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Cycle 22 - Episode 12 - The Guy Who Closed the Deal in Vegas


Devin & Mikey are happy Mikey finally got FCO


Devin is still loyal to DMA but feels like there's been some tension between him and Mikey since Ashley has left.


Hadassah is pissed off she was in the B2 again and feels she has been letting go at the shoots.


"No shade to you Lacey because you are an amazing model, but I feel like your face is exactly the same in each photo 💅"


Lacey thinks she's gown the most in the competition and the others are just jealous of her.


Hadassah & Mamé feel Mikey doesn't need the Tyra Suite so they decide to jump on the bed and invade it ❤️


Mikey decides this must mean Mamé and Hadassah want him


"I don't mind Hadassah and Mamé invading my bed. I want a threesome...right now ;)"


Hadassah does admit to having a little baby crush on Mikey.

WHY?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?! Hadassah's like the fourth girl to throw herself at Mikey???? In a house that had Nyle & Justin why the hell is everything throwing themselves at Mikey?????


For the challenge they have to do a salon style runway show which means they walk around the entire room.


Before the challenge, Hadassah decides to confront Kelly and let her know she didn't deserve to be in the bottom two ❤️


"I was actually thinking it was gonna be Lacey 🙂. Like do you guys think she's perfect? What does she need to work on? 🙂"


"People were upset because I was asking questions and that's hurtful :("


"So I felt really bad for Lacey. Something was going on during her first walk...and I wanted it to end 🙈"


"I can't wear those :wacko:" Mamé gets mad when they put shoes way too big on her


But she owns the runway anyway as she always does!



Hadassah twirls around like the pageant queen that she is ❤️


"The twirl came natural to me ^_^. I wasn't thinking...I mean I was thinking but I wasn't thinking...that hard"


Mamé wins the challenge and gets her fifth challenge win!


Hadassah decides to invade the Tyra Suite again


Get a job...stay away from her!


For the challenge they have to model a "fierceagram"?????


I love Miss J, but whenever she's in a photoshoot you KNOW it's gonna be trashy :giggle:



Devin is annoyed with how Mikey and Mamé are flirting at the photoshoot and feels they're not being fair to Ashley and Justin.


Mikey continues to push for a threesome with Mamé & Hadassah


"Mikey was definitely pushing a lot of weird stuff with Mamé and I...but we're in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;)"


Devin decides to call Mikey out for being a whore pretty much


"Devin just really complains and gets jealous, almost like a female"


"You coddled Courtney, you coddled Ashley, and you smirked when they left! And then you had the audacity to say I just really want some pussy tonight!"


"Do you have anything else to offer? You're 26 bruh!"


But don't worry, Hadassah is here to let Mikey know Ashley wasn't shit anyway!


"MISS J AS A FURRY IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN :haha:" I can't believe I just heard Kelly Cutrone say the word furry


Devin argues back with Kelly about his photo that there's nothing he can do with his eyes and bone structure and that's just what his look is


Welp that was a fun season finale!


Hadassah hugging the judges goodbye, we love Miss Congeniality



Such a grant exit from the queen :wub:


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


Unfortunately the final Hadassah showing, but man did she end on a high note! This episode was a lot of fun. I really loved the runway challenge and thought it was really well done. I was also kind of into all the drama this episode. It was a good one!


1. Hadassah - After the drama with Bella we got so much character development from Hadassah, but I'm so glad she let her inner troll come back out for her swan song. The Lacey draggings, the Mikey & Ashley homewrecking, the newfound bffmance with Mamé, the grandiose exit. A perfect character.

2. Mamé - Lol remember when I hated Mamé cause she was anti-Hadassah and now they're bffs so I stan :dead:

3. Devin - Oop sorry, Devin kinda ate this episode. He was totally righteous in his Mikey draggings cause Mikey is a whore who has no respect for women. I also felt for him at panel because I mean he was obviously cast for his look and now it feels like they're criticizing him for it. I'm nowhere near a fan, but I think this was a good episode for him.

4. Nyle - He existed.

5. Lacey - So glad she's finally getting dragged for being boring. She let Hadassah clown he to Kelly and literally didn't say a word for herself. Time to grow a backbone Lacey.

6. Mikey - I'm okay with his sex-positivity and his flirtiness. I'm okay with being a whore. I'm not okay with how he talks about women. It feels like they only exist solely for his sexual pleasure. He lets Hadassah clown Ashley, who he was supposedly with, just cause he wants to f*ck her. Everything Devin said about Mikey was 100% true.


Photo Ranking:


Such an ugly shoot. I was hoping we were moving onto something good with the dogs shoot but we're regressing again.


1. Hadassah - Idk I think I'm usually pretty objective with these rankings so call me out if I'm being a stan, but I really think this was the best shot of the week? The closeup is STUNNING. Her best closeup of the competition easily. And I love how she's spreading her legs, I love the hand on Nyle. Maybe could've used a bit more energy, but I'm genuinely confused by her elimination because I think this was the best shot.

2. Mamé - A bit disjointed, but it's a strong shot.

3. Mikey - A little too boring for the brief, from a modeling perspective I think it's the strongest shot of the week.

4. Lacey - It's fine. Very uninspiring.

5. Devin - I was very conflicted about where to rank Devin. I had it as high as 3 and as low as 6. I ended up landing here. It's definitely one of the most intriguing shots of the week, but it's also sooooo out there and weird. Unlike the judges, I've never made it a secret that I just don't like Devin's look. It's unfortunate, but it's just a major detractor in all his shots for me.

6. Nyle - This is terrible, easily his worst shot of the competition. He simply has no pants on, he's not doing anything. He looks lost & confused, maybe a bit surprised. There's no party going on besides the people around him. Definitely should've at least been in the B2 for this.

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Cycle 22 - Episode 13 - The Girl Who Took a Shot in the Dark


Tyra informs the final five they are "fierceprenuers" and will have to come up with a business idea for the upcoming challenge since they can't model forver.


The winner of the challenge gets $2500 to kickstart their business proposal (lol as if you can start a business with $2500)


ANTM turning into Shark Tank


Devin is, of course, a hot mess during his presentation.


Wow such groundbreaking work from Lacey!


Oop not Mamé stumbling through her presentation.


Not fake ass Devin pretending to be bffs with Mikey again after he won the challenge!


Before the photoshoot, they're camping out in a cabin


Because they're posing in the pitch dark in the middle of the woods!


Nyle has trouble communicating with Yu Tsai during the photoshoot due to the darkness.


Devin roots against Mamé since the two of them have the lowest challenge score.


But unfortunately for him she slayed


Nyle & Lacey decide they'll cuddle together in the cabin.


And Mikey & Mamé decide to cuddle too even though she's ~official~ with Justin


And Devin's cuddling with a bottle of wine


The next day Mamé feels bad for what happened, but assures everyone Justin is The One and not Mikey.


"Devin why do you keep talking about how you have this huge modeling career? If you're such a big happening model what the hell are you doing on America's Next Top Model :kissbye:"


"I think your fragrance should be called delusion" Oh wow...


As if Nyle was ever gonna get cut over Devin lmao


And then there was 4...

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Cast Ranking:


Yeah this post-Hadassah world is miserable.


1. Nyle - Idk? I felt bad for him at the shoot.

2. Devin - I can't ever put Devin first, but he's infinitely more tolerable now that he hates Mikey and Kelly eating him was hilarious, but I suppose that's a Kelly moment.

3. Lacey - Omg small town girl so boring. But get it gurl if she gets to cuddle with Nyle!

4. Mamé - Cheating on Justin for Mikey?! Stand up Mamé!

5. Mikey - Hate him.


Photo Ranking:


One of the better shoots at the season. Making them shoot it in the dark and then camp was torture, but I guess that's what we watch ANTM for.


1. Mikey - Very strong and powerful. Probably my favorite photo from Mikey this cycle.

2. Mamé - It seems like she was making some dynamic shapes at the shoot so I'm a little disappointed they went with her test shot. But it's still a great shot.

3. Lacey - It's good, but I agree with the judges that she looked more like a dancer than a model.

4. Devin - I think this was an improvement from a lot of his previous shots, but still not amazing.

5. Nyle - Oof just an awful two-week stretch for Nyle here.

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Cycle 22 - Episode 14 - The Guy Who Was a Momma's Boy


I can't keep doing this...this is worse than Renee falling for Marvin!


Mamé assures us that the night in the cabin has led her to be confident that she wants Justin, not Mikey.


It's Chrissy Teigen pre-cancellation again!


And of course Mikey flirts with her.


I miss Seventeen and Ann Shoket 😭


For the challenge, they're shooting mock Nylon covers in order to impress the public.


Of course the public avoids choosing the WOC.


Luckily some women start coming through for Mamé!


But really the people on the street are choosing who they're horniest for.


And it's Nyle who wins the challenge!


Nyle thinks Mamé's most at risk to go home because her photos have been average throughout the competition (you're one to talk :rolleyes:)


Mamé feels like the public didn't ~understand~ the regal lewk she was going for at the challenge.


Tyra reveals her mom will be shooting them this week!


Mamé struggles with not having her parents in her life as often as the others' parents are.


And Tyra reveals everyone will be shooting with their moms!


Nyle is happy to be around another deaf person lol


Mamé is shocked and overwhelmed by seeing her mom!


Mikey's mom is excited to be modeling because she feels like she's never done anything for herself.


Lacey gets emotional talking about her parents divorce and how she blamed herself for it as a kid.



Tyra and Nyle casually teaching his mom to model lmao


Mamé struggles getting her mom to break out of her shell.


But then they make her dance and channel Donna Summer lol


Crown Mamé's mother America's Next Top Model right now!!!!!!


This is the most sob story episode of ANTM ever.


Despite struggling at the challenge, Mamé gets FCO after killing the photoshoot!


Omg it's a tie and that totally wasn't pre-planned at all!!!!!!


And Tyra reveals no one is going home pretends_to_be_shocked.gif


However she reveals only one guy and one girl will be moving on to the final runway.

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Cast Ranking:


This is like the family visit episode of Survivor. I'm glad for them having this ~moment~ but I don't think it's very compelling when I have no stakes in these people's familial relationships. I guess it was cute enough.


1. Mamé - She's the only one I felt I had emotional investment in. Her story is actually really interesting and I was fascinated by her interactions with her mother. I've been pretty meh on Mamé as a character this cycle, but she kinda won me over here.

2. Nyle - I liked him.

3. Lacey - I liked her.

4. Mikey - I liked his mom.


Photo Ranking:


I do really love this shoot. The costumes and the production of it all. And Tyra's mom was a better photographer than the dude they've had all cycle oop.


1. Mamé Rainbow - I'm kinda just naming them by their outfits. But Mamé's mom here!!!! Omg!!!!! Literally better than the majority of the shots in ANTM history lmao. Mamé's also so confident and so fierce here. Photo of the cycle!

2. Nyle Silver - His eyes, his mom's profile, the way he's protecting her. This shot gives me chills.

3. Mamé Gold - Mamé's mother isn't eating as much here, but Mamé certainly is. I've always known Mamé has a strong face, but I've never quite noticed it as much as I do here. This is stunning.

4. Mikey Floral - I love the tenderness of this shot and you can see the love the two of them have for each other here.

5. Nyle Checkered - Nyle's mom is really strong here. He's good, a bit safe.

6. Lacey Blue - It's good, but a bit forgettable.

7. Mikey Black - They're a bit too disconnected here and I hate the way Mikey's mouth is open.

8. Lacey Hat - I just don't get this shot at all, from the styling, to the pose, to the way they're connected. Probably my least favorite photo of Lacey's in the competition.

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Cycle 22 - Episode 15 - Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made a Splash



The house split into Nyle & Lacey vs. Mikey & Mamé


Mikey and Mamé continue to discuss what happened in the cabin and are afraid of Justin knowing about it through Devin.


We love a high fashion photoshoot!


Lacey starts playing with a dog while Mamé is shooting.


And the photographer gets inspired and starts shooting Lacey instead of Mamé lmao


Mamé's face card never declines.


Before panel, Mamé works on her presentation and hopes she can redeem herself from her least trainwreck.


Lol Nyle, so simple ❤️


Everyone is back for the final runway show!


Ashley was upset and hurt when she heard the rumors about Mikey and Mamé but she also didn't expect more from him lol.


Don't worry, Hadassah is here to fill Mamé in immediately on the rumors.


And Justin confronts Mamé even though she's trying to keep her head in the game.


Mamé still finds Justin dreamy even when he's mad at her lol.


Hadassah declares she's #TeamMamé in this finale, we love an enemies to friends storyline :wub:


And Keith is back for final runway if anyone cares.


And the moms are back to support their kids before final runway.


And while everyone's hugging their moms Tyra comes in and tells them it's time for them to do their presentations and eliminate two more.


But not till next episode!

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Cast Ranking:


How many times do I have to say it? Two episode finales are AWFUL! Please make it stop!!!!!


1. Lacey - Idk her stealing Mamé's thunder with a dog was funny I guess.

2. Nyle - You better boringly get that crown!

3. Mamé - Idk it doesn't sit well with me how much she's trying to downplay what happened between her and Mikey in the cabin. If she and Justin decided to go exclusive before he was eliminated, you just can't casually make out with other guys.

4. Mikey - The worst, etc. etc.

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Cycle 22 - Episode 16 - Finale Part 2: America's Next Top Model Is...


These powerpoint presentations to become America's Next Top Model are so cheesy lol


"I'm trying to give the youth the love, the attention, the affection that I didn't get"

Mamé's mom: 👁️👄👁️


Can you imagine getting eliminated while topless lol


Nyle really glowed up!



The boys powerpoints are so basic compared to the girls :dead:


Eek Mikey starts crying during his presentation.


And Tyra names Nyle our male finalist!


Omg noooo Mikey's mom 😭. Why are you doing this Tyra?!


And then there were 3...


And Mamé is chosen as our female finalist!


This is a hot ass final two ngl


And then there were 2...


Lol @ Miss J randomly opening the runway show.


Why are they pretending to play violins :dead:



Devin is, of course, a mess


Justin feels there's still a lot more to talk about with Mamé, but he's calmed down and he's rooting for her still


Nyle's win was inevitable, but Mamé ATE Nyle up on the runway


Wow it's like they know what I say at the end of each episode recap.


Mamé getting more prizes than multiple winners :wub:


This final two deserved bette final lewks!





And Nyle wins!


Lmao I love Mamé's mom so much ❤️


Nyle is hoping he can prove the deaf community can do everything hearing people can do


And then there was 1...

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Cast Ranking:


This was a shockingly good finale. Well not good, but better than it's been in years. It felt like a classic finale. Elimination in the first 15 mins, final runway (that was relatively normal and didn't go on ridiculously long) and then winner reveal.


1. Mamé - This is mainly a high ranking for Mamé's mom because I'm obsessed with that woman lol. But yeah, Mamé was very obviously robbed.

2. Nyle - Congrats dude.

3. Mikey - Also got bumped up thanks to his angelic mom.

4. Lacey - Sorry Lacey, no one's pining for a Small Town Girl to win ANTM.


Photo Ranking:


It was a good campaign. Such a weird final photoshoot, but I guess it's all about the client. I wasn't sure how I'd rank these separately or together, but I was too lazy to create extra columns on my excel sheet lol.


1. Lacey Outside - I love the attitude and it's one of her most interesting closeups of the competition. Great photo!

2. Nyle Room - This is his signature look and it never misses.

3. Mamé Outside - I love her leg on the bags, this is a fierce photo.

4. Lacey Room - There's something innocent about this, but still so editorial.

5. Lacey Lobby - I'm honestly so impressed with Lacey in this campaign, this is the best she's done in weeks.

6. Mamé Lobby - Her skin! Her face! I'm in love!

7. Nyle Outside - Very handsome and mysterious.

8. Mamé Room - It's a little too stiff, but it's still a good shot.

9. Mikey Room - It's good, but a little bland.

10. Mikey Outside - Also good but bland.

11. Mikey Lobby - This doesn't look like an editorial shot at all, it looks like it belongs on a brochure.

12. Nyle Lobby - Easily the worst shot of the spread for me. The way he's leaning does not work at all and his hand looks randomly huge. 

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Cycle 22 - Overall Ranking

ANTM isn't dead after all! This was definitely a strong improvement from last cycle. I mean there was nowhere to go but up if we're being honest. As far as a modeling competition goes, this cycle sucked. This is sneakily one of the worst set of shoots in ANTM history. I liked the final two shoots, but truly nothing stands out amongst ANTM history. Which I think brings me to my next point that this cycle was not a modeling competition at all. I feel like they really stepped away from that. Neither the contestants nor the judges seemed to be looking to crown the next top model. I mean they did multiple presentations throughout the season about their story and what they're looking for in the future and literally none of them said they were looking to simply be a working model. The were looking for a personality. A brand ambassador. An influencer. So with finding Nyle, easily one of the biggest names to come from ANTM, I suppose they've succeeded. I kinda liked how openly they embraced not doing that. It felt like a different show, but this time in a good way. And luckily the cast embraced the madness of it all. There was one person in particular who feels like an old school character that I'm grateful we've found 22 cycles into the show. But I did like the cast in general, I feel like I got to know almost everyone. There was heroes, there was villains, there was anti-heroes. Just a strong, well-rounded cast of personalities. Obviously this doesn't compare to the classic seasons, nothing ever will, but for what it is I truly enjoyed this season!


1. Cycle 3

2. Cycle 6

3. Cycle 2

4. Cycle 5

5. Cycle 1

6. Cycle 14

7. Cycle 8

8. Cycle 4

9. Cycle 18

10. Cycle 12

11. Cycle 16

12. Cycle 13

13. Cycle 22

14. Cycle 20

15. Cycle 10

16. Cycle 9

17. Cycle 19

18. Cycle 11

19. Cycle 7

20. Cycle 17

21. Cycle 15

22. Cycle 21


Cast Ranking:



1. Hadassah - A modern day legend. Hadassah is everything. She is one of the funniest personalities we've had on the show in years. She is a natural villain without crossing the line. She is ~above it all~ but isn't afraid to get messy and embrace the show. She had a great underdog story. She had a growth arc. She's a fan favorite and an icon and I love her :wub:

2. Courtney - My favorite fish out of water storyline in a long time. This one is definitely real. There's no way anything about Courtney is fake. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the first time she ever left her house! Throw her on a reality show and it's just a recipe for disaster. Courtney had no social grace. She tried, oh did she try. And her efforts always failed.

3. Mamé - Mamé is certainly interesting. There were times I LOVED her (challenge domination, dragging Stefano, friendship w/ Hadsasah). And then there were times I did not f*ck with her (cheating on Justin with Mikey, fight with Hadassah, boring showmance stuff). Having said that, I'm glad we had her. I'll take the bad for the good. She was a complex and interesting character who definitely elevated the cycle.

4. Ava - Unfortunately just an early boot at the end of the day, but she was fiery, she was always on the right side of fights, and she was fun. Definitely the biggest surprised of the cycle after her disastrous casting episode.

5. Nyle - He is fine and he won. There's really not much to say about him. He's not a shining star personality. He represented the deaf community very well. I sympathized with him times throughout the cycle. When I go through my favorite ANTM character he's certainly nowhere near the top of the list, but I've got no beef with him.

6. Bella - If only she didn't have that wretched buyback episode. Would've easily been top three. Look Bella was a bit Much from day one. I chose to embrace the madness of her. She was frequently on the right side of fights and while I could tell she was thirsty for drama, I don't think she was ACTIVELY seeking it 24/7. Until the buyback episode. Just a pathetic display from Bella and really highlighted a lot of her bad qualities that I had been ignoring for the sake of rooting for her. I still don't dislike her by any means, but I'm not quite the fan of her as I thought I would be when she was eliminated.

7. Justin - He's very hot. He can be a bit cringe with the J-Smooth persona or whatever. Overall he was boring. But he was funny at go-sees, showed up to panel without pants once, and I felt bad for him in the finale with Mamé. So I lean on the side of liking him.

8. Lacey - She came, she modeled well, and she left. Being a small town girl does not work as a storyline when Courtney exists in the same cycle. And being formerly fat or having divorced parents really isn't special at all so that didn't work either. Lacey lasted the whole cycle, but I have nothing to say about who she is as a person. I think she lacked a bit of backbone, but she's only 18. I'm sure she's grown.

9. Dustin - He had his moments. I like how unseriously he took the competition, yet robbed a buyback spot from people who would kill to be there lol. But he merely existed to be destroyed by Hadassah twice. So thank you for your service.

10. Delanie - ANTM gave us 13 storylines for 13 characters and just thought we'd be okay if we ignored Delanie. They were probably right.

11. Ashley - Harmless on her own, but all I think about is DMA when it comes to her so bye girl.

12. Stefano - He's lucky Mikey exists so his sexism seems less yikes in comparison and he's lucky he f*cked off early so I didn't really think about him after the fourth episode.

13. Devin - His late game crusade against Mikey bumped him up a few points in my book. He was the only one willing to tell Mikey about himself towards the end of the competition. But wow those first two episodes were a chore to get through with Devin. He just repeated the same stock phrases over and over again with no charisma. He sucked all the energy out of a scene whenever he was in it. Just an awful character.

14. Mikey - Truly just a pig. Women only existed if they were useful to him in a sexual way. Otherwise he just pretended they weren't around. One of the most sexist men I have ever watched on tv.


Top 10:


I think there was some strong models this cycle. The shitty photoshoots was a main contributing factor into having trouble determining a top 10. But here we are:


1. Mamé's Mother (Rainbow Outfit)

2. Ava's Veterans

3. Nyle's Dogs

4. Mamé's Sportswear

5. Nyle's Mother (Silver Outfit)

6. Hadassah's Dogs

7. Mamé's Mother (Gold Outfit)

8. Lacey's Zappos Outside

9. Mikey's Night Creatures

10. Ava's Sportswear

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 22 - Overall)

And that's it for the UPN/CW era of ANTM! We are finally in the home stretch! Just two cycles let (and I should probably take rewatch out of the title because these are truly first watches for me, I haven't seen a single second of either of these cycles)

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18 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Cycle 22 - Overall Ranking

14. Mikey - Truly just a pig. Women only existed if they were useful to him in a sexual way. Otherwise he just pretended they weren't around. One of the most sexiest men I have ever watched on tv.

Had to correct this one. 🥲

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Cycle 23 - Episode 1 - Business, Brand, Boss


We are back and rebranded baby!


"I was made fun of as a kid for being a redhead. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but bitch you don't even faze me" Wow she has such a way with words.


Giah...not the flag shirt and tractor casting video!


Wayament I thought Tyra was gone :dead:


But don't worry, she revealed she won't be here but she will be watching you 👀


We've got identical twins again, Michelle & Amanda are shook!


Meet our new host, Rita Ora!


Don't worry the girls still scream at the casting episode like they do with Tyra Banks!




And our new judges Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott, and Law Roach!


And the girls are getting thrown straight into go-sees on the casting episode :dead:


CoryAnne is yelled at to redo her walk because it's terrible 🙈


Justine raced down that runway like she was late for something :dead:


Okay the twins are two different people, let them do things separately :dead:


Starr and Kyle start flirting and are feeling each other.


Quei starts talking shit about the twins and how being twins is their only shtick.


Courtney calls Quei out that she's not being fair as she hasn't gotten to know them.


"I'm gonna give you some water and I want you to nourish those Chia Pets on your eyebrows!" Oof that's a read!


And Courtney begins crying because she paid $100 for her eyebrows lol


Rita says they're not only looking for a top model but also a businesswoman (aka America's Next Top GirlBoss)


Marissa's sob story is about how her mom had her at 15 years old and her dad has been incarcerated all her life.


Tatiana is told she was in the top three at her go-see!


Paige unironically calls herself the definition of a girlboss lol


Justine talks about how her mom doesn't support her modeling career and she never even told her she's going on the show lol


Cherish says she was once told she had to fill in her upper lip if she wanted to get signed by an agency.


"If someone told me to fill in my upper lip I'd give them the middle finger :kissbye:"


The judges proceed to lose their minds over Kyle's #lewk


Coryanne's mom was one of the most famous models in the 90's (so what the hell is she doing on this show :dead:)


Quei opens up about being a trans woman and cries talking about her experience.


While that's going on, the other girls talk about how Quei was picking on the other girls in the car 🙈


But then Quei finishes her audition and walks out awkwardly joining the group lol


"I feel like we should be joking around and having fun and not being bitches too each other ^_^"


"I am a bitch though ^_^"


Quei admits she can be sarcastic and apologizes if she said anything hurtful.


Courtney talks about being diagnosed with scoliosis as a kid and how she's been living on her own since she's been 17 when her mom kicked her out of the house.


Krislian talks about having a dance background from music videos and having 50,000 followers on instagram.


India talks about how she modeled internationally, but focused too much on the traveling instead of the modeling lol


Binta is originally from Ghana and is living her dream being here!


Once again, the show pretends Cody & Tash are one single person lol


Giah cries to Ashley Graham about how she's her inspiration and she loves all that she's accomplished!


For the top 14 cast reveal if they make it into this club they're in the cast and if they don't they're out :dead:


Me waiting on the line for the club for an hour and then finding out the cover charge



Starr is sad she missed out on the top 14 and can't explore her crush on Kyle more (the homophobia!!!)


And Quei got cut too, VH1 ANTM said f*ck the LGBTQ+ community!!!!!


But at least we got both twins lol


And we have our cast of 14!

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Cast Ranking:


And now we enter a new era! Too bad we lose Kelly just as I was starting to become a fan lol. I'm not mad about all this new blood though. I think we needed something to shake it up. And I'm so glad the men are gone, which goes without saying. Loved seeing a single 40-minute casting episode. A solid return to form!


1. Courtney - Though I loved Quei and I'm sad she's not in the cast, I felt bad for Courtney cause Quei really came for her for no reason :dead:. But she seems fun and lowkey messy!

2. Cherish - No one really stood out hugely this episode, but I enjoyed some of her soundbites.

3. Marissa - She has main character energy, I'm intrigued.

4. Binta - I liked her storyline and I'm looking forward to seeing more from her.

5. India - Lol @ India going overseas and sightseeing instead of modeling ❤️

6. Kyle - Every time there's an androgynous girl on the show everybody loses their minds with thirst :dead:. Anyways, glad we got a one episode lesbian showmance I guess???

7. Justine - If I did a reality show I wouldn't tell my mom either :dead:

8. Cody - Go twins!

9. Tash - Go twins!

10. Tatiana - She seems strong and I wanna see more of her.

11. Krislian - If Tyra Banks were here I would already be able to 100% guarantee she'd be eliminated for being too sexy :giggle:

12. Coryanne - Nepobaby :yawn:

13. Giah - Not feeling all that Texas pride lol.

14. Paige - #Girlboss

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 23 - Episode 1)
On 8/9/2022 at 5:48 PM, Solaris said:

I think I'm in the minority but I really liked cycle 23, it had good energy. It's not like top tier season, but one of the best, 12+ seasons

Glad to hear, looking forward to seeing how I feel about it!

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Cycle 23 - Episode 2 - Lights, Camera, Catwalk


Lol I have a childhood picture just like that (except a white guy instead of Asian girl)


Tatiana will gladly step over anyone who gets in her way of winning the competition.


RitAlert is the new Tyra Mail I guess!


No more Miss J as Stacey McKenzie is the new runway coach!


Tash loves her sister but also sees her as her biggest competition and has the strongest desire to win.



Kyle leaves Stacey shook!


"If I were a designer I would not hire me after seeing that :wacko:"


But despite Kyle's walk, Squad 1 wins the runway practice!


Paige talks about how she group in privilege and around no diversity and is hoping she can broaden her horizons during the competition.


"YOU'RE THE PERSON THAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO PROVE TO ALL MY FRIENDS THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE GOOD!" Literally all Paige said was black lives do matter the bar is on the ground :dead:. But I do appreciate Paige's efforts lol


Binta starts arguing the African viewpoint of BLM which leads into a whole new argument about where the black girls in the house come from


Paige has no idea what she just started :dead:


"I'm gonna be flatout honest and say Binta scares the shit out of me 😮"






Stacey sits down with the girls and breaks down talking about her story of coming from nothing and being told by agencies that she was too ugly to be a model but she persevered!


And the winners of the lesson earlier gets extra practice on the runway with Stacey.


Before the shoot, the girls excitedly look through all the clothing options!


And Binta yells at them that they're being unprofessional and messing with the stylist lol


Zendaya is now on her second episode of ANTM!


And the runway challenge goes straight into the first photoshoot cause no budget


Justine gets in trouble for the photoshoot cause she keeps spreading her legs lol


Zendaya picks Kyle as the winner of the runway challenge for some reason???


And her prize is getting to take a selfie with Zendaya lol


Binta calls out the girls that they were doing too much at the photoshoot and they need to calm down and act more professional.


And Tatiana speaks out that she agrees with Binta.


"I don't know some people are just extra in who they are ^_^ I am just an extra person ^_^"


"You've been extra on purpose I feel like :kissbye:"


And Paige complains to anyone that will listen that she'll never change Who She Is for Binta or anyone.


Law Roach makes sure to clarify Kyle didn't win the walk challenge but the ~boss~ challenge lol


Coryanne fears she's gonna let her mom down as the daughter of a supermodel.


Krislian decides to go the route of arguing back with the judges ❤️


Cody starts crying at panel because she's going last and it made her anxious lol


And she talks about feeling overshadowed by her sister and the judges make the two sisters hug


Despite her lack of confidence, Cody gets FCO!


Nepobaby Coryanne survives and we say goodbye to Justine


Who does not take it well


And then there were 13... (no fadeout??? I'm pissed!!!!!)

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Cast Ranking:


The episode felt pretty rushed, and I feel like we didn't get to know half the girls, but I still enjoyed it! I'm still trying to get used to all these changes.


1. Binta - Unsurprisingly I love her. Extremely confrontational and mainly righteous. While I don't have much of an opinion on the Africa vs. America debate and I was curious about hearing more from their perspective, I love the fire she brought to the argument. And then I was totally with her with how #extra everyone was acting at the shoot.

2. Kyle - Lmao queen of winning a selfie with Zendaya despite having a shit walk cause she's a #boss!

3. Tatiana - Idk I just liked her in general.

4. Kristlian - I'm always gonna appreciate a girl who argues with the judges.

5. Tash - This twin thing is a loooooot different from Michelle & Amanda and I'm very excited to see how this rivalry unfolds.

6. Cody - See Tash (lol she would be pissed I put Tash first ❤️)

7. Justine - Aww she seemed c00t and sweet.

8. Courtney - Who? But still like her from episode one and looks like she'll be the main character again next episode ❤️

9. Marissa - Who?

10. Cherish - Who?

11. India - Who?

12. Giah - Who?

13. Paige - Idk she annoyed me, but also her heart was in the right place, but also that's not also a good excuse, but also I do think she was being extra for the sake of being extra. Idk I didn't want to put her last because she brought Something but idk if I like it.

14. Coryanne - No sympathy for the nepobaby with a shitty photo sorry.


Photo Ranking:


Welp I was hoping this new era would bring about better shoots. I was wrong.


1. Tash - She's taking up the frame so well and it's a great picture.

2. India - Very strong shot, doesn't even look like she's laying down.

3. Tatiana - There's something sophisticated about this shot I like.

4. Kyle - It's good.

5. Cory - It's good.

6. Binta - I like the ~vibes~ of this shot, she definitely looks like a celebrity.

7. Cherish - Fine.

8. Giah - Fine.

9. Justine - It's really not that bad lol. I like the closeup.

10. Courtney - I appreciate the risk, didn't really work for me.

11. Paige - Like the pose, hate the face.

12. Coryanne - Bad.

13. Kristlian - Bad.

14. Marissa - Terrible. The angle is all off and she doesn't even look like herself.

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Cycle 23 - Episode 3 - Make Your Mark


Tash is excited her sister got FCO and feels that helps encourage her as well.


Courtney meanwhile thinks the twins are getting a bit too confident and that's not her style.


Coryanne realizes she's never going to be her mom and hopes she can forge her own path.


Courtney is frustrated because she's under the weather and trying to sleep while everyone's talking loudly.


And everyone pretty much calls her a diva and tells her to get over it lol


"The right thing to do when someone is sick and let them sleep!"


"You should've been like 'You guys look like you're having a good time and I don't want to ruin it for you so I'm gonna take myself downstairs where it's quiet'" What???? :wacko: This is the bedroom???????


And for some reason Marissa decides to take over the argument despite the fact that this isn't even her bedroom


"You're very selfish 😭"




Luckily Giah and some of the girls have her back.


And Cherish confronts the girls for how they spoke to Courtney.


Everyone receives cards that has their makeovers on it


And Cherish is the first to meltdown


"Cherish is freaking out about becoming a redhead when she's already a redhead :wacko:"


"My hair is virgin hair, it's never been touched!!!"


During makeovers, Ashley comes in and tells the girls they'll be posing completely nude for the photoshoot.


India is nervous because she told herself she'd never pose nude.


Tash is upset with her makeover and feels like it makes her look masculine.


"I'm not upset because the twins came for me hard last night 💅. I'm not saying karma's real but karma's definitely real ;)"


And Tash goes to meltdown in the bathroom lol


Binta is clearly enjoying Tash's meltdown ❤️




"Imma worry about my look. And I'm gonna slay. Cause that's what a boss does :kissbye:" I think I'm obsessed with new judge Ashley Graham


"I'm very flattered they would choose this for me...it's definitely something different 🙂"


"It looks like a smurf shit on your head...but in a good way"



The other girls start taking nude test shots for fun while India contemplates whether or not she'll do the shoot


14RYuL5.png"My hair is my trademark and my color is very rare!! It's like saying you would die your skin a different color!"




"Homegirl is like buggin'! She's crazy, that's all I can say"


After some tears, India gets out there and does the shoot.


"I was covered in pears and covering everything! So technically I wasn't nude MOM :kissbye:"


Courtney is still feeling under the weather but committed to doing the shoot.


Later on in the night Marissa apologizes to Courtney (well kind of, in her own Marissa way lol)


"Yes I do have an attitude problem and yes you will get checked, but this is not my opportunity to show whose the biggest bitch. If I wanted to be doing that I would have applied for Bad Girls Club"


Rita applauds India for setting her limits at the shoot. Did she though?


Despite all the drama and illness, Courtney gets FCO :wub:


Cherish is LIVID they sent her home right after they made her dye her hair and gives one of the most bitter goodbye interviews ever :dead:

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I didn't mind Cycle 23! The shift from Tyra to Rita Ora and the whole #girlboss angle will always be hilarious to me considering how Rita's.. not really had much of a career in the US lmao. Such a jarring shift. But nevertheless, some good girls. And while you can never replace Miss J, Stacey McKenzie was also a brilliant replacement in runway coaching.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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