful video message is one of my favorite family member moments ❤️.

3. Seymone - Seymone rocking her photoshoot and being hilariously awful in all the other shots :wub:.

4. Annaliese - Make Annaliese a main character you cowards!

5. Eboni - Eboni opening up about her struggles with bullies made me sad ❤️.

6. Kyle - Kyle stopped giving a shit about everyone else after she nearly quit and she's been kinda hilarious since lol.

7. Catherine - Would I be harder on her if she wasn't a loyal member of #TeamBrit? Mayhaps...

8. Laura - The obsession with Kyle was a bit much. I still don't get it since she happily talks shit about Kyle to people that were much worse with the elephant situation.


Photo Ranking:


This was fun and gave us some decent shots and hilarious moments. Definitely not as high fashion as Tyra wanted us to believe, but it wasn't bad.


1. Annaliese - I love this! It feels like such a party and like I need to be there! It fits her personality perfectly.

2. Sophie - Meanwhile Sophie looks like she's crashing the party and I'm not mad about it! It's ferocious!

3. Seymone - Seymone has shocked me these past couple of weeks. I had no idea she could do that pose, but she pulled it off and is maintaining her face.

4. Eboni - A little bit too much going on, but I guess that's the point. She did well!

5. Laura - A bit predictable from Laura, but fine. Alisha's kinda stealing her spotlight.

6. Catherine - The pose is impressive, but not very modelesque and I don't like her face.

7. Alisha - I don't really like this at all unfortunately.

8. Kyle - I'm shocked how much I disliked Kyle's portfolio. She had the same face every time and it wasn't a particularly good one. It was time for her to go.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 7)

I remember that Seymone in her interview with Oliver told that the producer ask for kyle to give the same face, she want to do other things but Production only want the big eyes for her shoots, this interview is very funny because, she start to fight with Annaliese 🙈, saying she was not so nice like her edit 🙈, and Ashley and Sophie was drunk in the judgement 😂, she destroy the brits, Annaliese is really angry she say that all the girls had a pact that everyone Is going to speak well of the others 😂

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On 4/16/2022 at 5:08 PM, Gonzalo said:

I remember that Seymone in her interview with Oliver told that the producer ask for kyle to give the same face, she want to do other things but Production only want the big eyes for her shoots, this interview is very funny because, she start to fight with Annaliese 🙈, saying she was not so nice like her edit 🙈, and Ashley and Sophie was drunk in the judgement 😂, she destroy the brits, Annaliese is really angry she say that all the girls had a pact that everyone Is going to speak well of the others 😂

Omg all this tea :dead: The Brits are definitely a loooooot bitchier than the Americans in the confessionals, but at least it's funny.

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Cycle 18 - Episode 8 - Georgina Chapman


Omg they repinked Sophie hard!


Laura cheers over Kyle finally being eliminated.


Alisha is confused over the judges calling her commercial and hopes they get an editorial shoot soon so she can prove them wrong.


Alisha studies Sophie's photo and realizes it's just the eye makeup that makes the photo lol


"Sophie's agency is wonderful in England! One of the prizes is too big agencies, that's just greedy! :kissbye:"


"We see Kelly Cutrone at the challenge who is not my biggest fan...I don't even think she wants to like me!"


The girls find out they're talking for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry and the winner gets to open a show for the Dorchester Collection!


Poor Catherine falls during her go-see :dead:


The girls notice Sophie sucking up to the designers.


"I see a lot of fakery going on :kissbye: This isn't acting class, act like yourself :kissbye:"


Sophie reenacts Seymone's runway walk.


Kelly tells Seymone her walk is no good.


"Kelly Cutrone that is a lot of crap...I am just not happy :kissbye:"


The show Alisha opened for wins the challenge!


The girls are excited about doing couture, and it's Hello Kitty lol.


"This headpiece is digging into my temples, I just want to throw it out to the parking lot to be honest :/"


"Cheers to Eboni going 🙂"


"That's the best picture I've seen of you!"

"I know 🙂"


Not Eboni getting bottom two for not wearing her hair in pigtails to the challenge :rolleyes:


Lol Seymone is pissed the f*ck off ❤️



"I just want to leave please can I leave :angry:"


And then there were 6...

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Cast Ranking:


This was probably the most boring episode yet, but I still love the cast. Wild how they continue to get these amazing real-world challenges and then a few minutes later they'll send them to wear Hello Kitty dresses for a photoshoot lmao.


1. Seymone - Seymone went out with a bang and it was pleasing.

2. Alisha - The sta narrator delivers again. When Alisha is at the top of her game in the competition, there's no one like her.

3. Annaliese - The UTR Annaliese vs. Kelly war is so fun and I'm glad Annaliese is winning ❤️

4. Sophie - She's been starting to get on my nerves, but it's easier to stomach as she's getting on Alisha's nerves too and is getting called out. Still secretly the biggest bitch in the house lmao.

5. Eboni - Eboni's refusal to go along with Tyra's stupid brand for her ❤️

6. Catherine - Yikes at her edit :dead: 

7. Laura - Still just the least likable one left unfortunately.


Photo Ranking:


They took a risk, didn't really work. That's okay! We got a few really strong photos out of it.


1. Alisha - Alisha is totally in control in this shot. It's a dominant picture from her and I totally love it.

2. Annaliese - The pose is amazing and I've never noticed how much booty she's got! Annaliese is peaking at the right time.

3. Sophie - I love everything about this pose. I don't think the face matches the pose though. I like the face and I think it works as a closeup, but not together with this pose.

4. Catherine - I appreciate the risk she took with this jumping shot. I don't love it, but it's good.

5. Eboni - I have a weird soft spot for this picture. I think the pose is great..? I just love her proportions and how perfectly placed she is. Smooth in the legs but a little off in the torso. Idk I just think it works! Don't love the face unfortunately though.

6. Laura - Oh Lord...again? A-f*cking-gain? Nothing new, nothing changed, same old shit, same ol f*cking shit!

7. Seymone - Well Seymone has blown me away the past few weeks but unfortunately this is back to the Seymone of the first half of the competition.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 8)

Cycle 18 - Episode 9 - Barney Cheng


Alisha lets Eboni know she thought she was a goner lol


"I guess I have to wear ponytails :rolleyes:"


Eboni noticed Laura glaring at her when she survived at panel.


*Laura walks in*

"Do you like her?!"

"No, not particularly :kissbye:"

"At least she was honest 🤷‍♀️"



Laura thinks Eboni is vain and is posing in every mirror she sees.


Nigel arrives to the house with Chinese food.


"Keep your friends close and the envious closer ^_^"


"Who envies Sophie? Like no one! Who wants pink hair? :kissbye:"



Lamest overseas reveal ever...


Laura, Alisha, and Eboni talk about their difficult upbringings and then Sophie's just like "I had a great upbringing ^_^"


The girls move into their new house and Alisha is annoyed that Sophie touched her things without asking.


Catherine sitting there for hours relistening to Alisha tell the story of how Sophie touched her stuff without her permission :dead: An ally :wub:


"Sophie...the bitch is gonna get it because the fight is coming! Hide away because I'm about to wash up some bitches!"


The girls flew all the way to Macau to do the Important Modeling Job of horoscope readings :giggle:


Alisha starts crying about how she misses her mom and isn't ready to make the sacrifice of choosing her family or her career.


Laura won the aura challenge


And she has to spend the prize with Eboni as her only teammate left lol


Thus their spa day is as awkward as you'd imagine.


The girls arrive to the photoshoot and find out they're posing with silkworms!


Laura thinks about "good sex" during the photoshoot.


"A f*cking silkworm is sexual to this girl! A F*CKING SILKWORM!"


"My gown is baby pink. Of course 30-never :rolleyes:"


Catherine starts crying when she taps into a deeper emotion during her photoshoot.


This looks great and I'm sure Catherine will have a great picture for panel :yes:


"I really want the opportunity to work with Alisha again. I'm not sure if after this performance I'll have the opportunity to again" STFU Jay :kissbye:


Alisha is feeling confused why her modeling ability keeps being brought into question.


We desperately need ALT here to destroy Laura for these leggings.


Tyra, you're a damn liar for this picture!


Catherine got a dirty edit, but she'll always have this slay ❤️


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


This was a step up from last week, though not at the level of the first half of the cycle. I thought the challenge was really f*cking stupid and I wasn't in love with the photoshoot. However, I like how the house dynamics are shifting. Since the Americans are down to just two people who f*cking hate each other it's no longer UK vs. US and we get to explore the dynamics within the team (i.e. the Alisha & Sophie drama)


1. Alisha - Definitely a lot of setting the groundwork for what's to come next week. And I sympathized with Alisha every step of the way here. What an absolutely compelling character.

2. Eboni - I'm gonna be #TeamEboni in the Laura vs. Eboni was and #TeamEboni in the Eboni vs. Her Brand war.

3. Catherine - Lol @ her attempt to create emotion being thinking about death :dead:. Idk if Catherine was done dirty or she's just boring, I fear I have to lean towards the latter.

4. Annaliese - Why is she not a famous presenter yet? She's so f*cking good at this.

5. Sophie - Lol I don't mind her but I'm gonna be #TeamAlisha in this war and root against her :devilwave:

6. Laura - I just think she's a bit of a hater tbh. She spent all cycle hating on Kyle which...fair she's annoying. Now she's weirdly focused on Eboni and the thing is that it came completely out of nowhere I feel like...?


Photo Ranking:


I do always like posing with animals photoshoots lol. However, I don't think the silkworms very photogenic at all. They're just kinda in the way and don't elevate the shoot at all. It's just a twist for twist's sake, which for television I suppose is fine with me lol.


1. Laura - Finally she did something different and she totally delivered. She did the best job selling the dress and she still gave a really interesting shot. Easily her best picture yet.

2. Sophie - Oops reading some takes on this shot it's clearly an unpopular opinion but imma live in my truth. I think this is amazing. I hate the hair, but that's not her fault. There's genuine, raw emotion on her face and I love that she's sitting down. I think she's filling up the picture well and still selling the dress.

3. Annaliese - Definitely one of the more dynamic shots of the bunch. I love the arch of her back, I just think the closeup is a bit overacted.

4. Alisha - Nothing groundbreaking from Alisha, but it's a solid shot.

5. Eboni - I like the pose in general, but I don't think it works with the garment. She also missed the mark on the emotion she's supposed to be portraying.

6. Catherine - Lol obviously not her best what the hell is this? I would've loved to see one of the pictures where she was actually crying because I thought she looked gorgeous.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 9)

Cycle 18 - Episode 10 - Nicholas Tse


Laura gets her FCO gift, but nothing for Eboni so no gifts for the whole country anymore lol.


Alisha is perplexed why she keeps being placed in the bottom two and feels Sophie should've been there last week.


"Buildings are based on guys male parts, right ;)"


"That is disgusting, how do you live life like that?! You walk down the street, you wanna hump a pole :rolleyes:"


At the challenge, the girls practice martial arts.


Laura thirsts over Nicholas Tse the entire time.



Sophie forgets everything at the challenge lol


Laura won the challenge again!


"Laura did not deserve that! I'm hating right now and I don't care :kissbye:. Sometimes I have a photoshoot and I'm in the bottom two and I'm like 'Yeah I understand, f*ck that picture' This one HELL NO!"


Laura jokes about how she was totally flirting with Nicholas at the challenge and he was into her.


"She's gonna sleep her way to the top 🙂"


Laura flips out on the girls for saying she's f*cking her way to the top.


"You said you would sleep with the guy :kissbye:. You are a slag! Let's keep it professional here :kissbye:"


"We still know you as over-the-top, sexual Laura who orgasms on shoots. Smells a bit fishy ;)"


Eboni is frustrated with how Laura keeps coming for her more than the other girls.


At the photoshoot, the girls are posing at the top of the Macau Tower and Sophie is scared of heights.


Sophie has a breakdown and tells Nigel she doesn't want to shoot first.


But when Laura jumps in to go first she realizes she doesn't want to give Laura a leg up in the competition so she decides to go first lol


"Can you try some without holding that?"



"I'm not scared of actual heights, I'm scared of falling from a height 🙂"


Alisha rants about how she's been doing everything they ask of her and she's exhausted.


Not a Mercedes nomination 16 cycles later 😮 (as Nigel defends commercial girls like her and Annaliese ❤️)


Kelly spends all of deliberation #dragging everyone besides Laura.


3 girls left and Alisha is already sobbing.


Alisha gets saved again on her fourth B2 appearance 😮


"I can't stay 😭"


Alisha feels like she's being selfish and doesn't want to take this away from Eboni or the other girls.


"I would rather walk away to get my spirit back and feel like Alisha again"


But then Tyra drops the bombshell that Alisha can quit, but Eboni's still getting eliminated too 🙈


"I don't know if I'll stick to my brand and be 30-never but I think it's important to take in all the advice Tyra gave me :yes:" :dead:


"Every time I see those pictures come up, I cannot relate to it I just feel like it's not me. I'm there, but I'm not there. I'm pretending to be happy when I'm not and I tried to be strong but I physically do not feel strong, it's just too much."


"My mom said if you feel like you've lost your spirit then you come home. And I have, I want to go home 😢"


And then there were 3...

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Cast Ranking:


I think this was a great episode that should've been a fantastic episode. I think give this episode to the C2 or 3 editors and they could've created magic. Really get into what's behind Laura & Eboni's rivalry and how Alisha has lost her spirit. A lot of complex storylines were introduced this episode, but I don't think any were handled with much care. With these interesting storylines there was no way the episode could've been bad, but it should've been better.


1. Alisha - Alisha felt off all episode, which is what makes the ending more of a relief. Alisha has been shady the whole time and thrown a bit hate, but it all felt in good fun. She was getting really frustrated though, and admitted to being hateful about Laura winning the challenge. That's not the Alisha we all fell in love with. I love that she recognized that in herself though and had the maturity to walk away. What a difficult decision it must have been for her and she handled it with so much grace and humility. This cycle gave us two of my favorite quits in Top Model history. I'm incredibly proud of how Alisha exited the competition (though heartbroken about the rumors that she might've won if she stayed)

2. Sophie - Sophie is a top-tier gamer when it comes to playing the Top Model game and watching that mask slip was kinda fascinating. Sophie was broken up on that tower in a way we've never seen from her before. She got right back into game mode immediately and fixed her errors though, refusing to ever be faulted by the judges. Between the challenge and the photoshoot this should've been a trainwreck episode for her, but she still bodied it.

3. Annaliese - I love watching Annaliese get more confident in her modeling ability. She's realizing how she's more than a presenter, she is a model. She gave us more of the light-hearted shady confessionals this episode we usually get from Alisha so I appreciate that.

4. Eboni - On one hand she totally was slut-shamey to Laura. On the other hand, so was everyone else and I don't get why Laura keeps squaring in one girl to attack whenever she feels attacked by the girls. I feel bad for Eboni that Laura really seemed to just come for her out of nowhere after Kyle left. I also feel bad for her that her elimination was completely an afterthought after Alisha's quit lol. Apparently she distanced herself from the show and I don't blame her.

5. Laura - I support Laura's sex-positive ways, but also recognize that she is very Much at times. The way she was talking about Nicholas, I agree with Alisha that there's a time and a place and he was a professional colleague. Having said that, I don't blame her for being offended about the jokes about her f*cking her way to the top, even if they were totally in jest. She has every right to be offended by that. But once again Sophie's the villain here against Laura, and she somehow gets off scot-free so Laura can pick on someone who has left friends. I feel like that's been Laura's m.o. and I'm not here for it.


Photo Ranking:


Such a gorgeous backdrop and lighting, but I kinda hate the garments oop. I'd probably place this somewhere in the middle of C18 photoshoots.


1. Laura - This reminds me of C12 London's Ellis Island shot. I feel like Laura's telling me a whole story with this picture. One of the few times she actually "zagged" for me and went the route I didn't expect. This shot is so romantic and just lovely.

2. Annaliese - Dynamic and powerful. Annaliese definitely looks like a warrior princess up there and once again, she killed it.

3. Alisha - Her height :wub:. I actually think this is one of her stronger pictures in her portfolio. She's selling the dress well and it's a really great closeup of her.

4. Eboni - A little stiff, not great but not terrible.

5. Sophie - I do not get this shot at all, I've always hated it. The pose is really weird and not in a good way. Good for her conquering her fears and doing this, but that doesn't mean I have to like the shot lol.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 10)

Cycle 18 - Episode 11 - Jez Smith


Sophie is proud of Alisha for standing up for herself, but also disappointed since they were so close to the end.


Laura feels good about being the last American standing and now needs to be the last model standing.


The girls find out they're doing go-sees again :dead: but this time in Hong Kong and they get money for each one they book!


My ass would be fighting tooth and nail to get to travel with the tall one.


Laura continues to struggle with her walk.


"I'm actually liking being the only Black girl here because if they like this skin complexion, no one else can give them that! Sophie and Laura and the blondes can just scoot over that way because chocolate brown is here ;)"


Annaliese's body is insane omg, we missed out on a lingerie shoot this cycle!


Annaliese and her navigator have fun together as he calms her down between go-sees ❤️


Laura booked two go-sees and gets $2,000 HK dollars!


Annaliese booked three and gets $3,000!


Sophie booked all four and wins the challenge!


And now they get to party with the boys!


Sophie spent all the money she won in about five minutes at the club :dead:


They're doing Lisa dirty every episode they show this picture :dead:


At the photoshoot, Laura feels out of her comfort zone having to do something light and dreamy.


Annaliese is feeling defeated after struggling at the photoshoot.


"When I think of dream come true I don't think of being confined in a bottle in a frilly pink dress :rolleyes:"


Annaliese is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when Kelly congratulates her for how far she's come :haha:


Sophie easily gets FCO for dominating the week.


Nooooo fan voting next cycle 😭


Despite booking more go-sees, having the strongest personality, looking professional at panel, and having a stronger picture...Annaliese gets sent home because obviously we need an American vs. a Brit


Annaliese gets a goodbye hug from Kelly ❤️ (while covering her bum lmao)


And then there were 2...

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Cast Ranking:


Three go-sees in one cycle is a lot, but I continue to enjoy the professionalism of this cycle. Instead of making them go to 10 go-sees in five minutes and not make them race back to a location it was just like go to these go-sees, see them all, take your time, travel with a local. Episodes are hard with only three girls left and this one didn't feel like it dragged so I'm happy with it!


1. Annaliese - She's been such a joy this cycle and truly one of the most likable contestants this show has ever seen. Her exit was so grand for a character who was rather minor throughout the cycle.

2. Sophie - Dominating challenges and spending all her money on booze :wub: An icon :wub:

3. Laura - I feel bad putting her last because I actually liked her this episode and her discomfort with the product. But someone had to be last and I'm #salty she beat Annaliese.


Photo Ranking:


I've never really liked this product. A perfume, but made for kids or whatever? Idk...


1. Sophie - Perfect. She fit the brand perfectly and looks so dreamy and wistful. Just perfect.

2. Annaliese - I love her smile and it completely makes the shot. Unfortunately her pose is a bit stiff and her muscles are a bit bulgy.

3. Laura - It's dreamy, but not exactly in the right way. I don't feel like she's selling the dress or the product well.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18 - Episode 11)

Cycle 18 - Episode 13 - Season Finale


They just went full pink on Sophie in the final two :dead:


It's the last covergirl commercials y'all!!!!!


Laura starts sweating and feeling out of it during the shoot.


And she starts having a reaction and gets rushed to the hospital.


She had a panic attack, but she's feeling better! However, she never got to shoot her commercial 😮


But she gets a chance to do it the next day!


One-on-ones with Tyra (as she questions Laura if she's Cut Out For This since she had a panic attack)


Sophie's mind goes blank during a one-on-one with Tyra lol


The final six are back to do the runway show!


"I do believe if I had stayed in the competition these girls would be f*cking frightened because I'd be in that final and I'd mash them up in that runway!" Alisha stealing the entire episode with five seconds of screentime :wub:


Tyra's narcissism is truly out of control this cycle. What a professional start to a runway show!


The girls got some decent outfits for final panel!


Jay fighting for Laura does not surprise me (while Nigel & Kelly fight for Sophie)


"What's up with the panic attack that scares me..." (ANTM cares about mental health y'all!!!!)


And Sophie wins!


Isn't she so quirky y'all!!!!!!111!!!!1


"So this is what it feels like to win 🙂"



Tyra really said f*ck taking serious pictures with the winners :dead:

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Cast Ranking:


Finale...just two girls...boring...blah blah blah. You've heard it all before.


1. Sophie - Congrats gurl!

2. Laura - I was gonna rank her first because I felt bad for her having a panic attack, but then she made her "zag" face after she lost and she reminded me why I don't like her.


CoverGirl Ranking:




1. Sophie - Light and airy, but with an edge. I actually like the upside down shot more than the frontside one, I wish they switched them around.

2. Laura - I hate her smirk and thought it was a bad choice for this ad. The right side is even worse.



1. Sophie - Practically perfect. She showed so much personality and made you want to buy the products.

2. Laura - One of my least favorite ever. She did that obnoxious smirk all through the commercial and sounded like she was almost using some sort of fake accent? She didn't sound like herself at all. I'll give her grace considering the conditions she was under.

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Cycle 18 - Overall Ranking

Suuuuuuch an improvement! This cycle is kinda perfect modern ANTM dare I say? Obviously it doesn't live up to the golden years, but you have to accept that the show never will again. There were so many elements about this cycle that made this feel more realistic. The go-see challenges were pretty top-tier. They got to actually book and walk in shows and deal with the consequences of flopping. Say what you want about Kelly Cutrone (I will soon 🙂) but she did help revitalize some aspects of the show. I thought the photoshoots were good for the most part. Not the best shoots in the world, but I remember in the reloaded game everyone acted like C18 was painful but I actually liked the majority of them after the first horrific two. It was a hell of an improvement from last cycle at least! And I still can't stop raving about episode three giving all the control to the girls which was genius and should've been done every season (especially All-Stars).

But as we all know, I'm not here just to watch some good modeling competition. I'm here for a television show and this cast was amazing. The Brits they chose to bring over were made to be on television (besides two I guess lol). And while it would've been so easy to let the Brits dominate the cycle with the edit, the Americans held their own very well! They were dramatic and heartfelt and mixed well with the Brits. I feel like the show only started to get slow overseas, and even then it wasn't like painful to watch or anything! I guess my only complaints is the editing isn't as good as it used to be. But like I said, that's jut a problem with modern ANTM. This was a perfect modern ANTM cycle.


1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 18

10. Cycle 12

11. Cycle 16

12. Cycle 13

13. Cycle 10

14. Cycle 9

15. Cycle 11

16. Cycle 7

17. Cycle 17

18. Cycle 15


Cast Ranking:



1. Alisha - Did anyone think it was gonna be anyone else? If so, you haven't been paying attention. Alisha was the life and soul of this cycle. Equal parts humor and heart. Alisha was perfect in the confessional boot for a shady soundbite while also delivering a rootable underdog story. She gave us some fun house drama and toed the line without crossing it. And the downfall of Alisha was some of the most compelling television since C14. Alisha's frustrations with how she's getting judged and soon realizing she's completely lost herself in Macau and removing herself from the situation. One of my favorite quits ever on this show, I'm so proud of how she handled it.

2. Annaliese - What she lacked in edit she made up for her in personality. Annaliese was such a fun character on the show and I wish she was more visible throughout the competition. It's no wonder she was a presenter because she has a voice that the public needs to hear. I wish she found more fame after the show because she totally deserves to.

3. Seymone - I had next to no memories of Seymone before this, but I found her to be so much fun. She brought so much house drama and I kinda enjoyed her underdog story. She started off on top and then quickly fell, but after a disastrous couple of weeks slowly improved. Probably one of the more "real" people I've seen on the show. They tried to make her out to be a villain I think, but she was pretty much always in the right. Yes she ate a lot of haggis and no she didn't want pranks pulled on her in the middle of the night. All fair enough!

4. Sophie - Sophie was consistent. She lacked the big moments needed for me to be a full-blown stan, but I always enjoyed her. Even when Alisha was hating on her I didn't automatically just side with Alisha. I still enjoyed Sophie on her own! She was a bit of a kissass and played up to the cameras a bit too much for my liking, but she playing the game and playing it well so I can't hate. I loved Sophie more in the first half of the cycle than the second half, but overall I'm a fan and I'm happy she won.

5. Louise - She came, she delivered good tv, and she went out with a bang. What more could you ask of her? #TeamLouise in episode three always and forever!!!!!!!

6. Ashley - Such an absolute sweetheart and a delight, I wish we had more Ashley in our lives! Ashley was so f*cking funny and could've been a star if we got a full season of Ashley content.

7. Eboni - On paper Eboni did everything right. She had a nice little underdog story, a cute little sister storyline with Alisha, she fought with some bitches, she took a few amazing pictures, and she openly f*cking hated the judges' advice. It never really all came together in a way I stan her, but I'm absolutely a fan.

8. Catherine - Kind of a huge gap between Eboni and Catherine. Catherine was very boring on the show, but she was a proud member of #TeamBrit so I am loyal to her. Everyone once in a while I get to mildly like a boring girl don't @ me :kissbye:

9. AzMarie - Poor AzMarie thought this was a Serious Modeling Competition. AzMarie seemed cool enough and if she lasted longer I think I could've been a fan. Her portfolio from eps 3-5 rival the top girls in ANTM history's portfolios. But then she didn't put on a buttpad so her time was cut short. I wasn't missing her when she was gone, but I wouldn't have said no to more AzMarie.

10. Kyle - I liked her more than I expected...? After episode four I was prepared to loathe Kyle, but I think she was more ignorant than malicious. Watching Kyle become the house hate figure and openly not give a single shit was actually fun. I warmed up to her a bit in her final episodes, but she still has a few too many lows for me to be a fan.

11. Candace - Got in a fight with Seymone over haggis and tortured a group of male models during a casting call. She didn't do much, but what she did do was great.

12. Mariah - Native American representation :wub:. Too bad she was cast for literally only that and dumped quickly when Tyra couldn't milk her for brownie points anymore.

13. Jasmia - Unfortunately had to die first for more Ashley & Alisha in our lives. Thank you for your service.

14. Laura - I don't hate Laura as a human being at all. She's probably amongst my favorites of my cycle least favorites lol. But I am not a fan. She gives off so much "I'm not like other girls" vibes and they rubbed me the wrong way. I also think she had a desperate need to fit in. When the elephant situation happened she had every right to #drag the girls. But she kissed Sophie & Annaliese's asses since they were in the power position and picked on Kyle instead. Same with the slut-shaming in Macau. She just railed into Eboni and ignored Sophie who was also making comments about her f*cking her way to the talk. I found Laura to be a bit fake for that and a bit of a coward.


Top 10:


Really tough to narrow it down. Sophie had a lot of close calls with her Very, Dinner Party, and perfume just missing out. Also shoutout to Seymone's syrup and Laura's silkworms that also almost made it.


1. AzMarie's Very.com

2. Catherine's Syrup & Leaves

3. Eboni's Syrup & Leaves

4. AzMarie's Hats & Cars

5. Annaliese's Dinner Party

6. Laura's Macau Tower

7. Alisha's Hello Kitty

8. Louise's Very.com

9. AzMarie's Syrup & Leaves

10. Annaliese's Hello Kitty


Not a photo but this is the number one performance in the competition in my heart:

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 18)

Cycle 19 - Episode 1 - The Girl Who Makes the Grade


Omg!!!!! Tyra has the amazing idea to do a college cycle in a super cringe sketch where they also decide to let the fans vote!!!!!!!11!!1


Tyra and Kelly are back and are joined by "the world's sexiest male model in the world" Rob Evans (Tyra's words)


They also have "fashion's most powerful blogger" Bryanboy (once again Tyra's words)


And Johnny Wujek will be the art director (lol bye Mr. Jay)


Wow an ivy league girl, I'm sure Tyra won't be determined to take her down at all!!!!


Victoria does online college and was homeschooled by her mom all her life ^_^



Casting episode is back which means the return of Tyra entering a room and all the girls losing their minds :wub: :wub:


"I used to be a mean girl, I wouldn't say I'm still a mean girl, but if I have to put somebody in their place then I have no problem putting them in their place 🙂" Aka I'm gonna be the villain of the cycle


Jessie never modeled before but somebody at Trader Joes asked her if she would model for them 🙂


Lol Jessie gets her butt blurred it's so big


Leila is told she looks like Kristen Stewart.....I kiiiiiiiinda see it?


The girls are forced to look at their online fan feedback on the computer lol


Laura is the first to audition and her story is pretty much that she's a nepotism baby lol


Brittany is a huge Disney fan who got accepted to the Disney college program y'all!!!


Laura talking about relating to all the Small Town Girls as if her father wasn't a main character on Dynasty :dead:


Destiny grew up in group homes and has been broke all her life.


"And then you had to dumpster dive sometimes 🙂"



Ivory has a fake tooth and can fit her fist in her mouth y'all!!!! (spoiler alert, this is the last we see of her lol)


Allyssa has "boss" written on the inside of her lips


Victoria is an "old soul" who feels she's been around forever.QVSK0gq.png

"Hi, Melissa 🙂. I hope that you're doing well wherever you are 🙂. I just want to thank you for having the courage to post something like that. You think I have a boring face? I have a lot of story and expression! I'm Jewish, Native American, our people were let off on the Trail of Tears and the Holocaust so if you have a problem with my face well...you're a racist 🙂 🙂"


And then she video chats her mom and cries over how much she misses her lol.


The girls gossip about Victoria and make fun of her behind her back.


Tyra and the judges talk about how much they love Leila's gap

Dani watching at home: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Maria talks about "coming out of the closet".........about modeling lmao. Her Harvard friends will make fun of her y'all!!!!!!!


Darian is certainly making an impression with her lewk!



"I've got a boyfriend y'all gotta stop!"


Kaci is here for her grandmother who passed away three weeks ago.


All the judges can talk about is Jessie's ass


Kristin had been suspended for "physical and verbal altercations" from school...aka perfect for reality television


"I would never do that again because my face is too pretty to be scratched up 🙂"


Kristin had the most likes on facebook cause duh, pretty blonde white girl


Nastasia shows off her pop and locking skills


Yvonne talks about her difficult relationship with her father and how her mom is her support


Yvonne's facebook numbers aren't great (cause duh, full-figured WOC)


Kiara talks about how she was abused as a kid and ran away at 16 to a battered women's home and worked her way to a full scholarship to go to college 😮


Victoria getting the last spot in the cast for the drama ❤️


Kaci missing out with the grandma sob story is a shock.


"I'm trying not to cuss but...I FEEL LIKE SHIT! If you did not vote for me you can KISS MY BLACK BEHIND :kissbye:


Yeah I didn't highlight the kitty girl at all because she was too weird lmao. Lady Kat you are not :kissbye:


And here is our cast!

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Cast Ranking:


This is the true beginning of a new era of ANTM. C1-16 were pretty standard ANTM for the most part (obviously you can go really specific and break down each era there, but for simplicity's sake we'll call that a different era). Then 17 & 18 were the gimmick cycles and the transition period. This is truly modern ANTM. New judges and the social media aspect. Both are horrible imo, but we'll get into it more as we go on. For this episode, I enjoyed seeing the casting episode back. It felt very rushed, but at least we got to know everyone in the cast.


1. Victoria - Victoria's monologue to the fan at home is a top-tier ANTM monologue. She oozes star power and the producers correctly knew from the very beginning they had to invest in her.

2. Kiara - I forgot why Kiara lasted so long on the show, but from just this episode alone it's pretty evident. She just commands a room very easily. She looks amazing in motion and she has an amazing story to tell.

3. Kristin - As I mentioned before C18, I was a very casual viewer for these cycles so I honestly have no idea how I'm gonna feel about Kristin who I know is a hugely controversial character. For the premiere though, I liked her.

4. Darian - Her audition made me lol the most outside of Victoria's.

5. Yvonne - Having war flashbacks to how much social media hates her for being a plus-sized black girl and I'm getting angry again.

6. Jessie - Poor Jessie only gets two episodes and this one was focused solely on her butt 🙈

7. Maria - The downfall of Maria will be fun.

8. Destiny - I felt bad for her sob story (and how it was totally beaten by Kiara's lmao)

9. Nastasia - Token invisible modelesque girl.

10. Leila - Just looking at her it's no surprise she's gone on to much success, she has the perfect look.

11. Allyssa - That lip tattoo omg

12. Laura - Lol @ their attempts of making the nepotism child relatable.

13. Brittany - Idk if her entire thing is being a Disney Adult we can move on.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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