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I did not appreciate Hadassah or Ava enough when I first watched this season. 

Ava dragging Mikey is iconic and Hadassah not listening to Tyra’s teach is iconic. 

I mainly focused on Mame & Lacey this season when I first watched it, so now I do appreciate Ava, Courtney & Hadassah more 🥹🤍

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On 7/19/2022 at 6:09 PM, jarmon said:

The girl at 2:10 even Miss J was shocked she didn't make it 🙂



Okay, she kinda ate!


On 7/19/2022 at 8:04 PM, hayden98 said:


It's what's in his pants. :P 



On 7/19/2022 at 10:59 PM, jarmon said:

I did not appreciate Hadassah or Ava enough when I first watched this season. 

Ava dragging Mikey is iconic and Hadassah not listening to Tyra’s teach is iconic. 

I mainly focused on Mame & Lacey this season when I first watched it, so now I do appreciate Ava, Courtney & Hadassah more 🥹🤍

Lol hopefully you come to appreciate them more! (and hopefully I do and don't turn on them 🙈)

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Cycle 22 - Episode 4 - The Girl Who Has a Close Shave


The FCO gets a #tytytip now. I wonder how many people actually hashtagged that lol


Devin, Mikey, and Ashley have formed a friendship and consider themselves a threatening trio in the house.


Devin even third wheels with them when he shouldn't be 👁️👄👁️


Yes, Ashley & Mikey are officially a thing if anyone cares


"It's a competition I can't like try to be nice to everybody........unless it's a benefit to me :devilwave:"


Devin talks about how he played the Scarecrow in a Wizard of Oz play once.



"I just died laughing because he kinda looks like a Scarecrow..."


So Hadassah & Bella decide to play a little prank and dress up like Scarecrow and Dorothy for him :giggle:


Unfortunately Devin doesn't seem to like it very much


And he confronts her for being fake just like her boobs :rolleyes:


"You're always throwing shade at people acting like you're better than everybody!"


"I have never announced that I'm better than everybody I would never say anything like that.........even if it's true 😇"


"People act like I had everything because I had a nanny, are you stupid?! If you have a nanny it means you have nobody at home!" :broken:


Hadassah opens up about how she had a nanny because her dad left her when she was 8 years old.


Stefano assures us last panel was his last time he'll be in the bottom two because he's the best model in the competition.


For the photoshoot they'll be posing with vets who were injured in the world.


How is Devin gonna do this every shoot????


"Devin you've been in the industry a long time. Several agencies have taken you on, you haven't been successful at it :kissbye:" Wow, Yu Tsai's first good moment in three cycles!


Dustin starts giggling while Yu Tsai angrily yells at him and kicks him off set for laughing lol


Stefano emotionally calls home after flopping at another photoshoot.


It's makeover day!


Devin is told he's gonna go damn near bald lol


Ugh Mikey gets what he wants and they're not cutting all his hair off.


But of course there's someone who is not getting what they want!


"I will not have my head shaved. That's my line"


Not them doing this to Stefano right before they cut him :dead:



Mikey notes he looks just like his sister now :dead:



Courtney is put through the ringer during makeovers.


They are debating what to do with Hadassah right over her head while she's sobbing lol


Hadassah worries she won't be able to return to pageantry after the show with half her head shaved :haha:


"If anything I'm thee pageant girl of the house. I'm going to Miss USA when this competition is over and I wouldn't be worried if they shaved the side of my head :kissbye:"


Hadassah sticks it out and gets the makeover.


It's time for confessionals and Mamé notices Stefano cut in front of her in line.




"Girls :rolleyes:"



"Yeah, flip your hair again :rolleyes:"




Courtney admitted she would sometimes forget to brush her teeth for days but now she's gonna remember to do it since she got her teeth whitened 🙈


Hadassah admits she's still pissed about her makeover lol


After panel, Hadassah rants about how hard panel is on her and how she's not gonna be fake and pretend like she likes her makeover when she doesn't ❤️


Nyle casually chilling backstage with his shirt open 😍


And Nyle gives an ~inspirational~ speech about how they're complaining about their hair while he doesn't complain about being deaf


Ava obviously gets FCO after eating everyone up


The two with the drastic makeovers in the B2 right after getting them :dead:


#Bless Miss J for looking out for our girl!


Stefano complains that he's not an accessory, he's a leader and an alpha male


And then there were 12...

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Cast Ranking:


Y'all we might have a good cycle on our hands. This cast is bringing fun drama! Hadassah's antics and fights over confessional time is the kind of drama I like to watch. This show is fun again!


1. Hadassah - I mean of course. Her fight with Devin, her makeover drama, her meltdown after panel, all of it is gold. But what ties Hadassah together is that she is sneakily one of the funniest confessionalists on the show. She is so witty and so charming and that's what makes her special.

2. Mamé - Ended Stefano's life :wub:

3. Ava - Helped Mamé end Stefano's life :wub:

4. Bella - I greatly appreciate her as Hadassah's bff fighting by her side.

5. Dustin - More people should laugh in Yu Tsai's face.

6. Courtney - I'm proud of her enduring that makeover...but girl please brush your teeth more!

7. Justin - Who?

8. Lacey - Who?

9. Nyle - Look I get what he's saying, but let people fight and complain! It's reality tv. He was trying to have his "some people have war" moment but it was not nearly as charming as Natasha.

10. Ashley - Stay away from Mikey.

11. Mikey - Gross.

12. Stefano - He might've had a cute little underdog story since I found him socially awkward and kind of charming in that way, but overall all we got from him was a toxic personality.

13. Devin - I haaaaaate him. There's not even a lot I can point to that I hate about him. I just hate his general aura and vibe.


Photo Ranking:


Idk I thought it was a weird concept. I've got nothing against posing with veterans, but the extreme poses aspect of it just made a lot of the shots look very bizarre. I just think there's a time for extreme poses and this was not the time.


1. Ava - Having said that, Ava ate this photo up. This is stunning, easy number one. She looks six feet tall here.

2. Mikey - Strong and confident. I hate to admit it, but great job.

3. Mamé - I love this, I think it's so risky but it payed off.

4. Justin - I love the shape he's creating and the angles here. Don't love the placement of his head all that much, but still a great picture.

5. Lacey - I love her profile and how she's interacting with the other model.

6. Courtney - If she tilted her head up it would've been even better.

7. Bella - Solid.

8. Nyle - Solid.

9. Stefano - I don't hate it.

10. Hadassah - I actually LOVE the lower half of her body here. It's the upper half where it gets...bad.

11. Ashley - Mediocre.

12. Dustin - Mediocre.

13. Devin - Horrible, one of the worst shots I've ever seen.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 4)

Cycle 22 - Episode 5 - The Guy Who Gets a Hickey


Mikey makes it clear he's only into Ashley even though he believes Courtney also has a crush on him.


Unfortunately Mikey is right and she does have a crush on him 🙈 and she feels a little let on by him.


Nyle is teaching Dustin sign language lol


In the house, Devin & Mikey are making fun of the runway walks of some of the eliminated models.


Devin, Mikey, and Ashley are besties and they call themselves DMA


However, Bella feels they're the mean girl clique



A few romances are blooming in the house


Bella is frustrated because Mikey & Ashley are like right on top of her


And Mikey loses his mind.


And the whole house is woken up as Mikey & Bella are like two seconds away from physically fighting.


Mikey can't fight his own battles? He needs Devin & Ashley with him?


The next morning, Mamé realizes she gave Justin a hickey on his neck


For the challenge, they have to create a comp card and decide what needs to be retouched and how to do the least amount of retouching.


Lol me


He's actually insane when he takes photos????


And Yu Tsai notices the hickey on Justin's neck.


Mikey wins the challenge!


And he chooses Devin to join him on the reward over Ashley lmao


Ava celebrating her challenge score while Courtney's pissed over hers :dead:


Mikey and Devin are wasted when they get home from their reward.


Me every time I see Mikey and Devin on screen.


They start talking shit about Ava's FCO photo.


And Courtney calls them out.


And she rats them out for their fakeness.


Courtney and Ava feel on the outs and are glad they have each other.


And then goes to call Mikey & Devin out.






Devin goes to call Courtney out for spreading shit but finds Courtney sobbing of course


And everyone pretty much has an anti-Courtney meeting


But Nyle goes to comfort Courtney.


Today's photoshoot is gonna be happening in their backyard cause no budget :dead:


Courtney is a little too happy to have an ally on the bottom with her :dead:


"I don't think we're the outcasts, I mean everyone's been nice to me ^_^"


The other models start to notice Nyle giving the same face every shoot.


Hadassah tosses herself into the blocks for her shot ❤️


They get the elimination announcement and Mikey dances about how it won't be him :rolleyes:


Hadassah knows everyone's underestimating her and she's looking forward to proving people wrong.


If there's one thing panel's gonna do is hoe Nyle out


Justin is the style king of the season!


Poor sweet Courtney just looks like a mess at panel :dead:


Queen survives her second straight B2!


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


DME is starting to get very tiresome and actively harm the cycle. But at least half the house f*cking hates them and will call them out on their shit, thus making it more tolerable.


1. Courtney - I heard NOTHING about her going into this cycle, I did not expect her to be such a delight so far. She feels like one of the truer "fish out of water" contestants on reality tv. It's like you take whose never left their house their entire life and throw them on reality television. Utterly fascinating.

2. Ava - Ava has been involved in like every argument and is always on the right side. Truly an iconic trait.

3. Bella - Bella is 1000% done with Devin & Mikey, I've never related to someone more.

4. Hadassah - Love a good underdog storyline!

5. Nyle - I'm glad he was there for Courtney ❤️

6. Lacey - She's still certainly there!

7. Justin - Justin & Mamé are one of the hottest showmances in rtv history. But I'm still anti-showmance on ANTM.

8. Mamé - See Justin. Also starting to drink the Hadassah haterade a bit too much for my liking :kissbye:

9. Dustin - Lol @ how he was eliminated for being too boyish and now he's like a full on porn star.

10. Ashley - Obviously the least objective person in her alliance, but f*ck her alliance.

11. Devin - I could go on for ages about how much I hate Devin & Mikey. Two of the worst ANTM characters ever.

12. Mikey - See Devin, but even worse.


Photo Ranking:


I suppose not bad for a budget that was clearly $5 and a dream.


1. Mamé - Someone buy this photo off Tyra and make it a hair product ad right now.

2. Ava - She is 3 for 3. I love her proportions here, I love what she's hiding and what she's showing, there's movement without going OTT. Amazing.

3. Devin - After last week's disaster I'm glad he proved he knows how to take a strong picture.

4. Mikey - It's good.

5. Courtney - Courtney is consistently so close to nailing each one of her photos!

6. Lacey - It's fine. Not a lot of movement, weird choice for FCO.

7. Nyle - Good, but predictable and expected from Nyle.

8. Ashley - I do like her body, though it's making her look a bit short. The face isn't working at all though.

9. Justin - Low energy, not his strongest shot at all.

10. Dustin - I like the face, the body is all wrong. Not a model at all.

11. Bella - I kinda like what she's going for, even though she shrunk herself with the pose. She's been relying on her eyes too much for the closeups. If you look past the color, it's not a strong closeup at all.

12. Hadassah - Unfortunately this is easily the worst of the bunch. No tension at all whatsoever.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 5)
On 5/24/2022 at 5:40 PM, Alex95 said:

"If I ever got caught by neighborhood with this much makeup on I just wouldn't exist anymore 😮" Last time I check on Marvin he was f*cking boys on onlyfans, but you do you!



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Cycle 22 - Episode 6 - The Girl Who Gets Possessed


Mikey thinks Nyle's not gonna make it in the industry cause not everyone wants to deal with his deafness


Courtney & Ava are tired of all the drama they've been in and are hoping they can move forward.


Ava had been homeschooled all her life so being out in the world is new to her.


Justin & Mamé are looking out for the environment.


Hadassah's been in the bottom two twice in a row, but she's not gonna let it get her down ❤️


Mamé is frustrated with Hadassah and feels she's not cut out for the show.




Nyle being ~quirky~ during the shoot


Kelly pretty much forces Mamé & Mikey to makeout at the challenge clearly to create some drama with Justin & Ashley.


Hadassah knows Lacey's doing the best in the competition and tries to ride her coattails throughout the challenge lol


And Nyle wins the challenge!


Justin realizes he's catching serious feelings for Mamé after he was jealous of her making out with Mikey at the challenge.


The whole house has a cleaning day, except Hadassah & Bella who decide to sleep in lol


And to make matters worse, Mamé comes in the bathroom to pee while Hadassah is showering which angers her.


And the two absolutely lose it on each other.


And the two continue the argument on the bus.


"I've never seen a pageant girl act like that ever 🙂"


Yu Tsai, always the professional, storms out while Hadassah's shooting declaring she's not taking it seriously because she laughed.



Everyone watching Bella shoot :dead: #Same


Justin decides to hold a house meeting for Mamé & Hadassah to work out their issues.


And he pretty much tells Hadassah she shouldn't have gotten so loud with Mamé and Mamé should've respected Hadassah's privacy better.



The two don't really make up, but decide to drop the beef.


At panel, Hadassah starts crying out of shock when the judges actually praise her photo lmao



I still can't believe this is a real picture someone on this show took :dead:


The fact that these two are in the B2 over Bella for that pictures...I can't :dead:


Another insane ANTM decision.


Ava's disappointed because she had been doing so well in that competition :broken:


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


This was my least favorite episode yet this cycle. Luckily Hadassah was here to carry the episode on her back.


1. Hadassah - Her rise to fourth call out ❤️. Also COMPLETELY on her side in the argument with Mamé. I understand there's no privacy in reality show houses when there's 10 people sharing one bathroom, but if someone does have those boundaries you have to respect that.

2. Bella - Hadassah's bff ❤️. Not being in the bottom two after taking the worst photo I've ever seen ❤️

3. Ava - She was doing so well, but she looked so checked out this episode, I wonder if that had something to do with her elimination.

4. Courtney - Glad she survived!

5. Justin - King of trying to fix things with Hadassah & Mamé :wub:. But whatever the hell that Justin, Mamé, Mikey love triangle is? Keep it.

6. Lacey - She still exists!

7. Nyle - The show's attempts at convincing me he has a personality is not yet working but we'll see.

8. Ashley - She literally has no storyline besides being involved with the worst people in the house.

9. Devin - He still sucks.

10. Mamé - Sorry, but she was out of line this episode :kissbye:. If she's gonna come for Hadassah...well I've made my loyalties clear.

11. Mikey - He might've avoided last place if he didn't have that awful opening confessional about Nyle's deafness.


Photo Ranking:


This is awful. Just some of the worst execution I've ever seen.


1. Mamé - Once again, another killer shot from her. Crazy, but modelesque. Exactly what this shoot should've been.

2. Courtney - It's a little cutesy, but it's like a horror movie doll or something which works.

3. Devin - Ugh not me enjoying Devin's portfolio. I wish he had a bit more elongation, but it's still a strong shot.

4. Lacey - One of the best poses, but her face isn't as strong.

5. Ava - I don't like her legs, but it's strong from the waist up. What a completely absurd elimination.

6. Justin - Good, not great.

7. Hadassah - It's a little too simple, but I do love her profile.

8. Nyle - Oof do not agree with the judges on this one. He went a bit too far here.

9. Ashley - I do not like the flat look at all. It does nothing for her body.

10. Mikey - Definitely his weakest shot yet.

11. Bella - The worst picture in ANTM history. Amazing.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 6)

Cycle 22 - Episode 7 - The Guy Who Acts a Fool


For getting FCO, Nyle gets a night of "signing and dining" with his castmates


Nyle has been feeling lonely in the house since he's been having trouble communicating with everyone.


Uh oh Ashley backstory content, bad news for her.


Mamé is partnered with Justin for an acting challenge, and is starting to think she might be into him more than he's into her.


Meanwhile Ashley's partnered with Devin who she fears is frustrated he isn't taking the challenge as seriously as her.


Another strong script for a CW acting challenge!


Hadassah gets frustrated as Bella forgets all her lines.


Lacey wins the challenge! (Despite the fact that Nyle has previous acting experience)


Devin is frustrated with getting the lowest challenge score because he is In The Industry


And Ashley blames Devin for her shitty challenge score because he didn't take the challenge seriously.


Nyle gets a visit from his best friend for the dining and signing night (and ex-gf lol)


Nyle and his friend give them sign language lessons and they have to communicate just in sign language for an hour.


Hadassah tried! ^_^


Ashley is still feeling down from her challenge score and Mikey attempts to comfort her (by pretty much telling her to get over it)


For the commercial shoot, Mamé & Mikey get partnered again in an attempt to create drama.


"I'm a little nervous getting partnered with Devin. I let him know you gotta step your game up cause I'm not letting you pull me down"



Mamé is hoping she and Mikey can make Justin jealous so he can admit he does like her more than he admits.



And then Justin does the same thing towards Mamé


And now Mamé and Justin have connected on a new level after the shoot.


Bella brings Kelly an apple after she called her face a "dehydrated apple" in her picture at last panel (but Bella accidentally brought a nectarine lmao)


Bella talks about struggling throughout the shoot with Courtney since she was crying


"I wasn't crying, I was whining :kissbye:"


Oop, DME getting split up!


But unfortunately Devin survives over Courtney.


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


Oof we're going downhill a bit this cycle. This episode was REALLY boring. The acting and commercial episodes used to be so fun! They used to have at least an ounce of seriousness to them. Now they're just such complete and utter jokes, it's kinda hard to mess it up terribly because it's so bad to begin with.


1. Courtney - "I wasn't crying, I was whining" was easily the top quote of the episode so Courtney gets number one.

2. Bella - I thought Bella bringing Kelly an apple and being stuck with Courtney was funny idk.

3. Ashley - Spent the entire episode raging about Devin, same girl.

4. Lacey - Raged about having to be partenred with Devin for the commercial, I feel you girl.

5. Hadassah - Hadassah with the much needed cool-down episode ❤️

6. Nyle - I feel bad for him and his communication issues definitely. It sucks being the only one whose deaf in that house. But the forced sign language segment was really bad tv sorry.

7. Mamé - I was hoping Mamé & Justin's hotness could save the showmance but nope, they're just as boring as the rest.

8. Justin - See Mamé.

9. Mikey - One of his less awful episodes, but still awful by anyone else's standards. Still a dick to Courtney, and idk what Ashley saw in him because he was giving her nothing.

10. Devin - On one hand, I don't blame him for not taking anything this episode seriously because it was all so unserious. On the other hand, he was very annoying the way he went about it.


Commercial Ranking:


Bad. Bring back the regular commercials where the only struggle is memorizing lines or doing it in foreign languages or something. These fake Tyra products are just so stupid and not in a fun way.


1. Lacey - Easy number one, the only one who made me believe what she was doing.

2. Nyle - I was a fan of his agressive signing and how much he put into every boom boom boom.

3. Hadassah - She looked hot.

4 Justin - He looked hot.

5. Mamé - She looked hot.

6. Bella - Didn't like her line readings, but I liked her lewk.

7. Courtney - Didn't like her line readings, but I liked her lewk.

8. Mikey - Idk I forgot his already so I just ranked it low cause I don't like him :kissbye:

9. Ashley - It was more boring than anything.

10. Devin - Awful, absolutely horrible. Should've been eliminated here.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 7)

Hadassah is a queen.

I hated Devin & Mikey, and reading your thoughts, makes me hate them even more.

Bella & Hadassah being shady towards Devin with the scarecrow ? Iconic.

Bella's latest photo and avoiding the bottom ? LEGENDARY! 

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17 hours ago, *Chris said:

Hadassah is a queen.

I hated Devin & Mikey, and reading your thoughts, makes me hate them even more.

Bella & Hadassah being shady towards Devin with the scarecrow ? Iconic.

Bella's latest photo and avoiding the bottom ? LEGENDARY! 

Yes she is :wub:


Whew, glad I'm not alone here! :haha:


Ugh so good :wub:


I still can't believe that :dead:

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Cycle 22 - Episode 8 - The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up


Mikey & Devin mourn the loss of Ashley as DMA becomes DM.


Bella encourages Courtney to get with Mikey now that Ashley's gone 👀


And Courtney skips on in to replace the A with a C :giggle:


Hadassah is starting to feel frustrated with Bella and feels Bella is focusing too much on taking down other people instead of winning herself.


Since losing Ashley, Mikey tries to have a fresh start and starts brand new with Bella & Hadassah who he's had drama with in the past.


For the challenge, they are making vines (remember those :broken:) in groups of three


The Devin, Bella, Courtney vine is as chaotic as you'd expect.


Bella accidentally deletes the video with three minutes remaining :dead:


The kids will be the judge of the challenge.


The group of Hadassah, Mamé, and Mikey win the challenge!


"It's not my fault...yes I deleted the video but Courney's performance could have saved it :kissbye:" :dead:


Courtney decides to throw Devin a birthday party to make up for losing the challenge :dead:


Nyle tries to lead everyone in signing happy birthday, but they all ignore him oop


"I keep trying to communicate with them but I'm just tired of hinting and telling them. Do you think I need to stop the party and say 'Please communicate with me' that's not something I'm gonna do :rolleyes:"



And then Devin takes Nyle's phone that he uses to communicate with them in order to take selfies.


"I try to teach them sign language but I feel I get nothing in return. I know this is a competition but I'm human, I'm here."


Today they'll be doing a photoshoot referencing Tyra's iconic movie Life-Size :wub: :wub:


"I have over 300 dolls that I've had since I was a little girl so this is like a dream come true 😄"


In C6 they did baby dolls and raggedy dolls. Now they're doing "werk the hallway like a runway dolls" lmao



"Devin doesn't know how to do not crazy"



Yu Tsai is having Fun today!


Tyra announces they will be having a double elimination this week



Miss J needing a sip of water after seeing Nyle's pic :dead:



The boys are giving Miss J life today :dead:


Courtney tells the judges Devin did her makeup and Tyra tells him he's trying to send her home :dead:


As the judges critique Hadassah, she tells them how she actually kinda likes the photo :dead:


Devin survives AGAIN as we lose Courtney & Bella :(


"I'm sorry I just can't!!!!" Bella running away without hugging anyone ❤️


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


After a few weak episodes, this felt like a return to form. As a vine aficionado I found the challenge to be pretty fun. I also thought Devin's birthday party was pretty interesting and gave some good drama.


1. Hadassah - Omg Hadassah is giving us character development :wub: :wub:. Deciding she's gonna ~morph~ into a new person and drop Bella like a bad habit ❤️. I really loved seeing the lighter fun side to Hadassah, especially with her excitement about the dolls photoshoot :dead:.

2. Bella - On the other hand, I do love how stank Bella is and how determined she is to be negative ❤️. I fear she might've become jarring soon so I am kinda glad she left now before she overstayed her welcome. I considered dropping her a bit, but accidentally deleting their vine at the challenge has to be one of the funniest challenge fails in ANTM history :dead:

3. Nyle - Finally I'm connecting with Nyle. I think the editors did a great job with Devin's birthday party of showing Nyle's struggles and how he's making an effort but they're not making an effort with him. It was really heartbreaking and it's the most I've felt for Nyle all cycle.

4. Justin - Showing up to panel without pants...I'm just a hole sir.

5. Mamé - Bonding with Hadassah during the challenge ❤️. I love an enemies to friends storyline!

6. Courtney - On one hand, WHY is everyone woman throwing themselves at Mikey?! I don't get it?! On the other hand lol at how transparent she was throwing herself at Mikey two seconds after Ashley got eliminated ❤️. I knew nothing about Courtney going into the cycle but she ended up being a joy, I'm gonna miss her.

7. Lacey - She certainly still exists!

8. Mikey - He promised to turn over a new leaf and he didn't annoy me this episode so........we'll see.

9. Devin - Ugh just awful. Devin taking Nyle's phone he uses to communicate in order to take selfies for 20 mins was just another new low. Can't stand him!


Photo Ranking:


Cycle 6 did it better and it wasn't even that good then :dead:


1. Nyle - Hawt.

2. Lacey - She embodied the doll the best easily, but I don't find it to be super modelesque.

3. Justin - Another solid photo from Justin. He needs to wow me soon though (which tbf is difficult with these awful shoots)

4. Mikey - It's fine, I think it was too up his alley while others had to step out of their comfort zones.

5. Mamé - A bit too overacted, but okay.

6. Hadassah - Strong body, hate the face.

7. Courtney - I wish she killed this, unfortunately the clothes are wearing her as opposed to her wearing the clothes.

8. Devin - Even when his photo is boring it's bad.

9. Bella - Lol should've probably been eliminated two weeks ago, but this is still a fair spot to cut her for this photo.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 8)

Cycle 22 - Episode 9 - The Guy or Girl Who Came Back


Justin opens up about the difficulty of getting his parents to accept his decision to model since they wanted him to be a lawyer or a doctor (uh oh Justin backstory that's not good...)


Hadassah is upset that Bella left while the two of them were on bad terms.


Hadassah talks about having a good upbringing, but things changed after her father left and she would buy her little siblings gifts and pretend they were from their mother ❤️


The models are predict go-sees are next!


Devin is confident because, as you know, he's booked to six different agencies :rolleyes:


"Devin's annoying, it's kind of his time to go :rolleyes:"


At go-sees, they find out they're gonna pick one of the previously eliminated models to be partnered with, and one of them will be returning to the competition!


Mikey & Ashley are reunited :rolleyes:


In order to avoid the drama, Hadassah decides to pick Ava over Bella.


"It's very surprising that I'm last, it just lets me know how fraudulent a lot of people in the competition are"


I just know the producers were dancing in the street when Devin & Bella were paired together.


God forbid we see cleavage!


Hadassah & Ava and Devin & Bella arrive at the same time and race up (Hadassah & Ava up the elevator and Devin & Bella up the stairs)


Hadassah & Ava get there first so Devin & Bella leave.


Mikey & Ashley spend their time between go-sees flirting.


This designer has been a fan of every hot guy who has walked through the doors so far.


Delanie makes Nyle turn around TWICE because she forgot her bag then her portfolio :dead:


Justin & Dustin interrupt Mikey & Ashley's go-see and just casually walk for the designer while they're in the middle of it :dead:


Mamé & Courtney are still at the last go-see even though there's less than 20 mins left!


Bella decides to jump out of the car and run in to make it back in time, leaving Devin behind :dead:


And Mamé & Courtney are the only duo not to make it back in time.


Mamé finds out she booked 4/4 and would've won the challenge, but is dq'd for showing up late.


Instead Hadassah shocks everyone and wins the challenge!


Justin & Dustin celebrate having a good challenge score despite being called rude and unprofessional :haha:


Hadassah isn't happy when she gets a 9 despite winning the challenge lol


For the photoshoot, they're gonna be shooting with a dog that resembles their features.


Hadassah is feeling a lot more confident at the photoshoot after winning the challenge.


However, Bella is still not over their falling out and annoys her after the shoot.


Ava doesn't know how to pose with the teacup because she doesn't drink tea :haha:


Back at the house, Bella is still coming for Hadassah.


But instead of fighting with her, Hadassah just decides to leave the hottub :haha:


Hmm maybe Delanie wasn't as robbed as I originally thought...


The returnee spot comes down to Dustin and Stefano


And Dustin is back!


Devin & Justin are called forward as the bottom two.


We don't know who will go home yet, but we do know we're going to Vegas next week! (Lol we can't even afford overseas?!)


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


I actually really liked this episode! I think they used the comeback twist really well this time around. It was nice seeing some of the eliminated models back and I think go-sees had the perfect amount of chaos. Also it was a Hadassah-centric episode so...of course I liked it!


1. Hadassah - Her character development has been *chefs kiss*. From the two straight B2 appearances early on to winning the go-sees. Learning how to walk away from drama as opposed to engage. She genuinely feels like a classic character and I can't believe we've found someone this great 22 seasons into the show.

2. Justin - I always liked Justin, even when he was woefully underedited. Him bum-rushing Mikey's go-see was hilarious and I liked hearing his backstory. Getting eliminated over Devin is criminal.

3. Dustin - I also liked him crashing Mikey's go-see ❤️

4. Delanie - Lol @ her floppage at the go-sees forcing Nyle to run around collecting everything she forgot ❤️

5. Mamé - Going the Jade Cole route of choosing to see every designer instead of making it back in time ❤️

6. Courtney - So uncomfortable and socially akward at every go-see ❤️ 

7. Lacey - Devin shade ❤️

8. Ava - Accompanying Hadassah and helping her get a challenge win ❤️

9. Nyle - Hawt.

10. Stefano - Shockingly not bad.

11. Ashley - Ugh, could've done without a Mikey reunion.

12. Mikey - Ugh, could've done without an Ashley reunion.

13. Devin - I'm so glad the entire house is seeing how annoying Devin is.

14. Bella - I said last episode one more episode with Bella and I might've turned on her...welp here it is. She has officially crossed the line into Too Much territory. I'm still a fan in general, but literally everything she did this episode felt like desperate for airtime.


Photo Ranking:


Finally a good shoot!


1. Nyle - Duh. A perfect picture.

2. Hadassah - I toyed with putting her first because of how proud I am of her, but objectively nothing belongs above Nyle. Still, this is easily her strongest picture of the competition. It's glam, it's editorial, it's sassy, her profile is great as ever. Great job!

3. Ava - She also is showing the perfect amount of sass in the picture.

4. Dustin - Can't argue with his return honestly. Though I hated his first three shots, the connection he's having with the dog is great and his jawline looks so good in his profile here.

5. Courtney - I might just like the crazy pigtails, but I'm liking the craziness of the shot, definitely a fan.

6. Mamé - I think she held back a little bit too much. One step further and it would've been great.

7. Bella - Solid. Not amazing not terrible.

8. Lacey - Also not bad, but disappointing compared to what I've come to expect from her.

9. Stefano - Much better than his first two shots. Don't love it, but it's good.

10. Justin - His body looks great, but the shot's just very lazy and his face is weak. Bad time for Justin to take his weakest picture in a while.

11. Mikey - No connection with the dog and really samesy from the stuff we've seen from him.

12. Delanie - I don't get what she's doing at all and it does not work for me.

13. Ashley - Really weak picture for her unfortunately.

14. Devin - Hate it.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Episode 9)

Cycle 22 - Episode 10 - The Girl Who Became Bootyful


Thanks to Tyra's insane ass, Devin slips by another week.


Justin is hoping he made his parents proud throughout the competition.


And then there were 7...


Hadassah is confused about Dustin returning and feels he hasn't earned his place in the competition.


Mamé is upset about losing Justin and is feeling alone in the house.


The models arrive in Vegas!


"I've never been in such a beautiful hotel...and I've been in a lot of beautiful hotels 🙂"


Not Don randomly being here :dead:


For the challenge they have one take to get a good shot of them jumping in the pool?


The challenge comes down to Hadassah, Dustin, and Mamé


And it's Mamé who wins the challenge!



Tyra is so desperate for one of her stupid phrases to become a thing


Tyra's gonna direct the models in a music video called Booyful


Nyle is worried since he can't hear the lyrics so is hoping picking up on the beats can help him in the music video.


Dustin spends his time flirting with the extras instead of practicing for the music video ^_^


And Hadassah calls him out lol


"You're always flirting, give her a rest!"


Hadassah, queen of setting her boundaries with Mikey!


These outfits are ridiculous...



"I'm surprised you guys are saying this because I thought I really let go-"



Miss J loses her mind over how much makeup Devin has on :dead:


A Hadassah & Dustin B2? I remember this story


Luckily it has the same ending :wub:


Not Dustin skipping Hadassah for the goodbye hugs!


Nope not sitting through Tyra's music video

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Cast Ranking:


Another episode we have to thank Hadassah Christ for carrying on her back because wow this would've been terrible otherwise.


1. Hadassah - What a legend :wub:. Dragged Dustin's ass and survived another B2 against him :wub:

2. Nyle - Tyra making a deaf guy do a music video challenge is such a Tyra move, lol @ him crushing most of the cast.

3. Mamé - Strong Independent Woman Mamé in a post-Justin world ❤️

4. Lacey - Is she one of the most irrelevant frontrunners in Top Model history?

5. Devin - One of his most lowkey episodes yet, thank God.

6. Mikey - He is FLIRTING did he totally forget Ashley exist?

7. Dustin - Not that I care about The Competition, but he literally beat out six people who were shaking, vomiting, crying trying to get back on the show and didn't give a single shit lol. I'd almost admire if he wasn't so pointless.


Video Ranking:


They never should've done a MV challenge again after C18 because no one is beating the British girls.


1. Mamé - Really strong and fiery, great job!

2. Nyle - Full of lots of energy.

3. Mikey - I liked the door and hallway part, didn't like the second half.

4. Hadassah - Good, but could've been stronger.

5. Devin - I liked his energy, didn't like his moves.

6. Lacey - As bland and forgettable as she is.

7. Dustin - That was a mess, he literally didn't know a single word.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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