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Cycle 20 - Episode 13 - The Guy Who Becomes a Bat


Renee isn't sure about Jourdan winning best photo because she didn't like her photo at all :kissbye:


Cory is surprised Jourdan chose him for the Tyra Suite, but they're connected through Nina.


Renee didn't think Nina or Jeremy deserved to go home and confirms with Chris it should've been him when he asked :haha:



Everyone feels Chris was fake in his reaction to Nina leaving at panel.


"Kudos to you for the things you do because you're great...there's a special place in hell for people like you :kissbye:"




I love seeing Cory snap and finally tell Chris off ❤️




Dude is unhinged...you know it's bad when it's 3 vs. 1 and the audience is cheering on the three



"I really don't understand why they're all ganging up on me and don't like me 😭"


Chris goes to whine to Marvin who is just trying to stay out of the drama.


"Chris comes up to me and I'm confused because we have never had that kind of relationship and I have no interest in having that relationship with Chris :wacko:"


Jourdan sympathizes with Chris because she's also come from that abusive past, but she also knows you can't carry it with you and project it onto other people.


Renee & Marvin are still cuddling fyi 🤮


Laura's back!


The challenge is a fitness challenge with no modeling skills whatsoever.


"Jourdan I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm not gonna let that big ass girl beat me :kissbye:"


Jourdan is feeling lightheaded after the challenge and is having trouble breathing.


But she's okay!


Marvin wins for the guys and Renee wins for the girls!


And Chris is not happy about Renee winning.


Marvin and Renee are enjoying their spa trip together.


Marvin & Renee are tired the morning of the photoshoot after spending the night together.


For the photoshoot they're posing upside down with bats.


"For Jourdan's photoshoot she looks beautiful. She looks gorgeous. And I'm just like this :censored:"


Renee struggles at the photoshoot as all the blood is going to her head.


And she ends up passing out.


Another vague Tyra Mail which could mean another double elim 😮



Tyra notices her and Jourdan are matching...and in that moment she crowned her the winner lol


Rob tells Cory the way he presents himself people will think he's the makeup artist instead of the male model :/


Cory speaks up for himself and says he loves embracing his androgyny and that it's starting to become more and more common amongst male models.


Another FCO for Jourdan pretends_to_be_shocked.gif


Tyra gives the final three weird new names for some reason.


I would've said no thank you if Tyra called me that!


Renee is the first one eliminated.


Tyra asks Cory if the world's ready to see him compete to be America's Next Top Model and he told us!


Cory survives and joins the final three!


And he gets his stupid little name


Chris thinks he might put modeling on the backburner for a little while and doesn't really have a lot of good things to say right now.


And then there were 3...

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Cast Ranking:


This was a bad episode elevated to middle of the road by two things. First, the opening scene of everyone reading Chris to filth. Second, some amazing characterization of Cory that I've been desperately waiting for from him. More on that momentarily.


1. Cory - He solidified his spot as a favorite of mine with this episode. I've praised him all season for being the Voice Of The People and relatable, but finally he's found his own voice. From standing up to Chris to defend Nina's honor to standing up to Rob to advocate for androgynous men in the male modeling industry. Cory has stood out in a big way this episode.

2. Jourdan - Jourdan almost dying after working out for five mins? Relatable.

3. Renee - Sucks that she lost like 30 seconds before Chris :/. But that's punishment for spending the second half of the competition making out with Marvin :kissbye:

4. Marvin - The reason why male models coming to ANTM sucks is because I really wanted to escape this show without any showmances (unless it involved bicurious women lmao)

5. Chris H - I really have a lot of thoughts on Chris H that I'll save for my end of season rankings (or maybe a rankdown if I get to cut him). He's definitely one of the most complex and multi-faceted modern ANTM characters. He's also a headache and a half and I was beyond ready for him to finally go home.


Photo Ranking:


Did the shoot suck or did the models suck? Probably a little bit of both.


1. Jourdan - The only shot I like this week! Easily the strongest closeup of the bunch and she's the only one who could figure out what to do with her hands lol.

2. Cory - Never mind, I also love his hands too! I just wish his pose wasn't so stiff, he needed to bring more movement to the shot.

3. Renee - I loooove the top half of this shot (aka from the chest to her feet lol). It's the bottom half that's a mess unfortunately.

4. Marvin - Wow I'm just realizing he just made the final three without ever cracking the top three on my chart. This shot isn't a trainwreck but I don't really like any aspect of it.

5. Chris H - This shot is a trainwreck though. Very low note for him to go out on. Say what you want about him, but I think he was one of the strongest potential male models they had on the show.

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Cycle 20 - Episode 14 - The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign


The finalists celebrate making the final three (though mainly celebrate Chris being gone lol)


The models get ready to shoot their Guess Campaigns.


All the eliminated contestants are returning to support one of the finalists.


Mike explains he chose Cory because he thinks someone like Cory winning would be good for the industry as a whole, woke king!


No one's coming out for Jourdan so far lol


Jourdan's feeling bad that no one likes her when all the girls besides Renee pick Cory and all the guys besides Mike pick Marvin.


But at least she gets Chris lol


"I would've rather had no supporters than a fake supporter :rolleyes:"


Marvin's excited for this shoot because he used to work for Guess so he feels like he's been preparing for this for years


"I don't feel sex from Jourdan. I don't want to have sex with her and I'm a straight guy and I want to have sex with pretty much any girl" Who said she we want to have sex with you???


Cory struggles with the shoot and fears Guess is more Jourdan & Marvin.


Rob and Yu Tsai get in a little argument during Jourdan's shoot, but it's no Kelly Cutrone vs. Jez in the C19 finale :kissbye:


Everyone gets a scene of them calling home and crying and Marvin's fake tears make me want to pull my hair out


Next is the Nylon shoot.


"I've been playing straight, I've been playing masculine all week and I'm just trying to keep it together honestly"


And now they're shooting some fashion feature where Cory plays an abusive boyfriend to Jourdan or something? Idk this finale is crap...


The next day they're getting ready for the final runway!


Johnny lets them know whoever backs the winner will earn $1000


"I could do a lotta things with $1000 buuuuut I don't wanna be that bitch!"



Chlea proudly admits she's debating flipping lmao


But Chlea decides to stick with her girl!


"I said this when I started this I've got bills man! I'll switch to Team Jourdan" :dead:


"I'm sorry Mike that you're gonna miss out on $1000 ;)"


Mike tries to hang out with Cory and the girls and they're not having it :dead:


It's almost showtime and Tyra comes backstage to talk to everyone.



She reveals they are gonna eliminate one of the final three right now :/


Chlea with the rave review for Cory's picture :dead:


But we won't find out who's eliminated till next episode!

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Cast Ranking:


This cycle has gone on forever and just won't end. Why a two-part finale?! Who asked for that?!


1. Jourdan - Lol @ Jourdan having no one on her team ❤️. And then when Chris joined she would've rather had no one :dead:

2. Cory - Cory hated everything about this very heterosexual hour of television as did I.

3. Marvin - This episode reminded me why I hate Marvin so much. The melodramatic sob stories, the thinly-veiled sexism, the mediocre modeling. Just an awful, awful character.


Photo Ranking:


It's good. It's a real ad campaign so no silliness. Nothing to jump up and down about, but it's doing its job.


1. Jourdan - Perfection. I don't think Jourdan is as dominant as the show tried to make her out to be, but she's perfect for Guess and she nailed the photo (Jiana and Kanani outsold though!!!)

2. Cory - I wish he made eye contact with the camera, then it would've been even better!

3. Marvin - It's not bad, I just prefer the other two more. It's a bit too cheesy and a bit too young.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 20 - Episode 14)
On 6/15/2022 at 6:26 PM, jarmon said:

This season really does seem like it’s been going on forever 💀


and Jiana’s Guess Campaign was stunning I agree!! 

Literally no one asked for a two hour finale 😴


Yesssss definitely one of my favorite shots of the cycle!

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Cycle 20 - Episode 15 - The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model


Jourdan gets another FCO and will be in the final two


And Marvin narrowly beat Cory (Kelly can go f*ck herself for that 5 :kissbye:)


Cory is devastated and feels like there was nothing more he could do :broken:


"LGBT, holla holla holla!" Tyra on behalf of all the gays we did not want Cory out like this :/


Cory is feeling grateful he doesn't have to put on a masculine charade in the final runway and can just be himself ❤️


Tyra pretty much tells Cory to get over it and talks about herself about This Has Happened To Her Too


Mike is relieved he switched teams now :dead:


Kanani is rooting for Marvin over Jourdan now since there hasn't been a Hispanic winner since Jaslene


Okay slay a bit Chris


Cory is feeling overwhelmed and still processing his elimination even though he has to do the runway now...


The reason why this finale is two hours long is because this dumbass "fashion film" takes like three minutes


"I'm a janitor's son turned into a model!!!!" That's not nearly as groundbreaking as you're saying it is


Jourdan's dress gets stuck under her shoe and she stumbles


And she starts freaking out backstage.


The storyline being Jourdan's character escaping an abusive relationship with Cory's and going immediately to Marvin's is not the serve Tyra thinks it is...


Jourdan was supposed to kiss Marvin on the cheek, but decides to kiss him on the lips in order to have a Moment.


Oh good, the fashion film isn't over yet :rolleyes:


Final runway is over and we still have 20 mins left in the episode 😴


But don't fear, Tyra is here for the final photoshoot with the final two!


We're like two frames in and Jourdan already ate Marvin up lmao


With that, the competition is over and the final two wish each other luck


Final judgement time!


I've never seen Kelly as excited as she is about Jourdan on the runway.


And because we have to fill time we have to hear the judges debate the final two (Rob seems so #OverIt I'm not surprised he doesn't come back)


Tyra defends Jourdan being boring because she kills it in the photos lol


And Jourdan is the winner!


Tyra tells Jourdan she's even better at taking pictures than she is 😮


And Chris & Mike get their money lmao


And then there were 2...


And then there was 1!

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Cast Ranking:


Never do another two hour finale......ever again.


1. Cory - I wasn't sure if I should include him since he got eliminated five minutes in lol, but I figured he was relevant enough since he still got a lot of content even after he was eliminated. Anyway what else is there to say? Heartbreaking stuff. That was extremely cruel and there was no reason to do it like that. There should've been a panel to eliminate him before final runway if they wanted to do it so bad. Point blank and the period.

2. Jourdan - I didn't really expect to be a Jourdan fan coming into the season but here we are. I liked her and I'm glad she won!

3. Marvin - I didn't expect to be a Marvin fan coming into the season and I was right. I didn't like him and I'm glad he lost.


Photo Ranking:


It was a cool looking shoot. Not one of my favorite Tyra Shoots, but also one of the better shoots this season.


1. Jourdan - Love the symmetry and love the wind in her hair. Tbh it's one of her weaker closeups if you're really looking at her eyes, but it's still a good shot.

2. Marvin - His closeup is actually great and far stronger than Jourdan's. He's not doing much, especially if we're calling the shoot wild & feral?

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Cycle 20 - Overall Ranking

Another genius idea Tyra came up with to revitalize the show was to allow men to pollute the waters. Anyone who has followed my tastes knows I tend to prefer women over men on rtv shows. I just find women in general to be more entertaining. And I think with the power dynamics in play, women bringing drama to shows is generally a lot more fun than men. Obviously there's always exceptions to the rules (there's plenty of women who have brought uncomfortable drama and men who can bring fun drama) but I'm speaking in general as to why I didn't need men on the show. But most importantly it's the showmances. Showmances are boring af and that's the LAST thing we needed on ANTM. I would genuinely have taken an all-male cycle over a mixed cycle. Also I think comparing male and female models is instantly difficult because they're so different? I suppose you could say the same thing about short vs. tall, plus-sized vs. thin, etc. However, I think men vs. women is just inherently so much more difficult since their modeling styles are so different.

Now that we've gotten my anti-man rant out of the way I will admit I enjoyed this cycle a bit more than I expected? Not a comparison you're all gonna understand, but this is kinda my Survivor South Pacific of ANTM seasons (though I'm a much bigger SP defender than ANTM 20). Objectively neither season is all that good, but there's something so dark about it that I find utterly fascinating. The multiple layers of past and present abuse that underscored the entire cycle were both frightening and also kinda the reason reality television was made. There were a bunch of trauma-ridden individuals who needed therapy as opposed to reality television. It's not a comfortable watch, but it's certainly an interesting watch. I'm not saying this makes the cycle top-tier. Like South Pacific, there's soooooo much bad there. Showmances, many awful photoshoots, shitty social media is back, the cycle is unwatchably long, etc. This is not a cycle I'd ever recommend if someone wanted to check out the Best of ANTM. But there are things there that work.


1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 18

10. Cycle 12

11. Cycle 16

12. Cycle 13

13. Cycle 20

14. Cycle 10

15. Cycle 9

16. Cycle 19

17. Cycle 11

18. Cycle 7

19. Cycle 17

20. Cycle 15


Cast Ranking:



1. Cory - Easily the person in the cast I love the most without reservation. Cory's worst crime is pushing the "Marnee" showmance a bit too much for my liking, but that was only like two episodes. Overall, Cory was the relatable angel in the cast. He talked shit about everyone in that house and always seemed to be on the right side of history of who was in the right and who was in the wrong with all the drama. Once we got to Bali, Cory stepped up even more. He dragged Chris to filth and his storyline of proving himself as a fiercely gay male model in a masculine world was genuinely inspiring. I didn't want to stan a man, but it happened, Cory is great!

2. Renee - Single-handedly lost the number one spot by showmancing Marvin :kissbye:. I'll chalk it up to stockholm syndrome. That shit sucked, but otherwise Renee was great! The first few episodes I thought she was just a likable but silent threat but next thing you know she's getting involved in drama every single episode :dead:. And she was usually in the right! Or maybe I just disliked the cast so much I convinced myself Renee was usually in the right idk. The highlight of Renee's storyline is the Jourdan relationship though. Certainly one of the most unique relationships in ANTM history, their frenemies storyline was actually amazing and unlike anything I have seen on ANTM in a long time? Renee also delivered many strong soundbites throughout the cycle and she was just a great character!

3. Jourdan - She was married at 18 and divorced at 18! Lol the soundbite wasn't as horrible as I remembered, they only overused it in the first 3 episodes or so. I think at her core Jourdan is a normal, boring person. Which is fine. But she luckily worked within the context of the season. I already mentioned the Renee relationship which I loved. But there's also the Jeremy relationship which was f*cking hilarious as Jourdan was determined to emasculate him at every opportunity. Jourdan's peak was definitely on Fight Night where she effortlessly destroyed Chris and Jeremy's entire lives. Like I said, I don't think Jourdan has it in her to be entertaining in every circumstance and season, but she totally worked here!

4. Chlea - So much fun. Chlea was great and I wish we got a lot more episodes from her! She had absolutely no filter and those are the kind of people that belong on reality television.

5. Mike - I had him lower but I raised him up at the last second because his tour de force performance in the second episode was other worldly. Also B2-FCO-Eliminated is one of my favorite strings ever. And he was an opportunistic king who ruthlessly backstabbed Cory. Also he's hot and didn't overstay his welcome. So yes, I'm a Mike fan!!!

6. Nina - Similar to Jourdan she is not going to be interesting in every circumstance. I think she's a generally normal girl who enjoys being seen as Quirky and Not Like Other Girls and that's just never my thing. However in this cycle she was trapped in an abusive relationship with Chris because she could Fix Him and it was admittedly great tv.

7. Jiana - She had some fire, I would've liked to see more from her. Her elimination is f*cking funny and I felt bad for her irt her relationship with Phil. Also I think her portfolio is really strong and she was super robbed.

8. Alexandra - She came, she was likable, she disappeared, she got randomly eliminated on a stupid commercial, she randomly came back even though Jiana was right there, and then she immediately got eliminated after nearly dying at panel. Yup middle of the ranking feels right.

9. Don - On one hand he was bffs with Marvin. On the other hand he stood out on his own with his struggles with his anxiety and PTSD. On the third hand he was only visible in like three episodes so this is the best ranking I can do.

10. Kanani - The editors unfortunately forgot about her existence until her boot episode. I liked what I saw, but I didn't see much.

11. Jeremy - I had him below the first boots, but I moved him up at the last second because at the end of the day he's harmless. I was very much #TeamJourdan in that little rivalry. I was also annoyed about how long he lasted simply for being hot (him placing higher than Nina is criminal). He has himbo upside though and he now spends his days talking about pokemon on youtube so I'm glad he's living his best life.

12. Bianca - I wanted the alternate reality where the bootlist is reserved and the Mike x Bianca showmance runs the season.

13. Chris S - I wish he lasted longer. We needed another gay and more short king energy!

14. Chris H - Ooh boy. As a human being, dead last place easily. As a reality show contestant he was good tv I'm sorry. His backstory is fascinating and I think how it translated into the house was really hard to watch but you could write a sociology paper on how abuse victims because the abusers just by watching Chris H on this season. I sympathized with him at times, but also really hated him at times. If I worked really hard on separating the human being from the tv character he could've been top three. But I just can't do it because he realllllllly is that bad. Like, borderline sociopathic at times. Maybe if he gets eliminated like three episodes earlier I wouldn't have been as worn out and I could appreciate him more. But also, Bali Chris is the peak of Chris' toxicity and we totally needed that for his storyline.

15. Phil - Phil just sucks and isn't that interesting. His main storyline was being desperate to cheat on his girlfriend and is that really what you want to be known for?

16. Marvin - Marvin is currently my least favorite contestant of the first 20 seasons. That may be harsh, but it's a tv show at the end of the day and I suffered through 15 episodes of Marvin being absolutely horrible television. There's a decent amount of contestants that I'm sure he's a better person than. I loved seeing Mavin call out Perez Hilton in that one episode and Marvin, like everyone else, hated Chris H. But I can't think of anything else I like about Marvin. The janitor storyline, the Renee showmance, the obvious sexism, the mediocre portfolio, the cringeworthy tears, his obsession with the other guys in the house. It's just a combination of all the traits I hate in a rtv character. And he lasted till the final two on the longest cycle ever. My other hate figures are nice enough to leave like halfway through the cycle.


Top 10:


I was so unimpressed with the photos this cycle which made this a really difficult top 10 to make up. I suppose my honorable mentions would be some of Jiana's early shots? Nina's nail art was close. But I don't think anything is really missing out on top 10.


1. Cory's Rice Paddy

2. Nina's Field Couture

3. Jourdan's Body Paint

4. Chris H's Rice Paddy

5. Nina's Animorph

6. Jourdan's Rice Paddy

7. Renee's Field Couture

8. Jiana's Wedding

9. Cory's Nail Art

10. Renee's Body Paint

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19 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:


Obviously, it's truly iconic :wub:


19 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

in the mini-rankdown we never mentioned this horrifying frankenstein photoshop they did to poor Lisa

It really is something else :dead:

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Renee is one of my favorite contestants particularly from the dumpster fire of the newer seasons and it is a shame that she showmanced with..Marvin of all people!!


But yes Cory and Renee >>>> everyone in this cast. 

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Cycle 21 - Episode 1 - The Boyz R Back


Here's a weird of intro to the cycle of Tyra as a baby


Don't worry y'all the guys are back!!!


Raelia is a server and she grew up on food stamps so she's really excited to be here.


Chantelle has a skin condition called "vitiligo" and was never sure if she could become a model (spoiler alert she's more successful than all these other bitches :kissbye:)


Tyra working hard to right the wrongs of doing Cory dirty last cycle.


Will is finally feeling comfortable in his sexuality for the first time in his life and his hoping to represent gay men in the competition.


Denzel is hoping to see an "alpha male" take over the competition.


For the runway show they each have to wear a hashtag and take a selfie at the runway...as professional runway shows go 👁️👄👁️


Keith is a former pro football player who turned to modeling after sustaining an injury.


Danny is back from last cycle and is hoping he can make it into the house this time.


Romeo is a witch and brought his ouija board and tarot cards with him...


The guys do a practice runway in front a two-way mirror with all the girls watching.


But the guys know the girls are watching as they hear them screaming through the wall lol


"For 20 cycles girls have dominated this competition, but give me some six inch heels and I'll show them how it's done!"


Tyra makes her grand entrance as she descends from the ceiling.


Series is saved, Miss J is back!!!!


This is all so trashy lmao


Come on Lenox, there had to be a better hashtag than that!


Mirjana laughs at Danny who is still taking selfies after she takes her and makes it back to the start of the runway :dead:



Adam has given Miss J her first shock of the season.


Everyone is working hard on editing all their selfies!!! (and also all the straights are busy talking about who they're most attracted to and I just can't be bothered with that)


Shei grew up with four brothers so she's not intimidated by the guys at all.


Adam considers himself to be in the top 1% of partiers.


Adam is a legendary in his fraternity and pledges have to answer trivia questions about him to get in :dead:


"Okay I just have to say something...I hope my daughter never comes home with a guy a like him...there's something wrong with him!" :dead:


Tyra found Chantelle on social media and brought her into the competition.


Chantelle dropped out of highschool because she was bullied so much and she's hoping to show that vitiligo can be beautiful!


Ben considers himself a quadruple threat (modeling, acting, dancing, and singing)


And Kelly reads Ben to filth when Ben admits he checked Tyra out at a party once he was a server at :haha:




Romeo heard Danny talking shit about him and is determined to send him home.



Lenox and Tyra bond over having giant foreheads (I think I'm turning over a new leaf with Kelly this cycle and stanning her :dead:)


Lenox's father left her as a kid and he died two weeks before this.


Josh is a dairy farmer with a liver condition who is hoping to leave the farm behind!


Danny feels like he let his family down when he got cut last cycle and is hoping that doesn't happen again


Romeo calls Danny out for being cocky.


"I'm gonna be honest, I don't like you and I need you to stay out of my way!"


Romeo grew up in a strict Mexican Catholic family...so they were in for a surprise when he came out as bisexual and Wiccan :dead:


Kari is excited when Tyra tells her all the guys are into her the most.


Keith share the same birthday as Tyson Beckford and is the same height.


Tyra tells Keith he has a natural artistic ability with this shot :dead:. She's not hiding her love at all :dead:


Shei grew up broke with a single mom and sometimes had to sleep in her car.


Jamie Rae shows up late after missing her flight :dead:


Tyra saw that awful facial hair and wondered how she could make it worse :dead:


Denzel is shocked by Will's height until he realizes he's wearing high heels.


"I'm old-fashioned and there's just some shit that men shouldn't do" Can you imagine signing up for one of the top three gayest shows on tv and saying that?!


Will is a dance teacher and teaches Tyra some moves.


Raelia worries her booty is too little but Tyra assures her it's perfect


Raelia is a virgin who twerks... "You can look but you can't touch!"


Jamie Rae was just one minute late to her flight and they slammed the door in her face y'all!!!!!!!


Tyra tells Jamie Rae to take off all her makeup and come back but she's conflicted about doing that :dead:



This is all way too dramatic :dead:


But Jamie Ray comes in and says she's gonna stop the crying and stop being a baby!


Tyra exposes this man's casting video where he says he won't date a dark-skinned woman...and why are we giving him a platform?


I guess so Miss J can mock him after he leaves the room lmao


Matthew's segment is about how he's boring but very pretty.


Mirjana talks about having an absent father, an abusive boyfriend at 13, and getting kicked out of the house.


"I'm very excited about panel, they loved me, so I'm great, I'm good to go 🙂"



Now the models will go bowling and receive a message of whether or not they make it to the next round :dead:


And with that the racist dude is out


Jamie Rae kinda looks like Hilary Duff at some angles tbh


And that's it...we have another episode of casting 😴

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Cast Ranking:


Two-part casting episode?! This cycle is gonna be even longer than last........


1. Chantelle - Or as we all know her, Winnie Harlow. Kinda wild seeing her beginnings on ANTM. I know she's a controversial character (and human being?) but I adore her story and really loved her this episode.

2. Romeo - Lol another one who's gonna become controversial, but he's very unique and he definitely stands out amongst this...bland cast.

3. Mirjana - Yeah let's keep the controversy going. Like I said a while ago, my memories on these last few cycles are so minimal this is essentially a first watch for me. So idk exactly what's to come, but I loved her here.

4. Will - Come on, of course I'm here for the token gay of the season who destroys stereotypes.

5. Ben - His fratboy ways were actually kinda endearing to me sorry 🙈 He pulls it off 🙈

6. Lenox - She's good.

7. Raelia - She's good.

8. Shei - She's good.

9. Matthew - He's hot.

10. Ivy - Sis didn't even get an audition clip I don't think :broken:

11. Keith - The bland winner's edit started early.

12. Kari - Omg all the boys love her!!!!1111!!!!1

13. Adam - I think his fratboy ways work more when you're a younger and before you realize he's the oldest or second oldest person in the cast 🙈. I maaaaaay stan him later though so stay tuned.

14. Denzel - Unnecessary homophobia storyline...next!

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 1)

Cycle 21 - Episode 2 - The Guy Who Gets a Second Chance


The guys and girls who survive the first round celebrate make the final 22!


Ben & Kari bond when they find out they're from the same state.


Ben & Adam also form a bromance.


Matthew attempts to walk in Will's six-inch heels :haha:


For the challenge, they have to change their clothes at a subway station and then quick run on a subway and take pictures or something???


It looks like Ben didn't have enough time to put pants on at the first station :haha:


Literally the only point of this challenge is for everyone to get dressed in front of each other I think


Lenox misses the second subway and fears she's gonna get sent home now.


I feel like Farmer Josh has some potential...I wish he made it into the house.


And a ton of people get left behind at the third station.


"This challenge relates to modeling because you always need to be on your game, you have to be prepared at any moment to go on and perform 🙂" Go kiss that ass and secure your spot in the house gurl!


The challenge comes down to Danny & Matthew as the only two to make it onto the final train :dead:


And Matthew wins the challenge!


Romeo is happy Danny lost the challenge and continues to talk shit about him to anyone who'll listen.


And Mirjana gets in on it too to drag Danny.


Danny seems completely perplexed how he's become the villain.


"Will's one of the girls, I had to ask him 'Do you mind if I call you girl' and he's like 'Call me girl, I am a girl!' and I was like 'All right gurl!!!!!'"


The models are brought to the beach and Matthew & Mirjana start flirting.


Kelly introduces Yu Tsai who will be the new creative director of the cycle.


Kelly plays matchmaker between Mirjana & Matthew


Yu Tsai tells Chantelle she looks like an X-Men :wacko:


This is how Raelia reveals she's a virgin :dead:



Denzel is uncomfortable with Will's hand on him during the group photoshoot.


"I think Adam has no sense of self and he doesn't look like a model to me 💅"


Tyra: Danny has the most amount of likes

Miss J: About 1000 of those are from me ;)



Yu Tsai drags Matthew for not showing him respect for.....correcting him when he called him "Matt" instead of "Matthew"????


Tyra is calling them up two at a time to tell them one of them made it and one of them didn't :dead:


But then she sends Lenox back to the group and tells them maybe she'll make it later :dead:


Lmao Tyra fake eliminated Denzel like three times before finally putting her in the house :dead:


"I think it's a joke that I just got eliminated but there's nothing I can do about it :kissbye:"




The finalists are going straight to a fashion show where they'll be wearing nothing but silly string :wacko:


And then there were 14...

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Cast Ranking:


It's about to be episode three and we still haven't lost someone :/. Idk it might take me a month to watch this cycle I have zero hope in it whatsoever.


1. Raelia - She was really funny and likable!

2. Chantelle - I didn't realize Yu Tsai was so horrible to her already.

3. Ben - He's like kinda dorky and likable, idk it works.

4. Matthew - Lol @ him and Mirjana.

5. Mirjana - Matthew's hot, good for her.

6. Adam - Lol @ all the wannabe models sobbing over getting eliminated while Adam isn't taking this seriously one bit ❤️.

7. Ivy - Lol @ how they're hyping her up to be such stiff competition.

8. Will - I like him.

9. Lenox - I like her.

10. Shei - Oop @ her already getting the boring edit.

11. Kari - She had a lotta shit to say about Jamie Rae despite being just as thirsty and more boring :kissbye:

12. Keith - He used to play football y'all!!!!!

13. Romeo - Okay yeah I'm already over him lmao. He's just way too much, he needs to take it back like 50 notches.

14. Denzel - Homophobia, but make it fashion.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 2)

Cycle 21 - Episode 3 - The Girl Who's a Player


Chantelle is feeling confident in her runway walk and excited about the runway show.


Danny is proud of himself for successfully casting his spell and making Danny go home.


He informs the others that Ivy's his next target because she's too big of a threat.


Ivy grew up very shy and introverted, but she's excited to show off what she's got.


The Matthew and Mirjana flirtmance continues.


Mirjana reveals she has a boyfriend at home, but he's not very supportive so she's gonna continue to flirt with Matthew 🙂


Everyone gets their...wardrobes for the runway show sprayed on them.


Will grew up self-conscious about his body and is having trouble comparing himself to the other guys in the house.


High fashion!


Adam goes spread eagle and puts his leg up before his walk :dead:


"The only thing missing from Adam's walk was a keg..."

"and my foot up his ass :kissbye:"

I love when Miss J doesn't hold back ❤️


Keith wins the runway challenge and gets a key to the Tyra Suite


And of course he picks Kari to join him.


"Beauty is in the smize of the beholder" Wow that's deep


Lol @ there being baby pictures of Tyra throughout the house


I am offended on Ivy's behalf that anyone's runway score is below Adam's.


Adam isn't too concerned about his score though and instead leads a game of beer pong!


Will is single but doesn't think he has anyone to flirt with in the house like the others since he's the only gay man.


"Kari, how are you gonna take your first shower in the house without me ;)" And so it begins


Kari lets Keith know there won't be any messing around, but they can cuddle.


Mirjana & Matthew cuddle together too.


Mirjana is pleasantly surprised to find out her boyfriend is promoting her on social media, but also feels guilty.


"He's been promoting me all over twitter he's really been doing it 😄"


And Matthew is shocked to find out she has a boyfriend.


For the photoshoot, they will be drenched in gallons of water, yay!


Tyra shows everyone up because she felt like it.


Raelia reveals this out of nowhere at the photoshoot :dead:


How do you take shots like this and make the final three :dead:


Someone help Will :dead:


Yu Tsai yells at Will the entire photoshoot.


Romeo admits to Ivy before the photoshoot that he wants her gone and has been telling everyone she's his biggest threat.


Ivy & Will agree they don't want to go home first and it will be embarrassing.


Mirjana calls Adam out that he's drinking too much and he can't handle his alcohol as well as he thinks he can.



And then she flipps out on Matthew when he tries to get involved.


"After tonight, me and Matthew...that's it. We're done :kissbye:"


3 judges! Tyra realized she doesn't need to pay some social media person to state the obvious.


The thirst is real.


Kelly mentions at panel she saw Mirjana & Matthew flirting but Mirjana sets the record straight not anymore :kissbye:


Tyra professionally discusses Keith's "manaconda" at panel.


The Keith domination continues as he gets FCO.


Don't worry, Will isn't going this soon!


But it's not over for Ivy, social media is bringing someone back again!


And then there were 13...

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Cast Ranking:


I am not having fun at all. Showmance drama x1000.


1. Mirjana - I could definitely see how she can get tiring maybe, but she's at least giving me fun drama. Casually cheating on her boyfriend and then regretting it. And I'm sorry but Adam can't hold his liquor so she's right :kissbye:

2. Matthew - Him falling for Mirjana and then just reacting in shock to all her antics throughout the rest of the episode :dead:

3. Will - I find him to be #relatable.

4. Raelia - Queen of drowning!

5. Adam - Maybe once he starts outlasting people I like I'll start getting pissed, but him going spread eagle at a fashion show as Miss J watches on in horror is objectively funny.

6. Ivy - She deserved better!

7. Chantelle - Still like her!

8. Lenox - She's fine.

9. Ben - He's fine.

10. Shei - She's fine.

11. Denzel - Love triangle bullshit with Kari & Keith.

12. Romeo - Okay yeah I'm definitely over his shtick. He would've made for a fun semifinalist villain. But I'm tired of the witchcraft and whatnot.

13. Kari - Kill the showmance now!

14. Keith - Kill the showmance now!


Photo Ranking:


This should've been a hot shoot but instead they drenched them in way too much water and it was just very uncomfortable.


1. Chantelle - Easy number one! I always appreciate a good symmetrical shot. And the hair flip is on point! Love it!

2. Mirjana - Very sexy and stylist.

3. Matthew - Basic, but it works.

4. Ben - I don't loooove his body here, but it's a solid shot.

5. Ivy - Idk this wasn't elimination worthy at all. She's got a great profile and I like this shot!

6. Kari - This shot has grown on me I actually think it's really hot.

7. Keith - Model 101, but it's good enough.

8. Lenox - I like the idea she's going for, but the execution could've been better.

9. Romeo - I also appreciate the risks here and generally think it's a cool picture.

10. Denzel - His body is strong, but his face is very weak.

11. Adam - Also very strong body and very weak face.

12. Raelia - It almost works, but the face is just way too off.

13. Shei - Bad.

14. Will - Oof the wink. He's so lucky he got another chance after this disaster.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 3)

Cycle 21 - Episode 4 - The Guy Who Gets a Beard Weave


Clearly everyone is excited about Keith's photo hanging in the house after getting FCO.


Keith is very excited Tyra told him he had a manaconda.


After losing his father at a young age, Denzel's grandfather and godfather were the male figures in his life, so he wants to see an alpha male win the competition.


Keith picks Kari to join him in the Tyra Suite again "because she's sexy"


Matthew tells Mirjana she made him feel like a fool at panel and Mirjana apologizes.


"Matthew...it was a waste of time. Don't care, I actually can do better :kissbye:"


Mirjana is growing closer to Denzel now.



While everyone is partying, Romeo is doing his witch things.


For the photoshoot, they're creating optical illusions.


Lenox has been surprising everyone with her performance at the photoshoot.


Keith & Kari are enjoying their Tyra Treats from winning the Tyra Suite.



Meanwhile Matthew is feeling lonely since Mirjana's moved on to Denzel.


Denzel is (rightfully) getting pissed off with Yu Tsai's comments at the photoshoot.


And he angrily storms off when it ends.


Lenox loves watching drama so she's having fun in the house!


Makeovers are coming! The makeover hints are hidden inside boxes within the house.


Denzel found the box with the golden shears so he gets to find out what his makeover will be early :w00tbounce:





Chantelle is freaking out about what they might do to her hair.


Cory is here to talk to them about ~embracing their TyOvers~ like he did even though he was hesitant at first.


Ben & Adam simultaneously fall over when they find out they're getting their hair shaved off :haha:


Keith's getting no makeovers because he's boring


Chantelle is relieved to find out she's getting a weave and not having her hair shaved off.


For some reason they're all taking ancestry DNA tests?


Adam's mom is very happy with his makeover.


Matthew tells Will his makeover has transformed him from a really attractive guy to a model.


"I like women but when I look at Will do I think 'Holy f*ck God did something really beautiful with this person?' Yeah!"


Kari is struggling with her makeover.


Yu Tsai confronts Denzel for how he stormed off after the photoshoot and Denzel apologizes.


Mama TyTy always gets the last laugh though!


Chantelle is enjoying her new makeover, and Romeo calls her arrogant.


"I might have to cast a spell to sew her mouth shut :/"


Denzel's mom is shocked with his makeover :dead:


Lmao Kari is pissed :dead: (rightfully might I add what is this?!)


The darker hair is sooooo much better on her.


"Kari feels she looks like a stripper...she does. But I love strippers so that's fine in my book!"


Everyone is in party mode


So let the hooking up begin


And Matthew gets touchy feely with Will



Shei mentions she saw Matt kiss Will last night.


Keith, Mirjana, and Denzel accuse Matthew of being gay, but Matt assures them it was just a kiss and he's not gay.


"Kissing Will was not a sexual thing. It was like I respect you as a human being, you're beautiful, here's a kiss"


Denzel, Mirjana, and Keith keep telling Matthew he's confused but Matthew assures them he's not.


"They keep saying I'm gay or bi, which if I were great, but I stand for no labels"


Will is feeling uncomfortable with everyone interrogating Matthew about his sexuality because it reminds him of people doing that to him as a kid.


Chantelle feels she's a frontrunner in the competition and isn't afraid of being eliminated ^_^


Love this #lewk on Mirjana at panel!


Kelly: You look like a worker on his break waiting for his lunch.

10/10 critique.


Kelly tells Keith he looks like a door-to-door salesman.

10/10 critique again.


Tyra tells Kari she looks like an alien, but assures her that's a compliment in the model world so don't worry!


The FCO streak continues for the men.


Shock boot!


Chantelle is shocked and doesn't feel she was the worst of the bunch, so she hopes she can come back into the competition.


And then there were 12... (what the hell is this???)

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Cast Ranking:


This cycle sucks. Like, it's really bad. Maybe with a better cast we could've explored sexual fluidity more, but not with this cast. Instead we gotta watch Keith & Kari and Denzel & Mirjana's hetero nonsense.


1. Matthew - King of having no labels! Make out with whoever you feel like making out with in the moment, whocurr!

2. Will - He got a decent makeover, a better picture, and got to kiss Matt. Looks like a good day to me!

3. Chantelle - What a random elimination for a frontrunner? This wasn't even in a transparent Leila way to bring her back, it was just very weird. I felt bad for her.

4. Lenox - She's just kicking ass and enjoying drama. I can't hate.

5. Kari - On one hand the Keith storylines is awful. On the other hand, she has every right to bitch about that awful makeover. Blonde is just not her color. Why would they do that to her?

6. Ben - The fratbros are winning me over, at least they're having fun!

7. Adam - See Ben.

8. Raelia - She's certainly there!

9. Shei - As is she!

10. Mirjana - #TeamMirjana in dumping Matthew and moving on to Denzel. I mean not in the fact that it's a major downgrade, but I don't like the judginess of how dare she date two men??? It's so dumb (I guess the judginess that she has a bf at home is fair tho lmao). I dropped her for that, and for the bullshit with Matt at the end of the episode.

11. Romeo - I honestly really want to like Romeo. There's a weirdo underdog there. But it's hidden behind all the nonsense he's doing with the witchcraft. I'm not here to disrespect anyone's religion, but I'm not buying that this is him. It feels like a desperate plea for airtime and he's just been very camerawhorey.

12. Denzel - I was gonna rank him highish for dealing with the beard weave like a champ, but then the bullshit with Matthew happened.

13. Keith - I feel like Keith gets off the hook for the homophobia because it all lands on Denzel and I'm not here for it. Keith's just as bad as Denzel, with the added caveat that he's boring and doesn't suffer a beard weave so that makes him worse.


Photo Ranking:


Ambitious concept, poor execution.


1. Ben - I love my entire top three, but the closeup really sold Ben's photo for me. Such a strong action shot, can easily see this as an ad.

2. Lenox - I love the length she's giving me in this shot, and the open mouth is really cute. Great job!

3. Will - Probably would've been number one without the belly showing.

4. Chantelle - A bit stiff, but I think it's actually cute. Not even close to the worst shot of the week!

5. Matthew - Would've been better if he didn't shrink himself down.

6. Shei - Yeah it's a bit posey, but at least it's interesting.

7. Kari - I honestly don't hate the hand in the air? I like that she's giving some sort of movement. The lack of a neck is a problem though.

8. Raelia - Love this from the chest down. Not too sure about the upper half.

9. Keith - Safe, boring.

10. Denzel - Safe, boring.

11. Mirjana - Probably the weakest closeup of the bunch, but I like the pose.

12. Adam - Very pedestrian. Kelly's critique was spot on, not a model at all.

13. Romeo - Just a mess all around. His face is off, his body positioning is uncomfortable. Tyra should've eliminated him here and saved herself the headache next week.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 4)

Cycle 21 - Episode 5 - The Guy Who Starts a Fight


After getting FCO, Ben chooses his bro Adam to join him in the Tyra Suite


Umm Adam's brother should've been on the show instead mayhaps...


Kari & Mirjana makeout in a game of truth or dare and the boys lose their minds (despite half of them freaking out over Matthew kissing another man last episode)


Romeo is tired of everyone getting alone and is hoping to mess with everyone more.


Denzel & Mirjana are continuing to grow close in the house.


Tyra is hear to teach the models about sex appeal and Lenox is worried as she's a virgin and doesn't feel sexy.


Raelia, on the other hand, isn't worried at all and feels virgins can still be sexy.


Tyra flatout tells Adam he's doing an awful job at being sexy :haha:


Denzel just cannot look sexy at all with that beard weave.


Lenox feels embarrassed and uncomfortable during the teach.


"We have to accept the fact that I cannot be sexy!!!!"


"You have to try honey, come on :kissbye:"


"I'm not here to babysit the competition. Only the strong survive and I wish her the best of luck with everything 🤷‍♀️"


Yu Tsai wakes everyone up to reveal they'll be shooting a commercial today!



Denzel isn't happy as Keith & Mirjana get paired together for the sexy commercial.


But Matthew is comfortable being paired with Will.


Keith texts Denzel some smack talk with this lineapp thing the show's promoting or whatever.


But don't worry, Mirjana is texting Denzel reassuring him!



Denzel is uncomfortable watching Will & Matthew at the shoot.



And then gets angrier watching Mirjana & Keith.


"Is she just acting or does she deep down have feelings for Keith? :/"


Romeo gets annoyed as Adam goofs off before his shoot.


"He's an idiot :rolleyes: This is who I have to compete with seriously? :rolleyes:"


Lenox & Romeo's shoot is, predictably, a mess.


Later on, the house celebrates Romeo's birthday.


And the house starts warming up to Romeo who they previously hadn't liked.


But Romeo gets wasted


And Adam tries taking Romeo to bed.


"Don't touch me...don't f*cking touch me!"


Romeo starts yelling at Adam that he's not a model and tries to bait him to punch him.


And gives Adam the most pathetic headbutt ever lol


"You headbutted him...that's not good bro!"


Romeo continues to come for Adam into the morning the next day :haha:


But then Romeo shows up to the challenge and is told he's been immediately eliminated for physical assault lol


"My actions were disappointing last night but I don't have an anger issue :kissbye:"


And right after all that drama we find out we're doing a runway show on stilts lol


Ben is excited because he used to have stilts as a kid that he would play with??? :haha:


Meanwhile Mirjana is struggling with her stilts


"Denzel & Mirjana still have their thing going...it's not a dating show so if that's what you have going on you need to take it somewhere else :kissbye:"


Raelia immediately falls as she walks out on the stage :dead:


Oh this man showed up specifically to see a fall :dead:


Ben wins the challenge!


Raelia & Adam are worried at the bottom of the leaderboard after the challenge.


"Raelia just...she's worried" Queen of talking in the third person!


At panel, Tyra congratulates Adam for his restraint during his fight with Adam.


Tyra chastises Lenox telling her she gave up during the teach and the commercial and that she didn't try.


"It is so bad I want to give you a 0, but that is not possible so I give you a 1 :kissbye:"


Uh oh it's another shock elimination!!!!111!!1


But don't worry, because Romeo is gone Lenox gets to stay!!!!!111!!!1


"There's no photo because you don't deserve a photo :kissbye:"


Tyra tells Lenox she will only have five frames at her next shoot.


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


Well that happened. Between the Romeo expulsion and the Lenox score I suppose this was supposed to be the big episode of the cycle. Yet it was still bad. Wow this cycle...


1. Lenox - I didn't particularly stan anyone this episode, so I'm ranking Lenox first out of spite because that was a whole lotta bullshit. I guess they needed to create some sort of dramatic finish to the episode after Romeo left. I never saw Lenox give up, I saw her simply just suck. Denzel literally stormed off set after a shitty photoshoot last episode and he didn't get this spanking from Tyra. Madness.

2. Raelia - Sympathizing with Lenox while also being like "Get over it gurl :kissbye:" Same.

3. Matthew - He kissed one man and now he gets the gay shoot. Good for him!

4. Will - Will is just existing and getting to be sexy with Matthew. Truly living the dream.

5. Adam - When Romeo was coming for Adam and he was like "Omg don't kiss me!!!!111!!!1" I was like ????. A bisexual man is fighting with you and you automatically just think he wants to kiss you? On the other hand, Romeo was drunk and came for Adam out of nowhere so maybe there was some hidden sexual tension not in the edit. I'm not sure if Adam has earned the benefit of the doubt yet...Based on what the edit has presented Adam handled himself well so I'll rank him here.

6. Ben - Wow Ben is doing really well in this competition, it would be a shame if he got randomly eliminated out of the blue!

7. Shei - I guess her makeover is cool, idk why she's getting the "Omg we never realized how how she was before her makeover!!!!!111!!1" edit

8. Kari - F*ck the showmances.

9. Mirjana - F*ck the shoamwnces.

10. Keith - F*ck the showmances.

11. Romeo - There was a good character there, but it was hidden behind the witchcraft and unnecessary drama. Oh well.

12. Denzel - He really has just been the worst character. He could've stuck to a boring showmance or being vaguely homophobic. But both????


Commercial Ranking:


Idk I could rank the photos instead of the commercials since they're infinitely better, but I'm trying to stick with what the show's presenting to us. It's my ranking system, cry to your momma if you've got a problem :kissbye:


1. Raelia - Hot.

2. Will - Hot.

3. Shei - Hot.

4. Mirjana - Hot.

5. Matthew - Objectively I don't think it was that great, but I'm shallow and enjoyed the guy on guy action lmao.

6. Keith - Fine.

7. Ben - A bit #much but not terrible.

8. Kari - Forgettable.

9. Denzel - Boring.

10. Lenox - Uncomfortable.

11. Romeo - Uncomfortable.

12. Adam - Horrible.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 21 - Episode 5)

Cycle 21 - Episode 6 - The Girl Who Got Five Frames


Will is excited to have gotten FCO.


And he picks Raelia to join her in the Tyra Suite as they're bffs.


Lenox is feeling down after what happened last panel.


Lenox is still determined to win because the prize money would change her life.


Keith & Kari and Denzel & Mirjana have a room together that they call the lover's suite :rolleyes:


"I have never been as happy with someone as I am with Denzel...I haven't even had a chance to breakup with my boyfriend I'll probably just write him a latter 🙊"


Denzel is having fun with Mirjana, but isn't as crazy about her as she is for him.


At the photoshoot, Adam kisses a dog?


Adam gave up grad school to be here and assures he is taking it seriously.


Ben isn't feeling confident with his hair and is worried about the photoshoot.


After three of five takes, Lenox is struggling and worried she won't get her picture.


Yu Tsai comforts her and tells her it's okay to have a cry


And then she comes back and slays the last frame.


Will I laugh about Denzel's beard weave every episode? Yes.


"Mirjana & Denzel's relationship is too extra, not everyone cares what y'all do :kissbye:"


I mean...she didn't lie


The girls talk to Denzel about him & Mirjana being too loud and open.


"That's not class let's talk about class...y'all don't have it...at all :kissbye:"


Ben is feeling worried about panel so he and Adam decide to work on a song to perform for panel lol


Lowkey didn't expect Tyra to bring Nina back for a challenge lol


The models are creating an ad campaign if Nick Cannon's new headphones...If we're not bringing the C6 Wild 'N Out challenge back there's no reason for Nick Cannon :kissbye:


Lenox is, predictably, a frazzled leader of her team.


As does Ben as he starts running around everywhere.


Meanwhile Adam is too laid-back and wastes time till there's give mins left lol


But the Lenox, Kari, Matthew team wins because the other groups were terrible lol



At panel, Ben reveals he has a song he wants to share with y'all ^_^


This is insane


Don't worry Tyra's into it!!! (Kelly is not lmao)


"Hey Ben, I'm wearing this cheap wig and I'm still wearing it better than your photoshoot went :kissbye:"



Yeah that kid ate Ben up


"So Ben I give you a 10 🙂..."


"...for your song this photo for me is a 6 🙂"


"Kelly said this is a one trick pony, I think it's a horse many people would want to ride ;)"




Raelia gets a speaking lesson from Tyra!

"The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain!"

"The brain explain falls mainly in the plain ^_^"


From a 1 to a 10 from Tyra...totally not a manufactured storyline at all!!!!111!!!1


And she goes from last to first!


The girls dominating a hair flipping shoot...duh?


Uh oh, the first two FCO's in the bottom two!


Don't worry obviously Tyra wasn't gonna let Keith go anywhere! (and she made sure it wasn't even close :dead:)


Lol @ Ben's song playing in the background during his elimination


And then there were 10...

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